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Tough One: 9/11 Families Coached
EIB ^ | 3-5-04 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 03/05/2004 6:19:50 PM PST by jmstein7

You know, this ad ran yesterday. The Bush ad started running this week about 9/11, one that has the pictures of Ground Zero. And the Democrats just raised holy hell! The Democrats, they just went nuts. They thought this was horrible. "It's politicizing this issue and this event is just horrible. It's trashy. It's a Bush attack ad," and it's not! It's uplifting. It's anything but an attack ad. So last night I'm scanning around Hardball, and Deborah Norville -- and all the channels: CNBC, MSNBC, I mean you name it. All these different shows, and there are different women, different family members, and I'm sitting there listen to them, and they're all saying the same thing. And I'm saying to myself, "This can't be. The Democrats have not given these poor widows talking points. This just can't be." I said, "They're going to make me level this accusation? They're going to?" I mean, I'm an observer of life. I watch the news; I see this. If you saw it, too, I'm sure you had to come to the same conclusion. And I'm sitting, saying to myself, "Can it possibly be that the Democrats are out there accusing George Bush of running an attack ad and capitalizing politically on the attack of 9/11, have actually gotten hold of some widows, some family members, and gave them talking points?"

Because when you listen to what they say, they're all saying the same thing about where Bush was when this happened, and I keep saying, "There's nothing these people do that will surprise me anymore, nothing the Democrats, nothing the liberals will do. They can't go any lower than they are. They can't have any more hatred than they have. They can't be more bitter than they are," and they continue to surprise me. They can become angrier. They do become more embittered. They do get slimier! I just want you to listen here. This is 9/11 family members on all these shows talking about the Bush ad, and they're using the exact same language. NBC, CNBC, CNN and MSNBC. Listen.

VOICE ONE: I think for someone like President Bush who has not cooperated with this commission, who has stonewalled this commission.

VOICE TWO: This president and his administration blocked the creation of the commission, have stonewalled the commission.

VOICE ONE: If this was realistic from the morning of September 11th, it would show President Bush before a group of children listening to them read while, uh, the Twin Towers were burning.

VOICE TWO: If he wants to show a picture of 9/11 depicting what he was doing, it should be a picture of him sitting and reading in a classroom to school children. That's where he was on 9/11.

VOICE ONE: And we need to find out why 3,000 people were murdered on his watch.

VOICE TWO: You know, this happened on his watch.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is unbelievable. No, it's not. It's believable. I just those people do not sound like victims; they sound like they've been coached. They sound like they have been faxed talking points, do they not? In fact, these people sound like journalists. These people sound like reporters who would be offering their opinions of what Bush did -- and they're not. These are 9/11 family members, and as I say, they sound like political operatives. They really do. And, you know, we know in the past that the Democrats during periods of legislation have dragged in people off the street, supposedly going to be victimized by new Social Security cuts or what have you, and I'm just... In the midst of all of these accusations of how low Bush can go, and how dirty Bush is and what an attack ad this was, to go get these family members and coach them -- and it's obvious. It's obvious they have been faxed something, or given something. Listen to this again. Now, the names are not relevant, but they're... Let me count the number of people here. One, two, three. There are two members here. There are two women here both saying the same things, but again, this is taken from three different -- well, four different networks -- CNN, NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Here it is one more time:

(Replaying of montage)

Where did we hear that? We've heard that one this week. The school children, too, last night, but "murdered on his watch." I had an audio of that yesterday or said something. Somebody said this yesterday. It wasn't one of these family members. They were not out there. It was a Democrat. I'm going to have to search. I could go to the website and look for it. Somebody do that, because I know it was there. The transcript of the program from yesterday because this was said, "murdered on his watch." Remember yesterday we reacted to that. It was some Democrat that said this. Somebody said "murdered on his watch." Do you not remember?

It was one of the family? Oh, I might have been quoting one of the family members? Yeah, we didn't have any tape yesterday. All right. Look, folks, I don't deny that there are family members that are Democrats and I don't deny that there are family members that might not like Bush. That's not what I'm saying. I don't think all 9/11 family members would be on the same page of anything -- 3,000 families. But I know these people like every inch of my naked body, folks. I know them, and I just can smell it. These people go into action and get into gear. I was watching this last night saying, "This can't be happening. No, not on this. Not the same guys that are out there accusing Bush of dirty politics."

RESUME TRANSCRIPT 12:33 PM EST All right, we've isolated this "3,000 people were murdered on his watch" comment that I remembered from yesterday. But before we get to that, again, here is the sound bite, montage, of two different women appearing on four networks last night. It's amazing that the networks found these two women. Stop and think of this: you had 3,000 families affected by what happened in 9/11. The New York Daily News yesterday runs this biiig story that one widow is you all upset that Bush is running this ad that shows 9/11, shows the Ground Zero, makes a big whoop-dee-do. The press is somehow -- CNN, MSNBC, NBC and CNBC -- are somehow able to find two women who said this on four different networks last night.

(Replaying of montage)

RUSH: Yeah, I'm going to tell you. It sounds to me like not only were these women coached, but it sounds to me like somebody fed them to the networks. This just doesn't happen. This is too random. Here's Katie Couric from the Today Show yesterday morning interviewing Karen Hughes.

COURIC: "Two of them referred to the September 11th attacks, and one September 11th widow told the Daily News this morning she was offended by the use of 9/11 images in these ads saying, quote, 'after 3,000 people were murdered on his watch, it seems to me that takes an awful lot of audacity. Honestly, it's in poor taste.' What's your response to that?"

RUSH: So, not going to mess with Karen's response, because that's not the point; it was a good one. So this was out there yesterday. It was out there yesterday. These people are found... You know, it sounds to me like that the Democrats have rolled the dice and came up roses that Bush was going to do an ad like this and that they'd been planning this and the response for a long time. Here are the common phrases spoken by these two women:

"Stonewalled this commission," "show President Bush before a group of school children listening to them read while the Twin Towers are burning," and "find out why 3,000 people were murdered on his watch." Those are the three common phrases used by these two women on four networks last night. Now, since we are a network that does balance (cough), ladies and gentlemen, we have a member of a 9/11 family who found the ads inspiring, and this is also on CNBC. Deborah Burlingame, lost her brother in the 9-11 attacks, and Matthews says, "Your view when you watch these commercials or even snatches of them, what was your feeling?"

BURLINGAME: "Well, of course both images brought me back to that day, and that darkest hour for our country. And I found the images inspiring, to be reminded once again that, although it was our darkest day it was also our finest hour. That was a terrible shock for everyone in this country, and those images reverberate for the families still today. One of the reasons I was able to get through that day and my family was the other images we associate with the towers falling and the flames hitting the building, and that is the images of the resiliency and the strength and courage that was exhibited that day in the number of 343 firefighters running into the building to save lives. Americans lined up around the block to give blood. The outpouring of love and support that my family and 3,000 other families received. Tthose images represent that: the strength and courage of this country, and I like being reminded about that." RUSH: All right, now, is this not obvious? I mean, what are you feeling now having heard both takes? You heard the two widows that sound coached by the Democrats, prepared to the Democrats, and then this widow -- and what do these women see? The Democrats that appear to be the women, appear to be coached by the Democrats only see Bush. They only see Bush; they only talk about Bush.

This woman talks about the firefighters and the American people coming together and donating blood. She sees the country for what it is. Is there no greater contrast? Even if these two women were not coached by the Democrats, is there no greater contrast here? I mean, this is mind-boggling, ladies and gentlemen. It is so obvious. It's out there. You don't even need me to interpret this. These things speaks for themselves. [Reading from Daily News story:] "The Bush campaign, stung by the uproar over its ads featuring 9/11, vigorously defended the commercials yesterday and vowed to keep them on the air, amid a furious counterattack spearheaded by former mayor Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani, the former police commissioner Bernard Kerrick and presidential confidante Karen Hughes. One top Bush political strategist said the spots might now be shown in even more media markets than the original buy."

They're going to say, "Okay..." and what's great about this is that the media gave these things a whole lot more exposure than they would have otherwise had just with the buy. Giuliani issued a statement. He said, "September 11th is the defining event of our times. This was a shared experience that the American people have all been through together. The war that the terrorists began on September 11th continues today. President Bush has provided the steady, consistent and principled leadership to bring our country through the worst attack in our history. His leadership on that day is central to his record and his continued leadership is critical to our ultimate success against world terrorism." So they trotted Giuliani out yesterday. Note when Giuliani came out. Giuliani didn't come out with the ads. Giuliani didn't precede the ads. Giuliani didn't accompany the ads anywhere. They bring Giuliani out after the Democrats attempt to make politics out of these ads and try to make dirty politics out of it, so the Republicans say, "Okay, we have to respond." So they get Rudy and Bernard Kerrick and everybody goes into gear over what the Democrats are doing. Folks, this is just too juicy. Now, we have that call.

I don't have enough time to run it now, but this call that came in in the first half hour of this program from Nancy in Washington, D.C., a professed Republican (laughing) busted on this program. It's the kind of call we hosts dream of. "For a second day today, the Today Show continued its assault on the Bush campaign for its use of fleeting images of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Katie Couric's (comments) were not nearly as provocative or accusatory as those of the guests that they chose to bring in, these three guests, three women were relatives of the people who died in 9/11."

I'm not sure where this story is from. But, again, the guests today used the phrase "on September 11th he was in a classroom listening to children reading to him," and all these phrases that were popularized yesterday and last night show up again today on the Today Show with another Katie Couric interview. So, remember how I started this. This is tough to think, tough to say. When I saw this last night, I said, "Ah, this can't be. They wouldn't do this. They wouldn't go find these widows and, you know, fuel them with the right thing to say." But how can you conclude otherwise? How could you think otherwise?

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1 posted on 03/05/2004 6:19:50 PM PST by jmstein7
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To: jmstein7
This is tough to think, tough to say. When I saw this last night, I said, "Ah, this can't be. They wouldn't do this. They wouldn't go find these widows and, you know, fuel them with the right thing to say." But how can you conclude otherwise? How could you think otherwise?

Not for me... Sarah Brady has made a mint pushing James around this country for the last 20 years.

2 posted on 03/05/2004 6:23:11 PM PST by gov_bean_ counter
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To: jmstein7
There's another thread or two about how Tah-Ray-Zuh's money funneled through one of her foundations bought all this bogus anger.
3 posted on 03/05/2004 6:23:48 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: VadeRetro
Teresa has helped fund "Peaceful Tomorrows", at:

This organization is made up of "victims' families". However it seems that we can't see just who these folks are. I'll bet that they are the ones that are mouthing off about President Bush's ads.

I "contacted" Colleen at and asked her. I doubt that I will hear from her.
4 posted on 03/05/2004 6:31:16 PM PST by jackbill
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To: gov_bean_ counter
They had these people lined up for months. They were waiting for this.
5 posted on 03/05/2004 6:32:14 PM PST by AmishDude
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To: VadeRetro
6 posted on 03/05/2004 6:32:33 PM PST by GailA (Millington Rally for America after action
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To: VadeRetro
She's going to launder money to Kerry's campaign this way. Count on it.
7 posted on 03/05/2004 6:32:54 PM PST by AmishDude
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To: jackbill
Many threads today showed that almost all of the complainers are from peacefultomorrow, and they were also heavily into the anti-war demonstrations in March last year.

It's tragic that democrats are trying to cash in on their suffering by using them as campaign props.

8 posted on 03/05/2004 6:38:21 PM PST by rocklobster11
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To: AmishDude
Got to hand it to Gigolo Boy--he married well. Maybe his wife should be running. If there are any redeeming features in the two of them, they were hers originally.
9 posted on 03/05/2004 6:41:29 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: jmstein7
I've done searches on all the names in the various article about the "9/11 families" complaining about Bush's ad.

ALL of them, so far, have connections to pro democrat groups or anti-Bush/anti-republican issues....all are democrats.

In other FR threads this is documented --

Here --
Clinton Worker Behind Trashing Of Bush 9/11 Ad

AND here --

Bush 9/11 ads: WHO ARE THESE ANGRY 9/11 VICTIMS???

Among those that were not in these threads are, for example:

From Reuters story "Sept. 11 Families Disgusted by Bush Campaign Ads"

the only 2 9/11 family "protesters" quoted --

Bill Doyle -- member of group suing the white house about 9/11

Ron Willett -- a democrat, in battle with republicans in his county in Missouri
10 posted on 03/05/2004 6:47:22 PM PST by Jackson Brown
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To: Jackson Brown
Here's one on Peaceful Tomorrows.
11 posted on 03/05/2004 6:51:19 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: b4its2late; Recovering_Democrat; Alissa; Pan_Yans Wife; LADY J; mathluv; browardchad; cardinal4; ...

12 posted on 03/05/2004 6:51:43 PM PST by Born Conservative (Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.)
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To: rocklobster11
Many threads today showed that almost all of the complainers are from peacefultomorrow, and they were also heavily into the anti-war demonstrations in March last year.

The thread I just found links Peaceful Tomorrow with Mrs. Heinz-Kerry's Tides Center Foundation, whence cometh the money.

13 posted on 03/05/2004 6:56:13 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: All
According to their own contribution page, “Peaceful Tomorrows is a project of the Tides Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.”

14 posted on 03/05/2004 6:58:40 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: AmishDude
Of course they did. Liberals are smart enough to understand that Bush would use the national security issue, so they planned this media blitz months ago.

They not only coached the "offended" victims, they planned the entire media event.

15 posted on 03/05/2004 6:59:11 PM PST by Reactionary
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To: jmstein7
I won't call it "amazing" because I did expect it - but it is so obvious to see the elite media carrying Kerry and the Democrats.

Kerry gets a pass for everything, and Bush gets vigorously attacked over non-issues. They are throwing aside all discretion in their eagerness to get a Democrat in, and we I can't be the only ones seeing it.

16 posted on 03/05/2004 7:02:44 PM PST by I still care
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To: jmstein7
Once again, more "useful idiots" fall in with the Democrat party line. Sickening.
17 posted on 03/05/2004 7:03:33 PM PST by omniscient
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To: jmstein7
To sum up Rush...

This is disgusting. Something's definitely rotten in the state of RATland.
18 posted on 03/05/2004 7:04:57 PM PST by KangarooJacqui ("If you can't be a good example,you'll just have to be a horrible warning." - Kerry campaign slogan?)
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To: All
Continuing on the same chain ...

During the years 1995-2001, the Howard Heinz Endowment, which Heinz Kerry chairs, gave Tides more than $4.3 million. The combined Heinz Endowments (composed of the Howard Heinz Endowment and the Vira I. Heinz Endowment) donated $1.6 million to establish the Tides Center for Western Pennsylvania, a Pittsburgh office of the San Francisco-based Tides Center. Since that time, the local branch has tirelessly pushed an anti-business agenda in the name of “preserving the environment.” However, it is the Tides Foundation’s national organization whose connections are most disconcerting.

The Tides Foundation is a major source of revenue for some of the most extreme groups on the Left. Tides allows donors to anonymously contribute money to a host of causes; the donor simply makes the check out to Tides and instructs the Foundation where to forward the money.

From FrontPage Magazine.

19 posted on 03/05/2004 7:10:01 PM PST by VadeRetro
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To: jmstein7
So the liberal media plans to sell Republicans a spot to run our ads and then give unlimited free time to the Democrats to rebut and twist the message, disguised as news.

20 posted on 03/05/2004 7:13:15 PM PST by F.J. Mitchell (With only one John left there will be a lot of democrats standing cross legged at their convention.)
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