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Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?
vanity | April 21, 2007 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 04/21/2007 6:42:25 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

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To: ozzymandus
I intend to vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who. I’m hoping it will be a conservative, but I’ll never vote RAT.

I will have to agree with you. We have the primaries for a reason -- to weed out liberals, RINOs, closet socialists and others. But if such a candidate were to survive the primaries and with none but ourselves to blames, we still must stand behind our candidate. If Americans are expected to stand behind a president they did not vote for (in theory at least), then why shouldn't we stand behind a nominee that not all of us supported.

Agreed, the differences between Hillary and Rudy are not great but the prospect of Hillary in the oval office is just unimaginable ! It simply **CAN**NOT** be allowed to happen. I cannot emphasize this enough.

101 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:05 PM PDT by HarmlessLovableFuzzball
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To: Jim Robinson
"Do you think I'm going to bow down and accept abortionism, feminism, homosexualism, global warming, illegal alien lawbreakers, gun control, asset forfeiture, socialism, tyranny, totalitarianism, etc, etc, etc, just so some fancy New York liberal lawyer can become president from the Republican party?"

"Do you really expect me to do that?"

Hmmm... I'm goin' way out on a limb here and guessin' that you're not real likely to do that.

102 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:06 PM PDT by Nova
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To: Jim Robinson

That may be, but I damn near fear for my safety if Hillary gets elected.

103 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:12 PM PDT by infidel29 (...but sir, if my child had a fever I wouldn't go to a bureaucrat for the diagnosis.)
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To: Jim Robinson

I agree. And that’s not the only problem.

Most remember in 2000 when Jeffords jumped from the GOP and made Daschle the majority leader by one and Trent Lott the minority leader.

Then in 2002 when the dems lost big and Trent Lott became the majority Leader, Dashle was sitting in that chair in the lonely room the night they lost.

Then Lott was casted out and Frist became the majority leader. In Congress it was Delay and Pelosi.

They knew the names, they knew who Pelosi, Frist, Reid, Daschle, Hastert and Lott were and who they represented.

The difference now is this: Most Americans dont even know the name, the voice or face of the republican minority leader in the senate nor the republican in the house today.
Worse, A surprising number of politcal junkies now cannot name the two republicans in the house and senate.

UNopposed statements from Reid and Pelosi are considered to be “truth” by those who do not pay as much attention as we do. And “truth” is what they will go by when they go to vote in Nov. 2008.

Who in the republican party should be contacted about this problem? Who is responsible?

We need to cut this cancer now before it’s too late in 2008

104 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:20 PM PDT by tsowellfan
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To: Jim Robinson

"Well now, Jim, no, I really don't expect you to do that...Remember, All great change in America begins at the dinner table."

105 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:27 PM PDT by Mad_Tom_Rackham (Elections have consequences.)
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To: AZRepublican
Will FR embrace Hillary instead, removing any chance of getting another conservative on the court?

Why would a someone as liberal as Giuliani work to appoint conservatives to the court?

106 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:41 PM PDT by dragnet2
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To: Jim Robinson

The world is not divided into two monolithic blocks of people labelled “conservative” and “liberal”. It’s a continuum, and Rudy would nominate SC justices further toward the conservative end of the continuum than Hillary would. The last thing we need is SC justices who’ve bought their positions from the Clinton machine, and base their decisions on PC sociobabble like “It takes a village to raise a child”.

107 posted on 04/21/2007 7:11:44 PM PDT by GovernmentShrinker
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To: MrEdd
If I get a liberal in office who votes liberal while claiming (unchallenged) to represent the party with a conservative platform, then my voice is even more unheard than if a liberal democrat is in office. It means that conservatives will vote for anyone who claims conservatism, even if they are to the left of Hillary Clinton.

Perfect description of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
108 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:04 PM PDT by rottndog (American First, Conservative Second, Republican Increasingly Reluctantly...)
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To: Jim Robinson

You could not have spelled this out more concisely.

A President Giuliani will be no different than another President Clinton.

After all, Rudy himself said that Clinton's positions were very much like his own.

I think we should take him at his word on that.

If the GOP nominates Giuliani, it is the end of the GOP. They will join the Reform Party in political oblivion.
109 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:10 PM PDT by mkjessup (Jan 20, 2009 - "We Don't Know. Where Rudy Went. Just Glad He's Not. The President. Burma Shave.")
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To: Petronski
If the GOP nominates a pro-abortion gungrabbing liberal, they forfeit my vote, and that result is not my fault, but theirs.

Yeah but... isn't that a "vote for Hillary"? That's what I keep reading at this site.

110 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:15 PM PDT by Types_with_Fist (I'm on FReep so often that when I read an article at another site I scroll down for the comments.)
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To: Jim Robinson
OK. Hillary is a collectivist, while Rudy is not. Indeed, I would go further: were hillary to speak russian, she/it would be indistinguishable from the garden variety soviet nomenclaturists [their modus vivendi was “rules are for thee but not for me - I’m from the master race!”] - and I have seen enough of the type to speak from experience. I wouldn’t be able to say the same re Rudy, which alone - for me - suffices to make him acceptable. Given his perceived status as the strongest anti-hillary candidate, that makes him not only acceptable, but eminently deserving of support.
111 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:16 PM PDT by GSlob
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To: Spiff; pissant; narses; Reagan Man; EternalVigilance; TommyDale

enjoy the thread. I especially like post #56

112 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:33 PM PDT by flashbunny (<--- Free Anti-Rino graphics! See Rudy the Rino get exposed as a liberal with his own words!)
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To: Jim Robinson
Rudy is an enemy to the US Constitution and to conservatism and his supporters should be ashamed of themselves for promoting an enemy to the cause.
This is about principle.
This is not about party.
113 posted on 04/21/2007 7:12:34 PM PDT by Manic_Episode (Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps...)
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To: AZRepublican

If our only object was to stop HIllary, why don’t all the republicans simply switch to the democratic party and vote in the primary for John Edwards?

I’ll tell you — because there are more important things in life than “stopping hillary”. Hillary is not the problem, she is the symptom.

I get the impression some people would in fact vote for Obama, Edwards, or Gore if it would stop Hillary.

114 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:20 PM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: Godebert

Of course not. I didn’t support Arnold. But like you, I don’t reside in California and had no say in the matter. I’m just saying that the stakes weren’t nearly as high.

And Arnold did at least posture himself as a “fiscal” conservative with no previous record to prove he was lying.

Rudy doesn’t have the same luxury.

115 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:24 PM PDT by streetpreacher (What if you're wrong?)
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To: Godebert

Don’t get overly sanctimonious. Presidents nominate justices to the Supreme Court. THAT is where the conservatism counts more than any other place.

While libs give us Ginsberg and Breyer, psuedo-libs give us Stephens and Souter. There really isn’t that much difference between the four.

116 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:32 PM PDT by beancounter13
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To: Jim Robinson

Way to go Jim!

I am sick of the “I’ll vote for any Republican” contingent. Electing a RINO just means a slightly slower slide into socialism.

117 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:37 PM PDT by Straight Vermonter (Posting from deep behind the Maple Curtain)
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To: GSlob

>Unless we subscribe to radically different definitions of “socialism”<

My definition of socialism is suicide.

118 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:48 PM PDT by Paperdoll ( Duncan Hunter '08)
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To: Man50D
“...You should reconsider your support for a socialist like Guiliani....”

And I asked you to do a google on “socialist.” I will not join a third party and cause a fracture in the Republican Party. The last time that happened, we got Slick Willy and the Hildebeast. I would consider Fred Thompson IF he ever decides to run, but he’s not my ideal candidate either.

119 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:56 PM PDT by KATIE-O (Rudy Giuliani - '08 (But Only If We Want To Win!))
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To: Jim Robinson

Garde la Foi, mes amis! Nous nous sommes les sauveurs de la République! Maintenant et Toujours!
(Keep the Faith, my friends! We are the saviors of the Republic! Now and Forever!)

LonePalm, le Républicain du verre cassé (The Broken Glass Republican)

120 posted on 04/21/2007 7:13:56 PM PDT by LonePalm (Commander and Chef)
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