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12.08.04 | Mia T

Posted on 12/08/2004 12:14:41 PM PST by Mia T


by Mia T, 12.08.04

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update


New York Post


December 7, 2004 --

Massive corruption and incompetence in the Oil-for-Food program gave Saddam Hussein every reason to believe he would eventually beat the system, hence his perpetual evasiveness.

Far from promoting peace, U.N. malfeasance was the most significant factor that made war with Iraq inevitable.

Our country and our soldiers are paying the price for U.N. perfidy.
David Stevens
Bloomingdale, N.J.






Annan is the Scott Peterson of organizational corruption.

The United Nations showed its true colors last year.

The United States should have left the United Nations long ago.
Jon Garrick
Oakton, Va.






 The U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal has not only embarrassed the world body ("Senate Prober: Kofi Has To Quit," Dec. 1).

It has also exposed the underlying reason that other nations, such as France, Germany and Russia, have decided to oppose America in Iraq and elsewhere.

They're doing it for their own monetary rewards.

Kojo Annan's receipt of secret payments--all on his father's watch at the United Nations--adds more salt to this open wound.

Is it better for Kofi Annan to stay or to resign?

It is Kofi's choice.
Michael Dilamani
Great Neck






NEW YORK POST is a registered trademark of NYP Holdings, Inc. NYPOST.COM, NYPOSTONLINE.COM, and NEWYORKPOST.COM
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pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic

by Mia T, 5.15.04

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)


As long as you've got a rich man on your arm, you don't need a big bag.

--Elizabeth Rickard


The $100 billion Iraqi Oil for Food program was by far the largest relief operation in the history of the United Nations. By extension, it's rapidly becoming the U.N.'s largest-ever scandal....

Those included rewarding friends and allies world-wide with oil allocations on very favorable terms, as well as extracting large kickbacks from oil traders and suppliers of humanitarian goods....

There can be little doubt that U.N. mismanagement contributed greatly to the negative perception of the anti-Saddam containment policy. There is also little doubt that the reward and kickback scheme--as well the possibility of exposure--was a factor as some countries weighed whether to back U.S.-led regime change in Iraq. There is even reason to suspect that some of the Saddam friends and allies who benefited may have been members of the U.N. Secretariat.

Oil for Scandal
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Thursday, March 18, 2004 12:01 a.m.

eave it to the French to make pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic all the rage.

They and their moneygrubbing, Oil-for-Food defrauding cohorts abroad, and their power-hungry would-be terrorist sympathizers here, are all sporting "THE LOOK."

(How many of those oh so trendy Kerry-clinton-Kennedy hate-America, blame-America-first sound bites will Al-Jazeera broadcast today?)

The trusty triad's half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies, confounded by fog of war, vagaries of peace and uncharted territory of asymmetric netherworlds, remind us that things are not always what they first seem. The UN Oil-for-Food scandal, for example, has shown us it was not "going to war with Iraq" that was "all about oil," but rather, "not going to war with Iraq." The Left, we now see, had that one,
(as they have most things), exactly backward.

The dernier cri of seditious and corrupt Leftists everywhere, pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic renders the Left, irrespective of policy, no less dangerous to Western civilization than the terrorists they aid and abet.

Est-ce que je peux?
préemption et l'essai global

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)




The Left's Fatally Flawed "Animal Farm" Mentality
(Why America Must NEVER AGAIN Elect a Democrat President)


by Mia T, 6.04.04


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

The Bush Doctine is built on two pillars, one -- that the United States must maintain its absolute military superiority in every part of the world, and second -- that the United States has the right for preemptive action.

Now, both these propositions, taken on their own, are quite valid propositions, but if you put them together, they establish two kinds of sovereignty in the world, the sovereignty of the United States, which is inviolate, not subject to any international constraints, and the rest of the world, which is subject to the Bush Doctrine.

To me, it is reminiscent to [sic] George Orwell's "Animal Farm," that "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

George Soros


eorge Soros could not have more clearly enunciated the lethal danger that he and John Kerry and the clintons and the rest of his leftist cabal pose for America.

Yesterday, at the "progressive," i.e., ultra-extremist left-wing liberal, "Take Back America" confab, Mr. Soros confirmed the obvious: 9/11 was dispositive for the Dems; that is, 9/11 accelerated what eight years of the clintons had set into motion, namely, the demise of a Democratic party that is increasingly irrelevant, unflinchingly corrupt, unwaveringly self-serving, chronically moribund and above all, lethally, seditiously dangerous.

"All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Apparently missing the irony, George Soros chastised America with these words even as he was trying his $25,000,000, 527-end-run damnedest to render himself "more equal than others" in order to foist his radical, paranoic, deadly dementia on an entire nation.

"Animal Farm" is George Orwell's satirical allegory of the Russian Revolution; but it could just as easily be the story of the Democratic Party of today, with the

Kennedy-Pelosi-Gore-clinton (either--"one for the price of two," I say) -Sulzberger-Soros-Moore construct

its porcine manifestation.


Soros' little speech reveals everything we need to know about the Left, to wit:

  • its naivete about the War on Terror,

  • its preference for demagoguery over rational argument, and ideology and reacquisition of power over national security,

  • its mindset, which is inextricably bound to its failed, tortuous, reckless schemes, relics of a different time, a different war and a different enemy.

Soros is correct when he states that each of the two pillars of the Bush Doctine--the United States maintenance of absolute military superiority and the United States right of preemptive action--are "valid propositions" [in a post-9/11 world].

But when he proceeds from there to argue that the validity of each of these two [essential] pillars is somehow nullified by the resultant unequalled power that these two pillars, when taken together, vest in the United States, rational thought and national-security primacy give way to dogmatic Leftist neo-neoliberal ideology.


What is, in fact, "inviolate" here is the neo-neoliberal doctrine of U.S. sovereignty, which states simply that there must be none, that we must yield our sovereignty to the United Nations. Because this Leftist tenet is inviolate, and because it is the antithesis of the concept of U.S. sovereignty enunciated by the Bush Doctrine and the concept of U.S. sovereignty required by the War on Terror, rabid Leftists like Soros conclude that we must trash the latter two inconvenient concepts--even if critical to the survival of our country.

It is precisely here where Soros and the Left fail utterly to understand the War on Terror. They cannot see beyond their own ideology and lust for power. They have become a danger to this country no less lethal than the terrorists they aid and abet.


I think this administration has the right strategic vision and has taken many of the steps needed to get that long-term strategy rolling.

Where I give them the failing grade is in explaining that vision to the American public and the world. Key example: this White House enshrines preemptive war in the latest National Security Strategy and that scares the hell out of a lot of Americans, not to mention our allies. Why? This administration fails to distinguish sufficiently under what conditions that strategy makes reasonable sense.

My point is this: when you are explicit about the world being divided into globalization's Core and Gap, you can distinguish between the different security rule sets at work in each.

Nothing has changed about strategic deterrence or the concept of mutual-assured destruction (or MAD) within the Core, so fears about preemptive wars triggering World War III are misplaced.

When this administration talks about preemption, they're talking strictly about the Gap - not the Core. The strategic stability that defines the Core is not altered one whit by this new strategy, because preemption is all about striking first against actors or states you believe - quite reasonably - are undeterrable in the normal sense.

Thomas P.M. Barnett
The Pentagon's New Map
NB: Dr. Barnett is a lifelong DEMOCRAT

I'm a single-issue voter, as I guess must have become apparent.

I'm not a Republican. I'm not a conservative. I'm not a very great admirer of the president in many ways, but I think that my condition is... that this is an administration that wakes up every morning wondering how to make life hard for the forces of Jihad and how to make as hard as possible an unapologetic defense of civilization against this kind of barbarism... and though the Bush administration has been rife with disappointment on this and incompetent, I nonetheless feel that they have some sense of that spirit.

I don't get that... I don't get that feeling from anyone who even sought the Democratic nomination.

I would [therefore] have to vote for the reelection of President Bush.

Christopher Hitchens
Washington Journal, 6.01.04




America's Real Two-Front War



by Mia T, 4.17.04

merica's real two-front war: fundamentalist Islam on the right and a fundamentally seditious clintonoid neo-neoliberalism on the left, both anarchic, both messianically, lethally intolerant, both amorally perverse, both killing Americans, both placing America at grave risk, both quite insane.

If we are to prevail, the rules of engagement--on both fronts--must change.

Marquis of Queensberry niceties, multicultural hypersensitivity, unipolar-power guilt, hegemony aversion (which is self-sabotage in the extreme--we must capture what we conquer--oil is the terrorist's lifeblood)... and, most important, the mutual-protection racket in Washington--pre-9/11 anachronisms all--are luxuries we can no longer afford.

Notwithstanding, the underlying premise of our hyperfastidious polity, (that we must remain in the system to save the system) is fallacious at best and tantamount to Lady Liberty lifting herself up by her own bootstraps.

To borrow from the Bard, let's start metaphorically, or better yet, economically and politically, by killing all the seditious solicitors, which include the clintons and their left-wing agitprop-and-money-laundering machine: the Viacom-Simon & Schuster-60-Minutes vertical operation, the horizontal (as in "soporific") Cronkite-ite news readers, the (hardly upright) Ben-Veniste goons and Gorelick sleepers, and, of course, the clueless, cacophonic, disproportionately loud, left-coast Barbra-Streisand contingent.

America must not pull her punches.

To prevail, America must defeat--thoroughly destroy--her enemies. On both fronts.




ne•o-ne•o•lib•er•al•ism n.

neocommunist political movement, a tipsy-topsy, infantile perversion of the Marxist-Leninist model, global in scope, beginning in the post-cold-war, unipolar 1990s, led by the '60s neoliberal baby-boomer "intelligentsia," that seeks power without responsibility, i.e., that seeks to dilute American power by concentrating power in said '60s neoliberals while yielding America's sovereignty to the United Nations, i.e., while surrendering to the terrorists, as it continues the traditional '60s neoliberal feint, namely: (1) concern for social justice, (2) distain for bureaucracy, and (3) the championing of entrepreneurship for the great unwashed.

Mia T, 2.24.04


The Democratic Party's Problem Transcends Its Anti-War Contingent2

hyperlinked images of shame
copyright Mia T 2003

by Mia T, 4.6.03


If Act I was a thinly veiled allegory about naked clintonism, then Act II is a parable about the plan for world domination by the Establishment, aged hippies in pinstripes all, with their infantile, solipsistic world view amazingly untouched by time.


Mia T, June 9, 1999


l From is sounding the alarm. "Unless we convince Americans that Democrats are strong on national security," he warns his party, "Democrats will continue to lose elections."

Helloooo? That the Democrats have to be spoon-fed what should be axiomatic post-9/11 is, in and of itself, incontrovertible proof that From's advice is insufficient to solve their problem.

From's failure to fully lay out the nature of the Democrats' problem is not surprising: he is the guy who helped seal his party's fate. It was his Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that institutionalized the proximate cause of the problem, clintonism, and legitimized its two eponymic provincial operators on the national stage. The "Third Way" and "triangulation" don't come from the same Latin root for no reason.

That "convince" is From's operative word underscores the Democrats' dilemma. Nine-eleven was transformative. It is no longer sufficient merely to convince. One must demonstrate, demonstrate convincingly, if you will… which means both in real time and historically.

When it comes to national security, Americans will no longer take any chances. Turning the turn of phrase back on itself, the era of the Placebo President is over. (Incidentally, the oft-quote out-of-context sentence fragment alluded to here transformed meaningless clinton triangulation into a meaningful if deceptive soundbite.)

Although From is loath to admit it -- the terror in his eyes belies his facile solution -- the Democratic party's problem transcends its anti-war contingent.

With a philosophy that relinquishes our national sovereignty -- and relinquishes it reflexively… and to the UN no less -- the Democratic party is, by definition, the party of national insecurity.

With policy ruled by pathologic self-interest -- witness the "Lieberman Paradigm," Kerry's "regime change" bon mot (gone bad), Edwards' and the clintons' brazen echoes thereof (or, alternatively, Pelosi's less strident wartime non-putdown putdown)… and, of course, the clincher -- eight years of the clintons' infantilism, grotesquerie and utter failure -- the Democratic party is, historically and in real time, the party of national insecurity.

The Democrats used to be able to wallpaper their national insecurity with dollars and demogoguery. But that was before 9/11.


deconstructing clinton… "just because I could"

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update


TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Extended News; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: allaboutoil; iraq; kofiannan; oilforfood; un

1 posted on 12/08/2004 12:14:42 PM PST by Mia T
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To: WorkingClassFilth; Gail Wynand; Brian Allen; Wolverine; Lonesome in Massachussets; IVote2; ...


2 posted on 12/08/2004 12:25:03 PM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

"A Patriot Looks at Forty!!"
(To be sung to Jimmy Buffett's "A Pirate Looks at Forty")

C'mon JusticeLovers...please heed my call.
Ever since that Waco Slaughter, we've known Ol' Slick hadta fall!!
Please heed the call, Clinton must fall!!

Watched as "men" who ruled you...sold OUR Nukes to Beijing...
Sold out this Country fer Chi-Com treasures,
[Slick's] Treason threatens the FRee!!
Medyuh won't see...must ignore TeeVee...

Yes, I am a Patriot, two hundred years too late...
MUD's Ballads, they wonder..."What spell folks're under...
To ignore the Left's Crimes 'Gainst the State?!!"
Folks say I'm too late...Truth's never too late!!

The enemy's BigGuv'ment...we gotta whup RATS' ass!!
Left's taxed so much money to end poverty, but they pissed it away so fast!!
Liberty's made to last, FReedom has gotta last.

Yes, I've been sleepless for over two weeks...
I pass out, then I rally and I find a way to FReep!!
But we gotta stop bitchin', we gotta stop wishin'...
Gotta FReep fer Justice again!!
Just a few FRiends, Dethronin' Slick!!

(Justa pickin' and a grinnin'...)

Yes, I've known my share of Lib'rals...listened to their Leftist Bile.
Some, I ran 'em away...still more I taught to think...
Some even manage to smile...)8^D!!
We'll change their minds, just takes a while.

C'mon all you Patriots...time we took Slick Willie down!!
Come on, nation of master FReeps...adjudication's what I want now!!
Guv'ment's goin' down...Devolve Power NOW!!
Guv'ment's goin' down...Devolve Power NOW!!

Mudboy Slim (07/10/2002)

3 posted on 12/08/2004 12:25:33 PM PST by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH the HildaBeast's Hubby!!)
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To: Mia T
Keep up the great great work, Mia T...and...

Git the UN Outta the US!!
Git the US Outta the UN!!


4 posted on 12/08/2004 12:27:02 PM PST by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH the HildaBeast's Hubby!!)
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To: Mia T
Yo, Mia.

Happy Chanukah.

5 posted on 12/08/2004 12:28:55 PM PST by OKSooner
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To: Mia T; All

6 posted on 12/08/2004 12:36:55 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Mudboy Slim
excellent. thx.


Watched as "men" who ruled you...sold OUR Nukes to Beijing...
Sold out this Country fer Chi-Com treasures,
[Slick's] Treason threatens the FRee!!
Medyuh won't see...must ignore TeeVee...

I believe that this espionage case -- the Chinese -- is the worst in the history of this country. They got just about everything that we have and you'll see it in the out years in their development of their weapons.

HEAR Sen. Richard Shelby

EXPENSIVE CHINA: the clinton legacy


THE DEMOCRATS ARE GONNA GET US KILLED (kerry, clinton + sandy berger's pants) SERlES 2


7 posted on 12/08/2004 12:38:56 PM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

Once again, good-looking post.

8 posted on 12/08/2004 12:42:10 PM PST by RightWhale (Destroy the dark; restore the light)
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To: Mia T

Nice, thanks.

9 posted on 12/08/2004 1:02:34 PM PST by processing please hold (Islam and Christianity do not mix ----9-11 taught us that)
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Comment #10 Removed by Moderator

To: OKSooner

happy holidays to you and yours.... :)

11 posted on 12/08/2004 1:54:47 PM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

Thanks, we appreciate it.

12 posted on 12/08/2004 2:15:20 PM PST by OKSooner
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To: Mia T

YOU ............. Ms. Mia T .......... are a genius............... but...............

13 posted on 12/08/2004 2:46:39 PM PST by beyond the sea (I know beyond a doubt ...... my heart will lead me there)
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To: Mia T

Thanks again Mia T!!!

14 posted on 12/08/2004 2:49:14 PM PST by malia
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To: beyond the sea



15 posted on 12/08/2004 4:01:51 PM PST by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH the HildaBeast's Hubby!!)
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To: Mia T
Good evening.

I would like to know when the U.N. gets bulldozed into Turtle Bay. I'll wait here patiently...

I won't wait patiently until something is done with the mad mullahs in Persia, or Assad in Syria (waiting...).


16 posted on 12/08/2004 9:03:22 PM PST by M Kehoe
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To: Mia T; shaggy eel; WorkingClassFilth; Gail Wynand; Brian Allen; Wolverine; ...

<< If Act I was a thinly veiled allegory about naked clintonism, then Act II is a parable about the plan for world domination by the Establishment, aged hippies in pinstripes all, with their infantile, solipsistic world view amazingly untouched by time .... >>

...... the while blowing its own sexaphone as the nett value of Webster L. Hubbell's daughter's Soros/Rich-administered 'trust' fund approaches Five Billion Dollars and the hesperophobically-psychopathological pack of Peking predator's that calls itself "china" sharpens its claws and prepares its US-designed weaponry and rocketry for the coming confrontation ......


17 posted on 12/08/2004 9:33:49 PM PST by Brian Allen (What would happen if every one decided his own right and wrong? Nothing: -- everyone already does!)
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To: Mia T
Far from promoting peace, U.N. malfeasance was the most significant factor that made war with Iraq inevitable.

Dori Gold, Senior Adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister, was interviewed by Jim Quinn (Warroom) yesterday morning. He has a book out, the name escapes me, but he tells a very precise story about the pathetic and despicable Annan!


p.s. -- I recommend Quinn's radio show to anyone here at FR. He is quite informative, funny, wise, and his ego is under control -- a totally likable radio guy!

18 posted on 12/09/2004 4:57:26 AM PST by beyond the sea (I know beyond a doubt ...... my heart will lead me there)
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To: beyond the sea

Quinn is tops in my book.(See this and this.) ;)

By the way, Congresswoman Jane Harman (D) of the 36th district of CA tried recently to spin responsibility for
The Gorelick Wall away from her " longtime friend," Jamie.

On Washington Journal a week or so ago, a decidedly more unctuous than usual Harman defended her friend by claiming that Gorelick "didn't invent the wall" when she knows full well that the charge against Gorelick is not that she invented the wall, but that, contrary to the warning of Mary Jo White and requirements of law, she strengthened it.

Reverse Gorelick

by Mia T, 4.15.04

e would have it backwards and miss the point entirely if we were to attribute The Gorelick Wall and the attendant metastasis of al Qaeda during the clintons' watch, (which, incidentally, was then in its incipient stage and stoppable), to the '60s liberal mindset.

Rampant '60s liberalism was not the underlying rationale for The Gorelick Wall.

Rather, The Gorelick Wall was the underlying rationale for--The Gorelick Wall was (insofar as '60s liberalism was the Wall's apparent impetus) a cynical cover for --the willful, methodical malpractice and malfeasance that was the product of the virulent clinton strain of rampant '60s liberalism.

While it is true that The Gorelick Wall was the convenient device of a cowardly self-serving president, The Wall's aiding and abetting of al Qaeda was largely incidental, (the pervasiveness of the clintons' Nobel-Peace-Prize calculus notwithstanding).

The Wall was engineered primarily to protect a corrupt self-serving president. The metastasis of al Qaeda and 9/11 were simply the cost of doing business, clinton-style.

Further confirmation of the Wall-as-cover-for-clinton-corruption thesis:

  • Gorelick's failure to disclose the fact that she authored the memo that was the efficient cause of 911
  • Gorelick's surreal presence on the 911 commission investigating Gorelick's Justice Department, a maneuver that effectively removes from the universe of witnesses a central witness, Gorelick, even as it uniquely positions a central player, Gorelick, to directly shape the commission's conclusions. (Is there any question which two people are responsible for Gorelick's insertion on the commission?)

Conversely, that it never occurred to anyone on the commission that Gorelick's flagrant conflict of interest renders her presence on the commission beyond farce calls into question the commission's judgment if not its integrity. Washington's mutual protection racket writ large, I suspect.

The Gorelick Wall is consistent with, and an international extension of, two essential acts committed in tandem, Filegate, the simultaneous empowering of the clintons and disemboweling of clinton adversaries, and the clinton Putsch, the firing and replacement of every U.S. attorney extant.

Filegate and the clinton Putsch,
committed in tandem,
the product of a careful criminal calculus,
at once empowered clinton
and disemboweled his opponents.
clinton was now free to betray with abandon
not only our trust,
but the Constitution as well.

The Common Man
Mia T
February, 1998

Allegations of international clinton crimes swirling around the White House in 1995 and beyond support The-Wall-as-cover-for-international-clinton-crimes thesis.

Once the clintons' own U.S. attorneys were in place, once the opposition was disemboweled by the knowledge that their raw FBI files had been in the possession of the clintons, once domestic law enforcement was effectively blinded to foreign data by Gorelick's Wall, the clintons were free to methodically and seditiously and with impunity auction off America's security, sovereignty and economy to the highest foreign bidder.

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE)

The Parallel Universe of Jamie Gorelick
(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)
thanx to Fixit for the audio

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update

Newly released Justice Department memos show that September 11 panel commissioner Jamie S. Gorelick was more intimately involved than previously thought with hampering communications between U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies fighting terrorism.

As the No. 2 person in the Clinton Justice Department, Ms. Gorelick rejected advice from the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who warned against placing more limits on communications between law-enforcement officials and prosecutors pursuing counterterrorism cases, according to several internal documents written in summer 1995.

"It is hard to be totally comfortable with instructions to the FBI prohibiting contact with the United States Attorney's Offices when such prohibitions are not legally required," U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White wrote Ms. Gorelick six years before the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon.

"Our experience has been that the FBI labels of an investigation as intelligence or law enforcement can be quite arbitrary, depending upon the personnel involved and that the most effective way to combat terrorism is with as few labels and walls as possible so that wherever permissible, the right and left hands are communicating," she wrote.

The documents -- released yesterday by the Justice Department at the request of two Senate Republicans -- drew renewed calls for Ms. Gorelick to testify publicly before the September 11 commission about the so-called "wall" between law enforcement and intelligence agencies that many have blamed for allowing the 2001 terrorist attacks to occur.

Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, said yesterday that Ms. Gorelick's policies regarding the wall contributed to "blinding America to this terrible threat."

Also, he said, the newly released memos raised apparent conflicts with statements Ms. Gorelick has made recently defending herself and her role in the Clinton Justice Department.

"These documents show what we've said all along: Commissioner Gorelick has special knowledge of the facts and circumstances leading up to the erection and buttressing of 'that wall' that, before the enactment of the Patriot Act, was the primary obstacle to the sharing of communications between law enforcement and intelligence agencies," Mr. Cornyn said.

In a June 19, 1995, memo, Ms. White recommended a series of changes to a Gorelick policy that went beyond legal requirements in separating law- enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Memos show Gorelick involvement in 'wall'
Charles Hurt and Stephen Dinan
Published April 29, 2004

for more on this, goto: CLINTON TREASON + THE GORELICK WALL

19 posted on 12/09/2004 8:44:46 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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