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Un, no thanks. “The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans.”

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How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion by Philip Atkinson
Family Security Matters ^ | 11 May 2007 | Philip Atkinson

Posted on 05/12/2007 12:19:21 PM PDT by K-oneTexas

Exclusive:  How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion
Philip Atkinson

Author: Philip Atkinson
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: May 11, 2007

The appearance of “terrorists” is in fact an unpleasant confirmation of Professor Arnold Toynbee’s 1952 prediction that barbarian war bands would attack our declining civilization. FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson offers a realistic view of our precarious predicament.


The Barbarians are Coming:

How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion


By Philip Atkinson


The Roman Wall

I was born in England, in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne which is proud of its long history, which can easily be traced back to the period of ancient Rome’s occupation of Britain. There are many vestiges of the occupation but the most famous remains are those of Hadrian’s Wall. This was a stone wall extending from the east coast to the west coast of England, built to protect the Roman occupied country south of the wall from raids by northern barbarians, or so I was taught. I have never questioned this explanation until recent events have caused me to consider another purpose for Hadrian’s Wall.


Barrier Only To Unarmed Invaders

The Roman wall would never have stopped an attacking army, unless it was manned along its whole length. But to garrison the wall in such a fashion would be to undermine the ability of the Roman army to confront a barbarian host, who would invariably outnumber them. Dispersing its soldiers along an 80-mile front could not, and was not meant to, repel a mass attack, but to overcome a problem identical to that which Western Civilization is now facing. It was erected to stop the steady stream of migrants from the barbarian-ruled areas entering the Roman Empire. And this was done because, even though the barbarians entered the Empire peacefully, they did not come to help the Roman Empire, but to exploit it. They did not want to become citizens of Rome, but to retain their own culture within the Roman community, which made them a liability to the Roman Empire.


Declining Culture Vulnerable To Parasites

The impact of the intrusion of an alien culture upon a failing culture is similar to a parasitic attack suffered by any failing creature. Though the citizens of a declining community are slowly losing their attachments to their own community, they still feel some sense of obligation towards it. It is their community, full of their own kind, which is their tribe, so regardless of their growing indifference to their society’s tradition, they still feel a concern for its welfare. Whereas migrants from alien cultures have no such concerns; they are among strangers with a different culture. These invaders have not come to improve their host’s society, but their own, at the expense of their host. Hence such invading minority communities are parasites upon their host community.


Parasitic Nature Of Invaders Initially Masked

Initially, while the invaders are present only in small numbers, they will treat their host with care and respect. The contempt they must feel about their host’s culture will be dissembled, along with their intention to exploit the wealth of their host while avoiding any demands the host may place upon them. They will naturally subscribe to those laws of the host that carry the real threat of penalty or offer profit, but only because of convenience, and not for respect for the notions underpinning those laws; while all other laws of the host community will be silently treated with contempt except in those rare instances where they match their own culture.


Incompatible Nature Of Invaders Will Eventually Be Revealed

As the invaders numbers grow so will their confidence and their own culture will start to assert itself publicly.  The invaders’ general contempt for the culture of their host will become evident and will generate resentment between the different cultures, but while this may fester and flare from time to time, the host will confirm the decaying nature of its own culture by being unable to take effective action against the invaders.


A Modern Wave Of Unarmed Invaders

In the last few decades those countries considered part of Western Civilization have become subject to an unarmed invasion by other races and cultures. The wealth and safety currently enjoyed by England, France, Germany, USA, etc., have made them desirable places to live for the poor and frightened of other countries, such as India, Pakistan, Mexico and others. While this has been true for a long time, the barriers that previously prevented the citizens of poor countries from migrating to the wealthier countries have been removed. The previous firm resistance by the citizens of the wealthier countries has been undermined by deterioration in the character of their citizens.


Invasion Flows From Vigorous To Feeble

Once the citizens of Western Civilization were determined as well as able.  Therefore, they dominated the countries occupied by weaker cultures. These subject countries became colonized— they were forced to adopt the language and culture of Western Civilization— and the superior understanding of Western civilization was promoted throughout the world, along with its peace and wealth. However as the citizens of Western Civilization became selfish, they lost their resolve, so the control exercised by Western communities declined. This allowed the colonies to recover their independence and re-assert their own culture, which inevitably obtained the poverty and misrule, which had existed before colonialism. As Western Civilization has abdicated its rule over its colonies, wealth and peace have given way to poverty and anarchy. The example of the social collapse of South Africa has been repeated all over Africa. For many citizens of these colonies, modest means enjoyed in peace have been replaced by a perilous poverty, and the only escape from this misery is to go to where wealth and peace still exist, the home countries of their erstwhile colonial rulers. The tide of influence has reversed. It is no longer flowing from, but to, Western Civilization; and instead of peace and wealth, it is poverty and anarchy that are now being spread.


Invasion Is Colonization

The result of this migration is inevitable.  The invaders take over their new homeland by sheer weight of numbers. The original manners, customs and beliefs of the destination country are slowly replaced by those of their invaders. This can be easily seen in the USA where the actual border with Mexico is slowly moving further north every year. The culture of the white Americans is being displaced by their mainly Hispanic invaders; peace and wealth created by the white American culture are being replaced by poverty and crime brought by the invaders. This represents a take-over made obvious by the replacement of the use of the English language with Spanish. Miami is now a Spanish-speaking city even though it is technically in America -- an English-speaking country.


Hadrian’s Wall in America

The Americans have naturally tried to halt this invasion but their efforts are weak and ineffectual. The easiest way into America is by walking from Mexico, where a patrolled fence has been erected as a barrier (like Hadrian’s wall). Those Mexicans who are detected crossing the barrier are merely returned to Mexico to try again. Those who cross undetected are still subject to discovery but this is an unlikely fate, and the penalty is just a return to Mexico to try again. In many cases, the enforced return can be avoided by manipulation of the law.


Mexico now colonizing the USA

Mexico is now colonizing America and imposing its language and culture on it. Though the Americans still have the strength of understanding to recognize that the Hispanic invasion should be stopped, they are unable to take the measures required to achieve this end. The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans. But the citizens of the USA recoil from such ruthless violence embracing delusion instead. They pretend that their futile defense is not folly, ignore the slow but inevitable takeover of their country and persecute anyone who tries to dispel their illusions. America has lost its ability to defend itself and must eventually be overrun by people from other cultures.


Example Of American Failure Repeated

The example of the failure of the Americans to defend themselves is being repeated by every Western country. Sharing the same lack of ruthlessness required to repel their invaders these countries now find themselves no longer a single community but a group of different communities of varying races and cultures. Even Australia, which is isolated by vast areas of ocean, is being subject to invasion, and while no single Australian city has yet been taken over, there are now parts of these cities that mimic the original homes of their invaders.


This same failure of the Western countries to defend themselves reveals how the powerful understanding once created by Western Civilization has already dissolved. The two awful signs of impending communal death -- the extinction of genius and the loss of the military spirit -- are there for all to see. The mainly selfish citizens that now comprise Western Civilization may still possess the technology discovered by genius, but they no longer have the wit or the resolution to employ it.


Colonize Or Be Colonized

The simple truth that different cultures are irreconcilable, and that one must dominate the others, means that the now impotent cultures of Western Civilization will be overrun. How a particular culture dominates, or attempts to dominate, other cultures, naturally reflects the character of that culture. The fact that the Americans refrain from killing their enemies does not mean that their enemies will refrain from killing them, as America was recently reminded. On September 11, 2001, around 3,000 people were murdered in a barbarian raid upon the USA, when the fanatical followers of an Islamic sect deliberately crashed hi-jacked passenger planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


The Barbarians Are Coming—With A New Dark Age

The World Trade Center attack is confirmation of Arnold Toynbee’s claim that the decline of a civilization means the appearance of Barbarian war-bands.  And it is clear that, in one way or another, it is only a matter of time before the increasing senility of the countries that make up the Western world, will see them succumb to invaders. The result will be the final extinction of Western Civilization, along with its wealth and power, and a return to the Dark Ages: a time when there is no human community anywhere that is sane.


#  # Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson is the British born founder of and author of A Study of Our Decline. He is a philosopher specializing in issues concerning the preservation of Western Civilization. Mr. Atkinson receives mail at

© 2003-2007 All Rights Reserved

  Note -- The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, and/or philosophy of The Family Security Foundation, Inc.


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To: K-oneTexas

Excellent read. Thanks for posting it.

21 posted on 05/12/2007 1:09:57 PM PDT by arasina (So there.)
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To: OhhTee5
It's cylical. The new invaders will eventually adopt our soft ways and become decadant, lazy, stupid and cowardly.

Then they will be invaded by a new set of barbarians. And the beat goes on.

22 posted on 05/12/2007 1:10:05 PM PDT by Donald Rumsfeld Fan (NY Times: "fake but accurate")
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To: Regulator

Just so.

China assimilated Mongol invaders because it was a strong and ancient civilization with huge numbers, and the Mongols were eventually pulled into it.

We absolutely know, from 1,500 years of history, that that will not work with Muslims. They have conquered numerous great civilizations, and destroyed ALL of them. This includes Egypt, one of the longest lasting civilizations in the world. It includes Persia, the heir of Babylon and the middle eastern cradle of civilization. It includes India, another great and long-lived civilization which only recovered after the British moved in.

Mexican and Latin American civilization is a little more of a question. As you say, they have a brutal and selfish elite, and they have been plagued for their entire history with revolution and discontent. They have never been free for more than brief periods of time. But they are still a better bet than the Muslims. Not a good bet, however. There’s only 300 years of history there rather than 1,500, but it’s definitely not encouraging.

23 posted on 05/12/2007 1:11:07 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: NormsRevenge

Marked for later...

24 posted on 05/12/2007 1:14:05 PM PDT by Czar ( StillFedUptotheTeeth@Washington)
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To: K-oneTexas

There is an alternative proposition: that what we are witnessing is a Darwinian struggle between civilization and barbarity. It would not be the first time.

The irony of such struggle is that by the time it has begun, civilization has already triumphed. And triumphed to such a point that even the barbarians realize they have lost. So it is a futile effort to turn back the clock, to reject the better way, and to prevent others choosing it over barbarism. Only the few who profit from barbarism still support it.

Civilization has also reached a point where even natural forces are much less a threat. And this may be a saving grace.

After WWII, civilization overcame two of the factors that had kept barbarity at bay, starvation and plagues. On their own, this caused a great increase in the raw numbers of peoples living in still barbaric systems. Enough so that by sheer numbers they could menace civilization, the situation we find ourselves in today.

But we are not omnipotent. Influenza and other plagues are still to a great extent beyond our reach in the barbaric parts of the world, though we can much better protect ourselves from them at home. But unchecked through evolution, many are once again becoming a dire threat.

A dire threat to barbarism. Such plagues may do in a few months what we could not accomplish in years.

As a final note, plagues tend to attack from the bottom up in society, eliminating many individuals who are unsuccessful or aberrant. Besides the sick and lame, they also pray on the mentally unbalanced and stupid.

And in doing so, it may in the long run have good implications to our society, as cursed as we are with Moonbats, wackos and lunatics of all stripes.

25 posted on 05/12/2007 1:16:13 PM PDT by Popocatapetl
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To: OhhTee5

Wow, must be nice to live in your fantasy world

Did we read the same article ?

26 posted on 05/12/2007 1:27:27 PM PDT by JZoback (Grandma Pelosi will give milk and cookies to Osama and he will be a good boy !!!)
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To: Pinkbell

Well stated!

27 posted on 05/12/2007 1:30:06 PM PDT by Frank_2001
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To: K-oneTexas


28 posted on 05/12/2007 1:41:41 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana
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To: NormsRevenge

I fear much of this is true.

29 posted on 05/12/2007 1:47:10 PM PDT by GeorgefromGeorgia
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To: Regulator
Your post is merely wishful happy talk.

Your post is BS. Equating Mexicans with Muslims because some six degrees of separation parlor game is ridiculous. Equating an influx of Spanish speaking people coming here almost entirely for personal economic reasons with the designs of Muslims that want to destroy is equally silly.

Mexicans want to enjoy the fruits of our success. They're are way too many crossing the border uncontrolled. A small minority of them have leftist leanings and harbor delusions of Aztlan. Muslims want us all dead. Big difference. Relax and have a Corona.

Where does one go to sign up for the Free Republic Anti-Hispanic Paranoics club? It sure seems to have a lot of members.

30 posted on 05/12/2007 1:58:10 PM PDT by Minn (Here is a realistic picture of the prophet: ----> ([: {()
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To: All

Great piece! He is right too. If we are not willing to do whatever it takes to preserve our Country, culture and way of life we will ultimately be dominated. We have massive amounts of people invading this country who don’t care one whit about our Constitution or Western Culture. As amatter of fact many of them are taught to hate it and how evil the white man is. The numbers are what matter and all this multicuralism crap is coming home to roost. Western Culture has no political advocates but everyone else does.

I hope he is wrong, however, about our unwillingness to protect it. I am not sure though. People are “busy” tied in to the financial system. What he is talking about will take real sacrifice and I think as a society, as he states, we are past that point. Miami and Southern Fla along with much along the border are already becoming dominated by the Hispanic/mestizo culture. What is to stop the rest of the country from eventually becoming the same? Someones culture will predominate.

31 posted on 05/12/2007 2:09:41 PM PDT by Altura Ct.
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To: K-oneTexas

32 posted on 05/12/2007 2:14:11 PM PDT by Gritty (America will not defend itself and will be overrun by people from other cultures-Philip Atkinson)
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To: Gritty


33 posted on 05/12/2007 2:39:10 PM PDT by sentis1
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To: Altura Ct.
The only real question is the US Military. We have seen in Turkey where time and again Islamic Radicals have attempted to impose religious rule only to be turned back by the more secular military. If the US military decides to take its pledge to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic seriously then all the talk of reconquista ends right there. Of course we would no longer be the America we know today. Like Cesar crossing the Rubicon there is no going back once action of that type is taken. Rome lasted for a thousand years after Cesar brought sanity to the out of control Roman Senate. And Rome's influence is still dominant in many parts of our culture today. But while SPQR would continue to decorate the eagles of the legions the Roman Republic was gone from the minute those legions stopped taking orders from politicians and started giving orders to them.
34 posted on 05/12/2007 2:45:20 PM PDT by GonzoGOP (There are millions of paranoid people in the world and they are all out to get me.)
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To: K-oneTexas


35 posted on 05/12/2007 2:51:26 PM PDT by prognostigaator
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To: K-oneTexas

When do you suppose Philip Atkinson will invade?

36 posted on 05/12/2007 3:24:24 PM PDT by GingisK
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To: OhhTee5

“OK, so how about thinking this through...let’s assume the worst, that we are invaded and taken over. Now what? The invaders have the same problems we do/did. . . . Then, we’ve assimilated them.”

How well did this logic work for the American Indians in the 1600 - 1800’s?

37 posted on 05/12/2007 3:33:41 PM PDT by live+let_live ("God is a mathematician with an eye for art.")
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To: alloysteel

Remember that the RCC saved western civ via the monesteries. They were able to preserve much from the Greeco/Roman times.

38 posted on 05/12/2007 3:38:19 PM PDT by Biggirl (A biggirl with a big heart for God's animal creation.)
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To: Minn; Dane
Where does one go to sign up for the Free Republic Anti-Hispanic Paranoics club? It sure seems to have a lot of members.

Well, hi there, Dane.

39 posted on 05/12/2007 3:43:16 PM PDT by buccaneer81 (Bob Taft has soiled the family name for the next century.)
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To: Frank_2001

Thanks! ;-)

40 posted on 05/12/2007 4:58:46 PM PDT by Pinkbell (Hunter/Thompson)
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