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ZOT!!! freerepublic and repentence: (by their turn page papers ye shall know them)
Some dim and long-winded troll, as told to Reddy Kilozot.

Posted on 08/13/2004 1:51:15 PM PDT by northoftrenton

America, and Repentance: By their turn page papers ye shall know them

By Noah Horsely

The following is based on a sermon that was preached at Union Christian Church in Martinsville Indiana

Conservatism is pretend salt Phil Benham

Well folks, I want to tell you about how much I am glad to be back Here to preach to all of you good folks this morning! Amen! Pastor James Brown JR. here was kind enough to let me preach today on an important subject concerning how defiled and out of place this society is here in the US. I tell you brothers and sisters here in the church tonight you do not even have a grasp of the degeneracy of our society today. What is even more shocking is that it also involves those claiming to be Christian conservatives! No kidding! The salt has lost it’s savior and we all know that when this happens, all it is good for is to be trampled down on by men. All you can do is de-ice your driveway with it that’s all. Is it any wonder that the Hollywood, the left and the media are all mocking us each day? Is it any wonder that Christians are made fun of at office coolers and TV shows and are looked down upon as racists, fascists, sexists and homophobes? Not that some of those should be considered insults however even though many of the people who run the media are fascists racists who support a certain racist state far away wink! But the bottom line is… America’s Christians have lost it’s saltiness and America is degenerating into a vile pagan empire full of licentiousness, heathenism, homosexuality, ad nauseum.

America Hits the snooze button

The funny thing is that conservative Christians here in America are also part of the problem than part of the solution. Listen to any of these so called talk show hosts now and days like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Orilley, Alan Keyes, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, Michael Reagan, Janet Parshall ETC. and they keep uttering the same pagan heathenish garbage about how we should be fair and open minded, about how we should have religious freedom and pluralism and how were sooooooo much better than the cowards who attacked the World Trade Center! They would have us believe that this act was not the work of God’s hands but the act of Satan and that we are 100% the victim of this tragedy.

LIARS! ALL OF THEM! Satan did indeed cause this calamity to take place in New York with the slaughter of 3000 people, many of whom died without Christ and who now have no families to go back too, who were killed in the WTC collapse, the attack on the pentagon, and in the fields of Pennsylvania but GOD ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! HE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN AS A PUNISHMENT FOR THIS NATION’S EVIL SINS! YES! IT IS GOD’S JUST WRATH! AND LET ME JUST SAY THAT JERRY FALWELL AND PAT ROBERTSON WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON TARGET WHEN THEY SAID WE DESERVED IT!

Every passing day that goes by, America murders millions of unborn baby children, imports third world infidels and savages who come to erect their idols and their dens of Lucifer worship and who turn our children away from God’s holy truth and do nothing to stop it! We tolerate blasphemy, perversion, incest, buggery and greed! We forbid the use of prayer and Bible study in our schools, our workplaces and government offices! The Ten Commandments which used to hang on the walls of our court houses, classrooms, and parks are being torn down and the use of the name of Jesus is forbidden except as a curse word! We pollute the world with our demonic occultic and barbaric death culture through Hollywood, the record companies and the internet and rely on corrupted government entities instead of each other and our God! DON’T TELL ME WE DIDN’T DESERVE IT YOU IDIOT! OF COURSE WE DID!

Looking back on what happened in New York on September the 11th any view that this was not the act of punishment from God for it’s sins is a liar and a perverted sinner! Fred Phelps

My daddy was around during world war II and remembers the day on December 7th when the news broke out that America had been attacked by the Japs at Pearl Harbor. He remembers what the nation did and what the church did. Like Admiral Yamamoto said, a sleeping giant awoke that day and it did. It wasn’t just the nation that awoke with patriotic young heroes enlisting to fight and die in North Africa, Normandy, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, It wasn’t just about war bonds and building tanks and airplanes, the church rose on it’s feet and in prayer called for the defeat of the Fascists and imperialists and for the protection of our soldiers and with Jehovah God on our side, we fought back and won! Yet we went back to sleep after that for another sixty five years. Unfortunately when it was time to wake up again, the nation and worst of all the church hit the snooze button and rolled over back to sleep. By their turn page papers ye shall know them

The Christian right aint what it used to be and with that in mind I want to talk about this sermon I am going to preach, it concerns a particular “Christian conservative” Website that I happened upon a year or so ago called It’s a chat room populated with so called Conservatives who are very active around this country. They support the war in Iraq, George Bush, Republicans, Israel, (MMMMHHHHHHMMMMM… That’s right) The war on “terrorism” Serbia, Sudan, and a few other little things here and there. It’s a good example of what our country is like now these days. That’s why I also titled the sermon America, and repentance. I subtitled it, by their turn page papers ye shall know them. You might ask, “TURN PAGE PAPER? DON’T YOU MEAN TERM PAGE PAPER?” Well… Yes but just read on and listen I’ll explain everything.

I was preaching at Alabaster Full Gospel Church of Christ up in Oregon in 2002 when someone in the congregation told me about the website. I looked there, looked it up for awhile, and at first I thought, “ho hum looks like just your typical heathenish conservative website with the usual set of nobodies.” When then! I looked up some stuff concerning non Christians… Mainly Islam and Wicca. Boy did I luck out! I got quite a kick out of this website! These people don’t take BS from Heathens and don’t want no infidels on their soil. Take for example this post from free republic in 2002 concerning a “hate crime“ committed against some infidel Muslim:

“Fine by me! We should just round up and deport this Muslim garbage from our nation! The Constitution is not a suicide pact! BAN ISLAM! DEPORT MUSLIMS!”

Bravo! Not bad! The holy spirit was stirring joy in my heart when I read that. It felt so good to read that from a genuine Christian. However there is room for improvement. For example, we should include expelling all of the other infidels in our nation IE: The Buddhists, the Atheists, the Hindus, the WICCANS ETC. Here’s another post about that nut job riot in Nigeria last year over that beauty pageant:

Ban Islam in America its a cult of death! If Christians were like Muslims, this world would be very different. Here are some examples: 1) Darwin would have had a flaming tire for a necklace 2) When prayer was removed from schools by the Supreme Court, every Justice would have been beheaded and the Supreme Court Building would have been burned to the ground. 3) Every immigrant to this county would have to quote Bible scriptures in order to enter. 4) Every avowed homosexual would have been stoned to death. 5) All stores would be closed on Sundays - including gas stations and pharmacies. 6) Islam would be a banned religion and anyone converting to it would be executed. 7) After 9/11, a crusade against all Muslims everywhere would be ordered and backed up by the U.S. military. 8) Unwed mothers would never be given welfare, they would be stoned to death after their babies were weaned. 9) Hugh Hefner, Larry Flint et al would have joined Darwin in #1. 10) Any time a Muslim said something negative about Christianity, people would riot in the streets of every American city and kill anyone who wasn't Christian. 11) The Civil War would have been fought between Baptists and Presbyterians. It would not have been about states rights and slavery would still exist. Christianity, based upon the above 11 points, would be labeled "The Religion of Peace" if Christianity were like Islam. What’s wrong with that? I declare a fatwa on all Muslims. There, take that. Go get'm boys! Just because you want to tolerate evil, does not mean that evil will choose to tolerate you!

I don’s see a whole lot wrong with those either. However I believe that more merciful forms of punishment and discipline should be used on some of the above mentioned people. Homosexuals should be killed however. I have no problem with that. They don’t like practitioners of Wicca (Satanism) Either. Take a look at this post about Wicca chaplains in the army and prison:

I suppose they expected cheers instead of jeers. Prisons are for punishment and the protection of society, not a day care center for the morally immature. Prisons and pagans seem to fit, as inmates not chaplains. The god of this world must be joyful beyond description, by the actions of these "wise" people(sarcasm flowing like a river). Of course our wise leaders have installed Wicca chaplains in our military forces as well.

Here’s another about a Wicca:

part of Wicca’s politics involves murdering children, as in abortion, to blaspheme the Son of God's death for us. Swallowing of young boys' semen as a blaspheme of the sacrament or communion. The deflowering of virgins outside of marriage as the blaspheme of the shedding of the Holy Blood of the Innocent One. They don't get their powers from God - who condemns such actions - so they must be in allegiance with another party. A bond that has its price.

Why? Just why may I ask do we allow this garbage within our borders? Why don’t we just deport this slime with the rest of the infidels? Anyways, here’s one where they had a debate about The constitution and “religious freedom.” CHECK IT OUT!:

Well, he was 80 percent right — but he was wrong on the most important item. The Constitution is the creation of "we, the people" and never mentions a deity aside from the pro forma phrase "in the year of our Lord." Pro Forma="as a matter of form" or the convention. The convention--the unspoken and unquestioned reality--was that God was assumed. Most of the colonies at the time of the Revolution had laws specifically providing punishment for those who profaned holy scripture. Yet another example of leftist ignorance on display. From "Acts and Laws of his Majesty's Province of New Hampshire...1759" Be it enacted by his Excellency the Governor, Council, and Representatives, convened in General Assembly, and by the Authority of the same... followed by this: ...that if any person shall presume wilfully to blaspheme the holy name of God, Father, Son or Holy Ghost, either by denying, cursing or reproaching the true God, his creation or government of the world; or by denying, cursing, or reproaching the holy word of God, that is the canonical scriptures, contained in the books of the old and new testament, namely, Genesis, Exodus....Revelations; every one so offending shall be punished by imprisonment, not exceeding six months, and until they find sureties for their good behavior, by setting in the pillory, by whipping, boaring through the tongue with a red hot iron, or setting upon the gallows with a rope about their neck, at the discretion of the court of assize and general goal delivery, before which the trial shall be according to the circumstances, which may aggravate or alleviate the offense.. These same laws are referred to in Justice of the Peace manuals for New Hampshire in 1832. Face it: It's a Christian nation, a Christian culture, and a Christian tradition. Deism was about as popular as head lice. If it's a Christian Nation, farmer, then how could the Founders allow freedom of religion in the First Amendment when the First Commandment says that "thou shall have no other Gods before me" ???? An observation that flows from ignorance of the time. When the Constitution was penned there wasn't one American "establishment of religion" that didn't trace its spiritual ancestry to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Perhaps you know of a Maryland Bhuddist Brigade serving under General Gates? Was there a Satanist platoon serving with Colonel Starke in New Hampshire? The idea that "establishment of religion" referred to a hodge-podge of agnostics, wiccans, and twelve-steppers is absurd. Where does the Constitution prohibit religious practices other than those of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? " the year of our Lord... "That is, if the justices had the mental fortitude to recognize the consensus of the founders. Talk about a 'liberal' reading of the Constitution. That's it? How can you read those six words as a prohibition of other religions? Look at those three letters O-U-R. The year of our Lord. Congregationalists, Catholics, Anglicans, Presbytereans, Quakers, Methodists, and Baptists all assented to a document that acknowledge a common Eternal Lord, by which even time was measured. A religion other than one that acknowledged Jesus Christ, the God incarnate, simply was not the intended object of the establishment clause. Granted, it's interpretation has broadened over the years, but we're talking about original intentions, not distortions. In the year of Our Lord.. Constitution, Foundational Document, a Covenantal Work between men of Christian Faith, hence not a scrap tossed to barbarous, heathen dogs, (not to draw too fine a point.)

I remember another argument about Islam being banned in New York by the Holy Trinity case in 1892. I looked at that and the constitution to see if it was really true. Sadly, it wasn’t and they did not mention banning any religion in any of those incidents and as for the idea that in the year of OUR LORD cuts the mustard, it certainly doesn’t. Still, it would be great if we could get some true Christan judges up there on the bench to change the constitution and kill the unbelievers! YEAH THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING! AMEN! Here’s one about a wiccan teen who renounced Christianity and some of the advice given by one of the members about what her family should do:

If my child came home and said she was going to be Wiccan she would be meeting with our priest and deacon very quickly for further discussion, in the church office. I'd have to go with what our clergy advised me to do, but I have some ideas that I think would work in our home. 1. If you are not Christian then you don't need gifts at Christmas or Pascha. 2. If you are not Christian, then you don't eat with us at the table since we pray and thank God for our food. Non-Christians can eat alone somewhere very unhospitable and uncomfortable. 3. If you are not Christian then you don't come to church with us, and since you are detracting from the family by refusing to be part of us, you can stay home and clean floors or something equally undesirable. 4. There are plenty of other enjoyable parts of being Orthodox in our home that my children would miss very much, no Orthodox camp in the summer, no working at the church bazaar, no staying up all night and having a celebration meal together at 4 am on Pascha. You can't control what children think but you can make life very miserable for them in order to help them make better choices. Teen rebellion behavior is acceptable in all areas to some degree, except for spiritual arenas.

Not bad… I have my own methods but why not disown them? Better yet just lock them in the closet till they confess Jesus as lord? Here’s a discussion about the time a Christian restaurant chain Chick Fil A fired some rag head manager who rejected Christ.

Let that SOB work for a Moslem establishment like the Luis Farrakhan businesses! Note to self: Eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A. If this guy doesn't want to work in a Christian atmosphere, he should get a job somewhere else. Perhaps there is a goat-burger-sheeps'-eyeball franchise somewhere in the Houston area that is looking for a manager. If he is not a native-born American, he can return to the hell hole from whence he immigrated. Will make it a point to go back and give 'em more business. It's great to know I'm supporting good Christian businesses. I wish there were even more out there. On a side note: buy as many clothes as possible from The Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic. That great company gives all its political donations to Republicans, and zero, zilch, nada to the 'Rats! Great, just what I need is an excuse to go shopping. I have been eyeing those pin-striped pants and skirts at Banana Rep, now I'll have to go buy them. Then I'll swing by Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Thanks for the tip. I'm disappointed that they didn't refrain from hiring the Satan-worshipping SOB in the first place. I don't want to eat in an establishment which sells food that employs a damnable moslem. They can't be trusted. Speaking of Christian businesses. Women, buy Ann Taylor clothing. The CEO is a member of my church and runs the company on Christian principals. The Christian would not be working for a muslim company in the first place. And furthermore, we don't have any proof that the muslim in question was obligated to pray to Jesus. Note to self, if Moslems do not work in this place, I have a lesser chance of dying by poisoning, or being shot for eating the pizza or watching someone go up in a fireball after yelling Allah ak bar... Sounds good to me, hope they open a franchise in Jerusalem. The companies first tip off should have been the guys prayer rug. I'm actually surprised that he ever got a job there in the first place. I guess they had to break down and was not allowed to hire who they wanted. Many years ago, I had friends who worked for Chick-Fil-A and the manager attended our church. Everyone who worked there was a Christian and I was told that anyone who managed the stores had to give a statement of faith. But that was 20 years ago or so. It's great to know I'm supporting good Christian businesses. I wish there were even more out there

I Hear that brother! I don’t like eating at restaurants as some of you know. Chick Fil A is this Christian fast food chain in the south. I don’t like the food there. It tastes bad, it gives me worse indigestion than McDonalds, and it’s all fatty and bad for you. There was this rag headed infidel who tried to become a manager there. They had a prayer session where the managers took turns and praised Jesus. The Muslim refused and they eventually fired him for that. I’m glad they did. Non Christians should not have the right to work or live a good life. They should be poor, starving, miserable and dead just like we used to do to those pagan savages we used to conquer and kill in Asia and the New World as it shows the world that Christianity is true and causes the holy spirit to quicken our hearts and acknowledge that this is a preview of what will happen when they burn in hell after starving to death! Halleluyah! Wish I were around back then with Cortez, Columbus and all the rest to see it all happen and maybe take part myself! Since then I’ve given them my support by holding my nose and eating their garbage. If we start having murders there, I’ll even super size my meal next time! All businesses should be Christian and only hire Christians. Anything else is Marxism 101.

Before I move on With that in mind I want to talk about the time I went to this nasty restaurant in Maine called The Governors. It’s another franchise, it’s secular, the food Is rancid and made me puke every time I eat there, and when I was at the one in Lewiston my waiter was this amalgamation with an Arab Accent, a towel, a beard that went down to his you know what and an Arab name. He asked what I want to drink I said I wanted diet Coke but the holy spirit nudged me to witness to him. So I said after wards, “Hey! Are you a Christian? Do know the Ten commandments? Do you go to church every Sunday?” He turned and said, “I’ll get you your drink.” Obviously he was avoiding me and God. I had a Chef’s salad and coleslaw cause I want to be healthy and in shape. When the host came over and asked me, “How’s your meal?” I said that I’ve had better salads than this and that I wanted to speak to the manager about the waiter. I was told that he wasn’t there and that I could talk to the lady at the cash register who was related to him I think. I said to her “You can’t hire unbelievers for your business! That’s against the word of God which says that heathens are all poor and dumb! Your communism is making me look bad and look like Christianity is a false religion! It’s not! And that’s why you need to fire that dirty heathen right away! This is America! Not the USSR!” She just took my money and said, “Hope you enjoyed your meal come back soon!” Not until that Governor fellow takes Chick Fil A’s advice and throws that heathen and his family back into that satanic sandbox they crawled out of and starves to death and goes to hell! Maybe the Jews in Israel could give him a hand like their doing to those filthy beasts in Gaza! Amen!

One last one about a pagan group that a group of these nuts are trying to come up with and more highlights of how members of Free republic (freepers as they are known) responded:

Bad enough we already have chaplains for Wicca and Islam in the army! When is Bush going to follow up on his Christian faith and 86 this crap? Satanic though should be outlawed and punished! We must return to our Christian roots, God Bless America!

AMEN! I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! I could list some others but you’d have to go there yourself! I thought that this was a great website! Fantastic and utterly Godly and wonderful. A true Christian website if you will. I say thought because I received a rude welcome when I came to preach the gospel.

And whosoever will not do the law of thy God, and the law of the king, let judgment be executed speedily upon him, whether it be unto death, or to banishment, or to confiscation of goods, or to imprisonment. EZRA 7:26

It started about a while back when I had gotten done preaching my sermon on why religious pluralism should be outlawed at Finger Lakes Christian Church in Bristol Tennessee. I had preached it first at Crystal lake Congregational church in Virginia and then preached it at Finger Lakes Christian church in Tennessee followed by Union Baptist Worship center. You may remember my sermon about that and how I listed the reasons why it should be outlawed and the consequences of tolerating heathens in our land. It’s no different than what you would find at only more Godly and Christian. They do a lot better than I do at times I must admit. You may also remember me preaching similar sermons against such trite like “religious freedom.” How allowing someone to be enslaved in heathen worship and on the road to hell is called religious freedom is nothing short of a mystery. Should be called religious bondage if you ask me. So anyway… I got the idea of getting my sermons on the internet. I tried starting my own website, went to chat rooms and bulletin boards and I thought… Why not join They’ll love my sermons! I signed up, introduced myself and posted the sermon

I was up in Maine preaching at Warrior knights for Christ church in Orono, St. George’s in Skowhegan, and at the church of creation in Presque Island. I happened upon a quaint internet café in Bangor and posted it there. Turns out they banned it. Didn’t know why at first. I do know that it’s a tough crowd to please since they have a lot of heathens from DU, a liberal chat room come over to harass them so their a little on edge. I posted again and they ripped it apart. They threatened to have me zotted or banned. Apparently a lot of the pluralists and heathens that did frequent that site came to mock me. I heard all kinds of blasphemy and got very mad. My hands were trembling on the keyboard and trembling while drinking my coffee. I was mad as hell and said a few nasty things! I couldn’t believe the out right talmudic satanic lies being promoted on that website!

Well I got mad told them up yours and left. I also referred them to a couple of church websites that I preach at such as the True Christian church of Christ in Blytheville Arkansas and this one. They were ripping on me for over a day after that. I was banned yet again. Further more I have been banned at other chatrooms and my net site got shut down because some anti Christ or someone complained that it was “TOOO7OO HATEFULLLLLL! WAHHHHHH!” I also learned from Jim Robinson, the man who owned the website that a bunch of other people were banned while using the same computer I used. Among them was a boy named John Martineu from Dover Maryland or something like that who was doing a term page paper on the collapse of the Soviet Union. What he was doing all the way up in Maine is a mystery to me. Well, it turns out he misspelled it as a turn page paper instead of term page paper. Just goes to show how awful the public schools are now that children aren’t forced at gunpoint to pray to Jesus like when I went to school. If only we could go back there! Amen! Hey John! If you want to know what really happened and why it collapsed, read Matthew 7, The entire book of Judges, Mark 11:12-22 and Ephesians 5:11.

Our system of compulsory education is insufficient without a system of compulsory religion Anonymous.

Anyways, that’s how I got the subtitle, by their turn page papers ye shall know them. Fine attention grabber I guess. They were going nuts over that and they thought I was the same person. They had a bunch of other people banned too but who cares who they are. So they banned me. Just because I preached the word and the same things they preached. Only now and again, unbelieving liberals come on and ruin everything. That’s what you get for worshiping creations instead of the one who created I always say!

No Saltiness

It’s a fitting analogy of what has happened to America. All talk and no walk! HUMPH! Ever since they threw out that one crazy guy who I liked a lot, TLBSHOW, they’ve degenerated into this feminized amalgamation. Their tolerant, nice, they wouldn’t hurt a fly and all the others including the one I mentioned a while back ago are in short supply! In America not just do we see this… It’s a very sad an unfortunate business my friends! God have mercy on us all and these poor sinners who will spend eternity apart from Christ. They need Jesus and they need to make like their little chums on those posts I mentioned earlier. Amen!

I learned a little more about this website while I was there and found a few issues with it. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Free republic supports many Godly things but has ungodly things in it’s closet as well. Just as America may be a purveyor of Christianity it is also spews out blasphemous pagan bile. So it is with It may be Godly at times but I have a few issues with it.

1. supports Israel, a pagan nation that in spite of curbing the rampant breeding of Muslim garbage through righteous genocide murders Christian Arabs in the west bank.

2. supports Serbia, a nation that is also fighting the Muslims. Not that that’s a bad thing but I never liked Serbs. Their dumb and they smell.

3. unconditionally supports George Bush in spite the fact that he is pro Muslim, worships at mosques and Shinto Shrines, is a socialist and wants amnesty to smelly un godly heathens from Mexico and elsewhere.

4. banned my sermon on why religious freedom is evil and should be outlawed.

5. They allow atheists and pagans to join up.

6. They support the ungodly war in Iraq and want to enable a bunch of sand eating infidels with democracy when they should just nuke the whole snake den!

7. They oppose Pat Buchanan who is our only hope against the terrorists.

8. They support Roy Moore and the whole Ten Commandments farce for making money!

On and on! These people are just ludicrous! Damn Ludicrous! They even think that I’m a parody like that heathen Landover Baptist church they got on the net. The truth is I Noah Horsely do exist. Here’s my picture to prove it.

Not the best picture I admit, it was taken when I shaved and when I was still taking Rogaine but the only one I could find and post. I was born in Albany New York, grew up as a southerner in Little Rock Arkansas and was ordained by my father, who recently went home to be with the lord to preach. I have been married once to my wife Laura Horsely who sadly is also dead, I have seven children and am engaged to marry a gorgeous young supermodel named Tiffany Teen. Most of the churches I preach at are so controversial that they are not even registered such as Finger Lakes Christian church which meets at a few areas and houses. That’s why most of the people who badgered me about it weren’t able to find it. Neither will the Anti Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Other churches don’t want me to preach and mark my words, if you are registered and aren’t like these mainstream dens of Lucifer, the time will come when the NWO comes down on you like the Romans did in the first century! Some are registered. This church, Union Christian church with Pastor Brown, there’s New Covenant Christian Center run by Kim Gosset over in San Jose, and there are a few that don’t register but never mind that.

I’ll be preaching (I hope to at least) At another church called The True Christian Church of Christ in Blytheville Arkansas where I got my start.


Here’s a picture of the church and Pastor Jim with his family That’s also a real church and the Freepers thought it wasn’t. You can even see for yourself at their website at Anyways let’s look at some of the other issues.

No one has any right to worship any other God except Jehovah! And the State has no business protecting someone’s psudo right to worship an idol. Joe Moorecraft III

These people support Israel. It’s a Jew nation that murders Christians, last year if you remember they smart bombed an SBC church in the west bank to prevent the spread of the Gospel and Richard Lamb and those other idiots did nothing about it. I remember how steamed I was and I remember how we were the only ones to start a charity drive to rebuild it! Criticizing Israel in anyway is viewed as anti-Semitic and your compared to the nazis who supposedly perpetrated deliberate genocide in the holocaust. I’m not an Anti Semite. I do have issues with these Christ murdering barbarians but I am no anti Semite. We should pray that they find their messiah who they murdered on Calvary and that they stop killing Christians and go murder them Druuge and Muslims instead like they did in Jenin. These people also ban Christians and Muslims from living in their neighborhoods while demanding we let Heathens and colereds live in our neighborhoods! The Nerve of these dumb heathens! I don’t mind living with the latter though! We are all the same blood in spite of skin color and I enjoy a lot of blacks such as Alan Keyes and Manny Mclittle as well as Hispanics like Clark Ortiz brother Manuel and that one guy those dumb Democrats are trying to block because of his pro life position. Anyways, we shouldn’t help the Jews and only pray they find their messiah and kill more infidels! Do the same thing for India! I love watching those dumb heathen murder each other WHOT! PTL! HALLELUYAH! supported the Serbs in their war for survival against the Albanian Muslim Catholic barrage of murder and rape. They did murder and rape Muslims and Catholics there but most of it was rare and it was never supported by the government. Clinton though decided to get involved anyway and help our enemies on the wrong side. All this kinda reminds you about that other time we fought on the wrong side over some similar incident about sixty years back doesn’t it? AMEN! I’m Glad the Serbs killed those heathen animals. I wish I was there to get in on the action too! Bring some condoms, sponges, a six pack and a shotgun. WHOOOOO HALLELUYAH! But with all do respect none of us should be involved in any of those conflicts since American’s weren’t the ones getting it. Anyways Most of the Serbs are Atheists who are in the wrong church and who smell bad. I remember Preaching in NYC and this dirty drunk Serb who smelled like bad Vodka came up to me and swore and blasphemed in this slurred Russian accent. Before I could rebuke him with a Bible verse, he blew chunks all over my new suit! No my friends… let them fend for themselves. The lord will help them.

They supported Roy Moore, who is not a real Christian but a charlaton who used this who controversy about the Ten Commandments to pocket money and for the tax exempt charlatans to make money and be more popular when in fact none of them ever obeyed the Ten Commandments to begin with. IT WAS A FRAUD! A LYING FRAUD USED TO SUPPORT GEORGE BUSH AND TO MAKE MONEY! Bush! That no good for nothing lied to America about WMDS just so we could go get our troops killed over there. What we ought to do is kill everyone there and take the oil for ourselves. It’s our world, our oil! God gave it to Christians not non Christians! Their nothing but thieves over their stealing our oil! I don’t want to pay for two dollars a gallon no more! Bush also supports Muslims, prays to their gods and now wants to import dirty illegal aliens who don’t know Jesus!

Answering objections

Now I think I will answer some of the objections I heard from those heathens of FR. First they accused me of being pro Muslim and that I acted like one just because some of the rag heads are running around killing. First of all we should understand that Islam is a cult inspired by the devil. It was invented by the devil to kill Christians and to stop the gospel. We Christians shouldn’t run around and commit random genocide and ethnic cleansing like they and the Catholics do. Not that I have anything against Catholics but we Christians believe that we should just compel them to worship instead. Intimidation, harassment, indignity and discrimination and maybe some threats of pain are good ways to bring about the conviction of the holy spirit. Vandalizing some of their heathen worship centers and smashing their idols is a good way to but no murder or lynching or that kind of thing. We don’t need another act of martyrdom like we had with the dead queer in Wyoming, the dead baby killers in Canada and Florida and that sheik that got shot in Arizona. I wont say their names since it will only contribute to their martyrdom and enable the God haters to hate us more but we are different and more merciful than the Muslims are. Then there’s the constitution. They began holding it up like some sacred document and inspired scripture. They then claimed that I was a constitution phobic (THERES A NEW ONE! GOOD GRIEF!) America hater. Baloney! It’s man made document that has no precedent over scripture. It’s a brilliant and magnificent document none the less written by brave heroic men who sacrificed everything they had sometimes including their own lives for a noble cause. I love my country, I love the Constitution, I love the founding fathers (except for that racist infidel Thomas Jefferson) and I love the flag. BUT! The founders were none the less sinners like we are who missed the mark. The constitution is the cornerstone of Democracy but it suffers from an Achilles heel… It does not directly mention Christ as God, and gives consent to heresy and heathenism. The First amendment talks about freedom of religion, speech, protest, petition ETC. But what kind of religion, speech, protest, petition may I ask does it allows? The religion of Christianity or any religion under the sun including Satanism child sacrifice? Speech that lines up with scripture and inspired dogma or doctrines of devils, blasphemy and paganism? Does it allow Christians to protest against the evil Marxist ideologies of pluralism, diversity, equality, fairness and individualism or does it promote it? Friends, the founding fathers were wonderful brilliant men but they were still men who were sinners. In their desire to be free they over did it and now America and the world is a hell hole because of the above mentioned evils. If only they could be around today and see this they would change the constitution and outlaw this sort of rubbish. The world would be blessed today, even more blessed than the Injuns are now that we’ve taken their land and forced our values on them. AMEN! PTL!

Then they claimed I wasn’t being rational for being intolerant of other religions. You’ve heard it all before, those people who claim that the true religion is tolerant, that it’s rational and for logic and reason. BALONEY! Let me tell you! You can’t have the true religion and be tolerant! Why would the true faith tolerate falsehood to begin with! If your neighbor was being deceived by a con man, was told something not true, wouldn’t you do something about that!? Wouldn’t you want to put an end to it? Of course you would! That wouldn’t be rational! We need to also understand that God is higher than we are and has better logic, rationality, and reason that we have. Human beings are finite creatures, furthermore they are corrupted with original sin so they cant reason or ration. That whole thing was invented by the devil to inoculate people against the gospel. We need to focus on the things of God rather than the things of nature and this world which is corrupted and imperfect. We don’t need to present evidence for our faith to these God hating rationalists, Romans 9-10 teaches that they already do know and that they are really suppressing the truth through their hearts. God’s holy spirit is and always has been knocking on their doors and they don’t need reason. They need faith! We need to have unquestionable faith no matter what the scientists, the atheists, the psychologists or the rationalists say or object. Christianity IS TRUE no matter what! We need to have faith and we need to answer these heathens by simply explaining the sound fact… You’re a sinner, your wicked, you already have the truth, God’s spirit has already revealed it to you! You need to mourn and repent or go to hell! That’s all we need to tell these people… You don’t need to study comparative religion or what people believe in or hear the other side or this and that garbage. NO! You just tell them REPENT!

Finally since I don’t want to go too much into this, they should read the Bible. Do you see tolerance and pluralism and this and that sort of Marxism there? Of course you don’t so why the bother? Why debate this whole thing? See, the Bible is infallible and 100% inspired by God. Not just any god but Jehovah! JESUS CHRIST THE LIVING SAVIOR WHO ROSE FROM THE DEAD! You should just tell these people to look in their Bibles and see for themselves. Works for me every time and they all tell me, “Well pastor Noah I think your right.”


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Chronicles 7:14

So there you have it! I will of course try to put this outline up on their post to witness against them in hopes they might get saved, but most of them will just go ahead blaspheming like in Revelation 11. Oh well. Just remember what I taught you. Be sure to eat at places that are Christian and boycott places that aren’t, love your brother, hate the ungodly and be watchful and on guard against the devil. Also boycott Friendly’s. Their food makes me sick, they have a manager at one of the restaurant’s in New York that’s a Homosexual and he hired that disgusting smelly Serbo that ruined my jacket. He never paid to get it cleaned so boycott that place too. Also I almost forgot boycott Geico, the person who runs it is a Jewish Atheist named George Soros who is a communist promoting Marxist liberties of the flesh and democracy in other countries so they can be like America and who is a pluralists so don’t worry about your insurance, just have faith in God and find a good Christian insurance company that promotes Godly governments like the one they had in Chile a few years ago or like the government they had in America before the revolutionary war nonsense only without the Sectarian Anglos and that heathen King George of course. Don’t forget to boycott the Governors, 7-11, Burger King, Stuckey’s, Gap, Howard Johnson, Walmart, GM, GE, Marriott, Tri-star, New Mexico, McDonalds, and every other Marxist heathen establishment that caters to or hires unbelievers.

Pastor Horsely’s preaching schedule:

I’m going to be preaching at New Covenant Christian center with Kim Gosset in a couple weeks, Then I’m going to spend about a month touring Alabama and Mississippi. While I’m there I’ll try and get a gig at Mt. Zion’s Bayou Baptist Church and at Covenant Presbyterian church of Christ. Maybe go to the library and upload the sermon there on and save some souls on a few of those other chat rooms.

After that I’m going to try and preach at Finger Lakes Christian church again. Then go to Laporte Church of Christ in Colorado, back at Finger Lakes, then Chicago where I’m going to meet with a black brother, Rev. Joey “Cornbread” Lewiston JR. at the Mt. Zion Black covenant church of Christ. I like Cornbread! He’s silly and we call him cornbread after that little black boy from the Little Rascals he reminds us of. Used to preach with him twenty years ago around the Nation. Then I’m off Lighthouse Aryan Christian church in Iowa and finally I hope to go up to Seattle and preach at the Messianic Jewish congregation of the New Covenant and take a vacation there. After I preach again at Finger Lakes of Course. I got a lot of family there, I enjoy it! I preach there as often as I can. No guarantees I’ll get to some of them though, but I’m sure I can get to some of them.

Closing prayer

Our Father Jehovah we invoke the prayers of Psalm 82 and 83 that your wrath be upon all of those who do not know you lord! Smite them! CURSE THEM! AFFLICT THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOUR SON! OH GOD OF VENGENCE OH GOD OF VENGENCE GUIDE US YOUR SERVANTS TO SERVE YOU AND TO HATE! Lord We pray for that they repent and serve you, We curse all who do not, and who give aid and comfort to the heathen! Lord bless Chick Fil A, bless Pat Robertson, Bless Eric Rudolph, Bless Brother Cornbread, Bless Al Sharpton, Bless Pastor Peters, Bless Michael Savage, Bless Finger Lakes church, and Bless those who hate and murder for you oh lord! We pray this in your holy name AMEN!

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1 posted on 08/13/2004 1:51:15 PM PDT by northoftrenton
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To: northoftrenton; Admin Moderator

C ya.

2 posted on 08/13/2004 1:52:28 PM PDT by TheBigB (I'm more frustrated than a legless Ethiopian watching a doughnut roll down a hill.)
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To: northoftrenton

Brevity is the soul of wit.

3 posted on 08/13/2004 1:58:06 PM PDT by hellinahandcart
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To: Zavien Doombringer; 4mycountry; mhking; Owl_Eagle; Fierce Allegiance; Constitution Day

Bring da ZOT!, gang!

4 posted on 08/13/2004 1:58:13 PM PDT by TheBigB (I'm more frustrated than a legless Ethiopian watching a doughnut roll down a hill.)
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To: northoftrenton

In before the ZOT!!

5 posted on 08/13/2004 1:58:54 PM PDT by The SISU kid (I'm the swizzle stick in the cocktail of life)
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To: northoftrenton

So, how bout them Michigan buckeyes.

6 posted on 08/13/2004 1:58:57 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Here, bite down on this.)
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To: Admin Moderator

Are you telling me you did NOT add the part about the turn page papers? Bwahaha!

7 posted on 08/13/2004 1:59:05 PM PDT by hellinahandcart
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To: northoftrenton
Well Jonathan Edwards, we're all just sinners in the hands of an angry Zot God!
8 posted on 08/13/2004 1:59:48 PM PDT by .cnI redruM (Knight of The Mind - On Crusade Vs. Liberal Stupidity!!)
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To: TheBigB


Exit stagel left

9 posted on 08/13/2004 2:00:19 PM PDT by stockpirate (Kerry and The Taxocrates must be defeated! "Kerry wasn't in Cambodia before he was in Cambodia.")
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To: northoftrenton

FR was the topic of a sermon? Cool! We're all over the place today.

10 posted on 08/13/2004 2:02:04 PM PDT by shezza (Honk if you love FReepin'!)
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To: northoftrenton

Are you feeling gulty due to excessive beeper stuneing?

11 posted on 08/13/2004 2:02:46 PM PDT by cyborg (
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To: northoftrenton

Can't anyone keep Ted Kennedy off the sauce? It's bad enough when Lardbutt hogs the Senate floor, but he's preaching to the democrats now?

When did he convert?

12 posted on 08/13/2004 2:03:01 PM PDT by OpusatFR (President Bush will win 2004.)
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To: northoftrenton

13 posted on 08/13/2004 2:03:06 PM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (Conspiracy Guy, Secretary of Humor and Tomfoolery)
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To: northoftrenton

You're a dumba$$!!

14 posted on 08/13/2004 2:03:51 PM PDT by big'ol_freeper ("Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."-Pope JPII)
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To: northoftrenton

Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry neglected to check local weather reports
before going kite sailing in crucial swing state Florida this afternoon. The unfortunate
Senator was eventually found, clinging to life, on a Cuban beach. He was
immediately elected Successor to Castro, capturing 98.6% of the island nation’s vote.

15 posted on 08/13/2004 2:04:08 PM PDT by dead (I've got my eye out for Mullah Omar.)
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To: northoftrenton
Well, that was a wasted twenty seconds of my life I'll never get back.
Viva le Zot!
16 posted on 08/13/2004 2:04:22 PM PDT by Ignatz (Scribe of the Unwritten Law)
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To: Lil'freeper

*ping*...The Zot is on!

17 posted on 08/13/2004 2:04:29 PM PDT by big'ol_freeper ("Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."-Pope JPII)
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To: northoftrenton

Someone actually thought it was worth typing all this.


18 posted on 08/13/2004 2:05:14 PM PDT by ScottFromSpokane (Re-elect President Bush:
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To: northoftrenton

I am ashamed that Phil Benham is from the United States, and mortified that he was blathering in my home state. I apologize to you all for not taking steps to Freep the idiot.

19 posted on 08/13/2004 2:06:11 PM PDT by Ignatz (Scribe of the Unwritten Law)
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To: northoftrenton

You're weird.

20 posted on 08/13/2004 2:06:17 PM PDT by Bradís Gramma (If only hamsters could vote.......)
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