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Professors pushing their liberal views on students.

Posted on 02/13/2004 3:21:30 PM PST by kelcey

I know it is all true. I am a college student and deal with often in my classes. My best friend and I go to two different schools and hear this type of stuff from our teachers almost everyday. It is like they are trying to make all of their students liberal and leftist without giving any fairness to the right views (it is called right for a reason, oh yeah and they are called Jackasses for a reason). This is so innapropriate in a classroom situation. If conservatives were doing this the liberals would have a field day and we would all be so evil. I can also tell you that this all starts way before college (it just gets more extreme in college). In 6th grade I had this wacky teacher who made the class do a pretend vote. It was during the first race against clinton and perot and whoever else was running. After we voted she was really mad and told those of us who did not vote for Clinton were wrong and went on to explain why. Yeah like a 12 year old cares. Oh her name was Mrs Wampler at Parker Whintney elementary in Rocklin.

I know it is a little long but it is pretty serious. Then after you read it go to the website mentioned in the article ( and read the posts that students have put up about some of the ridiculous things that there liberal teachers force them to do or they will not pass the class and how the proffessors push there views all over incoming freshman who have just gained the right to vote and most do not know anything about politics The proffessors just put into these kids minds leftist views and say that right ones are wrong or criminal.

Here are some examples from student posts on the website:

". . . .within the first couple weeks of the class, the professor compared Nazis to Americans. More specifically, she wrote the words "Nazis/Germans" and "Americans" on the board, with a dividing line between the two. "

".... Examples of some of the topics in his lectures included: CEO of corporations are paid too much, taxes should be raised so everyone can receive "free health care," in 20 years only rich people will be able to afford water because of environmental degradation and global warming, conservative virtues are evil, and how everyone should be a feminist, and that everyone should be a vegetarian because killing animals is cruel."

". . . . in fact, on the first day of class she proclaimed that she doesn’t hide her bias! There were common references to the “rhetoric of the right” and often reverence to “progressive” political causes and people. At one point, we watched a video entitled “Hillary’s Class” about Hillary Clinton . . ."

". . . Professor Litwack focused excessively on negative aspects of American history to portray a country of lies and contradictions, while applauding Socialists and Anarchists. " University of California, Berkeley Professor: Leon Litwack Course: HIST 7B: American History from the Civil War to the Present

". . .Today, March 18, 2003, the professor dedicated 30 minutes of a 1.5 hour lecture to letting about 10 individuals speak out about the reasons students in this 700+ student class should dissent against the war." MCB 61: Brain, Mind and Behavior Professor: David Presti

These are only a few from many posted by students all over the country. Many do not think this is a real issue, but it is. A college students mind as a freshman (18 yrs old), is very impressionable. I grew up in a family luckily where I already going into college knew what I needed to about all aspects and sides of politics, but many people I know didn't. Almost everyone I know that did not learn about this until college is now a liberal and if I have any type of discussion with them it always somehow gets back to, "but that's what my history proffessor told us". Usually they are talking about some remarks or lesson that they learned from there professor which usually is extremely leftist. Of course if your mind is blank about a subject and in school you go and learn about it (though that is not what we are there to learn) an 18 year old is most likely going to believe what the professor has said. You see in these classrooms the profeessors are not putting off their political views as opinion, rather they are making it a fact that they force you to agree with or you do not do well in the class. Almost every teacher I have had has either put their extremely liberal views into the class lectures (sometimes discussing it for more than half of a class period) or at the least constantly made comments that were anti-american, anti-republican, anti-military, anti-war, anti-bush, anti-recall, etc. I have been in many conflicts with some of these teachers and almost everytime it has affected my grade. Not only does then my grade get put in jeapordy, but the teacher will belittle any student who has opposing view to their own. I asked once to my history (civil war to present) teacher, "Isn't that your opinion, not a fact?" when he was telling us that the war in Iraq is wrong and going on about how we are criminals etc. His responce to me was, "Only to the ignorant." After that he never called on me in class again, though I would raise my hand every single class period.

I suppose what I am getting at, is that there has to be something we can do. Me and many of my friends deal with this everyday. We have filed complaints to the deans office and administration for everything from unfair grading to belittling us in front of the class and nothing has ever come of this. Help? Some of the posts you will read on the website I listed seem more than wrong. Teachers are literally in some cases failing their students or forcing them to drop the class because of their "right" political views.

This article was taken from

A bill to protect campus conservatives?

By Amanda Paulson

A professor requires that students write - and send - antiwar letters to President Bush to receive full class credit.

A graduate student instructor warns, in the description for his course on Palestinian resistance, that "conservative thinkers are encouraged to seek other sections."

A criminology professor assigns a paper on "Why George Bush Is a War Criminal," and fails a paper submitted instead on "Why Saddam Hussein Is a War Criminal."

These are just a sampling of recent anecdotes that critics cite when they want to show that campus politics not only tilt to the left, but sometimes do so to the exclusion of all other opinions. Conservatives, they warn, may have become the most discriminated-against minority in academia.

Now, they're offering a solution: an "academic bill of rights," penned by conservative activist David Horowitz, one version of which has already been introduced to the US House of Representatives. Another may come soon before the Colorado legislature.

It's a bill that critics say would destroy academic freedom - even as proponents insist it is needed to salvage it.

And it has also raised some old questions about just how tolerant campuses are - a question both sides admit needs to be taken seriously.

"All the evidence is anecdotal," says Philip Klinkner, a professor of government at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., about the charge that conservatives sometimes feel unwelcome on campuses. "But on the other hand, there's a lot of it, and therefore should be a cause of concern."

Professor Klinkner, a liberal himself, says he sees some value to the bill of rights, and he wonders whether the knee-jerk reaction against it hasn't in some ways reinforced the point Mr. Horowitz was making.

The subject of all the furor is relatively toothless - a bill that is more an expression of principles than any real threat to intrude on hiring or curriculum matters.

Its eight points include the idea that faculty should not be hired, fired, or granted tenure on the basis of political or religious beliefs; that students should never be graded on such beliefs; that faculty shouldn't use the classroom for indoctrination; and that courses should offer a range of viewpoints.

"You'd think this would be second nature for anyone who calls themselves an educator," says Horowitz.

So why the fuss?

The idea of lawmakers moving in to professors' domain has drawn the most outrage, from groups like the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

"There's a sad history of legislators expressing views on what should and should not be taught," says Jonathan Knight, a spokesman for the AAUP. "What conservatives and liberals alike should be championing is the independence of universities and faculties to make decisions free of the pressures of external bodies like legislatures."

Stanley Fish, dean of the college of liberal arts at the University of Illinois-Chicago, agrees. For the most part, he supports Horowitz's bill, which was originally intended for universities themselves to adopt rather than for legisatures to pass. The problem, he says, is "the people who've latched on" to the bill.

If lawmakers become involved, Dr. Fish envisions commissions that periodically check to see if "academic diversity," whatever that may be, is being sufficiently maintained, or the creation of political litmus tests connected to public funds for universities.

Mr. Knight of the AAUP also worries that the attention feeds public stereotypes about the left-leaning ivory tower, and distracts from more pressing issues like rising tuition and declining budgets.

But others say the problem is more than simply public perception.

Luann Wright, a San Diego educator, became concerned after her son took a required freshman writing course at the University of California at San Diego.

"The primary agenda of the course," she says, "was one of race, taught from a radical perspective. Four of the five readings were about what one author called 'the ruinous ethnology of whiteness.' "

Her son told her that the instructor held polls on things like racial quotas, and then ganged up on him and one or two other students who disagreed with her.

So Ms. Wright created a website - - that invites students from all over to submit accounts of courses or orientations that seem to cross a line. More than 100 have been posted.

Her goal, she says, is to discourage efforts to push any political agenda onto students, but almost all the complaints she's received are about left-wing politics.

That university faculties are primarily liberal is hardly surprising, or new. One recent study by the conservative Center for the Study of Popular Culture found that at 32 elite schools, liberals outnumbered conservatives by more than 10 to 1. It's a political skewing that many credit to self-selection rather than the indoctrination people like Horowitz complain of.

But some see such lopsidedness as evidence of bias, and university hiring practices have been one of the most contentious issues raised. Many administrators, like Fish, point out that colleges can't ask about political beliefs when hiring, but critics say they come into play anyway.

"You see on someone's résumé that they had a job in Reagan's office, or at the NAACP, or the ACLU, or their activities included Intervarsity Christian Fellowship," says Thor Halvorssen, executive officer of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a group that fights first-amendment violations at colleges. "It's tough to hide politics when getting hired. Anyone who says this isn't the case is being willfully deceitful or naive."

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: academia; christianstudents; democrats; highereducation; intervarsity; leftismoncampus; liberals; teachers; tenuredradicals
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1 posted on 02/13/2004 3:21:31 PM PST by kelcey
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To: kelcey
"Professors pushing their liberal views on students."

This is a headline that could be from the 70s. It's been going on for a LONG time.
2 posted on 02/13/2004 3:23:59 PM PST by EggsAckley (...............TROLL PATROL...on duty.........................)
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To: kelcey
I finally gave up on the whole deal. I had a 4.0 GPA without really trying that hard (except in math) and I finally just got fed up. I couldn't eat that much ####.

I came back in after a stint in the Marine Corps as an adult, and I couldn't believe what they were feeding the kids. If I spoke up for politically-neutral intellectual integrity- not even for Conservatism, but for neutrality- a ring of nitwits would physically form around me and shout me down.

I ended up taking a lot of hard science classes, and thoroughly enjoying them. I wouldn't even take the "social issues" crap that was required for graduation. I was supposed to take a class called 'mass communications', that was taught by some African immigrant with a hard-n for the United States. I walked out in the middle of his lecture, right in front of him, and dropped the class.

Rome is falling, make no mistake, and it's all thanks to these fools.
3 posted on 02/13/2004 3:47:12 PM PST by Riley
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To: kelcey
Here is also a list of articles and the sites you can read them at, that have more tales of this liberal nonsense.

Naples Daily News Dec. 26, 2003
Real history is taking a back seat to today's twisted truths by Thomas Sowell,2071,NPDN_14960_2513164,00.html Dec. 03, 2003
My Second Marxist Indoctrination by Tatiana Menaker

The Daily O'Collegian (Oklahoma State Univ) Dec. 02, 2003
Academic freedom should be a two-way street by C. Brooks Kurtz

American Association of University Professors Dec. 2003
Academic Bills of Rights

The Daily Beacon (U Tenn. Knoxville) Nov. 13, 2003
Liberal Issues Committee desperately needs changes by Sukhmani Singh Khalsa

US Senate Testimony Oct. 29, 2003
Is Intellectual Diversity an Endangered Species on America's College Campuses

National Review 2003 (Education) Oct. 13, 2003
Topsy-Turvy by Victor Davis Hanson

The Los Angeles Times (online registration is free) Oct. 05, 2003
But, Teacher, My Homework Got Run Over at the Taco Bell Protest [Re: middle school] by Richard Lee Colvin

The New York Times (online registration is free) Sept. 27, 2003
Lonely Campus Voices by David Brooks

The North County Times Aug. 21, 2003
College: Dazed and abused by Rick Reiss

The Houston Chronicle Aug. 8, 2003
No room for diverse opinion on campuses by Jeanne McDonnell

USA Today Aug. 04, 2003
Diversify colleges' political tilt by Laura Vanderkam

Columbia College Today July 2003
Brandeis 2003 Commencement Address by Eugene Goodheart

The Press Democrat Jul. 18, 2003
Teacher responds to SRJC president's critical remarks by Robert Digitale

The Press Democrat Jul. 17, 2003
SRJC teacher can't be fired for lesson by Robert Digitale

City Journal Summer 2003
Union U. by Steven Malanga

The California Review (UCSD) Jun. 6, 2003
InDOCtrination in America by Spencer Westcott

Academe May-June 2003
Academic Freedom and the "Intifada Curriculum" by Robert C. Post

The Washington Dispatch May. 29, 2003
The Final Lecture by Izzy Lyman

The Journal Inquirer May. 28, 2003
Organization of scholars criticizes CSU for lack of intellectual diversity in its faculty by Kurt Moffett

The Chronicle of Higher Education May. 27, 2003
Keeping Your Politics Out of the Classroom by Jill Carroll

Associated Press (via The Ithaca Journal) May. 27, 2003
Secretive SUNY? Bill would deny access to sources by Michael Gormley

The Washington Witness (Washington Univ in Saint Louis) May. 12, 2003
Tyranny of the Majority: Dealing with the Hegemony of the Campus Left by Emily Katz

The Cornell Daily Sun Apr. 28, 2003
Why Liberals Should Care About Liberal Bias by Joe Sabia

The UCSD Guardian Apr. 10, 2003
Professors must be impartial regardless of politics by Dustin Frelich

City Journal Spring 2003
Queering the Schools by Marjorie King

The Daily Beacon (Univ of Tennessee) Mar. 28, 2003
Universities celebrate diversity in all but ideology by Sukhmani Singh Khalsa

CBS News Mar. 13, 2003
Anti-War Extra Credit (Scroll to second item on page)

National Review Online Mar. 11, 2003
Bitter Taste of Academia by Mark Goldblatt

The London Free Press Mar. 10, 2003
'Vocational licence' erodes academic freedom by Benjamin D. Singer

The Stanford Review Feb. 26, 2003
We Must Always Remain Critical by William E. Hudson

Northwestern Chronicle Feb. 21, 2003
Indoctrination 101 by James Gelfand

The Daily Bruin (UCLA) Feb. 3, 2003
UC denies students unbiased education by Alina Varona

The Reveille (LSU) Jan. 29, 2003
Leaning left: Liberal bias seeping into students' college education by Jason Doré

The Daily Texan (Univ of Texas) Dec. 9, 2002
Education suffers when ideology enters classroom by Christian Hurt

Arizona Daily Wildcat Dec. 6, 2002
Unbiased profs deserve special recognition by Shane Dale

Arizona State University Web Devil Nov. 12, 2002
Liberal bias plagues 100-level classes by Shanna Bowman

The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon) Nov. 11, 2002
Cheap trick: individuality stolen under US lesson plans: Part II of II in 'Politiking In the Classroom' by Dain Pascocello

The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon) Oct. 28, 2002
Politiking In the Classroom: Professors should stick to the facts by Dain Pascocello

The UCSD Guardian Oct. 21, 2002
UCSD's profs mostly liberal: Political imbalance detrimental to students by Dustin Frelich

The Hartford Courant Oct. 20, 2002
Liberal Colleges Need A Different Kind Of Diversity by Jay Bergman

The Christian Science Monitor Oct. 8, 2002
Faulty Faculty Diversity

Family News in Focus Sep. 27, 2002
Freshman Orientation Becoming Indoctrination by Bob Kellogg

The Cornell Daily Sun Sep. 4, 2002
College Professors Exhibit Disturbing Liberal Trend by Hillary Profita

The Diamond Back (University of Maryland) Sep. 4, 2002
Diversity intiative excludes the right by David Sohns

the Michigan Daily (University of Michigan) May 6, 2002
Racism 101: RA's diversity indoctrination by Kevin McNeil

Oregon Daily Emerald Apr. 2, 2002
Many students suffer from 'bipolarity' by Mark Grant

The American Sociologist Winter 2001
Political Ideology in Social Problems Courses by Myles J. Kelleher

The Dartmouth Review Oct. 15, 2001
Alumni: Fight Student Brainwashing by Monroe Diefendorf

Fox News May. 9, 2001
America's Re-Education Camps by Wendy McElroy,2933,24276,00.html

The UCSD Guardian Nov. 16, 2000
Misconception of Free Speech is Rampant Spread by Parisa Baharian

REASON Mar. 2000
Thought Reform 101: The Orwellian implications of today's college orientation by Alan Charles Kors

Independent Women's Forum Jan. 2000
Girls, Pearls, and Indoctrination Machines by Erin McGlinchey
4 posted on 02/13/2004 3:50:45 PM PST by kelcey
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To: EggsAckley
This professor has been teaching the virtues of preemption using the war on terror as an example, although I feel like I'm literally one in a million (which in this case is not good)
5 posted on 02/13/2004 3:51:00 PM PST by Vesuvian (Quattro Power!)
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To: kelcey
6 posted on 02/13/2004 3:52:37 PM PST by moehoward
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To: Vesuvian
I went to college in the late sixties....Vietnam protest days. The professors were beginning to become ultra liberal then, but no one would acknowledge it. Then I went back in the late eighties to finish an MA. The college by then was totally submerged in socialism. I just had to keep my mouth shut and do the work. Low profile. Oddly, you are probably NOT alone, but others are keeping quiet too.
7 posted on 02/13/2004 3:54:00 PM PST by EggsAckley (...............TROLL PATROL...on duty.........................)
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To: EggsAckley
I try not too keep quiet- and oddly enough it seems like most students are actually conservative if they could only be made to realize it. I hope I have a few converts- some tell me they are libertarians but are afraid to let that be known. I try my best.
8 posted on 02/13/2004 3:57:26 PM PST by Vesuvian (Quattro Power!)
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To: Vesuvian
Fight the good fight! We need young people like you to keep the flame alive!
9 posted on 02/13/2004 3:59:21 PM PST by EggsAckley (...............TROLL PATROL...on duty.........................)
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To: kelcey
10 posted on 02/13/2004 4:02:50 PM PST by LiteKeeper
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To: Riley
Jerry Agar (WPTF Raleigh) had a UNC-CH kid on today that dared to stand up as a white kid and say that the money he did have, he earned from work (He ran a car broker biz as a high schooler)

His penalty? The Nazi instructor blasted an email around campus naming him as a white, Christian hate speech monger who is alarming her class by his hate speech.

(I'm trying to find the amil, no luck yet). The days class was on why white people esp. males, have it made, and of no effort of their own; its the system that keeps them in power and the diversity crowd down. It was his personal defense and counter argument that got the charges (hate speech, she even called him a White, Christian bigot in the email) in the news. And him on Jerry's drive time show.

11 posted on 02/13/2004 4:05:12 PM PST by Swanks
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To: EggsAckley
Thank you sir, you honor me, and I will do my best!
12 posted on 02/13/2004 4:06:10 PM PST by Vesuvian (Quattro Power!)
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To: EggsAckley
If this has been going on since the seventies how come nothing has been done about this. This cannot be okay. It is like brainwashing and on top of that it is making so many students feel that their whole moral and belief system is wrong and that to suceed they need to change. Literally you either have to completely agree with the teachers, pretend you do or completely stay out of it, which is not possible since many assign you work that is only possible to do leftist. For example here are some assignments I have been forced to do in the last year or else I would fail the class or lower my grade extremely:
a paper on "Why gays should be aloud to marry" You had to say why you thought ut was a good idea in a minimum of 5 pages wether you agreed or not, there was no option of "why you don't think gays should be allowed to mary".
A list of the top ten reasons (with information to back them up) on why you think the current president was wrong in declaring war on Iraq.
In some of my more difficult classes the teacher will offer extra credit, only it is such things as participating in an anti-war demonsration or pro-choice demonstartion for 20 extra points. The only other option for extra credit this proffessor offered was to write at the end of the semster (this was a political science American Government course) a paper on "how this class has better helped you to understand what is wrong with the current administration running the country". That was all, so I and several other students did not have an oppertunity to earn extra credit. When we confronted her, she said that just because we participated in one of these activities does not mean that we have to agree with it and that as the teacher she has the final say. I could literally go on and on and on and on. I recently this current semester have been tape recording my classes. At first this was simply to help me study better. However I have only been in this semster 4 weeks and have already saved 17 statements or in a few cases whole discussions/lectures on such things as bush slashing, the Iraq situation, negative comments about any moderate or right wing parties, just everything you could imagine. I even have one of my proffessors asking me to keep my opinions to myself because it will do nothing but waste time on information that is irrelavent. It is complete, bullstuff. How is it okay for teachers (who are suppossed to be role models) to tell us what views and beliefs are right and wrong and give us lower grades or not equal oppertunities because we do not agree with their political views. How is it okay for teachers to embarress and bellittle and talk down to students because the support our troops, or Bush or even just don't agree with one aspect of the teachers leftist political view. What, I have to be some damn peace loving, leftist, hippie, liberal to have a fair oppertunity in college. That or be told I am wrong, ignorant, not raised right, to be quiet, or even kicked out of the class. Yeah, money well spent on classes that are suppossed to be teaching and educating me on actual history, science, sociology, anthropolgy. Instead I have enjoyed two years so far of Liberal education.
13 posted on 02/13/2004 4:11:06 PM PST by kelcey
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To: kelcey
Your questions, and your outrage are appropriate and commendable. I don't know how it could have been averted. I am from the generation of the Baby Boomers who now are running everything. I became a Republican back in the 70s when I saw what John Kerry was doing. *HE* made me see the light.

I remember when I started English 1A in Junior college in 1963, and my professor was a black gentleman, a bit of an oddity in my town, btw. I liked him; he was smart, erudite, and well-spoken. BUT.....our first assignment was to write a 10 page paper on why "Negroes" were inferior people.

I was stunned! I couldn't write that paper because I didn't think they were! After all, he was just about the first black person this little 17-year-old had met! I flunked.

So you see, it goes waaaaay back. I don't have any answers as to how we "let" it get that way. I had friends who wanted to go into teaching, as did I, but we couldn't stomach the pressure the administration would put on us to teach "their" way. As a boomer, I'm sorry we let this happen. I apologize!
14 posted on 02/13/2004 4:24:05 PM PST by EggsAckley (...............TROLL PATROL...on duty.........................)
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To: kelcey
I think the solution lies in abandoning liberal universities. Their tuitions are already over-priced and if they were left altogether they would have to sky-rocket or close down. We have to ask ourselves if Harvard shutting down could be considered a loss. I don't think so.

No one can convince me that a degree from these schools hold the same prestige that they used to. We conservatives will just have to take it upon ourselves to build new colleges and universities to pick up the task of furthering education in our country. What about all those conservative professors who can't get hired at leftist schools? They should band together and start their own with high standards that would quickly make it clear to employers that they would rather hire those students at graduation time.
15 posted on 02/13/2004 4:41:36 PM PST by kuma
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To: EggsAckley
I do not think that a generation should take blame. But I do think that more awarness about this should be raised and that it is never to late to change something that is wrong. First I just need to figure out what can be done. The website where students can post their experiences is great, however most people do not even know that it exsists. I came onto it by mistake when I was looking up information about what it meant to be a conservative.
Sometimes I get so frusterated in class that I want to stand up and knock the crap out of the teacher (however I would never ever do such a thing). That or lock them in a closet before class and teach it for them.
16 posted on 02/13/2004 4:43:39 PM PST by kelcey
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To: kelcey
As a graduate of a small midwestern college which took me twentyfive years to matriculate through, I can strongly assent to the assertion that most college profs are libs. They're not all bad or obnoxious, and many are quite good teachers. But liberal they are, and too many go over the line. I should add that a goodly number are actually Marxists. Not a few of my ex-profs defended Castro and one old history prof of mine praised Stalin. It's a fact of college life, and conservative students will just have to adjust because it's not going to change anytime soon.
17 posted on 02/13/2004 4:45:37 PM PST by driftless ( For life-long happiness, learn how to play the accordion. ie)
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To: driftless; kelcey
I disagree about "getting used to it". My question is why should someone go into debt paying exorbant amounts of money to be indoctrinated. It used to be so that debate and discussion were considered key to an education. Debate skills were a necessity, not avoided because you may offend someone.

Giving up and getting used to it has gotten this country where it is right now which is obviously not good. I would suggest searching around for a better school.
18 posted on 02/13/2004 4:54:00 PM PST by kuma
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To: Riley
I ended up taking a lot of hard science classes

Things havent changed a bit....math and hard science are places of refuge (for the most part)...Its amazing how much liberal dogma they can still sneak into the verbal portions of text books and lectures....

19 posted on 02/13/2004 4:56:26 PM PST by joesnuffy (Moderate Islam Is For Dilettantes)
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To: kelcey
Growing up in the South(graduated HS in '72) it was taken for granted that teachers were supposed to teach you HOW to think not WHAT to think. Unfortunately today my children (unbekownst to me until it was too late) were taught early on that hunting was evil. Now I have a son I would like to take hunting with me, but he has been brainwashed that hunting is bad. By the way one of these liberal nitwits left my child behind-by mistake- on a out-of-state field trip. Wasn't smart enough to do a headcount.
I could go on and on. What's the use?
20 posted on 02/13/2004 5:09:55 PM PST by BipolarBob (Your secrets's safe with me and my friends deep inside the earth.)
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