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Survivor: Samoa
09-09-2009 | JillValentine

Posted on 09/09/2009 6:47:07 PM PDT by JillValentine

Premiers Thursday, September 17 @ 8PM EDT/PDT on SeeBS

20 new contestants will compete for the $1 million prize on the islands of Samoa

Who will be the sole Survivor?

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It's that time of year again - Survivor time!
1 posted on 09/09/2009 6:47:08 PM PDT by JillValentine
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To: JillValentine

How About Survivor America

2 posted on 09/09/2009 6:48:07 PM PDT by al baby (Hi Mom ;))
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To: agarrett; AJMaXx; A knight without armor; alisasny; Anitius Severinus Boethius; Artist; ...

Greetings, fellow Survivor fans! After a long summer of dull reruns and uninspiring imitation "reality" shows, here's your new season's Survivor ping.

Host Jeff Probst has promised us that this season will have the best (or worst) villain ever. Also, in a new twist in homage to Samoan culture, each tribe must elect a chief who will be their sole decision maker - and they must elect their chiefs before the contestants can even speak to each other.

3 posted on 09/09/2009 6:49:20 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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To: JillValentine

Wasn’t that tonite’s healthcare speech — Sameoa, Sameoa?

4 posted on 09/09/2009 6:51:17 PM PDT by mikrofon (OT, sorry ;)
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To: agarrett; AJMaXx; A knight without armor; alisasny; Anitius Severinus Boethius; Artist; ...
Let's meet our contestants.

On the Foa Foa tribe:

Ashley Trainer
Age: 22
Occupation: Spa Sales

This 22 year-old woman describes herself as funny, outgoing and flirty, with an emphasis on flirty. Ashley once moved to San Diego for a relationship that did not work out, but now this bubbly former competitive cheerleader plans to use her flirty ways to endear herself to and at the same time manipulate the male castaways. Not only relying on her womanly wiles, Ashley feels that her strong determination will get her far in the game. She claims that she usually gets whatever she wants as long as she puts her heart and mind to it.

In her spare time, Ashley loves kickboxing, watching movies, and shopping. She describes her perfect day as sleeping in followed by working out and shopping, then ending her day with a nice dinner and a movie. During her time away from home, she will miss her mother, whom she describes as her best friend. She will also miss her favorite comfort item, which is her pillow.

Ashley works in a very competitive commission based sales job where she can sell almost anything. She has no qualms about selling items that she hates as long as it helps her reach her quota. She hopes that her “get it done” attitude will win her the title of Sole Survivor. Her first purchase, should she take home the grand prize, would be a condo or new house.

Jill's Thoughts: The flirt-her-way-to-the-top girl. Yawn. We've seen this before - many times. Most likely a fairly early boot, even if her flirting is successful (see: Sydney - Survivor: Tocantins).

Ben Browning
Age: 28
Occupation: Bar Manager

Ben Browning is a transplanted country boy helping to run some of the most successful bars and restaurants in Los Angeles. A bar manager, Ben is often seen with a girl on each arm and boldly claims he’s never been rejected. (Oh please). “I’m one of those people that just get lucky for some reason, if I want it, I do what I have to do to get it.”

Growing up in Kirksville, Missouri, Ben’s parents raised him with a strict set of morals and instilled in him a strong work ethic. His parents would always be there to whip Ben into shape whenever necessary.

Ben has worked hard for all he has in life and says “I don’t like cry babies, I like people who work their asses off, like people from where I’m from.” He is also quick to admit that the one thing he can’t stand is “whiners and wimps.”

When he is not hunting or fishing, Ben can probably be found on his motorcycle. Despite breaking his leg in a wreck in 2007, he is still an active rider and even part of a motorcycle club called “WhiskyBoys.” Described by friends as “a big hillbilly who will be rich someday,” Ben intends to leave his mark on the game of SURVIVOR.

Jill's Thoughts: He annoys me with his arrogance, but he's a young, outdoorsy guy. If his work ethic holds up he should make the jury, but no further.

Betsy Bolan
Age: 48
Occupation: Police Officer

Betsy Bolan dreamed of being a cop her entire life and at age 47 finally turned that dream into a reality. Her friends and family still cannot believe this mother of four is an officer of the law. Even though she is nicknamed “Officer Friendly,” Betsy isn’t naïve and knows that “nice people can be snakes.” She feels her skills as a cop will help her stand up to the possible jerks and alpha-males she could run into during SURVIVOR.

Betsy is happily married with two boys and two girls ranging in age from 8 to 16, but her world almost came apart when her husband was diagnosed with stage-four prostate cancer. Now with his cancer in remission, “all is good” on the home front, but Betsy says the money would mean a lot to her family since her husband does not have health insurance. (Obama will make it worse).

After going through a wild time in her youth, this former hippie has now been clean and sober for 21 years. Betsy’s overcome a number of obstacles in her life and is ready to tackle the next one, especially, now that she has become the person “she’s always dreamed of being.”

Jill's Thoughts: A good sentimental favorite. Her life experience and transformation from hippie to clean will help her. If she can play the game as a player, not a cop, she could go far.

Elizabeth Kim
Age: 33
Occupation: Lawyer/Urban Planner

Elizabeth Kim wasn’t born in this country, but that is not stopping her from living the American dream. “Everything I’ve gotten to this date has been out of pure determination.” Emigrating from South Korea with her parents at age two, Elizabeth grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ and is the elder of two children. The first in her family to go to college, this Ivy Leaguer's positive outlook combined with her determination has served her well in life helping her to earn degrees from Barnard-Columbia, Princeton, and University of Pennsylvania, Law School, where she served on Law Review.

After several years of practicing litigation at a top New York City law firm, Elizabeth now works as an urban planner in coordinating and managing industrial real estate development projects for New York City government, although just how much she’ll reveal to her fellow tribemates is still up in the air. “I’m not sure I’m going to tell people where I went to school or that I'm an attorney.” A self-described “social butterfly,” Elizabeth sees herself as an “outgoing people person" who is opinionated and passionate about life. She admits that this behavior often leads to her being blunt with others and putting her foot in her mouth, and that her biggest challenge will be “being assertive without being abrasive.”

A runner and avid tennis player, Elizabeth tries to stay active as much as possible. She recently completed training for a marathon, and is looking forward to tackling the game's many physical and mental challenges.

Jill's Thoughts: I don't think there'll be much of a middle ground with her. Either her intelligence and athleticism will carry her far in the game, or her abrasive, blunt attitude will get her booted very early.

Jaison Robinson
Age: 28
Occupation: Law Student

Both physically and mentally prepared for the game of SURVIVOR, Jaison is a very educated 28-year-old, who is currently working on his law degree from the University of Chicago. Before deciding to obtain his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, this goal-oriented academic was given a congressional nomination to attend both the Air Force and the Naval Academy. Even though Jaison chose a route other than the military, he still contemplates one day working in the armed forces in order to serve his country.

In addition to his current focus on education, this Eagle Scout is extremely active. Named “Mr. California” by Cosmopolitan magazine, Jaison is also an avid sports lover and enjoys basketball, football and hiking – he has even scaled the top of Venezuela’s Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. He also feels that one of his greatest achievements is making the U.S. National Water Polo team. In addition to his love for physical activities, Jaison plays both the piano and the cello.

He dreams of waking up to the view a top Mount Everest and boasts that, for a million dollars, he would snowboard all the way down. His favorite board game, “Diplomacy,” gives a bit of insight as to how he plans to play SURVIVOR. Much like SURVIVOR, “Diplomacy” is a strategy game that uses communication, negation and deception in order to win. Even though he plans to use positive elements such as strength and intellect to win, he will not hesitate to betray others if it wins him the title of Sole Survivor.

Jill's Thoughts: A classic alpha male. I think he has the potential to go far because he doesn't seem as cocky as some of the other alpha males.

Marisa Calihan
Age: 26
Occupation: Student

Marisa Calihan is no stranger to surviving off the land. This 1st generation Appalachian was born on a farm in Ohio and learned many of her survival skills from her father. Growing up with eight siblings, in a blended family with many adopted children, Marisa learned from an early age how to take care of herself. “I am paying my own way through school and have been on my own since I was 17.”

Aside from her early roots in farming, Marisa also has experience working in third world conditions. While abroad, she worked with street children in poor countries with no plumbing or running water and it changed her life. Although after eight years of being a free spirit and living abroad in such places as El Salvador and Spain, Marisa returned home to go back to school and help take care of her family.

For Marisa, the money would go a long way in making her family’s lives better and helping her achieve a few long term goals. “There are so many things I can do if I just had a nest egg to start with. I won’t have to fight tooth and nail for everything, if I just had a little bit of money.”

Jill's Thoughts: Growing up on a farm in a blended family should give her both physical survival skills and social skills. The comment about her being a"free spirit" makes me somewhat less enthusiastic, though. I think she makes the jury.

Mick Trimming
Age: 33
Occupation: Doctor

Smart, funny, charming and a doctor, Mick is every single woman’s dream and every single man’s nightmare. At 33 years old, this Idaho import is a resident anesthesiologist at UCLA who takes great pride in his intense occupation. He is highly motivated to do whatever it takes to win the million dollar prize in order to pay off the hundreds of thousands that he owes in student loans.

Involved in an all consuming residency life, Mick’s pet peeve is when patients, who have neglected their health throughout their whole lives, come to him with extraordinary demands. With all of the stress in his life, he candidly describes his perfect day being one where he is able to sleep in until 7:30 (or maybe 8:00) a.m. In addition to reading trade magazines, he enjoys the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and the ones hidden underneath his mattress.

A man of humor, another one of Mick’s pet peeves is when people cannot admit they are wrong. He also admits that the quickest way to get him angry is to throw dirt clods at him. Definitely a conversationalist, topics that are off limits to Mick are ridiculous situations that people find themselves in, and he absolutely refuses to talk about the sexual escapades of people’s grandparents.

In addition to his desire to pay off student loans, he hopes to buy a vacuum cleaner with the winnings. Oddly enough, the wildest thing he would do to win would be to “give a homeless person a tongue bath” but he would never go as far as disabling someone … well at least not permanently.

Jill's Thoughts: Smart. Successful. Weird. I've known doctors like him (brilliant, but with a totally weird sense of humor). If A and B trump C, he could win it all. If not, he could go home early.

Mike Borassi
Age: 62
Occupation: Personal Chef

This California transplant, originally from New York, will do or say anything to become the next SURVIVOR. After a career as a college football coach at Boston University in the 1970’s and over 30 years in the food industry, he currently works as a personal chef.

Married without children, he enjoys gardening, reading, working out and spending time with friends. He is funny, dependable and quiet, yet, he is never afraid to tell it like it is. He can’t stand bad drivers, Republicans or bigots and admits that the easiest way to make him angry is to move around his kitchen equipment.

At 62 years old, he has been preparing for his experience on SURVIVOR by working out with a personal trainer on a daily basis and has lost over 30 pounds in preparation for his chance at the million dollar prize. A true SURVIVOR fan, he has watched every single episode from the very beginning and came close to being part of the cast last season. His strategy includes remaining cooperative and low-key so the “stupid, cocky ones self-destruct.” Rather than making aggressive moves, he plans to allow his leadership qualities to emerge naturally which may mask the fact that he can, at times, be competitive and almost predatory.

Jill's Thoughts: Of course, no season on a SeeBS show is complete without the obligatory militant liberal jerkoff. Frankly, although his age will put him at a disadvantage, his "be cooperative and low-key" strategy, I have to admit, sounds like a good one. However, the fact that he has a twisted and inaccurate view of what conservatives are really like may make him unable to successfully use the strategy he has planned.

Natalie White
Age: 26
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales (where have we heard this before?)

Natalie White is your typical Southern Belle, but she is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty. “Friendly and savvy” are two of her attributes that her fellow castaways will pick-up on right away.

White plans to bring her background in pharmaceutical sales into the game and knows that if you do not make the cut, you are more than likely going to be cut. You either “make the numbers or go home.”

Natalie’s convinced that her ambitious personality will help her during the game. “I’m literally so competitive and scrappy that I don’t care if I have to dive on the ground and get bruised and scraped up, I’ll do it. I’ll do it to win. I love to compete.” Natalie will not waste any time changing her game plan if needed. “I’m observant and flexible, not to mention smart enough to know how to adapt to my surroundings.”

Jill's Thoughts: The producers love to cast these uber-aggressive alpha females. Not that I'm criticizing - I'm kind of like that myself. But many of these types cast for the show fail to live up to the hype.

Russell Hantz
Age: 36
Occupation: Oil Company Owner

Russell Hantz’s personality speaks for itself when he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix! This married father of four is visually memorable. Standing tall at only 5’6”, he is built like a brick house with a bald head. At 200 pounds of pure muscle, Russell’s solid figure and sharp tongue has helped him carve out a multi-million dollar business in the oil-tanking industry.

A huge SURVIVOR fan, this self-made man built his business from scratch by working hard, speaking his mind and stepping on anyone who got in his way. Russell won’t apologize for his style of game play either saying, “I’m not going out there to make friends. I’m just not doing it. But everybody is going to think I’m their best friend, because I’m just such a lovable character.”

Russell can’t wait to get in the competition and show “these morons how it’s done” and he “plans to play the game dirtier, smarter and more cunning than anyone can imagine.” It is those skills that have allowed him to achieve his biggest accomplishment in life and that is being able to provide for his family.

Jill's Thoughts: His extreme arrogance trumps his strength and work ethic. It would not surprise me in the least if he butted heads with one too many of his tribemates and got booted early. People who say things like "I'm going to show these morons how it's done" usually end up eating their words.

5 posted on 09/09/2009 6:54:52 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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To: agarrett; AJMaXx; A knight without armor; alisasny; Anitius Severinus Boethius; Artist; ...
And on the Galu tribe:

Brett Clouser
Age: 23
Occupation: T-Shirt Designer

Brett Clouser grew up in Salem, Oregon before coming to LA in 2004 to attend Pepperdine University. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Clouser first decided to go the corporate route, only to find his passions were elsewhere. Brett then pursued his dream of launching a cause based clothing company which would soon become, “The Monument of Our Hearts.” An up-and-coming social entrepreneur, Clouser strives to leverage his brand to actively support and advocate for healthy body image.

Brett’s flirtatious behavior with women could be his biggest asset in the game or it could be his biggest hindrance. “I’m going to try and put up the best wall I can, but I feel like I’m going to be a sucker for a couple of them.”

Always a showman, Clouser loves to be in front of people and make them laugh. When he’s not operating his clothing company, Brett can be found in his element, the great outdoors. Never a fan of the gym, Brett enjoys trail running and extreme outdoor activities. His charm and competitive nature will make him a dynamic player and force to be reckoned with on SURVIVOR.

Jill's Thoughts: Sounds pretty boring. Naive, self-important. Most likely an early boot.

Dave Ball
Age: 38
Occupation: Fitness Instructor

"Danger" Dave Ball grew up in a family full of preachers but don't be fooled because he is not your typical "son of a preacher man." After he earned a degree in opera from Oklahoma State, this "rock and roll rebel" took many odd jobs to stay afloat including one as a flight attendant at a major airline.

Although Dave's fiery personality may have gotten him into hot water more than once, he has a knack for reading people which has helped him through the rough spots. His innate intelligence has been honed through years of playing strategy games and his body benefits from the martial arts, biking and hiking he enjoys in his spare time.

Dave is currently teaching fitness and nutrition to people who want to lose weight and improve their health. "It took me a long time to sort out my own health issues and if I can help others get healthy, then it will be worth it." Dave is the most physically fit he has ever been and he is counting on the element of surprise to propel him to the top of this game.

After spending 10 years on the road, this journeyman says, "I've never been terribly concerned with money. I've always been more interested in making my life a rich experience. Having said that, I can do anything for a million dollars because that will set me up for life."

Jill's Thoughts: Yawn. Another effort by SeeBS casting to impress us that falls flat on its face. He's like an older version of Brett, and may last a little longer than him because of more life experience.

Erik Cardona
Age: 28
Occupation: Bartender

Proud womanizer, Erik claims that he can date four to five women at the same time without any issues. He has no qualms about chasing after a taken woman (as long as she is not married) just for the fun of the chase. He says, “There’s nothing sweeter than taking another man’s goods.” His top hobby is skirt chasing. Even though he can be found chasing multiple women at once, he says that he does have a special female in his life … his dog, Adrian.

Erik holds two degrees from Pepperdine University in Psychology and Sociology but has chosen a career as a bartender. When asked why he has chosen that specific career route, he explains that he likes waking up around 10:00 a.m. and running on the beach instead of being stuck pencil-pushing in a cubicle. He says that he enjoys life while the “sell-outs” do not.

He greatly admires his father because he has sacrificed everything in life for him. In raising him, Erik observed his father’s mental and physical strength as well as endurance for raising an active boy. He feels that his father’s example has provided him with tools that will help him win this game. In addition to his father’s influence, Erik is self-motivated by his competitive nature and desire to prove to himself that he has what it takes to be the next Sole Survivor.

Jill's Thoughts: This. Guy. Is. A. Jerk. Period. Just looking at that arrogant smirk on his face makes me want to punch it.

Hopefully, he'll get voted off early so he can go home and enjoy his "special relationship" with his dog.

John Fincher
Age: 25
Occupation: Rocket Scientist

John Fincher claims “winning” is his favorite hobby, and because of that he should have no problem playing the game of SURVIVOR. Being a rocket scientist probably will not hurt his chances either. This charmingly cocky genius believes he possesses the analytical skills necessary to take him far in the game while helping him create a mastermind strategy. In addition to brains, he is a former semi-pro soccer player, who is also going to pose a physical threat in the game.

Fincher says that he is at his best during high pressure situations and times of complete chaos. He finds idiots or “unskilled” people amusing, and has no problem telling them to their face. John has traveled extensively in South America, Europe, South Africa, and Canada, and he plans to use his experience of dealing with people from diverse backgrounds to his best advantage.

John is no stranger to creating conflict and thinks it could work to his advantage in the game. Although, John also believes his good looks and charm will help even out his aggressive personality, especially with the ladies. He also will not apologize living a privileged life and claims that he will party his way around the world with his winnings.

Jill's Thoughts: He's cocky, but as a rocket scientist may actually have the goods to back it up. I think he'll make the jury, but then get voted out because the others will see him as a threat.

Kelly Sharbaugh
Age: 25
Occupation: Hairstylist

A free-spirit with an edgy twist, Kelly prefers to take life as it comes and embrace the unknown. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she now lives in Southern California, arriving there after one of many cross-country treks.

Self-described as spontaneous and passionate in her desire to live life to the fullest, Kelly makes her living as a hairstylist, which fuels her creative side. As homage to her outlook on life, she has chosen to place fairly permanent markings on her body that represent some facets of her personality and life. Among her multiple tattoos are the words “cuidado” (Spanish for “careful”) on her forearm and “trouble” on her left foot.

Her unconventional life experiences and choices have resulted in a positive outlook on life and her belief in the power to change. She feels that making small attainable goals end up contributing to the greater good which is, ultimately, what she wants to do. Her open and straightforward communication style allows her to delve into the deeper meaning of life and provide insight to those closest to her.

Jill's Thoughts: The most impressive thing about her bio is that it contains more cliches than anyone else's. Eye candy and nothing more. Early boot.

Laura Morett
Age: 39
Occupation: Office Manager

Laura Morett is a 39-year-old Hawaiian mother, wife of 21 years and also a grandmother. Her beauty is complimented by the fact that one of her occupations is fitness instructor, which helps her stay in shape and gives her the energy to keep up with her three kids and two-year-old grandchild. When she is not spending time with her family, working out or riding her Harley, this conservative Christian is running the lobby message center at the Oregon State Capitol building for over 400 lobbyists.

Similar religious and political beliefs, as well as the fact that her daughter had a child at 18, has Laura referring to herself as a, “fit version of Sarah Palin.” (the real Sarah is quite fit as well. See pictures for evidence). Laura enjoys listening to Christian music and is studying women’s ministry. In addition, Laura counsels couples in her church based on her experiences in a long-lasting marriage with a man she describes as her other half.

Determined and competitive, she freely admits that she wants to win SURVIVOR for the money but in doing so claims that she would never do anything to compromise her faith to get it.

Jill's Thoughts: If she's really as much like Sarah Palin as she claims, then I wish her well. However, if she wants to go far in the game she'll have to know to keep her political and religious beliefs to herself, as this season seems to be even more full of liberals than most.

Monica Padilla
Age: 25
Occupation: Law Student

Monica Padilla is the first in her family to not only complete her undergraduate degree but also obtain a Juris Doctor. Recently, she graduated from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, where she perfected, what she describes as, her power of persuasion. She fully intends to use her beauty and the fact that she “can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo” to her advantage in the game.

Exotic looks, in addition to intellect, have landed her a wide range of jobs, such as a clerk position at a well-known investment firm, as well as a position playing a theme park Pocahontas. With the keen ability to change from bookworm to party girl in a matter of moments, she is sure she will be able to adapt to anything she comes across on the island. She says that while in the Samoan wilderness, she will miss partying, clubbing and lunch with friends the most, which was exactly what she did in her free time even as she was in the home-stretch of obtaining her degree.

Much like Parvati and Amanda (from SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA), she plans to be as “sweet as pie,” while subtly using the “flirt card,” in order to come off as endearing rather than overbearing. In addition to killing her fellow castaways with kindness, she has every intention of pulling her own weight around camp while studying their words and actions meticulously to “learn about her enemies before she chooses her weapon.” Confident that she can win the title of Sole Survivor, Monica plans to buy a designer purse as her first selfish purchase.

Jill's Thoughts: I think she has the potential to do well. Her subtle use of flirtation will most likely work far better than Ashley's in-your-face version of it.

Russell Swan
Age: 42
Occupation: Attorney

At 5’11” and 220 “semi-solid” pounds, this attorney spends his working hours suing companies and individuals who violate environmental laws. In addition to practicing law, Russell enjoys spending time with his wife and five-year-old daughter and watching independent films. (MAJOR LIBERAL ALERT)

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Russell’s father fell victim to layoffs at a local steel mill and struggled to support his family. Forced to move into Section 8 housing, his parents eventually divorced but the separation did not weaken any of his relationships, including the one he shared with his parents. Russell’s hero is his dad whom he says, “really loved his family and was a perfect example of what a husband should be to his wife, and what a dad should be to his child.”

Despite tumultuous circumstances (or as a result of), Russell has been attracted to jobs with responsibilities ranging from environmental protection, minority youth education advocacy and representation for homeless individuals. (MAJOR LIBERAL ALERT) He is a dedicated father and a loving husband and describes a perfect day as spending time with his daughter and ending the day by “talking” privately with his wife.

A passionate man, Russell cannot stand hearing over-generalizations about specific groupings of people (does this include comments about "typical white people"?)and avoids discussing topics relating to race and sexuality because he feels that others usually have a hard time dealing with his conversation style.

Always prepared to joke and laugh at himself, Russell is willing to go to drastic lengths for a million dollars in order to win including making a vow to cut off his dreadlocks if he wins the title of sole SURVIVOR.

Russell, I'd like to see you keep your dreadlocks.

Jill's Thoughts: Another lib. Sigh.

If his ability to laugh at himself trumps his passion for "causes," he could make the jury, but I don't see him going any farther than that.

Shannon Waters
Age: 45
Occupation: Sales

Shannon Waters is proud to be the first female Marine Sergeant to play the game of SURVIVOR. Although she has completed her military service and is now in the world of sales, Shannon will always remain true to her roots as a second generation Marine.

After serving her country for five years, Shannon went onto become a chef before changing gears to be a sales representative for a food service company. She credits her success to her industry knowledge and people skills. In her sales role, she feels connected to people soon after meeting them and is able to understand how to deliver what they genuinely need. This ability helped her achieve “Salesman of the Year” in 2008, along with the support of a great sales team.

On the weekends, Shannon splits her time between riding her Harley, which she’s affectionately named “Chunky”, enjoying the companionship of her dogs and hanging out with family. As number 8 out of 9 kids, she has plenty of family in close proximity to keep her busy.

Shannon is committed to preparing for the game. She has lost 4 pant sizes and 70 pounds but admits that she may have trouble staying under the radar. “I’m like this ball of energy just ready to explode, because I’m putting it out there and I think that rocks.”

Jill's Thoughts: As a Marine Sergeant, she certainly has my respect. However, I'm afraid that her self-admitted problem with staying under the radar may hurt her. I hope she does well, though. Nice to see that the two oldest women this season are a cop and a Marine.

Yasmin Giles
Age: 33
Occupation: Hairstylist

Yasmin Giles is nicknamed “Sassy Yassy” and is ready to show everybody how she got this moniker. An opinionated motor mouth from the Motor City, she always speaks her mind.

Growing up in Detroit, Yasmin claims her life experiences have prepared her for anything that comes her way. She is aware that her know-it-all attitude can rub people the wrong way, but she doesn’t care. “If you’re going to give it to somebody straight, real and raw, then a big mouth doesn’t matter, because they are going to think about what I said and realize Yasmin was right!”

Yasmin believes that once you get past her constant chatter, she is likeable, funny and quick-witted. In addition, working in a beauty salon has helped her learn how to hustle because she is constantly competing with the other employees for new clientele in order to earn a living. While she may look feminine, Yasmin insists she’s a tomboy at heart.

A firm believer in the mantra “winners never quit and quitters never win,” Yasmin claims she’s a winner and she’ll never quit SURVIVOR. “I want to do this and I want to take it all the way.”

Jill's Thoughts: Her mouth will get her in trouble and she'll be an early boot.

6 posted on 09/09/2009 6:59:29 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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And there you have them.

Rumors about Survivor 20:

It’ll also be in Samoa.

It’ll be another All-Stars with a “heroes vs. villains” theme.

Possible returning contestants include StepheME, Jonny Failplay, and Ben “Coach Renee” Wade.

7 posted on 09/09/2009 7:01:25 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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To: JillValentine
TV Guide tells us who the villain is. Hint HE is not from California (that eliminates 10 contestants).

No exile island either. Jeff Probst said no exile island this time because it was getting too predictable.

Yippee, only 8 days to go.

8 posted on 09/09/2009 7:02:04 PM PDT by I Drive Too Fast
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To: agarrett; AJMaXx; A knight without armor; alisasny; Anitius Severinus Boethius; Artist; ...

The 15th season of The Amazing Race starts on Sunday, September 27. Contestants were announced today.

Does anyone know if FR still has “Amazing Race” threads/ping list?

9 posted on 09/09/2009 7:14:30 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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To: JillValentine
...he absolutely refuses to talk about the sexual escapades of people’s grandparents.


10 posted on 09/09/2009 7:33:31 PM PDT by Harmless Teddy Bear (I miss the competent fiscal policy and flag waving patriotism of the Carter Administration)
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To: JillValentine

Good grief! What is this, “Let’s make sure a stupid lawyer wins” competition?

This may actually turn out to be one of the better seasons because the contestants are extremely lame or extreme. I can only hope that the female lawyer kicks ALL the lawyers’ the same time. Now THAT would be entertaining.

I have one question.... hey, Ben “I’ve never been rejected” dip shi’ite, where’s your chest?! Having your money accepted every time is NOT the same as never rejected.

I’m sure everyone what’s LG’s breakdown of the contestants so I’ll come back to that later. :-)

11 posted on 09/09/2009 7:34:08 PM PDT by Lee'sGhost (Johnny Rico picked the wrong girl!)
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To: JillValentine

I like your insite on the picks.

I Like the first show just just because it shows the initial scramble for alliances.

From that you can pretty much figue who is going to be the first three boots - maybe not the order.

The good back stabbing don’t come until merge/jury time.


12 posted on 09/10/2009 3:59:04 AM PDT by PeteB570 (NRA - Life member and Black Rifle owner)
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To: JillValentine
Great job Jill,

My picks are: (and they are just wild guesses!)

Pre Jury boots: (in no particular order)
Yasmin, Shannon, John, Dave, Brett, Natalie, Mike, Ashley, Elizabeth, Betsy, Ben

Jury: (again, in no particular order)
Russell S., Kelly, Russell H. (the villain of the season), Marisa, Jaison and two of the final four

The final four:
Laura, Erik, Monica, Mick

And my pick to win: > > > > MICK
(although, I will say that Mick is rather insincere when he says that he has to put up with patients "who have neglected their health throughout their whole lives", that come to him with extraordinary demands. After all, an anesthesiologist only sees the patients right before they put them to sleep. The Doctor/Surgeon is the one that has to put up with the demanding patients.)

13 posted on 09/10/2009 5:39:23 AM PDT by cuz_it_aint_their_money (I'll show their president the exact same respect and loyalty that they have shown my president.)
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To: JillValentine


14 posted on 09/10/2009 7:35:07 AM PDT by girlscout (Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?)
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To: mikrofon


15 posted on 09/10/2009 7:37:45 AM PDT by girlscout (Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?)
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To: cuz_it_aint_their_money

I can agree with most of your picks.

I think Ben will last a couple of TCs more than Russell.

16 posted on 09/10/2009 8:24:56 AM PDT by PeteB570 (NRA - Life member and Black Rifle owner)
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To: JillValentine

Thanks for the ping! Survivor and TAR? COOL!!

17 posted on 09/10/2009 9:01:03 AM PDT by Travis T. OJustice (I can spell just fine, thanks, it's my typing that sucks.)
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To: PeteB570
The question is . . . Which Russell?
The Enviroweenie Lawyer or the Big Oil villian?
18 posted on 09/10/2009 9:47:16 AM PDT by cuz_it_aint_their_money (I'll show their president the exact same respect and loyalty that they have shown my president.)
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To: cuz_it_aint_their_money

Even with the “edited for TV” portions that Survivor picks for us each week I still think its hard to hide who you really are for more than a few days.

Russell could luck out on the “Alliance scramble” and end up on a team’s short list up until the merge but right about that time many players may be happy to see him go.

Its funny how the real flamers (chicken man) get thrown out so quickly.

19 posted on 09/10/2009 10:15:29 AM PDT by PeteB570 (NRA - Life member and Black Rifle owner)
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To: cuz_it_aint_their_money

My picks:

Pre-jury boots: Ashley, Ben, Erik, Kelly, Mike, Natalie, Shannon, Yasmin

Jury: Betsy, Brett, Dave, John, Laura, Marisa, Mick, Russell H., Russell S.

Final Three: Elizabeth, Jaison, Monica

Winner: Jaison

All wild guesses, of course.

20 posted on 09/10/2009 3:55:45 PM PDT by JillValentine ("A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud)
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