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Excellent "Police response not enough"(Mayor Daley gun control city of Chicago - barf alert)
Chicago Sun Times ^ | 11-22-2005 | Mary Mitchell

Posted on 11/22/2005 10:01:34 AM PST by CHICAGOFARMER

'Excellent' police response not enough to save woman

November 22, 2005


Eight minutes. According to the Chicago Police Department, it took eight minutes for police to arrive at the scene where a man had been beating his wife for 15 to 20 minutes while her children screamed and hollered. In those eight minutes last Wednesday night, Stacey D. Moyer, 29, of 3555 S. Cottage Grove, was shot and killed. After shooting his wife of only two months, Billy Earl Winborn allegedly shot himself in the head.

The tragedy happened while both of Moyer's children by previous relationships were in the apartment. Crystal Marshall, Moyer's 12-year-old daughter, called 911 repeatedly after her mother yelled out from a locked bedroom door that Winborn was hurting her.

It is unclear at what point the argument escalated into a physical fight, but Crystal told me in a phone interview that she thought it was about 7:30 p.m. when her mother yelled for her to call 911.

"The first time I called 911, I said my mother was getting beat up by my father and they needed to hurry up," Crystal said. "They told me they were on the way and they hung up."

The seventh-grader estimates that she made the second call five minutes later.

"The second time I called 911, they told me to just calm down and that the police were on 35th Street and something."

After Crystal called 911 at least twice, she called her grandmother's cell phone.

Geneva Johnson was attending a pre-Thanksgiving event with her girlfriend at the Lick Bar & Grill at 147th and Halsted in Harvey when she got Crystal's call. She estimates the call came in between 8 and 8:15 p.m.

"She said: 'Billy Earl is beating my mama,' " Johnson told me. "And I said, 'OK, I am on my way,' and I left everything right there and jumped in my truck. I am not going to lie. I broke every traffic law."

When she got to the building on Cottage Grove -- about a 20-minute trip from the Harvey location -- an ambulance was just pulling up to the building and police squad cars were blocking the street.

"I knew it was something serious," Johnson said. "I jumped out of my truck in the middle of the street and ran toward the ambulance, but a police officer grabbed me and rushed me to a police car."

Similar case

According to Monique Bond, director of News Affairs for Chicago Police, the first recorded call about the domestic violence situation was at 8:25 p.m., police were dispatched at 8:26 p.m., and police squads were on the scene -- meaning at the seventh-floor apartment and trying to get into the locked bedroom door -- at 8:33. There were a total of six calls to 911 about the disturbance, Bond said.

"I can tell you eight minutes is excellent. They were at the scene in eight minutes," she said.

But in those eight minutes, Crystal and her 3-year-old sister, Phylicia, lost their mother, and Johnson lost her only daughter and best friend.

And if the first call to 911 came in at 8:25 p.m., that would mean that the fighting had gone on for nearly an hour with two children screaming and trying to kick down the bedroom door. That noise should have been enough to trigger 911 calls from others living on the same floor.

In another horrible domestic violence case that occurred in 2002, it took police officers 17 minutes to reach Ronyale White after her first 911 call. Two police officers were suspended for their slow response and White's family sued the city and police department.

Lack of sensitivity

Under such chaotic circumstances, it is possible that 12-year-old Crystal could have gotten confused about the time she made her first call. Still, I've met the girl. It is hard for me to believe that she would have waited nearly an hour to call 911, or that she didn't frantically call 911 until help arrived.

Besides her engulfing grief, Johnson is outraged because she feels police officers didn't show a sense of urgency, and lacked sensitivity when they did show up. She complained that one police officer on the scene blurted out in front of the hysterical kids, "I might as well tell you your daughter and her husband are dead."

I also don't understand why the 911 dispatcher didn't stay on the phone with the 12-year-old girl until the police arrived or give her some instructions about what she should do to protect herself and her little sister. Why didn't the dispatcher ask her if there were any guns in the house?

Bond couldn't answer those questions, but she said she would listen to the 911 tape to determine what was said to the girl.

We need to understand what happened in those eight minutes.

Because to a 12-year-old girl in the midst of violence, eight minutes isn't excellent. It is an eternity.

Funeral services for Stacey D. Moyer will be Saturday at A. R. Leak & Sons Funeral Home, 7838 S. Cottage Grove. Wake is 10 to 11 a.m. Funeral service follows.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Government
KEYWORDS: 2ndamendment; assaultweapons; crime; defenseless; guncontrol; guns; selfdefense

If you want to really be angry at the carnage caused by "Mayor Daley Style" gun control just read Sun Times' Columnist Mary Mitchell's report of the murder of Ms. Stacey D. Moyer. Again, 911 was only useful to direct the police to the location they could then file a police report. Ms. Moyer was defenseless by law and paid the price for Mayor Daley's dangerous gun control schemes.

Ms. Mitchell:

This is truly heart wrenching. I cannot imagine the horror those children underwent.

I would guess you still are not a "believer" but if Ms. Moyer had a chance to defend herself this whole thing might have ended a lot differently and I think deep down you know it.

The following is not meant to be trite, but rather offered as truism's in this case:

1. If you are being attacked: a) Use a gun. or b) Use a telephone. Choose one, it is your life. 2. And hard, but true: "Dial 911 and Die"

Our condolences to the Moyer family and we are particularly concerned about her children. If some fund is set up for them please let me know via email or in your column.

God bless,

John Birch President Concealed Carry, Inc. Oak Brook, IL Tel: 630 660-3935

You can email Ms. Mitchell at:

1 posted on 11/22/2005 10:01:36 AM PST by CHICAGOFARMER
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Unfortunately, I don't think that anything could have saved these people if the boyfriend/husband living in the house could physically block access to a person's means of self defense.

2 posted on 11/22/2005 10:10:16 AM PST by Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.)
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8 minute response time is *excellent* in Chicago, from all reports.

Unfortunately, that's about 7 minutes and 45 seconds more than your typical person needs to kill another.

You can deploy a firearm to save your life in three seconds or less.

Three seconds or eight minutes, hmmm. My question is, which has Mayor Daley decided is good for himself?

3 posted on 11/22/2005 10:21:03 AM PST by Spktyr (Overwhelmingly superior firepower and the willingness to use it is the only proven peace solution.)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

Agree, this situation was fatal from the git-go.

The husband was suicidal so the only option was for the wife
to have got to the gun first (best-case). Even if a gun were
not present the guy would have probably beat her to death.

I just glad the children weren't killed although no one can say
they weren't harmed...

4 posted on 11/22/2005 10:27:52 AM PST by RetiredSWO
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To: Blood of Tyrants

Unfortunately, I don't think that anything could have saved these people if the boyfriend/husband living in the house could physically block access to a person's means of self defense.


When you read the thousands of stories where firearms were used as a defense tool, the stories will amaze the reader.

Most non firearm educated souls do you know how difficult it is to kill a person, if the attacker does not hit a vital spot.

Many children before gun locks have saved their parents, or siblings, or scared off bad guys with guns.

This beating when on for at lease 20 minutes trapped in her bedroom. Picture yourself in your bedroom with a gun in the nightstand. Do you think you could con your way to the nightstand. I bet you will bet your life you could.

Firearms are not an absolute 100% defense, but given the choice between a phone, 911, and a gun, tens of thousands perhaps millions of Americans and perhaps hundred of millions of souls on this earth would choose a firearm as a self defense tool. This concept "have a fireearm for self defense when attacked" by millions of souls on this planet destroys the myth of anti gun lover everywhere.

What color is your tee shirt?

5 posted on 11/22/2005 10:30:29 AM PST by CHICAGOFARMER (Right to Carry (RTC))
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Yes, if one of the older children had at least been taught the basics of gun safety and usage, they might have been able to defend their mother. But then again, as the adult in the house, I have control over the guns and they are not easily accessable to the kids. This was a bad situation where the real answer was for the woman to have made a better choice of men.

6 posted on 11/22/2005 10:59:02 AM PST by Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

TO blood of tyrants

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Woman uses shotgun to safely foil robbery (Norman, Oklahoma - December 04, 2001) 12/12/2001
Storeowner shoots robber after he threatens the lives of he and his customers (Gastonia, North Carolina - October 29, 2001) 12/12/2001
Burglar's luck worth about a plug nickel, police say (Atlanta, Georgia - November 28, 2001) 12/12/2001
Man Shot By Homeowner Was Facing Felony Charges -- including home invasion -- and how he's facing his maker (Cedar Springs, Michigan - November 28, 2001) 12/12/2001
Possible case of rapist shot dead (Wayne County, Michigan - November 23, 2001) 12/12/2001
Repeat felon shot by homeowner after disregarding warning (Grand Rapids, Michigan - November 28, 2001) 12/12/2001
Grand jury finds shooting of robber justified (Giles County, Tennessee - November 27, 2001) 12/12/2001
Husband shoots home invader to death (Buffalo Grove, Illinois - November 23, 2001) 12/12/2001
Middle-of-the-night break-in leaves perpetrator dead; no charges filed (Fairview, Georgia - November 23, 2001) 12/12/2001
Armed assailant shot dead (Clay County, Missouri - November 5, 2001) 11/28/2001
Home invaders flee after resident fires at them (San Antonio, Texas - November 20, 2001) 11/24/2001
Homeowner shoots intruder, No charges (Grand Rapids, Michigan - November 16, 2001) 11/24/2001
Violent armed robber killed by store employee (Hartford, Connecticut - November 21, 2001) 11/24/2001
Burglar killed in confrontation with homeowner (Seminole, Florida - November 20, 2001) 11/24/2001
Store Owner Defends Store against three robbers (Milwaukee, Wisconsin - November 16, 2001) 11/24/2001
Intruder shot, bystander also possibly wounded by friendly fire (Nashville, Tennessee - November 15, 2001) 11/24/2001
Man who pulls knife gets shot in self-defense (Gadsden, Alabama - November 16, 2001 ) 11/24/2001
Urban predator shot, paralyzed by female victim (Oak Forest, Illinois - November 13, 2001) 11/24/2001
Storeowner kills armed robber (Covington, Ohio -- November 13, 2001) 11/17/2001
Verdict: Two Teens Were Shot In Self Defense (Palm Beach, Florida -- November 14, 2001) 11/17/2001
Suspects driven off by tenant's gunshots (Laconia, New Hampshire -- November 13, 2001) 11/17/2001
Woman in wheelchair wounds madman (Denver, Colorado -- November 13, 2001) 11/17/2001
Victim kills robber, case to go to grand jury (Giles County, Tennessee -- November 06, 2001) 11/17/2001
Armed Israeli civilian stops terrorist attacker (Jerusalem, Israel -- November 04, 2001) 11/17/2001
Home invader shot by residents (D'iberville, Mississippi -- November 01, 2001) 11/17/2001
Police say shooting death resulted from self-defense (Mobile, Alabama -- October 30, 2001) 11/17/2001
77-year-old woman shoots intruder (Scott County, Kentucky - October 30, 2001) 11/17/2001
Store clerk defends store against armed assailants (Little Rock, Arkansas - November 12, 2001) 11/13/2001
Storekeeper guns down one robber, wounds another (Moon Lake, Mississippi - October 29, 2001) 10/30/2001
Robbery suspect shot by convenience store manager (Baltimore, Maryland - October 28, 2001) 10/28/2001
Man gets probation for attack stopped by armed citizen (Hurst, Texas - October 24, 2001) 10/28/2001
Elderly woman holds intruder for police (Franklin, Indiana - October 23, 2001) 10/28/2001
Motel guest shoots armed robber (Mobile, Alabama - October 20, 2001) 10/23/2001
Student won't be charged in shooting incident (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - October 18, 2001) 10/23/2001
Robber shot by intended victim, then held for police (Huntersville, North Carolina - October 17, 2001) 10/19/2001
Two burglars shot by homeowner face charges (Allentown, Pennsylvania - October 17, 2001) 10/19/2001
Shooting "has overtones of self-defense" (Spartanburg, New York - October 17, 2001) 10/19/2001
Two self-defense shootings in one day (Charlotte, North Carolina - October 17, 2001) 10/17/2001
Man killed after breaking down door of former wife (Dallas, Texas - October 15, 2001) 10/17/2001
Store clerk won't be charged for chasing and shooting robber (Durham, North Carolina - October 16, 2001) 10/17/2001
Elderly homeowner shoots, kills intruder (Houston, Texas - October 15, 2001) 10/17/2001
Three shot during home invasion (Topeka, Kansas - October 15, 2001) 10/16/2001
Weapons Law Works (Frankfort, Kentucky - October 13, 2001) 10/16/2001
Self-defense shooting of charging rhino (Kruger National Park, South Africa - October 10, 2001) 10/16/2001
Man shot during burglary attempt dies of complications (Corpus Christi, Texas - October 12, 2001) 10/16/2001
Fugitive wounded by armed citizen still sought (Miami, Florida - October 12, 2001) 10/16/2001
Armed self-defense at sea -- to quell pirates (Boat off West Africa - October 12, 2001) 10/16/2001
Shooting death believed to be in self-defense (Hampton, Virginia - August 30, 2001) 10/16/2001
Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Intruder (Lake Wales, FlorIda - October 11, 2001) 10/16/2001
Armed robber wounded by intended victim (Oakland Park, Florida - October 11, 2001) 10/12/2001
Police decide against shooting charges (Des Moines, Iowa - October 09, 2001) 10/10/2001
Clerk wounds man in holdup (Durham, North Carolina - October 08, 2001 ) 10/10/2001
Homeowner Shoots Suspect In Buttocks (Houston, Texas - October 08, 2001) 10/10/2001
Burglar breaks through ceiling and is shot by shop owner (Sacramento, California - October 08, 2001) 10/10/2001
Homeowner shoots burglar three times (Lake Wales, Flordia - October 09, 2001) 10/10/2001
Homeowner shoots intruder (Summerville, South Carolina - October 7, 2001) 10/8/2001
Homeowner wounds a would-be burglar (Bryan-College Station, Texas - October 6, 2001) 10/8/2001
Elderly man shoots, kills alleged intruder (Ridgeland, South Carolina - October 06, 2001) 10/8/2001
Home invaders thwarted by return fire (Savannah, Gerogia - October 3, 2001) 10/8/2001
Robber and victim hit during shootout (New Orleans, Lousiana - October 2, 2001) 10/8/2001
Elderly man has no regrets in shooting (Abita Springs, Louisiana - October 01, 2001 - UPDATE) 10/8/2001
Woman fires at intruder who then burns himself to death (Metairie, Lousiana - October 2, 2001) 10/8/2001
A Recent Case of Armed Self Defense in Montana 10/3/2001
Man Killed in Incident at Ex-Roommate's Metairie Home (Metairie, Louisiana - October 1, 2001) 10/2/2001
Gunmen nabbed in carjacking, with help of armed citizen (Denver, Colorado - October 01, 2001) 10/2/2001
Homeowner uses gun to capture burglar (Charleston, South Carolina - October 01, 2001) 10/2/2001
Intruder killed by elderly homeowner (New Orleans, Louisiana - September 30, 2001) 10/2/2001
Abita Man Says He Shot and Killed Intruder (Abita, Louisiana - September 29, 2001) 10/2/2001
Man slain after break-in at ex-girlfriend's home (Houston, Texas - September 27, 2001) 10/2/2001
Storeowner cleared in shooting death of teenage robber (Houston, Texas - September 26, 2001) 10/2/2001
Woman holds gun on man who drove car through house (Waco, Texas - September 26, 2001) 10/2/2001
Man Shot in Burglary (Blountville, Tennessee - September 25, 2001) 9/26/2001
Off-duty female cop kills armed attacker (Houston, Texas, September 24, 2001) 9/26/2001
Another report on self-defending cabbie (Nashville, Tennessee, September 11, 2001) 9/26/2001
No charges against self-defending shooter, CCW permit holder (Spokane, Washington, September 04, 2001) 9/26/2001
Grand jury votes not to indict woman in fatal shooting (Baton Rouge, Louisiana - September 20, 2001) 9/25/2001
Man shot to death after apartment break-in (Houston, Texas - September 21, 2001) 9/25/2001
Fugitive is shot while attempting burglary (Waco, Texas - September 24, 2001) 9/25/2001
Storeowner uses gun to thwart four burglars (Riverview, Florida, Sept 17 & 18, 2001) 9/19/2001
Grocer kills one of two armed robbers (Houston, Texas September 15, 2001) 9/17/2001
Armed resident foils attempted burglary (Akron, Ohio, September 1, 2001) 9/16/2001
Man who pulled knife is shot, no charges (Texarkana, Texas, September 10. 2001) 9/11/2001
Cab Driver Shoots Would-Be Robber (Nashville, Tennessee, September 10, 2001) 9/11/2001
Two cases of armed self-defense (Youngstown, Ohio, September 7, 2001) 9/9/2001
Shootout at adult video store - Clerks Win (Phoenix, Arizona, September 7, 2001) 9/9/2001
Homeowner shoots a burglar who charged at him (Glendale, Arizona, September 05, 2001) 9/9/2001
Home invader shot by resident (Dayton, Ohio, September 06, 2001) 9/9/2001
Shooting victim may be burglar, city officers say (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, September 4, 2001) 9/9/2001
Armed man fends off robber & aids police in arrest (Rapid City, South Dakota, September 1, 2001) 9/2/2001
Burglar killed by homeowner (Callaway County, Missouri, September 1, 2001) 9/2/2001
Off-duty cop kills armed robber (Cincinnati, Ohio, September 1, 2001) 9/2/2001
Drugstore owner foils robbery with the help of trusty handgun (Asheville, North Carolina, August 31, 2001) 9/2/2001
Burglar killed by armed homeowner (Davie, Florida, August 31, 2001) 9/2/2001
Robber shot to death during robbery (Wayne County, Kentucky, August 31, 2001) 9/2/2001
Hotel Owner Shoots Robber (Tampa, Flordia, August 30, 2001) 9/2/2001
Man shoots three home intruders (Hampton Roads, Virgina, August 30, 2001) 9/2/2001
Father rescues daughter from violent boyfriend (Tampa, Florida, August 30, 2001) 8/30/2001
No charges against homeowner who shot intruder (Des Moines, Iowa, August 28, 2001) 8/30/2001
Burglary suspect shot by homeowner (Seattle, Washington, August 28, 2001) 8/30/2001
Man Shoots Carjacker (Kansas City, Missouri, August 24, 2001) 8/28/2001
Clerk with pistol outguns robber (Welcome, North Carolina, August 22, 2001) 8/28/2001
No charges in self-defense shooting (Tullahoma, Tennessee, August 18, 2001) 8/28/2001
Clarksville Woman Shoots Violent Ex-Boyfriend in Self-Defense (Clarksville, Tennessee, August 21, 2001) 8/28/2001
Police identify man killed at Oak Cliff carwash (Dallas, Texas, August 21, 2001) 8/28/2001
Store owner fires gun to defend pharmacy (Arlington, Massachusetts., August 16, 2001) 8/28/2001
Man killed in suspected burglary was out on bail (Huntsville, Alabama, August 19, 2001) 8/28/2001
Armed man thwarts burglary attempt (Lafayette, Indiana, August 18, 2001) 8/27/2001
Brother uses shotgun to defend his wife (Anthony, Florida, August 8, 2001) 8/19/2001
Armed citizen rescues professional football star from carjackers (Miami, Florida, Off-season, 2001) 8/19/2001
Two robbers killed by intended victims (San Francisco, California, August 14, 2001) 8/19/2001
Armed citizen shoots robber, may have saved own life (Belmost Heights, Florida, August 13, 2001) 8/19/2001
Senior citizen shot and killed a home intruder (Big Timber, Montana, August 12, 2001) 8/19/2001
Intruder shot dead after breaking into apartment (Houston, Texas, August 1, 2001) 8/19/2001
Homeowner save himself and wife from violent burglar (Mobile County, Alabama, August 13, 2001) 8/19/2001
Man helps police capture fleeing robber (Springfield, Oregon, July 21, 2001) 8/19/2001
Home intruder shot by intended victim (Shelby, North Carolina, August 7, 2001) 8/19/2001
Police describe shooting as "self defense" (Longview, Texas, August 9, 2001) 8/19/2001
Homeowner Turns Tables, Kills Intruder (Dunedin, Florida, August 9, 2001) 8/19/2001
Intended victim kills two would-be robbers, accomplices charged in deaths (Dania Beach, Florida, August 6, 2001) 8/7/2001
Shop owner shoots enraged customer to end attack (Orange County, Florida, August 4, 2001) 8/6/2001
Thief chased away by armed store clerk (Augusta, Georgia, August 4, 2001) 8/6/2001
Diner's patrons thwart robbery (Augusta, Georgia, August 4, 2001) 8/6/2001
Home invader shot by intended female victim (Nicholson Village, Georgia, August 2, 2001) 8/3/2001
Store owner shoots after armed robber aims at his wife, sister (Manchester, New Hampshire, August 1, 2001) 8/3/2001
Resident shoots home invader dead (Houston, Texas, August 1, 2001) 8/2/2001
Two robbers shot, one dead, when accosting armed citizen (Houston, Texas, July 29, 2001) 7/29/2001
Homeowner holds two burglars without firing a shot (Shawnee, Oklahoma, July 27, 2001) 7/29/2001
Robber shot by armed driver faces carjack charge (Charleston, South Carolina, July 27, 2001) 7/27/2001
CCW permit holder shoots armed robber (Nashville, Tennessee, July 25, 2001) 7/27/2001
No charges against woman shoots, kills violent ex-boyfriend to keep from getting her brains bashed in with a brick (Augusta, Georgia, July 25, 2001) 7/26/2001
Man who shot intruder faces no charges (Spartanburg, South Carolina, July 23, 2001) 7/26/2001
Authorities call fatal shooting "self-defense" (Anderson, California, January 12, 2001) 7/26/2001
Armed home invader shot dead by intended victim (Petersburg, Virginia, July 24, 2001) 7/25/2001
Woman shoots, kills would-be rapist (East Nashville, Tennessee, July 24, 2001) 7/25/2001
Priest imposter steals cab from unarmed driver, crashes it and fails in attempt to steal second cab -- because second cabbie was armed (Cincinnati, Ohio, July 21, 2001 7/23/2001
Teens' Crime Spree Halted By Armed Citizen (Tampa, Florida, July 22, 2001) 7/23/2001
Newspaper carrier -- a concealed weapons permit holder -- shoots and injures man to stop a violent, 5-person attack (Gainesville, Florida, July 21, 2001) 7/22/2001
Lost motorist shoots attacker; Suspected robber apprehended (Charleston, South Carolina, July 21, 2001) 7/22/2001
Man shoots, kills in self-defense rather than being choked to death (Gooding, Idaho, July 20, 2001) 7/22/2001
Some of the "Children" Who Died by Gunshot 7/21/2001
Violent Serial robber killed during robbery attempt (Shreveport, Louisiana, July 20, 2001) 7/21/2001
Man kills armed attacker, saves wife and self (Dallas, Texas, July 20, 2001) 7/21/2001
Robber shot in arm by intended victim, apprehended (Tacoma, Washington, July 16, 2001) 7/17/2001
Police clear man who killed attempted home invader (Antioch, Tennessee, July 16, 2001) 7/17/2001
Home invasion victims turn tables on intruders (Charleston, South Carolina, July 10, 2001) 7/16/2001
Customer with permit to carry gun shoots, kills robber (Gainesville, Florida, July 14, 2001) 7/15/2001
Grandmother and .38 revolver send robber fleeing (Baltimore, Maryland, July 11, 2001) 7/13/2001
Gun-toting priest captures would-be thieves (Philippines, July 11, 2001) 7/13/2001
Mother, son defend home from brazen intruder (Portland, Oregon, July 11, 2001) 7/12/2001
CCW-licensed clerk kills armed robber (New York City, New York, July 9, 2001) 7/10/2001
Handgun trumps knife in attempted robbery (Corpus Christi, Texas, July 2, 2001) 7/3/2001
Armed homeowner fends off armed home invaders (New Fairfield, Connecticut, June 29, 2001) 7/3/2001
Estranged husband attacks with knife, shot dead (Lubbock, Texas, June 30, 2001) 7/2/2001
Property owner holds vandals for police (Boundary County, Idaho, June 28, 2001) 7/1/2001
Citizen shoots attacker who chased him into home (Lebanon, Tennessee, June 29, 2001) 7/1/2001
Woman shoots attacker four times -- with his own gun (Muncie, Indiana, June 28, 2001) 6/29/2001
Teenage intruder fatally shot by homeowner (Anderson, Indiana, June 27, 2001) 6/28/2001
Female clerk shoots robber with long-idle pistol (Knoxville, Tennessee, June 27, 2001) 6/28/2001
Robber shot by intended victim after stickup (Richmond, Virginia, June 18, 2001) 6/26/2001
Home invader shot by homeowner (Dunn, North Carolina, June 23, 2001) 6/26/2001
Self-defense shooting ruled justified by grand jury (Lookingglass, Oregon, June 22, 2001) 6/25/2001
Prosecutor Rules Self-Defense In Slaying (Ft. Smith, Arkansas, June 12, 2001) 6/21/2001
Violent attacker shot to death on reservation (Onandaga Reservation, New York, June 19, 2001) 6/20/2001
Property owner shoots assailant in self-defense (Columbia, South Carolina, June 17, 2001) 6/19/2001
Cab driver kills armed robber, goes to jail (New Haven, CT, June 15, 2001) 6/18/2001
Woman shoots estranged husband who kicked in her door and threatened her with a rifle (Greenville, South Carolina, June 11, 2001) 6/17/2001
Wheelchair-bound veteran kills violent intruder (Flint, Michigan, June 12, 2001) 6/16/2001
Pregnant woman shoots and kills violent rapist (South Africa, April 19, 2001) 6/12/2001
Bar owner shoots intruder who attacked him (Goose Creek, South Carolina, June 10, 2001) 6/12/2001
Family of slain intruder baffled but understanding (Columbus, Ohio, June 6, 2001) 6/12/2001
Citizen kills intruder who was fleeing from police (Cockrell Hill, Texas, June 9, 2001) 6/12/2001
Cashier shoots burglar in self-defense (Central City, Louisiana, June 7, 2001) 6/9/2001
Burglar shot dead by homeowner (Houston, Texas, June 8, 2001) 6/9/2001
Armed, violent intruder fatally shot by intended victim (Columbus, Ohio, June 6, 2001) 6/8/2001
Robber fires & misses, then gets shot & jailed (Richmond, Virginia, June 7, 2001) 6/8/2001
Self-defense Shooting Ruled Justified by Grand Jury (Ft. Myers, Florida, June 7, 2001) 6/7/2001
Store owner fatally shoots intruder (Baltimore, Maryland, June 3, 2001) 6/5/2001
Resident fends off home invasion (Pembroke, North Carolina, May 23, 2001) 6/1/2001
Suspect charged in home invasion after being shot (Denver, Colorado, May 25, 2001) 6/1/2001
Store owner trades shots with teenage robber (Mt. Vernon, Missouri, May 26, 2001) 6/1/2001
Homeowner shoots knife-wielding invader (Petaluma, California, May 26, 2001) 6/1/2001
Woman shoots and kills her kidnapper (Dalton, Georgia, May 28, 2001) 6/1/2001
Woman kills her former husband in self-defense (Foley, Alabama, May 28, 2001) 6/1/2001
Wounded teen charged with robbery (Spokane, Washington, May 18, 2001) 6/1/2001
Armed citizen scares off burglars (Middleberg Heights, Ohio, May 22, 2001) 6/1/2001
Home invader shot by homeowner goes to jail (Denver, Colorado, May 20, 2001) 5/23/2001
Burglar and accomplice stopped with a gunshot (Prichard, Alabama, May 21, 2001) 5/22/2001
Man trying to hold up store killed by owner (Lake Worth, Florida, May 21, 2001) 5/22/2001
Robbery thwarted by firing warning shots (Chicago, Illinois, May 17, 2001) 5/21/2001
Pellet Gun-Packing Bystander Thwarts Robbery (Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 18, 2001) 5/21/2001
Knife-wielding thief shot dead by armed citizen (Dallas, Texas, May 17, 2001) 5/18/2001
Office worker fires handgun at intruder (Eugene, Oregon, May 16, 2001) 5/17/2001
Homeowner and neighbors capture burglar (Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 14, 2001) 5/17/2001
Robbery suspect fatally shot by store clerk (Long Beach, California, May 12, 2001) 5/13/2001
Homeowner stops three burglars (Trail Creek, Indiana, May 9, 2001) 5/12/2001
Homeowner shoots two burglars (Portland, Oregon, May 9, 2001) 5/12/2001
Trial set for serial rapist shot by senior woman (Colorado Springs, CO, May 9, 2001) 5/10/2001
Gun in hand = burglar pushing daisies (St. Louis, Missouri, May 8, 2001) 5/10/2001
Citizen + Rifle = Burglar in Jail (Hamilton, New Jersey, May 4, 2001) 5/8/2001
Burglar stopped by armed citizen (Baltimore County, Maryland, May 5, 2001) 5/7/2001
Armed citizen stops 3 home invaders who came in shooting (Augusta, Georgia, May 1, 2001) 5/3/2001
Handicapped citizen shoots, kills in self-defense (Newport News, Virginia, January 13, 2001) 5/3/2001
Girl shoots mother's attacker, ruled self-defense (Clarksdale, Mississippi, April 28, 2001) 5/3/2001
Shooter won't be charged in slaying of intruder (Dallas, Texas, May 2, 2001) 5/3/2001
Store owner routs 4 robbers with his revolver (Ft. Myers, Florida, April 28, 2001) 4/30/2001
Mother stops daughter's abduction with rifle (Vancouver, Washington, September 2, 2000) 4/29/2001
Home invader, stopped by armed citizen, sent to prison (Kent, Ohio, October 30, 2000) 4/29/2001
Woman fatally shoots intruder (Tacoma, Washington, April 26, 2001) 4/29/2001
Man successfully defends home against four invaders (Greenwood, Kentucky, April 27, 2001) 4/29/2001
Young thief shot dead by homeowner (San Antonio, Texas, April 19, 2001) 4/25/2001
Young prowler shot breaking and entering (San Antonio, Texas, April 16, 2001) 4/25/2001
Robber shot in self-defense (Ft. Worth, Texas, April 18, 2001) 4/22/2001
Homeowner kills home invader in self-defense (Waukegan, Illinois, April 8, 2001) 4/13/2001
Armed robber shot dead by grocer (Chicago, Illinois, April 12, 2001) 4/13/2001
Robber shot to death by store clerk (Glendale, Arizona, April 11, 2001) 4/11/2001
Teenager shoots breaking-and-entering stepfather (Banks County, Georgia, April 10, 2001) 4/11/2001
Armed citizen, an off duty jailer, thwarts robber (Deltona, Florida, April 4, 2001) 4/10/2001
Mother defends daughter, shoots man (Greenville, South Carolina, April 4, 2001) 4/9/2001
Resident shoots illegal alien in self-defense (Bisbee, Arizona, April 8, 2001) 4/8/2001
Occupant of apartment kills intruder (Anchorage, Alaska, April 2, 2001) 4/7/2001
Intruder flees as resident grabs hunting rifle (Edmond, Oklahoma, March 29, 2001) 4/2/2001
Knife-wielding thief shot, killed by armed citizen (Nashville, TN, March 30, 2001) 4/2/2001
Store clerk shoots armed robber (St. Petersburg, Florida, March 30, 2001) 4/2/2001
Thief who broke into occupied car shot and killed (Omaha, Nebraska, March 26, 2001) 3/31/2001
Carjacker shot and killed by man who is licensed to carry (Memphis, TN, March 28, 2001) 3/28/2001
Knife attacker shot, killed by armed citizen (Houston, Texas, March 22, 2001) 3/26/2001
Pizza delivery man shoots armed robber (Newport News, Virginia, March 24, 2001) 3/25/2001
Homeowner shoots burglar in self-defense (Suitland, Maryland, March 23, 2001) 3/24/2001
Armed neighbor saves woman's life from violent intruder (Cape Coral, Florida, March 17, 2001) 3/18/2001
Homeowner shoots and kills intruder (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 14, 2001) 3/15/2001
Armed robbers foiled by pawn shop employees (Salt Lake City, Utah, March 13, 2001) 3/14/2001
Store owner shoots, kills brutal robber (Newberry, South Carolina, March 10, 2001) 3/11/2001
Armed teenager stops home invader (Luraville, Florida, March 9, 2001) 3/10/2001
Store owner shoots two armed robbers (Clinton Township, Ohio, March 8, 2001) 3/10/2001
Man fends off three home invaders (Brevard County, Florida, March 8, 2001) 3/10/2001
Homeowner shoots armed teenage invader on his roof (Nashville, TN, March 7, 2001) 3/9/2001
Grocer wounded in gunfire; robber dies (El Dorado, Arkansas, March 2, 2001) 3/3/2001
Local store owners thwart attempted armed robbery (Bryan, Texas, March 2, 2001) 3/3/2001
Man stops three murderous attackers with a gun (Debeque, Colorado, March 2, 2001) 3/3/2001
Pizza shop worker sends robber to early grave (Fayetteville, North Carolina, March 2, 2001) 3/2/2001
Store owner sends robbers fleeing (Pike County, Kentucky, Feburary 24, 2001) 2/26/2001
Stalker killed by armed citizen (Warrensville Heights, Ohio, February 24, 2001) 2/26/2001
Lawyer stops woman who threatens to blow up office building (Oak Brook, Illinois, Feb 21, 2001) 2/26/2001
Jewelry salesman fires on two armed robbers (Peabody, MA, February 13, 2001) 2/26/2001
Armed citizen dispenses with knife-wielding stalker (Galveston, Texas, February 24, 2001) 2/26/2001
Police clear resident who shot intruder (Nashville, Tennessee, February 19, 2001) 2/21/2001
Man Uses Shotgun to Detain Two of Five Home Invaders (Homosassa, FL, February 14, 2001) 2/21/2001
Homeowner Kills Robber after Being Pistol Whipped (Cobb County, Georgia, February 19, 2001) 2/19/2001
Woman kills 1 intruder, other flees (Tucson, Arizona, February 19, 2001) 2/19/2001
Home Invader Shot, Killed During Invasion (Mableton, Georgia, February 17, 2001) 2/19/2001
Veterinarian will not be charged in man's shooting death (Shelton, WA, Shot Dec 7, 2001; Follow-up Feb 15, 2001) 2/17/2001
Teenager acquitted in fatal shooting (Dallas, Texas, July 2000 shooting, Feb. 2001 acquittal) 2/16/2001
ParaTransit driver shot thief in defense (Philadelphia, PA, Feb 2001 recap of event from December 1, 1999) 2/16/2001
Store owner shoots armed robber, no charges filed (Oklahoma City, OK, January 19, 2001) 2/16/2001
Theft Suspect Shot To Death -- No Charges Filed (New Orleans, Louisiana, January 23, 2001) 2/15/2001
Wounded grocer shoots robbery suspect (Fulton County, Georgia, July 5, 2000) 2/15/2001
Wounded store owner shoots armed and violent robber (Jacksonville, Florida, February 15, 2001) 2/15/2001
Homeowner kills one home invader with shotgun (Islip, New York, February 15, 2001) 2/15/2001
Burglary suspects captured, gun helped thwart crime (Graniteville, Georgia, November 6, 2000) 2/13/2001
Teen wounded by teen in burglary attempt (Dayton, Ohio, February 13, 2001) 2/13/2001
Woman shoots, kills man breaking into her home (Detroit, Michigan, February 10, 2001) 2/11/2001
Woman Uses Gun to Halt Unwanted Sexual Advances (Hays, Kansas, February 9, 2001) 2/11/2001
Suspect in robbery shot, killed by clerk (Dallas, Texas, February 10, 2001) 2/10/2001
DNA shows man shot by homeowner to be serial rapist (Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 7, 2001) 2/7/2001
Tenant kills thief hiding under bed (Charleston, South Carolina, February 3, 2001) 2/4/2001
Hotel manager shoots armed robber (Anchorage, Alaska, February 2, 2001) 2/3/2001
Wildlife agent shoots, kills alleged murderer in self defense (Galliano, Louisiana, February 2, 2001) 2/3/2001
Pizza delivery man may have saved his own life -- with a gun (Opelousas, Louisiana, February 2, 2001) 2/2/2001
Store clerk critically wounds robber (Jackson, Mississippi, February 2, 2001) 2/2/2001
True Stories of Armed Self-Defense for January, 2001 2/1/2001
Black man uses gun to stop three-man assault (East Bremerton, Washington, February 1, 2001) 2/1/2001
Parker County man killed in self defense, Sheriff says (Parker County, Texas, January 29, 2001) 2/1/2001
Robber gets more than he bargained for (Anchorage, Alaska, January 30, 2001) 1/31/2001
Man shoots home invasion suspects; 1 dies (Atlanta, Georgia, January 31, 2001) 1/30/2001
Homeowner Shoots, Suspects Flee (Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 29, 2001) 1/29/2001
Suspect shot and killed during robbery attempt (Savannah, Georgia, January 28, 2001) 1/28/2001
Homeowner kills intruder (Lookingglass, Oregon, November 29, 2000) 1/26/2001
South Carolina Attorney General Declares "Open Season" on Home Invaders 1/24/2001
Operation Self-Defense: Net Detectives Helping to Change Public Awareness 1/24/2001
Man Kills Intruder, Protecting Family (Phoenix, Arizona, January 24, 2000) 1/24/2001
Suspect shot dead during robbery (Phoenix, Arizona, January 18, 2001) 1/18/2001
No charges in self-defense shooting during home invasion (Omaha, Nebraska, January 17, 2001) 1/16/2001
Surviving Home Invasions by Angel Shamaya 1/16/2001
Gimme Back My Bullets by Robert A Waters 1/16/2001
Restaurant manager shoots 1 of 2 robbers (Cumberland, NC, January 16, 2001) 1/16/2001
Gun Dealer's Personal Account of Saving His Own Life with a Gun 1/15/2001
Store owner's brother fatally shoots robber (Houston, Texas, January 14, 2001) 1/15/2001
Home invader shot and killed by robbery victim (Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 13, 2000) 1/13/2001
Homeowner Kills Would-be Intruder (Fulton County, Georgia, January 11, 2001) 1/12/2001
Burglary suspect confronted by armed citizen, arrested (Gainesville, FL, January 10, 2001) 1/10/2001
Man charged with burglary shot in leg (Tampa Terrace, FL, January 7, 2000) 1/7/2001
A Tale of Two Cities by Larry Pratt 1/3/2001
Shopkeeper pulls gun to fend off robbers (New Milford, Connecticut, December 24, 2000) 12/30/2000
70-year-old Korean War veteran wounds robber (Richmond, Virginia, December 29, 2000) 12/29/2000
Armed cab driver shoots and kills robber, accomplice is charged for the death (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, December 28, 2000) 12/29/2000
Man killed in botched robbery attempt (Indianapolis, Indiana, December 28, 2000) 12/28/2000
Girl Gives Dad Time to Shoot and Kill Armed Robbers (Brooklyn, NY, December 24, 2000) 12/26/2000
Kids and Guns 12/26/2000
Pizzeria manager shoots 2 armed robbers, both were on probation (Tampa, Florida, December 25, 2000) 12/26/2000
Would-be Robber Killed by Customer Carrying Concealed Handgun (Portsmouth, Virginia, December 24, 2000) 12/24/2000
Home Intruder shot and killed while punching man's wife in their bedroom (New Orleans, December 24, 2000) 12/24/2000
Armed Neighbor Prevents Rape (Kitsap, Washington, December 18, 2000) 12/18/2000
Burglary suspect held till cops arrive (Georgia, December 8, 2000) 12/8/2000
Armed Doctor Stops Burglary - and Burglars (Washington, December 8, 2000) 12/8/2000
Home Invasion Stopped by Armed Citizen (North Carolina, November 23, 2000) 12/2/2000
3 Hit Car, Soon Regret It (Florida, November 28, 2000) 11/29/2000
Son shoots man who is attacking his dad (Florida, November 25, 2000) 11/26/2000
Vass man kills armed robber (North Carolina, November 21, 2000) 11/21/2000
Man shot during home break-in, possibly the rapist police were seeking (Colorado, November 21, 2000) 11/21/2000
Southwest Philadelphia deli holdup leaves a robber dead (Philadelphia, November 17, 2000) 11/17/2000
Man shot after committing robbery (North Carolina, November 11, 2000) 11/17/2000
Suspect flees when clerk pulls out gun (North Carolina, November 11, 2000) 11/16/2000
How Long Does it Take to Die? by Robert Waters 11/16/2000
77-year-old Los Angeles Man Shoots Prowler after Being Fired Upon (California, November 12, 2000) 11/14/2000
North Carolina Resident Shoots Intruder (Cleveland County, NC October 28, 2000) 10/30/2000
Pizza man holds suspect at bay until cops arrive (Clarksdale, Mississippi October 29, 2000) 10/29/2000
Brooklyn Store Owner Shoots Two Armed Robbers (Brooklyn, NY October 9, 2000) 10/29/2000
Revolver thwarts robbery (Florida, October 22, 2000) 10/22/2000
Gun-toting attorney foils burglary (Kentucky, October 21, 2000) 10/21/2000
Store clerk fatally shoots robber (St. Louis, October 17, 2000) 10/19/2000
Armed Citizens Stop Man from Killing Neighbors with His Car (Florida, October 13, 2000) 10/16/2000
Forgive me, for I have sinned. 10/8/2000
A Massacre We Didn't Hear About by J. Neil Schulman 10/7/2000
What Would You Do? by Robert Waters 10/6/2000
Man Shot in Sword Attack at Crystal River Pawn Dies of Wound (Florida, September 28, 2000) 10/2/2000
Homeowner likely won't face charges for shooting intruders (Colorado, September 26, 2000) 9/26/2000
Keeping Secrets 9/20/2000
Suspect Shot in Burglary Scuffle (Albuquerque, September 15, 2000) 9/18/2000
Monterey Park Man Stops Home Invasion (California, September 16, 2000) 9/18/2000
The Blank Tape by Robert A. Waters 9/12/2000
Carjack victim kills attacker near Oakland Park (Florida, July 4, 2000) 9/3/2000
Robber dead, 2 hurt in home invasion (Miami, FL, September 2, 2000) 9/2/2000
Man armed with BB gun killed in robbery attempt (Columbia, SC, September 1, 2000) 9/2/2000
"An Extraordinarily Gruesome Case," or Why Everyone Needs a Gun by Robert Waters 8/30/2000
Home Invasion Arrests: One Citizen Stops 4 Criminals (Salt Lake City, 8/22/2000) 8/22/2000
Self-defense cited in highway shooting (Charlotte, NC, 8/21/2000) 8/21/2000
Police: shooter acted in self-defense (Philly, 8-3-2000) 8/20/2000
Man fatally shot an intruder in self-defense (Ohio, 8/12/2000) 8/20/2000
Armed Citizen Shoots Felon Who was Out on Bond (Florida, 8/18/2000) 8/19/2000
How to Stop an Armed Rapist (a view from a different perspective) 8/15/2000
Intruder shot to death - Man had broken into ex-girlfriend's house 8/15/2000
Citizen's Arrest by Robert A. Waters 8/11/2000
Man Shot Dead Attacking Neighbor (Florida, August 9, 2000) 8/10/2000
3 Against One - Ex-cop Wins, No Shot Fired 8/3/2000
Weighing the Risks 7/30/2000
Have Gun, Will Not Fear Any More (Susan Gonzalez Story) 7/21/2000
Robbery Foiled by Armed Citizen (Altoga, Texas, July 2000) 7/21/2000
Las Vegas homeowner shoots intruder to death (July 19, 2000) 7/20/2000
Robbers Stopped When One of Four is Shot with Shotgun (Fairview, Oregon, July 19,2000) 7/19/2000
Man kills 1 intruder, injures 2nd (Parkland, Washington, June 7, 2000) 7/18/2000
One wounded, One Dead in Holdup by Kurt Amesbury, J.D. 7/13/2000
Female Accountant shoots gunman, may have saved seven lives 7/8/2000
Intruder Killed by Homeowner (Utah, May, 22, 2000) 6/29/2000
Dayton (OH) restaurant owner shoots three, kills one who robbed him (Dayton, OH, June 24, 2000) 6/29/2000
Another Thug Done Gone 6/28/2000
No charges anticipated in killing of armed criminal in Philly (Philadelphia, June 17, 2000) 6/18/2000
Prosecutor puts lead in purported pilferer (Prescott, AZ, June 5, 2000) 6/6/2000
Store Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber (Minneapolis, June 1, 2000) 6/1/2000
Jogger shoots man who pulls knife on him (Tucson, AZ May 28, 2000) 6/1/2000
Jogger who shot attacker says he felt life was in danger (Tucson, AZ May 28, 2000) 5/31/2000
Woman shoots, injures man in Line Street home (Charleston, NC 3-29-2000) 5/27/2000
Short wait, gunfire nets suspect in burglaries (Arizona, 3-9-2000) 5/27/2000
Carjacker picks wrong guy (Georgia, 3-28-2000) 5/27/2000
Atlanta cop's wife shoots, kills intruder (3-31-2000) 5/27/2000
Armed intruder shot by former roommates (Witchita, KS 5-1-2000) 5/27/2000
My Heart is Still in My Throat by Texas Mom 5/18/2000
The Spike by Robert A. Waters 5/11/2000
Two PA Men, 75 & 80, Fend off Burglars 5/4/2000
Columbian Nuns Kill Thief 5/4/2000
A Convertible Jaunt by Charles Heller 4/28/2000
Woman Who Once Thought "Guns are Bad" Kills Would-be Rapist

7 posted on 11/22/2005 11:53:04 AM PST by CHICAGOFARMER (Right to Carry (RTC))
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8 posted on 11/22/2005 12:44:52 PM PST by CHICAGOFARMER (Right to Carry (RTC))
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To: Blood of Tyrants

If you ask the lord he will provide.

Victim of Domestic Abuse Shoots Husband (Arkansas)
KARK News ^ | November 21, 2005 | Staff

Posted on 11/22/2005 1:54:37 PM CST by DaveLoneRanger

A Little Rock man continues to recover after Police say his ex-wife took a gun and shot him in self-defense. The incident happened Monday morning at 7105 Fourche Dam Pike in Little Rock. Police say 50 year old Judy Melton shot her 50 year old ex-husband Eddie Melton. According to Little Rock Police, Melton showed up at the residence, got very angry because his ex-wife wouldn’t let him in, and then he proceeded to kick in the door, and she shot him.

Police say he has a record of domestic abuse. Just last year, Police sat he kept Judy Melton hostage for 6 hours at gunpoint.

"Mom -- didn`t want to press the charges all the way, because everything kind of blew over,” said the couple’s son Michael Melton.

Judy Melton is not facing charges at this time, but the case will be reviewed by the prosecutor.

Experts say some abusive relationships end in homicide, and it’s up to the victim to get out early.

In 2004, 14 women were killed in Little Rock, as victims of domestic abuse. This past month, 174 women in Pulaski County filed for orders of protection, because of an abusive relationship.

"That batterer is saying that they`re going to do right by you next time...and then it happens again, like they`re Doctor Jekl and Mister Hyde,” said Da’Vetta Flowers with Women and Children First.

Experts say the best thing to do in that situation is to find a shelter in your community or call the authorities.

9 posted on 11/22/2005 1:18:34 PM PST by CHICAGOFARMER (Right to Carry (RTC))
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You have me wrong. I am probably MORE pro-2A than most. Hell, I believe that ex-cons retain their RKBA just like all their other rights, which is not a popular opinion.

In many situations a gun will be used to protect a life, but in THESE PARTICULAR SITUATIONS in THIS story, it would probably make no difference as the perps lived in the homes and controlled access to the guns. Unless there was a neighbor with enough balls to intervene, there was little any family member could do.

10 posted on 11/22/2005 1:21:39 PM PST by Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

You have me wrong. I am probably MORE pro-2A than most. Hell, I believe that ex-cons retain their RKBA just like all their other rights, which is not a popular opinion.


In your mind and spirit are a true 2nd supporter. I support the concept that in 10,000 case a certain % will turn out bad for the good guy.


My point in our blogging is we must never give up the fight for the right to self defense tools. You must not live in the City of Chicago death, where you go to jail if you have gun in your home.

So for all those liberal anti gun folks out there I will not give an inch of satisfaction that guns are not a good solution for husband abuse and restraining orders. The woman maybe had a zero chance with a gun but the woman definately has zero chance without a gun. Your comments gave an edge to the anti gun crowd and that is as Coach MIke Dika say today kick ass and take name new book never give up.

I figured you were progun but the message in the blog was mixed.

11 posted on 11/22/2005 1:44:20 PM PST by CHICAGOFARMER (Right to Carry (RTC))
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