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Kerry's Liberal Record (Extensive Documentation)
George W. Bush ^ | October 13, 2004

Posted on 10/13/2004 11:17:59 AM PDT by RWR8189

John Kerry is trying to run from his twenty year liberal record but he can’t hide from his 98 votes to raise taxes, his six votes against banning partial-birth abortion or his big government health care plan. If that’s not enough to convince you Kerry deserves his ranking as the Senate’s most liberal member, check out Kerry’s record for yourself.

Learn More About Kerry's Liberal Record:
Kerry's Liberal Statistics | Kerry Called a Liberal

Liberal on the Issues That Matter:
Taxes | Compassion & Values | Health Care | Education | Safety & Security | Environment & Energy


Kerry’s Lifetime Liberal Vote Rating From Americans For Democratic Action Is Two Points Higher Than That Of Ted Kennedy. While Kennedy rates a 90 lifetime average, Kerry has a lifetime average of 92. (Americans For Democratic Action Website,, Accessed 1/21/04 )

In 1991, Kerry Said:  “I’m A Liberal And Proud Of It.”  “‘I’m a liberal and proud of it. We will always believe in social justice,’ said Kerry, a Vietnam veteran touted as a potential presidential candidate.”  (“Gee, There Were So Many In 1988,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/21/91)

Nonpartisan National Journal Scored Kerry’s Votes Most Liberal In Senate For 2003. (National Journal Website, “How They Measured Up,”, 2/27/04 )

In 2003, Kerry Voted With Ted Kennedy 93% Of The Time. (CQ Online,, Accessed 1/21/04 )

On CQ Key Votes, Kerry Voted 100% Of The Time With Ted Kennedy In 2003, 2001, 1999, 1998, 1993, 1992, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986, and 1985. (CQ Online,, Accessed 1/21/04 )


Newsweek’s Howard Fineman: “Basically He’s A Massachusetts Liberal …” NEWSWEEK’S HOWARD FINEMAN: “[T]he big thing the President can do, whenever Kerry talks about taxes, is talk about Kerry’s record. And that’s what the President is going to spend the last three weeks of this campaign doing, talking about Kerry’s Senate record, which has tons and tons and tons of votes for taxes for all kinds. Kerry is pretty much, with some exceptions - you know, he did vote for a balanced budget resolution a couple times and he did vote for welfare reform - but basically he’s a Massachusetts liberal and that’s what Bush is going to hit him with the last three weeks of the campaign.” (MSNBC’s “Imus In The Morning.” 10/11/04 )

Washington Post’s David Broder: “Kerry, Like Most Massachusetts Politicians, Has A Markedly Liberal Record. An Avowed Opponent Of The Death Penalty, He Opposes Gay Marriage But Supports Civil Unions, And Backs Abortion Rights And Restrictions On Guns.” (David S. Broder, “Tight Race For A Divided Nation,” The Washington Post, 3/3/04 )

National Journal: In 2003, Kerry “Consistently Took The Liberal View” On Social Issues And Foreign Policy. Kerry’s heavy absenteeism in 2003 prevented him from getting scores on social issues & foreign policy. However, a “separate analysis showed that of the votes that Kerry cast in the two categories in which he did not receive scores in 2003 - social policy and foreign policy - he consistently took the liberal view within the Senate.” (National Journal Website, “How They Measured Up,”, 2/27/04 )

U.S. News & World Report: “Kerry’s Voting Record Puts Him To The Left Of Most Senate Democrats.” (Dan Gilgoff, “Resisting Labels,” U.S. News & World Report, 2/16/04 )

Joan Vennochi/Boston Globe Op-Ed: Kerry’s Liberal Voting Record Is Clear. “The liberal voting record is there for everyone to see and interpret - on abortion, gay rights, taxes and national defense. Ultimately, Kerry will return to it, literally and figuratively, when he accepts his party’s nomination in Boston , the liberal heart of Massachusetts.” (Joan Vennochi, Op/Ed, “A Battle Of L-Words: ‘Liar’ Vs. ‘Liberal’,” The Boston Globe, 2/12/04 )

“‘Look At National Journal Ratings - Kerry Is Way To The Left Of The American Mainstream,’ Said Larry Sabato Of The University Of Virginia .” (Kirk Victor, et al., “A Kerry Top 10,” National Journal, 1/31/04 )

Dean Campaign On Kerry: “When It Was Popular To Be A Massachusetts Liberal, His Voting Record Was That.” “Mr. Kerry’s rival Democrats point to a series of shifting stands on issues…‘When it was popular to be a Massachusetts liberal, his voting record was that,’ said Jay Carson, a Dean campaign spokesman. ‘When it was popular to be for the Iraq war, he was for it. Now it’s popular to be against it, and he’s against it. This is a voting record that is a big vulnerability against Republicans in the general election. He’s all over the place on this stuff.’” (Todd S. Purdum, “Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years For Material To Slow Him Down,” The New York Times, 1/25/04 )

United Press International: “Kerry, A Liberal On Social And Other Issues, Has Ted Kennedy In His Corner And Embodies The Liberal Spirit Of Massachusetts.” (Martin Sieff, “Analysis: Kerry, Clark Head For N.H. Clash,” United Press International, 1/20/04 )

The Associated Press: “Kerry’s Liberal Massachusetts Lineage Can Be Troublesome At Times.” “In a delicate balancing act, Kerry said he’s thrilled to have the ultimate Massachusetts liberal - Sen. Edward Kennedy - campaign by his side in his race for the White House. But he carefully distanced himself from Dukakis, the last Bay Stater to seek - and lose - the presidency. And that’s not the only way Kerry’s liberal Massachusetts lineage can be troublesome at times.” (Lolita C. Baldor, “Kerry Draws Contrast With Fellow Mass. Politician Dukakis,” The Associated Press, 9/12/03 )

The Boston Globe: “Even The Most Neophyte Republican Press Agent Will Have No Trouble Portraying Kerry As A Liberal From Massachusetts Who Once Served As Lieutenant Governor Under - Pause For Effect - Michael Dukakis.” (John Aloysius Farrell, “At The Center Of Power , Seeking The Summit ,” The Boston Globe, 6/21/03 )

The American Prospect: “Kerry’s Liberal Credentials Are Very Much In Order.” (Harold Meyerson, “The Tough Dove’s Moment,” The American Prospect, 3/1/03 )

Tufts University Political Scientist Jeffrey Berry: “The Fact Is That Kerry Is Too Liberal For The Nation.” (Jennifer Peter, “Presidential Contender Confronts ‘Massachusetts Liberal’ Label,” The Associated Press, 12/21/02 )

University Of Virginia Political Analyst Larry Sabato Called Kerry “The Classic Massachusetts Liberal.” (Jennifer Peter, “Presidential Contender Confronts ‘Massachusetts Liberal’ Label,” The Associated Press, 12/21/02 )

Robert Novak: “Yet, There Are Democrats Who Wonder Whether Kerry, A Liberal From A Very Liberal State , Is A Good Choice Against Bush.” (Robert Novak, Op/Ed, “Comeback Tour Was As Faulty As Campaign,” Chicago Sun-Times, 12/16/02 )

Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) Jokingly Suggested Kerry Campaign Slogan: “Vote For The Tall Dukakis.” (Al Kamen, “The Once And Future Mrs. Reich,” The Washington Post, 3/18/02 )

The Associated Press: “Kerry, A Liberal-Leaning Yale Graduate Who Lives In Boston , Is Well-Regarded On Capitol Hill. But He Has An Identity Problem Outside Massachusetts And Washington.” (Melissa B. Robinson, “Kerry Lays The Groundwork For A Possible 2004 Presidential Run,” The Associated Press, 1/8/02 )

Al Gore’s Former Campaign Manager Donna Brazile Called John Kerry “Far More Liberal Than Al Gore.” BRAZILE: “Al Gore is more of a fiscal conservative. He’s more moderate than perhaps John Kerry on many of the issues. ... I think John Kerry is far more liberal than Al Gore.” (Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” 9/5/01 )

Katrina Vanden Heuvel Of The Nation Called Kerry “Liberal Progressive Standard Bearer.” (MSNBC’S “Hardball,” 5/14/01 )

The San Francisco Chronicle Called Kerry “Well-Known Liberal.” (Henry Norr, “Fig Leaf Vs. Shield On Privacy,” The San Francisco Chronicle, 10/9/00 )

“Mr. Kerry Was Dropped As A Potential Candidate For Vice President Partly Because His Liberal Voting Record Would Be An Easy Target For Republicans.” (Tim Connolly, “Choice Of Lieberman Stirs Interest For Dems,” Telegram & Gazette, 8/12/00 )

The [ Albany , NY] Times Union: Kerry’s “Liberal Voting Record” Disqualified Him From Being Gore’s Running Mate. (Jodi Enda and David Goldstein, “It’s Gore-Lieberman 2000,” The Times Union [ Albany , NY], 8/8/00 )

St. Petersburg Times: Kerry’s “Liberal Voting Record” “Might Turn Off Independents And Moderates.” (Sara Fritz, “Gore, Too, Needs To Admit Faults To Pick Best Mate,” St. Petersburg Times, 8/7/00 )

Mike Dukakis: “John Is A Good, Solid Liberal Democrat …” (Michael Kranish, “Campaign 2000 / Kerry,” The Boston Globe, 8/6/00 )

When Michael S. Dukakis Ran For Governor In 1982, With Kerry As Running Mate For Lieutenant Governor, Some Perceived Kerry As The More Liberal Of The Two.” (Michael Kranish, “Campaign 2000 / Kerry,” The Boston Globe, 8/6/00 )

CBS: Kerry “Considered A Liberal.” CBS’ LEE COWAN: “But he’s also considered a liberal whose Senate seat would likely be replaced by a Republican, which could keep Kerry right where he is.” (CBS’ “CBS Evening News,” 8/6/00 )

Hartford Courant: “Kerry’s Voting Record Is As Liberal, Perhaps More So, Than Lieberman’s.” (David Lightman, “Good Soldier, Good Target,” Hartford Courant, 8/6/00 )

Co-Founder Of The Hotline Doug Bailey Asked “Why In The World” Al Gore Would Choose “Massachusetts Liberal” Kerry For A Running Mate.(Kevin Corcoran et al., “Bayh, Kerry Reportedly Sit Atop Gore’s Short List,” The Indianapolis Star, 8/4/00 )

Palm Beach Post: Kerry More Liberal Than Gore Or Graham. “In their rankings by leading liberal and conservative groups, Kerry was the most liberal of the three, Graham the most conservative, and Gore was in the middle. For example, the liberal Americans for Democratic Action said Kerry supported its issues 85 percent to 100 percent of the time between 1987 and 1992.” (Larry Lipman, “Gore, Graham, Kerry In Line,” Palm Beach Post, 7/23/00 )

Investor’s Business Daily: “Many Of The Most Conspicuously Wealthy Members Of The U.S. Senate - With Names Like Rockefeller, Kennedy, Kohl, Feinstein And John Kerry - Proudly Identify Themselves As Liberal Democrats.” (“Limousine Liberals: Anti-Wealth Stance Of The Rich Leaves Their Money Intact,” Investor’s Business Daily, 7/14/00 )

Indianapolis Star: Kerry “Perceived As Too Liberal” To Be Gore’s Running Mate. (George Stuteville and Mary Beth Schneider, “Bayh Seen As A Top VP Pick For Demos,” The Indianapolis Star, 6/25/00 )

Time: “… Senator John Kerry, A Liberal Democrat From Massachusetts.” (Terry McCarthy, “ Beijing Casts A Ballot,” Time, 3/6/00 )

The Miami Herald Classified Kerry As A “Liberal Democrat” Who “Supported The Clinton Administration’s Position In 93 Percent Of Recorded Votes.” (Frank Davies, “Split In The Senate: Graham, Mack Go Their Own Way On Most Votes,” The Miami Herald, 12/26/99 )

University Of Iowa ’s Arthur Miller Said Kerry Was “Too Liberal” To Be Gore’s Running Mate. (David Lightman, “Gore - Lieberman May Be Good Fit,” Hartford Courant, 7/3/99)

Boston-Based Political Consultant Tom Kiley Suggested Conservative-Leaning Gore Will “Have To Pick Someone From The Liberal Wing Of The Party--Like Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, Whom Kiley Represents.” (James Ridgeway, “Mondo Washington,” Village Voice, 3/23/99 )

The New York Times: Kerry Is “Considered A Fittingly Liberal Senator For What Is One Of The More Liberal States.” (Carey Goldberg, “John Kerry, Citing Time And Money, Won’t Run For President,” The New York Times, 2/27/99 )

CNN’s John King Described Kerry As “Reliably Liberal Voice.” (CNN’s “Inside Politics,” 2/26/99 )

Orlando Sentinel: If Kerry Ran In 2000, He “Likely Would Vie To Be The Liberal/Union Candidate.” (Peter A. Brown, “The Long And Windy Road To The White House In 2000,” Orlando Sentinel, 7/12/98 )

The Washington Times: Kerry “A Kennedy-Style Massachusetts Liberal.” (Donald Lambro, “Seizing Upon Gore’s Woes,” The Washington Times, 10/13/97)

Washingtonian: Kerry “More Of A Traditional Liberal” Than Bob Kerrey. (Charles E. Cook, “Here They Come,” Washingtonian, June 1997)

Boston Herald: “Wealthy Liberal Democrats Like Kerry.” “Yesterday, an outraged House Republican cranked up the volume, seeking to turn a nondescript Boston fireplug into a symbol of the wretched excess and special privilege enjoyed only by wealthy liberal Democrats like Kerry.” (Andrew Miga, “Flak Swamping Kerry Over His Fireplug Caper,” Boston Herald, 5/17/97 )

The New York Times: “Two Liberals From Massachusetts, Edward Kennedy And John Kerry.” (Richard L. Berke, “Trent Lott And His Fierce Freshmen,” The New York Times, 2/2/97 )

Massachusetts “Settled On A Liberal Democrat, Senator John F. Kerry.” (Richard L. Berke, Op-Ed, “Kiss, Kiss,” The New York Times, 1/26/97 )

The Boston Globe: “How Seriously Kerry Would Be Taken” As Presidential Candidate “Considering His Liberal Record,” Is “Another Matter.” (Frank Phillips and Don Aucoin, “For Both, Political Careers On Line,” The Boston Globe, 11/5/96 )

CNN’s Bruce Morton: “It Is A Classic Fight. Kerry, The Liberal, Has Spent 12 Years, More Or Less, Under Ted Kennedy’s Wing.” (CNN’s “Inside Politics,” 10/29/96 )

“Mr. Kerry Is Among The Senate’s Most Liberal Democrats …” (Nancy E. Roman, “Massachusetts Senate Race May Turn On Size Of Third-Party Vote,” The Washington Times, 9/20/96 )

The Washington Post: Kerry Has “A Liberal Voting Record.” (Mary McGrory, “Measuring Clinton’s Coattails,” The Washington Post, 9/12/96 )

“Sen. John Kerry Of Massachusetts, 52, Has Been Mentioned As A Possible Candidate Of The Party’s Liberal Wing, If He Survives A Tough Challenge To His Seat This Year From Gov. William Weld.” (Christopher Hanson, “Gore Is Staying Loyal As He Looks Ahead To 2000,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 8/27/96 )

“Sen. John Kerry, Mass.: A Leading Liberal, 52, He Faces A Tough Re-Election Battle This Fall Against Gov. William Weld. Whoever Wins Could Be A National Contender.” (Susan Page, “Faces Of Campaign 2000?” USA Today, 8/26/96 )

The Washington Post Said Kerry Was One Of The More “Prominent Liberals.” (Mary McGrory, “Blowing Up The Government,” The Washington Post, 7/9/96 )

“[K]erry’s Interest-Group Ratings Place Him Squarely In The Liberal Camp …” (Benjamin Sheffner, Roll Call, 5/9/96 )

“Kerry Laid Out His Liberal Credentials Unflinchingly, Touting His Support For Raising The Minimum Wage And Opposition To What He Called A ‘Downsizing Of The American Dream’ By Republicans In Washington.” (Editorial, “Round One,” Telegram & Gazette, 4/10/96 )

The New York Times Called Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” Gov. William Weld of Massachusetts, a Republican, said he would challenge Senator John Kerry, a liberal Democrat, next year.” (“Governor Challenges Senator”, “The New York Times, 11/30/95)

The Boston Globe Said Kerry Had “Liberal And Progressive Views Towards Government.” (Robert A. Jordan, “Downsizing Weld’s Future,” The Boston Globe, 11/14/95 )

The San Francisco Chronicle Called Kerry “A Liberal Democrat From Massachusetts.” (Martin Schram, “Going Begging,” The San Francisco Chronicle, 10/16/94 )

Los Angeles Times Called Kerry “A Liberal Massachusetts Democrat” (Doyle Mcmanus, “News Analysis,” Los Angeles Times, 2/4/94 )

The Boston Globe Called Kerry “A Liberal Democrat From Boston .” (Bob Hohler, “Senate Rivals’ Fight Ends With Vietnam Vote,” The Boston Globe, 1/30/94 )

The Boston Globe Called Kerry “The Liberal Democrat.” (John H. Kennedy, “POW Issue Won’t Go Away,” The Boston Globe, 5/3/93 )

The Boston Globe Called Kerry “The Liberal Democrat From Massachusetts.” (John Aloysius Farrell, “Odd Pair Sort POW Myth, Fact,” The Boston Globe, 12/6/92 )

A Political Talk-Show Host Said Kerry Was “Too Liberal” To Be Clinton ’s Running Mate. (Robert A. Jordan, “Kerry Alienates Many Black Supporters,” The Boston Globe, 4/5/92 )

Orange County Register Called Kerry “Liberal Democrat.” “Sen. Smith, a conservative Republican, and Sen. John Kerry, a liberal Democrat, have put forth a bipartisan proposal to set up a congressional committee to investigate the issue.” (“POW-MIA Gag Rule,” Orange County Register , 7/31/91 )

The Seattle Times Called Kerry A “Liberal Democratic Senator.” (“More On Hamer -- Fatuous, Right-Wing Diatribes,” The Seattle Times, 11/16/90 )

The Independent Called Kerry A “Liberal Senator” Associated With “Mr. Dukakis’ Brand Of Liberalism.” (Sarah Helm, “Voter Fury Shakes Massachusetts,” The [ London ] Independent, 10/30/90 )

Christian Science Monitor Called Kerry “Liberal.” “Mr. Kerry, a liberal, is completing his first term in the Senate. While Massachusetts is considered one of the most liberal states in the nation, the Democratic Party’s monolithic power here may be starting to crack.” ( Lawrence J. Goodrich, “Bay State GOP Sees Chance To Oust Senator Kerry,” Christian Science Monitor, 2/14/90 )

The Boston Globe Called Kerry “Liberal Firebrand” Who Was “Toasted By Leftist Central American Activist Groups.” (Michael K. Frisby, “Activists Hit Kerry’s Stand On Salvador Aid,” The Boston Globe, 10/16/84 )

Newsweek Called Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” (James N. Baker, “The ‘You Fly, You Die’ Debate,” Newsweek, 10/2/89 )

Christian Science Monitor Called Kerry A “Liberal Democrat.” (George B. Merry, “Gubernatorial Trial Balloons Fill Skies Over Massachusetts,” Christian Science Monitor, 4/5/89 )

The Washington Post Called Kerry The “Liberal Chairman Of The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.” (Chuck Conconi, “Personalities,” The Washington Post, 7/15/88 )

The [ London ] Times Called Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” (Charles Bremner, “Drug Gangs Bigger Threat Than Guerrillas: The Chilling Face Of Central America’s Cocaine Network,” The [ London ] Times, 2/27/88 )

States News Service Called Kerry A “Liberal Massachusetts Democrat.” “The Bahamas resolution introduced by Sen. Jesse Helms, a conservative North Carolina Republican, and Sen. John Kerry, a liberal Massachusetts Democrat, eventually was defeated by a vote of 38 to 60. In the House Smith introduced a similar measure of disapproval that failed to make it to the floor for a vote.” (Jacquelyn Swearingen, States News Service, 12/11/87 )

The Los Angeles Times Called Kerry “A Liberal.” (Sara Fritz, “Senate Cites Panamanian Drug Traffic, Moves To Slash Aid,” Los Angeles Times, 4/4/87 )

The [ London ] Guardian Called Kerry “A Liberal Member Of The Foreign Relations Committee.” (“Che Captor ‘Plays US Link’ In Contra War,” The [ London ] Guardian, 10/17/86 )

Christian Science Monitor: “Just Plain, Old Liberal Is Good Enough For Him, Kerry Indicates.” (George B. Merry, “Senator Kerry Will ‘Look Homeward,’” Christian Science Monitor, 12/20/84 )

Time: Kerry Will Be One Of “Trio Of Liberal Senate Freshmen.” (Kurt Andersen, “The Senate: Landslide Or No, The G.O.P. Margin Shrinks,” Time, 11/19/84 )

The Christian Science Monitor: Kerry Is “Not Only A Liberal, But One Who Has Found Little To His Liking In Reagan Administration Policies And Programs.” (George B. Merry, “Gain Of Two US House Seats Falls Short Of N.E. GOP Expectations,” Christian Science Monitor, 11/8/84 )

The Washington Post: Kerry Is “A Traditional Liberal Democrat.” (Margot Hornblower, “Kerry; Zesty Liberal Has Kennedy-Like Flair,” The Washington Post, 11/8/84 )

As A “Liberal Democrat” Kerry “Vowed To Fight For The Equal Rights Amendment, More Social Programs And Less Military Spending.” ( Suzanne Spring , “Massachusetts’ New Senator: War Hero And Champion Of Peace,” The Associated Press, 11/7/84 )

The New York Times: Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” (Fox Butterfield, “The 1984 Election: Each State Has Its Own Battles,” The New York Times, 11/7/84)

“Liberal Democratic Lt. Gov. John Kerry” Promised To “Fight President Reagan’s Proposed Increases In Military Spending And Cuts In Domestic Programs.” (Ken Cafarell, United Press International, 11/6/84 )

Kerry “A Liberal Democrat,” According To The Washington Post. (Margot Hornblower, “Vietnam War Protester Far Ahead In Senate Race,” The Washington Post, 11/5/84 )

“Kerry, The State’s Liberal Lieutenant Governor, Has Maintained A Small But Steady Lead Over Shamie, A Conservative Millionaire Businessman, In All Pre-Election Polls.” (James Simon, “Shamie Looking For Reagan Coattails In Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 11/2/84 )

Newsweek Called Kerry “A Liberal Patrician” Who “Fit Neatly Into Bay State ’s Left-Leaning Mainstream.” (Mark Starr et al., “Gridlock on the Hill?” Newsweek, Nov./Dec. 84)

Christian Science Monitor: Massachusetts “Democrats, In The State’s September Primary, Chose Liberal Lt. Gov. John F. Kerry To Run Against Mr. Shamie.” (George B. Merry, “Election ‘84: Five Crucial Races For The US Senate,” Christian Science Monitor, 10/30/84 )

The New York Times: Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” “In an acrimonious fight for the Senate, Raymond Shamie, a conservative millionaire businessman who has wrapped himself in the mantle of President Reagan’s policies and popularity, appears close to overtaking Lieut. Gov. John F. Kerry, a liberal Democrat.” (Fox Butterfield, “ Massachusetts Senate Race Narrows ,” The New York Times, 10/30/84 )

Business Week: Kerry “A Yale-Educated Liberal.” (“Massachusetts: Better Odds For A Conservative,” Business Week, 10/29/84 )

United Press International: “Liberal Democratic Lt. Gov. John Kerry.” (Ken Cafarell, “Campaign ‘84: Reagan appears the only GOP,” United Press International, 10/28/84 )

The Washington Post Called Kerry “Liberal Democratic Lieutenant Governor.” (Margot Hornblower, “Past Fuels Present Charges,” The Washington Post, 10/24/84 )

The National Journal’s Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover: Kerry “Is An Orthodox Massachusetts Liberal.” (Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover, “Nobody’s Laughing At Ray Shamie This Time As He Seeks A Senate Seat,” The National Journal, 10/20/84 )

“In A State Where Republican Voters Are Outnumbered 3-1, A Liberal Democrat Like John Kerry Ordinarily Would Be A Heavy Favorite Over Conservative Republican Ray Shamie In The Battle For The U.S. Senate.” (James Simon, “Reagan Popularity Seen As Factor In Massachusetts Senate Race,” The Associated Press, 10/3/84 )

“In November, Shamie Will Face Lieutenant Governor John Kerry, 40, A Liberal Who Wrested The Democratic Nomination From His Ideological Clone, Three-Term Congressman James Shannon.” (“The Senate: Hugging Reagan’s Coattails,” Time, 10/1/84 )

United Press International: “Liberal Democratic Lt. Gov. John Kerry.” (Ken Cafarell, “Campaign ‘84; Race For Massachusetts Senate Seat Centers On Reagan Record,” United Press International, 9/30/84 )

“The Democratic Candidate, Lieut. Gov. John F. Kerry, Had To Fight Through A Tough Primary, And Does Not Hide His Liberal Views In A Year When The Liberal Label Is A Distinct Liability.” (Steven V. Roberts, “Democrats May Gain Seats But Not Control,” The New York Times, 9/23/84 )

Kerry Is “Liberal” Cast In “Mold” Of Ted Kennedy. (George B. Merry, “ Richardson Loss To Shamie In Bay State May Open New GOP Era,” Christian Science Monitor, 9/20/84 )

United Press International Called Kerry “Liberal Democrat.” (United Press International, 9/19/84 )

The Associated Press Labeled Kerry “Liberal.” (“Tuesday’s Primaries Feature Hot Senate Race In Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 9/17/84 )

The Washington Post: Kerry “A Liberal Democrat.” (Margot Hornblower, “ Bay State ’s Political Winds Shift Abruptly,” The Washington Post, 9/16/84 )

Kerry Has “Liberal Politics.” “The war record, the home state, the liberal politics, the good looks, the accent, even the initials: all these had apparently pushed Nixon’s notoriously sensitive Kennedy button.” (David Gates and Jerry Buckley, “A Veteran Applies The Lessons of War,” Newsweek, 5/7/84 )

The Economist: Kerry Is A “Down-The-Line Liberal Who Won Election As Lieutenant-Governor By Emphasizing His Anti-War Credentials.” (“Massachusetts; Yankees V. Irish Again,” The Economist, 4/21/84 )

“Kerry Shares Dukakis’s Liberal Politics, And There Is No Hint Of Philosophical Differences Between Them.” (George B. Merry, Op-Ed, “Time To Rethink Whether Massachusetts Needs A Lieutenant Governor,” Christian Science Monitor, 2/9/84 )

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1 posted on 10/13/2004 11:18:01 AM PDT by RWR8189
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To: RWR8189

I expect this to be the main theme of the President tonight.

2 posted on 10/13/2004 11:22:53 AM PDT by Semper Paratus
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To: RWR8189

Kerry votes Mainstream - Mainstream Communist Pary!

3 posted on 10/13/2004 11:27:38 AM PDT by Prost1 (To Trust John Kerry is to Hate America!)
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To: RWR8189; Mr. Silverback; Cincinatus' Wife; crushkerry; Grampa Dave; MeekOneGOP; ...


4 posted on 10/13/2004 12:53:09 PM PDT by EdReform (Have you seen FAHRENHYPE 9/11? -
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To: RWR8189
Click Here for NY Sun 10/13/04
Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge

Click Here for
the Stolen Honor documentary that Kerry
and the Democrats do not want YOU to see.

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Hanoi Jane at least was a Viet Cong!
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Hanoi Jane and I know how to demoralize US Troops serving today!

We hate US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We hate all US Troops!

We lie about them in 2004 the same as we did in the 60's and 70's!

We vow to insult and undermine Iraq Prime Minister Ayad Allawi

We vow to protect the UN and the Oil for Food Scandal

We vow to keep secret the ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida

We vow to free Saddam Hussein with help from our old friend Ramsey Clark.

John F. Kerry
Timeline of a traitor.
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Free online version of
Kerry's "The New Soldier"
You can read it online right now.

5 posted on 10/13/2004 12:58:48 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (GET OUT THE VOTE NOV 2 ! IF YOUR NEIGHBORS OR RELATIVES NEED A RIDE TO THE POLLS OFFER TO HELP)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

LIBERAL=SCUM and always will to me!!!

6 posted on 10/13/2004 1:11:30 PM PDT by libs_kma (USA: The land of the Free....Because of the Brave!)
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To: EdReform; RWR8189
Kerry-Edwards are the #1 and #4 most LIBERAL Senators.
They are THE MOST LIBERAL ticket ever!:

John Kerry's Rating

Senator John Kerry (D)
Democrat, Years of Service: 19

ACU Ratings for Senator Kerry:
Year 2003 13
Year 2002 20
Lifetime 5

John Edward's Rating

Senator John Edwards (D)
North Carolina
Democrat, Years of Service: 5

ACU Ratings for Senator Edwards:
Year 2003 13
Year 2002 30
Lifetime 12

Well, they're ALMOST left of Ted!:

Ted Kennedy's Rating

Senator Edward Kennedy (D)
Democrat, Years of Service: 33

ACU Ratings for Senator Kennedy:
Year 2003 10
Year 2002 0
Lifetime 3

7 posted on 10/13/2004 1:40:48 PM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: Semper Paratus

I expect this to be the main theme of the President tonight."


Kerry quoted George Will, Ronald Reagan, Mrs Reagan,
Sensenbrenner, Chuck Hagel, etc. ... he is trying to fool the voter.... IF HE DOES, HE WINS. IF HE DOESN'T, BUSH WINS.

8 posted on 10/13/2004 2:35:37 PM PDT by WOSG (George W Bush / Dick Cheney - Right for our Times!)
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To: RWR8189
Kerry, A Liberal-Leaning Yale Graduate Who Lives In Boston , Is Well-Regarded On Capitol Hill.

That sure would be news to his colleagues.

9 posted on 10/13/2004 2:42:10 PM PDT by Bonaparte (twisting slowly, slowly in the wind...)
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