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To: kellynla; sittnick
kellynla wrote (8 of 14 ^)
Hey, genius, don't pull some condescending Kerry BS on me.
If you spent half as much time in China as you spend on FR; you would KNOW about the Chicom atrocities occurring there to this day
And if you knew anything about international trade, economics and/or history; America has been negotiating it's geopolitical policies with other countries for decades. Does the word "embargo" ring a bell with you, genius? . While you were working on your doctorate I was killing Commies.
Well, well, what do we have here, the Pot calling the Kettle black? uh-huh, I think so.
FYI, my comments were not meant to be condescending in nature; I was only stating what should be the obvious.
So many here on FR seem to believe that US hegemony will continue on for eternity and therefore they make statements such as, "Why are will still trading with them?" as well as other comments that basically amount to, "Well, we'll just take our ball and go home" and such outlooks just aren't realistic given the current state of world affairs and a shifting in the balance of power coupled with increasing economic interdependency.
You really should give more thought when formulating comments about someone whom you know nothing about. If the "commies" you were out killing are in reference to Northern Vietnamese, not only was I NOT pursuing my PhD, I wasn't even born yet. Now while you're up there on your high-horse, I'll thank you for your service to this country. I have a great deal of respect for those (their service) who have served before me, those who served WITH me and those who continue to serve this nation in our Armed Forces.  ('re not the only one to have served this great nation).
kellynla also wrote (8 of 14 ^)
And if not for "dummies" like me; "geniuses" like you would be speaking Japanese, German, Russian or Chinese today! But don't bother to thank me for my service..."doctor?" LMAO
I wasn't the one who called you a "dummy", those were your words.
I guess you just weren't fast enough, because as Sittnick mentioned, I have spent a great deal of time living in and out of China. I speak, read and write Chinese. I've studied Chinese Foreign and Security Policy and I've dedicated a fair amount of my time to studying Chinese History as well as internal political affairs. I am well aware of the atrocities that have taken place under the communist occupation of China and though I don't consider myself an expert on China, I'd venture to say that I'm far more informed on issues pertaining to that country and its relations with the United States than you are.
kellynla further wrote: (10 of 14 ^)
and whatever time your "doctor" spent in China;
your "doctor" apparently didn't learn much...but whatever your "doctor's" "credentials"; his/her first response to a post shouldn't be condensation.
The "doctor" should learn some manners!
Why don't you take a little of your own advise there, bitter baby. If you don't welcome such responses to your posts as the one I left, perhaps you'd do better to leave your knee-jerk comments out of the title and just post the article as it was written.
Good day.

15 posted on 11/02/2006 5:02:52 PM PST by Dr. Marten (
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To: Dr. Marten
"I'd venture to say that I'm far more informed on issues pertaining to that country and its relations with the United States than you are?"

think again

"bitter baby?"

more condescension
I am not a "baby" to you or anyone else on this planet. And I am certainly not "bitter."

"When all else fails, call people condescending names when you don't have any documentation to back up your position"(Leftist Playbook)

Learn some respect for your elders and some manners before you address me again.
17 posted on 11/02/2006 5:41:06 PM PST by kellynla (Freedom of speech makes it easier to spot the idiots! Semper Fi!)
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