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THE NEW WORLD DISORDER - George Soros behind Bolton Opposition
WORLD NET DAILY.COM ^ | APRIL 11, 2005 | Editor

Posted on 04/11/2005 4:17:42 PM PDT by CHARLITE

Billionaire globalist George Soros is helping to lead the opposition to John Bolton becoming the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, says watchdog group Accuracy in Media.

Bolton, who has served as undersecretary of state, today is facing questioning from senators before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as part of his confirmation process.

Bolton's candidacy "is the biggest battle over a nomination that we have seen in years," said Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid. "But the Big Media have refused to identify the role of George Soros in orchestrating the opposition to Bolton."

AIM says the pro-world government World Federalist Association has been running TV ads and a website opposing the Bolton nomination. According to the group, Soros is linked to two other groups fighting Bolton.

Soros spent $23 million in a failed attempt to prevent President Bush's re-election. During last fall's presidential race, Soros told reporters if Bush were to be re-elected, he planned to go away to "some kind of monastery to reflect on what is wrong with us."

Bolton has been hammered for his blunt criticism of the U.N. and what Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., called his "diplomatic temperament."

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1 posted on 04/11/2005 4:17:48 PM PDT by CHARLITE
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To: Calpernia; nw_arizona_granny

It figures, ping.

2 posted on 04/11/2005 4:20:26 PM PDT by Velveeta
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Looks like Bolton will most likely be confirmed so once again Soros wasted his time and money. And what about his promise to go off to the monastery? This guy is really starting to get on my nerves!
3 posted on 04/11/2005 4:21:13 PM PDT by mlc9852
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Hey, cool! Another chance to gaslight Soros for the loser he is! I'm up for it....

4 posted on 04/11/2005 4:22:02 PM PDT by Cyber Liberty ( 2005, Ravin' Lunatic since 4/98)
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The Democrats want to appoint a UN patsy.

5 posted on 04/11/2005 4:27:56 PM PDT by Brilliant
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To: Brilliant

Exactly. Time to build a whack-a-Dem-mole strategy to bop these little freaks on every venue and every nominee. We need to stop being surprised by it, and instead go on offense EVEN BEFORE a nominee is announced for ANY position. Furthermore, every R in Congress needs to sign a pact with the whole that whenever there is a concerted effort (involving media, Soros, Dems, caucuses, DNC, 537's, PFAW, NARAL, et al) identified against one of their own, they all line up in front of the one being attacked.

6 posted on 04/11/2005 4:31:37 PM PDT by anniegetyourgun
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To: mlc9852

I think the monastery rejected George's application.

7 posted on 04/11/2005 4:33:33 PM PDT by incredulous joe (Soros, I laugh at you! I'm laughing now. HA HA HA HAAAAA! See me laughing.)
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I do have to admit one thing about Bolton I don't like: he has got to get out of the 19th century with that weird white Perils of Pauline moustache and ridiculous home spun haircut. Even Supercuts would be an improvement. The medium sometimes is the message, Mr. Bolton.

8 posted on 04/11/2005 4:34:09 PM PDT by Californiajones ("The apprehension of beauty is the cure for apathy" - Thomas Aquinas)
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To: Californiajones

20th Century?, or is he REALLY old?

9 posted on 04/11/2005 4:43:30 PM PDT by Paladin2 (Don't Tread on Me; Live Free or Die)
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The MSM's reluctance to out Soros' nearly invisible hand in so many political areas belies their objectivity.
10 posted on 04/11/2005 4:43:55 PM PDT by Texas_Jarhead (
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Given his agenda, his money and his advanced age, is there anyone he is grooming to continue his fight for world socialism? My guess is that there is not and he will donate his money to a few choice organizations that will continue his fight. Which brings me to another question, is it really his fight. He sure seems to be acting independently but I can't believe that is true.
11 posted on 04/11/2005 4:44:44 PM PDT by Archon of the East (Pray for a GOP backbone now!)
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George Soros and World Federalists Join Forces Against John Bolton
The major media are trying to create the appearance of a groundswell of opposition to President Bush’s nomination of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. The objective is to persuade several “moderate” Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote against Bolton, who is scheduled to testify at an April 7 hearing. But the campaign has a chance of succeeding only if the truth about the extreme nature of Bolton’s opposition is carefully concealed from the American people. 

In a typical story, Paul Richter of the Los Angeles Times reports that “disarmament groups” such as Citizens for Global Solutions and the Friends Committee on National Legislation are leading the opposition.

Citizens for Global Solutions is the new name of the World Federalist Association (WFA), a group openly dedicated to world government and global taxes. The group is running television ads against John Bolton in Rhode Island and Nebraska, in order to influence Republican Senators and Foreign Relations Committee members Lincoln Chaffee and Chuck Hagel into voting against Bolton’s confirmation. 

The WFA, or Citizens for Global Solutions, is the U.S. affiliate of the World Federalist Movement, [1] which says it is working on “how to implement” a “new global levy” or tax on the U.S. and other nations. [2]

At an April 4 anti-Bolton news conference at the National Press Club, Citizens for Global Solutions reaffirmed its support for world government. Charles J. Brown, President and CEO of Citizens for Global Solutions, repeatedly emphasized during his remarks the importance of America’s national interests in working with the U.N. When asked about the group’s support for world government, he said that his group “advocates for solutions that no one nation is off by itself” and that “we promote institutions that most effectively advance that goal.” He added, “And that is in the best interest of U.S. foreign policy.”

Pressed on whether this means that Citizens for Global Solutions is now disputing the notion that it is still backing world government, he said, “I’m not disputing that.” [3]

The news conference featured the dissemination of a 71-page “Briefing Book on John Bolton” and the airing of an anti-Bolton TV ad.

The FCNL [4] is a pacifist group whose slogan is “War is not the answer.” It is so extreme that it gave an award to Representative Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) in 2001 “for her courageous, solitary vote against authorization of a U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan.” [5] An article posted on the group’s web site and titled, “Finding Safety in the Age of Terrorism. Reflections on September 11, 2001,” declared that the correct response to 9/11 was to “stand our ground and reach out with love.”

The group also created an anti-Bolton web site. On a left-wing web site, one activist reacted to the WFA’s involvement by saying, “Is the World Federalist Association really the best venue for anti-Bolton stuff? I don't like Bolton or what he stands for, but world federalism is even lower on my list.” This statement reflects the nervousness of those on the left who fear that the pro-world government agenda of those opposing Bolton will be revealed to a wide audience.

Writing an anti-Bolton piece for the April issue of The American Prospect, Michael Tomasky even tried to conceal the truth about Citizens for Global Solutions, insisting it is merely a “nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to global interdependence.” 

The Washington Post published a March 22 column blasting Bolton under the headline, ““Wrong Man for the U.N.” The author was Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic and a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution. In the edition of Newsweek dated April 11, Mark Hosenball reported that “Bush critics in the Senate” were “hunting for evidence to derail or delay” Bolton’s confirmation. [6]
On April 4, at that National Press Club event, [7] George Soros [8] entered the picture, dispatching his top aide, Morton Halperin,[9] director of U.S. Advocacy for the Open Society Institute, to appear at a press conference co-sponsored by Citizens for Global Solutions to oppose Bolton. He was appearing in his capacity as executive director of the Soros-funded Open Society Policy Center [10] in Washington, D.C. This is the 501 c (4) affiliate of the Open Society Institute.  Halperin, [11] a former Department of Defense and National Security Council Official, is a former associate of CIA defector and Castro collaborator Philip Agee. [12] The other co-sponsors were the Union of Concerned Scientists, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Peace Action, American Progress Action Fund, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and 20/20 Vision.

            In fact, the American Progress Action Fund [13] is another Soros- funded group. It is an affiliate of the Center for American Progress, and Halperin serves as senior vice president there.

So two of the eight organizations sponsoring the event were Soros front groups.
The American Progress Action Fund features an attack on Bolton on its web site, calling him the ”anti-diplomat.” [14] If you click on the feature, you go to the WFA web site. It also features a critical article about Bolton by Brooke Lierman, identified as “the special assistant” to Robert O. Boorstin,  the senior vice president for national security [15] at the Center for American Progress. Her bio describes her as the former “Wisconsin state field director for presidential candidate Howard Dean.” [16]

Appearing at the press conference as a member of the audience but playing a prominent role in the anti-Bolton effort is Steven C. Clemons, [17] the Executive Vice President of the New America Foundation [18]and director of the Japan Research Institute. [19] He has been publishing anti-Bolton commentaries on his blog. [20] He says about Bolton: “This is not a constructive reformer out to promote American interests in a dignified manner in the world's most significant multilateral institution.” [21]

The honorary chairman of the Leadership Council of the New America Foundation is John Whitehead, [22] a director of the Friends of the World Federation of United Nations Associations [23]and  a former chairman and now a vice-chair of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA).[24] UNA-USA reports funding from AARP, the Bank of China, and BNP Paribas, [25] the French bank that held more than $60 billion for the corruption-plagued U.N. oil-for-food program. [26]
Records show that Whitehead, the former managing partner for Goldman Sachs, has contributed to the New America Foundation through his Whitehead Foundation. [27] The John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations was established at Seton Hall University and created “in alliance with the United Nations Association of the United States of America and is associated with the UN through its Department of Public Information.” [28]

One of the other co-sponsors, Peace Action, resulted from the merger of Sane and The Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign. It responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America “with a call for Justice not War.” It also opposed the war in Iraq. The group is so extreme that, in an analysis of congressional voting records in 2002, Senator John Kerry earned a favorable score of only 40 percent and then-Senator John Edwards got a meager 20 percent. By contrast, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who favored establishment of a federal Department of Peace, earned 100 percent.  In the 2004 presidential campaign, its Peace Action political action committee called for the defeat of Bush but did not endorse Kerry because he was considered too moderate. It said that he had not made “a concrete pledge to overhaul the foreign policy of this country in the positive.”

Physicians for Social Responsibility is a member of the “Win Without War” coalition [29] opposed to the Iraq War. It describes itself as “the nation's largest antiwar coalition.”, another group funded by Soros, was a key member. The group’s public relations effort was handled by Fenton Communications, the same firm that worked for George Soros during his anti-Bush speaking tour before the 2004 presidential election. Fenton [30] was the public relations firm for and produced an ad for the group opposing the nomination of Alberto Gonzalez as Attorney General.  In the 1980s, Fenton represented the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua and other anti-American radical forces. [31]  

The Union of Concerned Scientists was represented at the anti-Bolton news conference by Jonathan Dean, the group’s “Adviser on Global Security Issues.” [32] Dean was the reported drafter of the much-publicized letter to Senator Richard Lugar opposing Bolton’s nomination. [33] Dean, however, is also a past president of the pro-U.N. lobby group, the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area. [34] His bio declares that he “participated actively in the Hague Appeal for Peace conference in the Netherlands.” [35] Cora Weiss, the president of the Hague Appeal for Peace, [36] organized demonstrations against the war in Vietnam and met with Communist leaders in Hanoi. She operated the “Committee of Liaison” between Hanoi and American families of U.S. POWs.  [37]
The Hague Appeal favors:
·       “the creation of standing UN peace forces” and their funding through “alternative sources of finance” for the U.N. [38]


[3] In an interview, Harpinder Athwal of Citizens for Global Solutions was asked directly if the WFA favors world government. “Yes,” she said.  Athwal,Director of Strategic Planning and Communications at Citizen for Global Solutions, is not a U.S. citizen but a member of the far-left British Liberal Democrat Party.
[4] Tracy Moavero, FCNL’s Director for Grassroots Campaigns, “previously worked as the Policy Director for the Peace Action Education Fund and as a United Nations Security Council lobbyist in New York City.”
[6] The story said that, “Foreign Relations Committee staffers are looking into charges that Bolton attempted to intimidate or victimize two career intelligence officials for what he viewed as their insufficiently alarmist analyses of intel on purported Cuban biological weapons. Committee investigators have contacted both the State Department and the intel community seeking records and witnesses. But Bolton's opponents are unsure if they will be able to make their case in time for Bolton's confirmation hearing Thursday.”
[7] The event was booked and the room was held in the name of “Open Society” with Sudie Nolan as the contact. Nolan is the communications officer in the Washington Office of the Open Society Institute. She also serves as communications officer for the Open Society Policy Center.
[8] “Convicted in France of insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests. He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England. His power is such that his statements alone can cause currencies to go up or down. Other people suffer so he can get rich. But journalists don't want to examine the questionable means by which he achieved his wealth because they [shared] his goal of electing Kerry and the Democrats.  Curiously, once he made his fortune he became a global socialist, endorsing global taxes on the very means he employed to get rich – international currency speculation and manipulation.” See:
[9] Writing in The Nation magazine, Robert Dreyfuss revealed that Morton Halperin began discussions with Soros in 2002 about creating a new far-left think tank. Halperin, then head of the Soros Open Society Institute in Washington, D.C., brought former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta into the discussions. Podesta was made president of what became the Center for American Progress and Halperin became Senior Vice President.
[11] His son is Mark Halperin of ABC News, who wrote the infamous memo telling the media to go hard on George Bush during the final weeks of the 2004 presidential campaign.
[12] Agee now lives in Cuba and is the Director of, “the only independent U.S.-owned travel agency based in Havana.” See:
[15] “Over seven years with the Clinton Administration, he worked as the President's national security speechwriter; communications and foreign policy adviser to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin; and adviser on the developing world to Secretary of State Warren Christopher.” See:
[17] Clemens said in an informal conversation before the event that he is being fed anti-Bolton information from inside the State Department and from “Fred Thompson Republicans” who were concerned about Bolton’s ties to Taiwan. 
[18] The foundation was supposed to feature “exceptionally promising new voices and new ideas to the fore of public discourse in the United States.” See: http://www.nira.gojp/ice/nwdtt/dat/1300.html
[30] Fenton says that Trevor Fitzgibbon, its director of media relations, “oversees and implements message development and regularly places guests and stories on ‘Meet the Press’ ‘Face the Nation,’ ‘This Week’ and other opinion-leading national network news programs.”
[35] Ibid.
[37] Dr. Robert Turner writes, “Because of my expertise on the Vietnamese communists, I was approached by some POW wives in 1972 and asked to talk with them about Hanoi's attitude towards POWs. That led to an invitation to address the November 1972 annual meeting of the National League of Families of POWs in Washington, DC. During this association, several wives of POWs told me about being contacted by a woman named Cora Weiss (reportedly the daughter of a prominent member of the American Communist Party) who often visited Hanoi and would bring back mail and other information about their husbands--IF family members would first agree to denounce the war in public. Most of the wives and family members showed incredible courage in this setting, refusing to cooperate even when they were told that if they denounced the war their husbands or sons would get better treatment in Hanoi. I was--and I remain--tremendously proud of them.” See:

12 posted on 04/11/2005 4:47:00 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe ("Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.")
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To: anniegetyourgun
"But the Big Media have refused to identify the role of George Soros in orchestrating the opposition to Bolton." ---and then

We need to stop being surprised by it, and instead go on offense EVEN BEFORE a nominee is announced for ANY position. Furthermore, every R in Congress needs to sign a pact with the whole that whenever there is a concerted effort (involving media, Soros, Dems, caucuses, DNC, 537's, PFAW, NARAL, et al) identified against one of their own, they all line up in front of the one being attacked.

I agree with you 100%!! Was Chris Shays embarrassed by Sandy Berger xxxx no! But Tom DeLay did embarrassed Shays!! Our biggest enemies are our very own MEDIA sources!

13 posted on 04/11/2005 4:48:55 PM PDT by malia
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To: incredulous joe
I think the monastery rejected George's application.

When Soros tried to open the monestary gate it burned his hand.

14 posted on 04/11/2005 4:53:39 PM PDT by Navy Patriot
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To: anniegetyourgun; All

Your statement is brilliant!!


Good idea annie!!

15 posted on 04/11/2005 4:53:57 PM PDT by CyberAnt (President Bush: "America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth")
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To: Navy Patriot

Guess that he'll need a 3 million dollar pot holder.

Bolton will be a breath of fresh air for Kofi and the kids up in Turtle Bay.

16 posted on 04/11/2005 4:59:27 PM PDT by incredulous joe (Lord help your poor and humble servant to remain humble - though not necessarily poor.)
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i must be missing something... i am logged into the aim site at this minute and see no mention of this. must just be me.

chit load of verbage though... i outtahers methinks.

17 posted on 04/11/2005 5:03:25 PM PDT by mmercier
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To: Californiajones

I love his in-your-face big while moustache ~ it's perfect! ;)

18 posted on 04/11/2005 5:06:45 PM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: incredulous joe
I agree that Bolton is a good man for the job. If the UN does something positive, it will be because Bolton's watching, and he won't cover up their thieving and raping.
19 posted on 04/11/2005 5:09:44 PM PDT by Navy Patriot
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Is Soros the anti-Christ?

20 posted on 04/11/2005 5:15:44 PM PDT by citizencon
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