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To: MplsSteve; neocon1984
I have backed up my assertions about Fitzgerald, now let's you back up your assertions about Kirk — the claims that he is “far to the right” of Dan Seals and is “a much better centrist type than the far left Jan Schkowsky and Lisa Madigan”.

Let's compare where they stand on major issues:

Kirk supports taxpayer funded abortion being allowed in any and every circumstance, including late trimester and partial-birth abortions most of the general public opposes. He gets perfect ratings from NARAL. Schakowsky votes the same way, and Seals took the same position. I think there a handful of circumstances where Lisa Madigan has opposed abortion, so she might actually be to the right of Kirk on this (though she is considerably to the left of her nominally “pro-life” father)

Kirk is cosponsoring a major anti-gun bill right now and has consistently supported every piece of legislation designed to curtail gun-rights. He gets an A rating from the Sarah Brady campaign and an F from the NRA. Schakowsky, Seals, and Madigan have similar opinions on gun control.

Kirk claims to be “personally” be against “gay marriage”, but is opposed to any laws that would prevent it from being legalized. He favors “civil unions” instead, that would be create a defacto “gay marriage” and give it equal status and the exact same benefits of a traditional marriage, making it marriage in every way but name. He is supportive of “gay pride” events and takes great steps to hire openly gay staffers and make appearances with the gay community. The same position is taken by
Schakowsky, Seals, and Madigan. All of them are “officially” against gay marriage, as is Obama.

Kirk supported intervention in Afghanistan, but has since used the situation there as an excuse to attack Bush's leadership. He voted for the Iraq War, but now regrets it and Bush mislead him. Kirk vocally opposed the surge, and insisted it wouldn't work. He was the leader of a group of anti-war Republican who marched to the white house and demanded Bush withdraw the troops from Iraq immediately in 2007 because it was hurting the Republican Party. The whole “mislead about Iraq” talking point was also used by Madigan and Blagojevich. Seals took the exact same policy positions on the WOT during last year's campaign as Kirk. Schakowsky is slightly to the left of Kirk (and half of the Democrats) on this one, she opposed Iraq from the start)

Kirk claims that he opposes earmarks, but he ensured that his district got at least $5 million, each, for Headstart, HUD, commuter trains, and local police departments, although none of those subjects is mentioned, in the Constitution. He opposes earmarks, for other congressional districts, and he earmarks them, for his district. He supports all kinds of liberal feel good measures like wasting billions from embryonic stem cell search, fighting AIDS in Africa, giving money to the Palestine Authority, etc. He got a 100% A rating from Americans for the Arts and supported the interests of the Citizens Against Government Waste 33 percent in 2007. Seals also decried earmarks in other districts while promising to fund all kinds of pet projects in his. Not sure if Schakowsky ever denounced earmarks, but her spending levels on are par with Kirk's. Madigan has not taken a position on the issue.

Kirk got 100% rating from Hispanic supremacist group “La Raza” and F ratings from anti-illegal immigration groups. Freeper PhilCollins has heard credible evidence that Kirk visited the border and advised “undocumented” types how to sneak across the border. Seals and Schakowsky likewise supports a “path to citizenship” for illegals and embrace La Raza. Madigan has not taken a position on this.

Kirk votes down the line on the envirowacko agenda and has taken the lead on their pet projects. He believes global warming is man-made and is an eminent threat that we have to spend billions in government money to combat, opposes ANWR drilling and other kind of pro-buisness initiative that gets in the way of the tree huggers. The Sierra Club loves this guy. Obama got an 92% rating from them, Kirk voted to the left of Obama and got a 96% rating. Schakowsky got 100% rating. Seals and Madigan take the same positions as Kirk, but are not quite as extensive about it as Kirk is in his bragging.

Kirk supported all kinds of bailouts last year, including the big wall street bailout and the auto bailout. On the campaign trail, he welcomed spending zillions in borrowed money to “stimulate” the economy. He changed his mind at the last minute and opposed Obama’s porkulus bill, after arm-twisting from the GOP leadership. Lisa Madigan took similar positions in endorsing bailouts but being someone cautious on embracing this year's stimulus bill. Seals took the same position as Kirk last year, and has not made a statement on this year's bill .Schakowsky supported all bailout and stimulus intiatives.

Kirk is too busy attacking Bush and touting his own “independence” from evil right-wing Republicans to say anything negative about the likes of Durbin/Obama/Daley, etc. He has taken pot shots at Blago (given that Blago’s approval rating was in the toilet), and loudly called for Blago’s resignation last year after Blago got arrested. Lisa Madigan has done the same, but been even more vocal about it and “taken the lead” in maneuvering to oust him. Schakowsk, like Kirk, denounced Blago and demanded his resignation after he got arrested as well. Seals has stayed aloof and taken no position on RAT corruption, just like Obama.

That covers a wide range of different issues. Based on that, here's how they stack up:

* Lisa Madigan is just as liberal as Kirk on most issues, but could possibly be a hair to the right of him on one or two things.

* Dan Seals agreed with Kirk on virtually every major issue in 2006 and 2008, and there is no evidence to show any of that has changed since then.

* Jan Schakowsky agrees with Kirk on most issues, and may actually be a millimeter to the left of him on some things.

Conclusion: Only Schakowsky shows evidence of possibly being even worse than Kirk. Congressman Kirk is not “far to the right” of any of them.

34 posted on 05/16/2009 1:08:22 PM PDT by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: BillyBoy

I wonder if you have a “modern” education where simple logic was ignored. You “proved” nothing but made a lot of specious assumptions. Why do I waste my time with moronic children like this?

How old are you? I suspect about 19-20 (My granchildren are older). First, get a life. Then, tell us (who have had a life) how to live it.

BTW, your wordiness is a seriously bad tell.

39 posted on 05/16/2009 5:09:45 PM PDT by neocon1984
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