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To: Hoplite; ma bell; joan; Smartass; zagor-te-nej; Lion in Winter; Honorary Serb; jb6; Incorrigible; ..

what are you talking about? The only reason that there is no violence against our troops in the Balkans, specifically Kosovo is that the Albanian mafia put the fear of God into them in 1999 and 2000. Don't even retort this as I have first hand info and reports that senior members, if you will; of the Mafia threatened the Imams if you cause trouble here we will kill you....that was direct. Secondly, there was a planned suicide bomber attack against Bondsteel, sometime either during 2003 or after....exact date I don't have at my finger tips....but, it was discovered by the use of polygraphy examiner during an interview with an Albanian terrorist. I know this because I personally interviews the examiner after he left Kosovo. Don't even retort, you are wrong before you begin.

From an official assessment I submitted;

"“Calming him down was of no use. Trying to make him understand that the religion of Islam is not inimical to Christianity in its central tenets was an exercise in futility. Reading to him the treaties signed by Abu Bakr and the Christian leaders in Jerusalem and Damascus, centuries-old treaties which promised the Christians that they would be free to practice their religion without fear fell on deaf ears.”

***** Comment: When I read this I also agreed, until I came to the word “Abu Bakr”. Then, reflecting back on my previous career in anti-terrorism, I remembered the following connections. I found this very interesting. First of all Islamic extremists met the outbreak of hostilities in Kosmet in 1998 with readiness and eager to fight. In part to and helped by the Clinton Administration by bringing them there, they were joined in a web of Islamic “humanitarian organizations” that had begun to appear in the Balkans in 1992 and were gathered around the strategy of the radical Islamic project of building an Islamic state, extending from Tirana to Sarajevo.

Now, It is known that the first instructors to train OVK [the Albanian initials for the ‘Kosovo Liberation Army,’ or KLA] terrorists arrived in the Drenica region in the early spring of 1998. They were: Abu Abdurahman Eimani, a Syrian who commanded the mujahidin camp in Bosinjak during the Bosnian war; Camel Larmani, an Algerian, a representative of the Igasa Islamic organization and a warrior who arrived from the barracks in Konjic [Bosnia-Herzegovina]; and Abu Hamza (Hamsa Husamedin), a Palestinian who worked as a logician in the transfer of mujahidin from B-H to the territory of Kosovo-Metohija. Sources emphasized that the jihad instructors did not come to Kosovo by chance. They were invited by Ekrem Avdiu, an Albanian and a mujahidin veteran, who had fought in the Tesanj [Bosnia-Herzegovian] brigade. He traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1997 and, upon returning to Bosnia, renewed contacts with people in the Muslim Brotherhood religious terrorist organization (closely connected with Bin Ladin), as well as with Adnan Pez, of the Zenica Active Islamic Youth. In May 1998, together with Spend Kopriva and Muhamed Avdiu, EKREM AVDIU FORMED THE FIRST MUJAHIDIN TERRORIST DETACHMENT IN KOSMET, THE “ABU BEKIR SIDIK” DETACHMENT.

There were 210 mujahidin in this unit, and its headquarters was in Donji Prekaz, in the Drenica region. In addition to Albanians, this formation of seven groups included separate groups of mujahidin from Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Albania, and B-H, and a former member of the Bosnian El Mujahidin detachment, Abu Ismailj, commanded them. This mujahidin unit from Donji Prekaz cooperated closely with KLA commanders Adem Jasari, Sami Dustaku and Sulejman Seljimi. Shortly after the formation of the first mujahidin unit, a second mujahidin group started out from Albania toward Kosovo. On the night of 18-19 July [1998], that group had the “misfortune” of “meeting” a patrol of Yugoslav Army border units on Mt. Prokletije, near Djerovica, resulting in an armed clash, in which perished six mujahidin from Yemen, five from Saudi Arabia, and three from Macedonia, as well as their commander, Alija Ribit, from the village of Crnolice near Presevo. This group was supposed to have been commanded by a lieutenant colonel from the Iraqi army, Nuri Salif Muhamed, who attempted to enter Kosovo from the other side, from Serbia, but members of the MUP [Interior Ministry] of Serbia arrested him in time, in the village of Resen, near Bosilegrad. Sources stated, the Aden Abijan-Islamic Army terrorist group was also formed and acted during and after the war in Kosovo-Metohija; its general staff was in the village of Gornji Makres, near Kosovska Kamenica. The leaders of this group were Abu Al Hasan and, later, Hafet Ajadi, who disappeared on 17 January 2001. Also active in Kosmet, since June 1999, is the Abu Sajafa terrorist group, which has branches throughout Kosmet and in Albania and Macedonia, and which, according to intelligence information, has 160 fighters led by Khadafi Janjahani and Jusef Muhamed Khan. The fourth group of terrorists active in Kosovo and Macedonia, and who came from Bosnia, is the Maktab Al Kidame group, which was founded by Usama Bin Ladin, and which has a military intelligence wing and a financial wing, and closely cooperates with the B-H AID [Agency for Investigation and Documentation] intelligence service.
With the transfer of war conflicts onto the soil of Macedonia, in February 2001, Usama Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida founded two new mujahidin organizations, which act in the framework of the Albanian Islamic Front for the Balkans. Muhamed Hadafan Gamili commands the military wing of this organization, and Sheik Ahmed Ali Sedan leads its political wing. Otherwise, the Republic of Macedonia became an important transit point of mujahidin toward Bosnia in 1992, and since that time they have had a strong
center in the Gazi Baba section of Skopje. Through this organization, for example, aid is “distributed” to the Albanian population by humanitarians in the Mother Teresa and El Halil organizations, whose secretary, Bedri Sehapi, is president of the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia.


“Albanian terrorists opened automatic gun fire on August 13 on a group of children bathing in the Bistrica River near Gorazdevac. Ivan Jovovic (20) and Pantelija Dakic (10) were killed in the attack. Six other children were seriously wounded. Bogdan Bukumiric (15) spent six days in a coma and his life was barely saved by the physicians of the Medical Military Academy in Belgrade.”

Nexhmedin Laushi, also known as Musa, was the the organizer and direct perpetrator of the Serb children in Gorazdevac on August 13, 2002 or 2003. Intelligence data suggests that Nexhmedin Laushi headed the
extremist organization "Abu Bakr Sadiq" in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, which strong evidence suggests has strong ties with the infamous al-Qaida. Musa's chief associate in this organization is a certain Ekrem Avdija, whom evidence also links to participation in the crime in Gorazdevac.

In addition, several hundred Mujaheddin financed by bin Laden in Kosovo and Metohija - Who committed the crime in Gorazdevac. The headquarters of this unit of 110 Mujaheddin was formerly in Donji Prekaz. With funding from Saudi Arabia, a well-equipped terrorist training center for Albanians was founded, who were then promoted into Mujaheddin. In the frame of this group is especially active group "Abu Bekir Sadik" whose members were arrested and sentenced in 1998, and later on released.

Other reports researched named among the terrorist are also ex commandants of operative zone Salja,like Rahmana Rame. In terrorist group in southern Mitrovica, among the other are: Ekrem Avdiju, Adem Avdiju, Ismet Avdiju,

Other reports from sources I know stated in London that directions were coming from high up in the Bosnian Islamic community to build more what we call 'Arsenal mosques' in Macedonia- this is the kind that has a lower floor beneath the main floor, for preaching fundamentalism, storing weapons. This was also done in Labunishta in the 2001 war. They are also used for hiding people (note this was the purpose for Abu Hamza's Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, 7 SIsters Road, where a few years ago they found some illegals including 1 or 2 Albs cowering in the Basement

I contacted one of my sources and his response was …….“There is ongoing investigation and I cannot answer if the arrested are members of the terrorist group Abu Kabir”, concerning the question that there are some rumors that the two arrested Albanians are members of the mentioned organization, which is connected with Al-Qaida. There are some speculations in Prishtina that Abu Kabir is a branch of Al-Qaida and operates in Kosovo in order to ethnically clean this region.

The OVK was financed by members of the Albanian diaspora (Florin Krasnici, a US citizen of Albanians descent who lives in New York, which he conceded publicly on CBS) and also by members of the Albanian mafia in the United States and European countries. Information exists that Al-Qa'idah had sent financial aid and organized the arrival of mujahedin from Islamic countries in Kosmet. The mojahedin unit that operated as part of the OVK in the area of Drenica was called "Abu Bekir." The United States had initially declared the OVK to be a terrorist organization and blacklisted it. It later changed its position and even started aiding the OVK. When Kosmet Albanians fled to Albania and Macedonia in the spring of 1999, during the NATO bombings, the OVK members had enough time to store most of their weapons in hiding places.

NOTE: 7 November 00 – It was reported to myself by a Sudanese UNV that a UNV (United Nations Volunteer) coordinator named Saif Ali MUSA was conducting meetings with various mosque’s in the Pristina and Gnjilane areas. Reported was that Mr. MUSA was preaching for Muslims to join a Jihad against non-Muslims. The Sudanese UNV’s are also in fear of returning to their homeland due to possible reports by this individual to the Sudanese religious leaders. He is from the Kyoto University, Ph.D candidate, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies. He was also based at Pristina at this time.

One little tidbit of information....

I know that a letter was written from an official agency in Belgrade to the Principal Deputy of the Special Representative of the Secretary General......during the month of August, basically implying that the organization "Abu Benir Sidik" might be implicated in the attack against the patrons in Dolce Vita cafe in Mitrovica, you know the grenade attack against the Serbs and internationals having a cup of coffee. Speculation is that this was supposed to draw fire to instigate another incident in order to PROVOKE the Albanians to riot and thus cause the UN and Peacekeepers to enter North Mitrovica giving them access to opppppppsssss, head off the partitioning and make it part of Independent Kosovo. We have no business provoking anything there in the near future......and need to stop screwing around. The Serbs won't put up with this crap........

I don't blame them. Leave the sh$@t alone!!!!!!!

Hamas link probed in UN Kosovo shooting, says official

PRISTINA, KOSOVO, April 24, 2004 (AP) - Authorities are investigating whether a Jordanian U.N.
policeman who killed three U.S. corrections officers in a gunbattle at a Kosovo prison had links to the
Palestinian militant group Hamas, a senior NATO official said. As investigators tried to pin down Sgt.
Maj. Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim Ali's motive, a clearer picture of the April 17 attack emerged this week.

Witnesses, U.N. officials, medical personnel and NATO officers, in interviews with the Associated
Press, described a scene in which the officers were trapped between a locked gate and Ali's assault
rifle. Eleven officers were wounded before the officers shot and killed Ali, a Palestinian from Jordan. No one is certain what prompted him to open fire, but a survivor said Ali was smiling during his shooting spree, a U.N. source familiar with the investigation said. The attack came three days after U.S. President George W. Bush endorsed a plan by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and back the permanence of some Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The plan rules out resettling Palestinian refugees in Israel. A senior NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that besides the investigation into any links with Hamas, authorities were examining a trip Ali took to Saudi Arabia only a month before he joined the mission in March to see if it might be connected to the attack. Jordan's government said Ali, 30, was a distinguished member of his homeland's special police unit and had been decorated for helping to ward off an attack on the Israeli Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman. The United Nations has refused to discuss details of the investigation. Much is at stake for the U.N. in the outcome of the investigation because the police mission in Kosovo, and others like it, rely on throwing together officers from member countries regardless of political philosophy. "The incident is so grave and appalling that it really calls into question the mission's integrity and unity," said Alex Anderson of the International Crisis Group, a Belgian think tank.

Like Ali, the corrections officers were new to Kosovo. They arrived just 10 days before the attack and
were part of an effort to bring professional corrections expertise into the prisons. Since the U.N. took
control of the province in 1999, the prison has been supervised by police with little specialized
training. The world body moved into Kosovo after a 78-day NATO air war was launched to stop former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's crackdown on independence-minded ethnic Albanians.

The attack began at the end of the officers' first day at work. Sharing small talk, the officers piled
into two vans and a sports utility vehicle and drove to the gate. That is when Ali opened fire. Bullets
pierced the vehicles. Kim Bigley, a prison warden, died in the driver's seat. Gary Weston pushed
another guard out of the line of fire, saving her life. Seconds later, gunshots shattered Weston's skull.

The other officers pulled their pistols and sprang for cover. An Austrian officer in one of the outlying
buildings, Andreas Pumpa, heard the shooting and ran toward it, only to run into Ali, who sprayed his
legs with gunfire. The officers exchanged fire with their attacker, who was armed with an M-16
automatic rifle. Blocked by the gate, and with buildings on either side, the officers were trapped.

"There was nothing to do but stand and fight," a U.N. official said, speaking on condition of
anonymity. "And they stood and fought." Ali mowed down a line of officers scrambling toward a wall.
One of those wounded may be paralyzed. When he had shot all those he could see, Ali paced around
the vans, searching for more victims. Inside the prison, people were confused. Several officers raced
to the exit, but rounds began to pound into the door. With the only way out blocked, they hit the

Three hundred yards away, in what the officers later called the killing zone, the U.S. citizens realized
no help was on the way. Finally, they got a break: Ali's weapon jammed. As he scrambled to clear it,
the corrections officers counterattacked, managing to get into the guard shack where Ali's four
subordinates cowered. They seized the Jordanians' weapons and attacked Ali with equal firepower: His
body took 16 rounds.

The officers were detained. Authorities suspect Ali's subordinates may have played a role because
more than 400 rounds were fired. The investigation is examining whether they fed him ammunition - so
he could keep shooting. Of the other U.S. citizens killed, Lynn Marie Williams died soon after being
taken to the nearby Serb hospital. Weston was put on life support after the shooting and sent back
to the U.S. The U.N. mission announced his death Saturday.

finally, least we forget....

Dec 7 2003

By Graham Johnson Investigations Editor

A TERRIFYING threat to Britain's security can today be revealed by the Sunday Mirror.

With the country on its highest-ever state of alert amid fears of a Christmas terror strike our investigators infiltrated a cell of Muslim extremists - and bought enough
Semtex to blow up Oxford Street and the Houses of Parliament or down 40 Lockerbie jets.

Our 13.5kg haul of Semtex - in 108 sticks - is one of the biggest ever seized from terrorists and could have potentially armed 30 suicide bombers. And chillingly the explosive, which we bought for £10,000, was of a form that
doesn't show up on metal detectors, making it much easier to smuggle into Britain. A small amount of the explosive was allegedly found here last week as police arrested more than 20 terror suspects. Posing as members of the Real IRA, we were also offered three shoulder-held missile launchers, an anti-aircraft gun, and enough machine guns, hand grenades and landmines to equip a small army.

We made our deal in Kosovo, a breeding ground for fanatics with al-Qaeda links. Our contact was the deputy commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Niam
Behljulji, known as Hulji. The group were trained by Bin Laden's men. Astonishingly, we met him under the noses of the British Army and UN forces - who remain as peacekeepers following Kosovo's bloody war with Serbia.

Hulji, is said to supply terrorists across Europe and has been accused of massacring Serbian women and children during the war.

Thought you might have some insight....

Terrorist steps to Success: One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter………

1. Target Selection (primary and secondary)

2. Site Surveillance (rookies + experts)

3. Rehearsal/Dry Run (Get Visa, Bring in Devices, observe procedures, found- reaction??)

4. Construct devices and/or methods

5. Plant Device

6. Escape

7. Exploit the Act/not to exploit the act but give support and deny responsibility.

8. Contract the Freeper named Hoplite and his close associates to support our cause.

THOUGHT you might like the update. Seriously, this crap has to stop....if we can get more to subscribe to the ABG groups...and put a halt to this. the notion that we are stopping Islam from spreading in the Balkans is rubbish. However, the catch 22 is that Islam is a distinct and specific enemy. Osama is not the radical form of Islam. He is only enforcing what the Koran already says......He is exercising the pure form of the religion right down to the letter of their malformed book.....The ones that are trying to change it as we speak are the reformist....or, are they. Osama has not hijacked Islam, he is only carrying out their sentence on the Satan directed. There you have it....

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To: tgambill
Don't even retort, you are wrong before you begin.

Well alrighty then.

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