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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Thirty-Four

Posted on 01/30/2006 11:59:00 PM PST by nwctwx

Image Created By : TheCabal
Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat
Thread Thirty-Four (Index)
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The Threat Matrix

The title refers to a daily report given to the president of the United States detailing the most serious terrorist threats against the country. To tackle those threats, the government has formed a top-notch task force to infiltrate the terror cells and cut off the danger.

"Every morning, the president receives a list of the top ten terrorist threats - this list is known as the threat matrix."

We here at FR are trying to be in conjunction with the daily reports around the world that involve threats. We try to provide a storehouse of information that takes hours of research.

YOU be the judge and get informed!
Threat Matrix - Daily Terrorism Threat
Threat Matrix: U.S. Terrorism
Zawahiri appears close to Al-Qaeda
Full Story

Washington - Ayman al-Zawahiri's ability to produce a video-taped message soon after escaping a US air strike suggests he is in close touch with al-Qaeda's propaganda arm, a US counter-terrorism official said on Monday.

The official noted that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden used audiotape to communicate his own latest message earlier this month, while Zawahiri was able to quickly disseminate a videotape of himself.

"That would suggest that bin Laden is in a more isolated location," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Internet Mujahideen Analyze the Latest Bin Laden Audio Tape
al-Qaida tapes seen as tip on timing of future attacks
The Terrorist Threat to the Turin Olympic Games

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat."
Threat Matrix HTML designed by: Ian Livingston

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: gwot; islamists; jihad; terror; terrorism; threat; threatmatrix
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Usama bin Laden Audio - 01/19/06
Ayman al Zawahri Video - 01/30/06
Free Republic Threat Matrix
Image Created by TM'er RepublicanArmy
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-Miscellaneous Threat Matrix Related Information-
Related Discussion
We are interested in the sites/articles etc that connect the dots, show money exchanging hands or businesses etc. We know the type of sleuthing/researching we've been doing but need to make it understandable so all our friends know where we have been and where we are going.
A working area for the discussion of information related to the war on terror, including news reports, threat analysis, and situation assessment.

Recommended Reading
The West's Last Chance
Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?

"Profiling" is just another way to say, "using common sense and good judgment."
From TM'er and Freeper ~Judith Anne~

Being prepared is a good thing, no matter where one lives; no matter what alert level we are on.
From TM'er and Freeper ~Cindy~
"No matter where you live in the world, this is a message that bears repeating:
Your assistance is needed to prevent terrorist acts."

From TM'er and Freeper ~appalachian_dweller~
Intelligence is the best weapon against terrorism.
National Commission on Terrorism: 1999

Click here to send a message to the troops!

"America Supports You" spotlights what Americans are doing in support of the military all across the land, encourages others to thank the troops and allows all to tell their stories by giving voice and visibility to their efforts.

1 posted on 01/30/2006 11:59:07 PM PST by nwctwx
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To: nwctwx

"Threat Matrix is a politically incorrect zone"
From TM'er and Freeper ~Oorang~

Threat Matrix : Code of Conduct
Please pay close attention:

There will be NO bashing any mods, it will be taken private or there will be NO MORE Threat Matrix !!! That comes from the top!

Please everyone here review the following rules, they are not posted just for fun, they must be adhered to!

Do lead by example - Nothing improves a forum more than posters who reason sharply, write well, and have some perspective about it all. Be one of them.

Do preview - Preview twice, post once. And, ahem, close your HTML tags before you hit the reply button.

Do keep it clean - A bruise or two between Freepers is tolerable, but refrain from abusive attacks, engaging in senseless flame wars, and using profane language. Considering the range of topics we discuss, it's hard to be a family site, but that's what we aim for when at all possible.

Do "take it to the Alley" - The Alley is a public chat room. A link to it is provided on the latest posts page. Invite people there if you want to talk things over or settle a score, so to speak, off site.

Do use common sense - If you read a post that sounds too good or strange to be true, it probably is.

Do stay on topic - FR has varied topics for whatever you need to say

Do keep "vanity" posts to a minimum - Free Republic is primarily a place to discuss news, articles, and editorials. Vanity posts, creations of the poster him or herself, should meet a high standard of quality before one is even considered worthy of posting.

Don't jump threads - If you get involved in an argument in one thread, it's considered poor manners to restart the previous argument in the middle of an unrelated thread.

Don't play games - Don't represent yourself as another person, create or use another screen name to avoid a revocation of posting privileges, misrepresent the site or your role in it

We cannot stress the following enough:
{{{Don't be a whiner - If you really, really find Free Republic or Threat Matrix not to your liking, let the webmaster know directly (, learn to live with it, or move along.}}}

Rules Created by: JustPiper

Contact nwctwx to be added to or removed from the Threat Matrix ping list.

2 posted on 01/30/2006 11:59:33 PM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: All; JustPiper; tubavil; thecabal; Revel; Kinetic; Donna Lee Nardo; Honestly; ExSoldier; HipShot; ..

ping to thread #34

3 posted on 01/31/2006 12:00:42 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: nwctwx




4 posted on 01/31/2006 12:01:06 AM PST by Cindy
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To: nw_arizona_granny; cibco; LikeLight; Chaos; wolf24; hummingbird; buckalfa; Aggie Mama; crabbie; ...

ping to thread #34

5 posted on 01/31/2006 12:01:35 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: All


6 posted on 01/31/2006 12:01:46 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All
ON THE NET... "MOST WANTED TERRORISTS" (View Posters. Read More...) - War On Terrorism: "SEEKING INFORMATION" (View Posters. Read More...) "TEXT: 'BIN LADEN TAPE'" (Note: Full text of the message) (Last Updated January 19, 2006) (Read More...)



"" (View Photo.) (Read More...) - News - Afghanistan ("Source: Al-Jazeera"): "ZAWAHIRI SAYS HE ESCAPED US RAID" (January 30, 2006)

REWARDS FOR "WANTED: ABU MUS'AB AL-ZARQAWI Up to $25 Million Reward" (Click Here;View Photos.) - INTERPOL MEDIA RELEASE: Lyon, France - "INTERPOL ISSUES RED NOTICE FOR AL QAEDA'S ABU MUSAB AL-ZARQAWI" (December 28, 2005) (Read More...) - "WANTED": "MUSTAFA SETMARIAM NASAR (Mustafa Sitmaryan Nassar") (Note: "Aliases: Abu Musab al-Suri, Umar Abd al-Hakim") (View Photos; Read More...) - MOST WANTED TERRORISTS - WANTED POSTER: "IMAD FAYEZ MUGNIYAH" aka "Hajj" (VIEW POSTER; Read More.)

"" (VIEW PHOTO. Click Here.) "A MOST-WANTED TERRORIST IS SPOTTED IN SYRIA" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "One of the American government's most wanted terrorists visited Syria late last week with Iran's President Ahmadinejad, according to a former Reagan administration national security official and Iran watchers on Capitol Hill.")(January 25, 2006) (Read More...) (NOTE: This url may expire.)
"" (Note: re Mugniyah) (Read More...) "SYRIA" (Read More...) - Seeking Information: "ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (ALIASES: "Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah; Abu Arif; Ja'far Al-Tayar; Jaffar Al-Tayyar; Jafar Tayar; Jaafar Al-Tayyar") (VIEW POSTER. Click Here.) - Focus: "ADAN GULSHAIR EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (Read More...)

"" "Seeking Information - Adam Yahiye Gadahn" (Read More...)

7 posted on 01/31/2006 12:02:54 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All
"Terrorists at the Gates--Did we invite them over?"
National Review ^ | 1-30-06 | Michael I. Krauss & Peter J. Pham

Posted on 01/30/2006 6:34:25 PM PST by SJackson

8 posted on 01/31/2006 12:03:48 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All; Cindy

I’m hoping to get around to redoing much of the layout of TM still…

I would like to make it less bulky up front. I was planning on doing that for TM 35, so I will probably start slowly picking it apart till we get there.

Headed to D.C. on Wednesday morning! I may be away from the computer for a time following that, I am not positive how quickly I will have internet access there. There will also be lots of exploring to do… first time living in a big city, let alone such an interesting one.

Much thanks and appreciation to everyone who continues to contribute to the threads; it’s amazing how much knowledge a relatively small group of dedicated people can bring to the table.

9 posted on 01/31/2006 12:05:14 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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Geopolitical Diary: Video Message From Al-Zawahiri
January 31, 2006 05 41 GMT

The al Qaeda leadership issued yet another communiqué on Monday, Jan. 30 -- this one obviously a recent recording -- featuring Ayman al-Zawahiri, who discusses the Jan. 13 Predator strike in Damadola, Pakistan, that is believed to have been an attempt on his life by U.S. forces. It is the fifth recording that al Qaeda has released in January alone.

The video seems to have reached the broadcast stage more speedily than other recordings by the leadership. Not only is it only 17 days removed from the air strike in question, but there are obvious references to statements made by Osama bin Laden in an audiotape that was released on Jan. 19 and a response that day by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who rejected the apparent offer of a truce and said the United States does not negotiate with terrorists. In sum, the al-Zawahiri video seems to be designed to demonstrate that the air strike, which is believed to have killed four senior al Qaeda operatives, has not damaged the group as a whole. And as is often the case, his comments are made with more than one audience in mind.

The recent date of the recording is indicated when al-Zawahiri refers to both Cheney's rejoinder on the truce offer and statements made by bin Laden: "Your leaders responded to the initiative of Sheikh Osama, may God protect him, by saying they don't negotiate with terrorists and that they are winning the war on terror. I tell them: You liars, greedy war mongers, who is pulling out from Iraq and Afghanistan? Us or you? Whose soldiers are committing suicide because of despair? Us or you?"

In this and other messages, al Qaeda -- which recognizes the likelihood of a drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq later this year -- is attempting to set the stage to project its own victory. However, this stance seems to be predicated on the assumption that the insurgents -- jihadists as well as Sunni nationalists -- will still be in place after the drawdown, and neither al-Zawahiri nor bin Laden seem to have figured in the likelihood that 40,000 U.S. troops would remain in-country even after the drawdown. That said, the end game in this case is about shaping perceptions -- not necessarily bringing about an actual jihadist victory.

From al Qaeda's viewpoint, the ideal outcome would be a repeat of 1989 Afghanistan: forcing a superpower to pull out of a Muslim country and leaving its weak client regime to defend itself against Islamist forces. The domestic situation in Iraq, however, is nothing like that in Afghanistan 15 years ago, nor is the international configuration. The best the jihadists really can hope for is that they can wreak sufficient havoc in Iraq to create the perception that it was the jihadists' patience and resilience that eventually forced the U.S. occupiers to pull out. If successful, that would boost the jihadists' morale and could improve their standing among a significant cross-section in the Muslim world -- especially at a time when the jihadist movement as a whole appears to be in decline.

Much as bin Laden did in his own recent release, al-Zawahiri touches on the morale of the American public and apparently tries to inflame anti-war sentiment, referring to President George W. Bush as "Butcher of Washington" and "a curse on your own nation." Addressing the American people directly, he adds: "Bush and his gang are shedding your blood and wasting your money in frustrated adventures." He also reminds them that bin Laden "offered you a decent exit from your dilemma," which was rejected by leaders "who are keen to accumulate wealth."

"If the Pentagon calls to tell you that your son is coming home in a coffin, then remember George Bush," he says.

It has become clear by now that the jihadists are powerless to halt the political process in either Afghanistan or Iraq, and al Qaeda recognizes that it would be in no position to take over either state even in the absence of U.S. or coalition forces. Because al Qaeda's calls to jihad resonate with only a small subset within the Muslim world, its best hope is to dig in and outlast the United States.

The battle for al Qaeda is now on the field of public perceptions.

10 posted on 01/31/2006 12:07:40 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: nwctwx

You take care of yourself.
I'll pray for you.

Look at extended stay plans --usually the most inexpensive, but still clean.
Mariotts is pretty good.

11 posted on 01/31/2006 12:08:03 AM PST by Cindy
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To: nwctwx

Jihad propaganda spewed by evil men (Zawahiri, UBL, Zarqawi, etc....)

12 posted on 01/31/2006 12:09:55 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All,2933,183243,00.html

"Kidnapped U.S. Journalist in New Videotape"
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
CAIRO, Egypt

13 posted on 01/31/2006 12:11:40 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Thanks Cindy.

I'll actually be staying with a friend who is a lawyer in DC till I get into a job and find my own place to live. He's right near the zoo, has a house, etc. I'm probably going to spend the first week visiting the museums and monuments, it's been a while since I have been there.

14 posted on 01/31/2006 12:13:03 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: nwctwx

Thank you, Ian.

Are you in Washington yet?

15 posted on 01/31/2006 12:13:37 AM PST by Rushmore Rocks
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To: nwctwx

Hey, that's great.
Glad you are staying with a friend.

Watch out for agressive pan handlers.
Don't be walking alone in DC in isolated
areas or at night.

Smiling...but I'm sure you probably know
that already.

16 posted on 01/31/2006 12:14:53 AM PST by Cindy
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To: nwctwx

Nevermind, post #9 answered my question.

Good luck and God speed.

17 posted on 01/31/2006 12:15:17 AM PST by Rushmore Rocks
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To: Rushmore Rocks

Thanks. :)

18 posted on 01/31/2006 12:17:52 AM PST by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: nwctwx; All

19 posted on 01/31/2006 12:23:42 AM PST by Cindy
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To: nwctwx; All
THE COUNTERTERRORISM BLOG: "JIHADIS ARE INDEED TARGETING FRENCH PLANES" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Finally, Abu Itya acknowledged that he convinced Al Din to target the US rather than France. But at this point, Al Din did not confirm.") -Posted by Olivier Guitta (January 14, 2006) (Read More...)

20 posted on 01/31/2006 12:24:27 AM PST by Cindy
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