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To: cicero's_son
Pollard was an information broker--Israel was trading on its relationship of trust with the US in exchange for favors from Russia (and others).

"Broker"? Don't "brokers" sell more than one item in their career? Pollard gave Israel information to which she was entitled under the 1983 memorandum of understanding, exactly once. The FBI's own investigation concluded that Pollard was not acting for profit.

14 posted on 03/20/2006 8:24:40 AM PST by Shalom Israel (There's a reason cows ain't extinct.)
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To: Shalom Israel
Pollard gave Israel information to which she was entitled under the 1983 memorandum of understanding, exactly once.

How could you possibly know that, when the basic issue under consideration in this case before the U.S. Supreme Court was that the U.S. government did not want to publicly to reveal all of the information Pollard provided to Israel?

23 posted on 03/20/2006 8:49:12 AM PST by Alberta's Child
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To: Shalom Israel
Pollard gave Israel information to which she was entitled under the 1983 memorandum of understanding,

Er... who makes that decision, under the MOU -- hint: it's wasn't Jonathan Pollard, exactly once.

You're lying. Try this, from Time: "one document Pollard is believed to have slipped to the Israelis -- thought to have landed in Soviet hands, albeit unintentionally -- was a huge National Security Agency compendium of frequencies used by foreign military and intelligence services. Gathering this information cost the U.S. billions of dollars, but Pollard rendered it useless."

How about this, from a pro-Pollard Jewish writer: "His guilt is not in doubt.... He checked 7 brief-cases of documents out of a a Pentagon library, brought them to a safe house to be photographed by his Israeli case officers and then returned them."

From further down in the above-cited Epstein document: "one target of Pollard espionage was the data that the US had obtained about Saddam Hussein's biological warfare capability."

Via Epstein, the prosecutor, DiGenova, speaks: "It is absolutely indefensible from either a legal or humanitarian standpoint to grant clemency to him".

A series of reports by Stephen Green in the Christian Science Monitor are not available without paying the CSM archive. Here's a sample of one.

SOON after Pollard's arrest in November 1985, his Defense Investigative Service and FBI interrogators became convinced that much if not most of the "take" in fact had nothing to do with Israel's essential national security interests. This worried the US government even more than the incredible amount of documents involved, approximately 850,O0O pages - or even the classification level, well over half of it was TOP SECRET or higher. The problem was essentially this, The Defense Investigative Service and the FBI knew from lists hidden in Pollard's desk that he had been very specifically tasked. That is, his Israeli handlers had developed intelligence requirements for particular documents, by name and number. Initially, this indicated the possibility of another agent - the infamous "Mr. X" - who was pointing the operation toward the documents Pollard was to steal. In a polygraph interrogation, however, Pollard confirmed what US defense officials already suspected: One of the first documents he'd been asked to take was a huge compendium of current classified military documents which is updated every three months. This lists and describes tens of thousands of documents - a virtual road map for Pollard's handlers. No need for Mr. X.

So what Pollard took was exactly what the Israelis wanted. But what did they want? The initial shock came when the FBI analyzed the 25 documents found in a suitcase Anne Pollard had removed from their apartment on her husband's instructions, after he was first questioned at the Pentagon. Many of them were classified TOP SECRET, and virtually all dealt with US weapons and military capabilities. The question "Is there a Mr. X?" had pretty well been answered. Now there was a new question: "Why do the Israelis want this stuff"

Senior defense officials and FBI counterespionage agents who have reviewed the Pollard debriefing transcripts confirm this is still a major focus of the investigation. The transcripts, together with computer records at the Defense Intelligence Agency (and within the agency, at the Defense Intelligence College), where Pollard gained access to many of the stolen documents, have subsequently revealed that much of the operation's take had nothing to do with the Middle East at all - it contained details of US and Soviet intelligence, communications and military capabilities. This included, according to the government's Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing, "details about US ship positions, aircraft stations, tactics, and training operations." Much of this material could have been of interest to only one country - the Soviet Union.

This concern was heightened when, during the Pollard investigation, a Soviet defector in US hands revealed that in addition to the two Soviet spies serving prison terms in Israel (Shabtai Kalmanovitch and Marcus Klingberg), there was a third who had not been caught. He was well placed in the Defense Ministry, and still "active." Quite possibly, secrets Pollard sent to Israel were passed on to Moscow, whether or not that had been intended.

The FBI's own investigation concluded that Pollard was not acting for profit

That's a complete fabrication on your part, and you won't get away with it here. Pollard had shopped his access to two other foreign powers that he thought would pay him more, before trying the Israelis. Both turned him down, fearing a walk-in like Pollard would be a trap. This "great Jewish patriot" was actually a traitor to his own nation, and Israel was only his third choice!

His only motivation (Of course, since then, he and Anne have been made wealthy by the support of the Israeli government -- no doubt, to encourage other traitors still working against the USA).

In the sentencing memorandum at Pollard's trial, AUSA Leeper "said that Pollard was known to have received fifty thousand dollars in cash from his Israeli handlers and to have been told that thirty thousand more would be deposited annually in a foreign bank account. Pollard had made a commitment to spy for at least ten years, the memorandum alleged, and "stood to receive an additional five hundred and forty thousand dollars ($540,000) over the expected life of the conspiracy." source.

One more source, again from a generally pro-Israeli Jewish author, who concludes: "Pollard is no Jewish patriot. He is a traitor who sold out his country, and fellow intelligence officers, for money, then claimed he was being persecuted by anti-Semites.

Victim he is not. To the contrary, Pollard is a poster boy for anti-Semitism. His treason unfairly exposes all American Jews to hate, and accusations of doubtful loyalty.

Jonathan Pollard is a traitor of the worst kind - not a second Dreyfus - and should stay in prison."

I really can't add to that. A lot of well-meaning people have been misled by the lies and spin emanating from the Pollard camp. Once in crowbar motel, Pollard reinvented himself as this great Jew, ditched the goyische wife that he sucked into his spy world (she was serving her own sentence at the time), and married an Orthodox woman, Esther, who's now his conduit to his paymasters in Jerusalem. But when he went to prison, Pollard didn't stand for anything but Jonathan Pollard.

His case officers are gonna have to wait to see him in hell for that final debriefing that they want so badly. Cause he's going to die in prison.


Criminal Number 18F

60 posted on 03/20/2006 11:47:44 AM PST by Criminal Number 18F (The difference between Benedict Arnold and Jonathan Pollard? Arnold was loyal, once.)
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To: Shalom Israel
"Broker"? Don't "brokers" sell more than one item in their career?

Yes, they do. And Pollard sold at least 850,000 pages of documents, over half of which were classified Top Secret. He then agreed to a plea bargain in which he was to cooperate fully with American authorities in identifying what documents went to Israel. He then proceeded to renege on that agreement.

You are conflating Pollard's guilty plea with the entirety of his activities.

104 posted on 03/20/2006 2:09:53 PM PST by BeHoldAPaleHorse (Tagline deleted at request of moderator.)
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