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The Clinton Crime Family

Posted on 08/25/2007 6:01:09 PM PDT by Dr. Marten

Bill Clinton has surrounded himself with criminals

Bill Clinton and Al Gore met with known criminals who either gave large amounts of money to the Democrats or were brought in by those giving huge sums of money to the Democrats. These people included convicted drug dealer Jorge Cabrera; a Chinese arms dealer named Wang Jun; and Grigory Lutchansky, whose company, Nordex, was on Clinton's CIA watch list and who was denied entry into Canada because he failed a background check.

There was also the appearance of foreign policy quid pro quos involving Indonesia, Paraguay, Guam, Vietnam and China. Even more disturbing are allegations of economic espionage, communist Chinese involvement in U.S. elections, and compromising U.S. national security - all in the name of helping the Democrats and securing Bill Clinton's reelection.

There were about 70 Congressional witnesses who have pled the Fifth Amendment right not to self-incriminate (or chosen to flee the country) in the Clinton-Gore dollars for political influence scam. In a round of testimony by FBI Director Louis Freeh before Congress, Rep. Dan Burton asked:
“Mr. Freeh, over 65 people have invoked the 5th Amendment or fled the country in the course of the Committee s investigation. Have you ever experienced so many unavailable witnesses in any matter in which you ve prosecuted or in which you ve been involved?”
Freeh responded: “Actually, I have.”
Burton asked: “You have? Give me, give me a rundown on that real quickly.”
Freeh: “I spent about 16 years doing organized crime cases in New York City...”

Bill Clinton and Al Gore have conspired with known criminals

Jorge Cabrera, a convicted felon from Florida, gave the DNC $20,000 and then attended a political reception in Miami at which Cabrera got his picture taken with Al Gore. Cabrera was soon invited to a December 1995 pre-Christmas event at the White House and was photographed with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. The next month in January 1996, undercover agents arrested Cabrera with three tons of Colombian cocaine. Prior to Cabrera's January arrest, he had been arrested twice on drug charges, and pleaded guilty to non-drug-related charges in both cases. Cabrera is serving a 19-year prison sentence. (The Detroit News, 2/16/97; Miami Herald, 1/19/97; The Washington Post, 10/20/96)

Charlie TrieYah Lin "Charlie" Trie, President Clinton's longtime friend and a Democratic fund-raiser, pleaded guilty to two charges in his Arkansas trial (May 21, 1999). Trie plead guilty to a felony charge of causing false statements and a misdemeanor count of making political contributions in the names of others.

It was Charlie Trie who arranged for Wang Jun, chairman of Poly Technologies Inc., an international Chinese weapons dealer, to meet with Mr. Clinton at a Democrat Party event at the White House on Feb. 6, 1996. At the time Clinton met with Wang, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Customs Service were wrapping up an investigation which caught Wang's company smuggling at least $4 million worth of 2,000 illegal AK-47 assault weapons destined for gang members in California. (The New Republic, 1/20/97; Chicago Tribune, 1/5/97; The New York Times, 12/27/96)

Kim Weissman writes in a Congress Action update on July 13, 1997,

"One of the many troubling aspects of this affair is how the cesspool of corruption which the Clintons brought to Washington can cause even the most honorable men to prostitute their principles, attempting to defend the indefensible.

John Glenn was an honorable man, a true American hero. A Marine, one of America's first astronauts, the first American to ride a rocket into earth orbit at a time when our rockets had the nasty habit of routinely blowing up in people's faces. His bravery, his patriotism, his honor were above reproach and beyond question. Until Bill Clinton came to town. And in a few short years this bona fide hero has transformed himself into nothing more than a party hack, in service to monumental presidential corruption. Once a man throws his honor on the trash heap, it can never be reclaimed. And Glenn is not alone among democrats compromising their integrity to protect Bill Clinton. As for the media, which has instituted a virtual news blackout in which live coverage is nonexistent and then whines that nobody cares, which ignores crimes, espionage, and possible treason, and shamelessly peddles the democrat line that "the system is broken", their ethics and principles in this matter are beneath contempt. As usual. The media see these hearings as their chance to enact "reform" which will enhance their power even further, and subversion of our government and treason in high office is of no interest. The integrity of our government and safety of the nation ranks below their self-aggrandizement."

Clinton's Criminal Appointees

Janet RenoAttorney General Janet Reno fabricated charges of child molestation against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, ordering the use of military equipment and the use of chemical agents against citizens of the United States. Eighty-six men, women, and children died after FBI agents used grenade launchers to mount a CS gas attack on their compound. Larry Potts—who coordinated the Waco raid and was censured for his role in the 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho, shoot-out -- was promoted to deputy director of the FBI by Reno.

With the apparent approval of President Fidel Castro, in a pre-dawn raid of the Gonzalez home in Miami, Janet Reno ordered heavily armed INS agents to storm the house and snatch the young Elian Gonzalez from his relatives there. Outside, more armed thugs fired pepper spray into the angry crowd as they took away the crying and screaming 6-year-old boy.

Snatching ElianMore than 20 federal agents arrived at the home shortly before 5 a.m., using rams on the home's chain-link fence and front door to force their way in. Inside, hiding in a closet, Elian's great-aunt and one of the fishermen who rescued Elian, Donato Dalrymple held Elian in his arms as the federal thugs told him, "give me the boy or I'll shoot you." A short time later, a woman and man brought Elian out of the home as he was screaming, "Help me! Help me! Don't take me away!" in Spanish.

This unconstitutional federal raid on a private and lawful home, seizing a person accused of nothing has been perhaps Clinton's most tyrannical acts of despotism.

Vernon JordanWashington lawyer, Clinton confidant and golfing partner, Vernon Jordan, was deposed by Ken Starr for his role in obtaining $50,000 in “consulting fees” for Webster Hubbell, between the time Hubbell left the Justice Department and entered federal prison. Starr was trying to determine if those fees were “hush money.” That money came from Revlon Corporation, where Mr. Jordan sits on the board of directors.

Jordan, at the request of Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie, had also helped Monica Lewinsky search for a new job and a lawyer after she left the White House.

Vernon Jordan's relationship with Bill Clinton goes back to a 1991 Bilderberger meeting where Clinton was introduced to the group by Jordan. The Bilderbergers arrogantly plot the subversion and silent takeover of constitutional governments everywhere. Their goal is a World Government run exclusively by their hand-picked puppets. It was shortly after attending the 1991 Bilderberger meeting, Governor Bill Clinton was selected to be the next President of the United States.

President Clinton has done a masterful job of placing "fall-guys" between himself and his administration’s indigenous corruption scandals. Independent Counsels have indicted and jailed senior administration officials for corruption, but Mr. Clinton has always maintained arms-length plausible deniability. Clinton’s defensive modus operandi: admit nothing, deny everything and make counterallegations.

Clinton administration officials indicted

Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development became the second Clinton administration official to be indicted.

The Justice Department probe began on Sept. 22, 1994, it's investigating whether Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros lied to the FBI about payments he made to his former mistress, Linda Jones. In March '95 Attorney General Janet Reno concluded HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros made yearly payments to Jones of between $42,000 and $60,000—contradicting Cisneros' claim to the FBI that his yearly payments totaled no more than $10,000. In May 1995, an independent counsel was named to investigate if the lies HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros told to the FBI constitute a felony.

On Dec. 11, 1997 a federal grand jury in Washington handed down a 21-count indictment, charging Cisneros and Jones variously with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, fraud and perjury. Evidence including 40 hours of secretly recorded telephone calls, IRS records and canceled checks suggests to prosecutors that Cisneros committed perjury and conspired with his ex-mistress and others to lie about the hush money. Those records indicate Cisneros paid Jones about $250,000 and continued to pay her after he came to Washington, including payments totaling some $40,000 prior to his interview with the FBI.

Former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy was indicted on charges he accepted illegal gifts and lied to investigators. In August, 1994 Attorney General Janet Reno asked for an independent counsel to investigate Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy for accepting gifts from companies regulated by his department. On Oct. 3, 1994, Mike Espy resigns amid charges he accepted gifts and perks barred by federal ethics laws and rules.

In Dec. 1997, Tyson Foods Inc., the nation's largest poultry processor, pleaded guilty to giving former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy more than $12,000 in illegal gifts, and agreed to pay $6 million in fines and investigative expenses.

Ultimately, Independent Counsel Smaltz s investigation of Agriculture Secretary Espy, has resulted in 14 indictments yielding 2 convictions, 3 guilty pleas, 4 acquittals, 3 companies paying enormous fines, and 3 defendants awaiting trial or retrial.

In the tenth major probe into high level Clinton appointees, the Justice Department has opened an investigation into whether or not Labor Secretary Alexis Herman was involved in a scheme of influence peddling during ‘94-’96 when she was a White House aide. The seventh independent counsel of the Clinton era will investigate influence peddling and corrupt campaign fundraising allegations against Labor Secretary Alexis Herman. In response to these allegations, President Clinton remarked, "I don t believe that for a minute."

Under investigation for overbilling clients, mail fraud and tax evasion, Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell resigned on March 14, 1994. On Dec. 6, '94 Hubbell pleads guilty and on Aug. 7, 1995 he began serving 21-month sentence for defrauding the federal government and tax evasion. A June 24, 1997 Los Angeles Times story revealed a City of Los Angeles audit found Webster Hubbell cheated Los Angeles out of almost $25,000 by lying about the consulting work he did for them.

The Justice Department began investigating Commerce Secretary Ron Brown on Feb. 19, 1995 for violation of tax and financial disclosure laws and whether he took money from people seeking to influence him. Apparently, he took bribes from almost everybody saying it is part of the way Washington works. Ron Brown was still under investigation by an Independent Counsel when he died mysteriously in a plane crash in 1996. Former Brown business associate and lover Nolanda Hill revealed on the June 18, 1997 ABC Prime time Live that deceased Cabinet Secretary Ron Brown was set to accept a $700,000 cash payoff from Vietnam in return for pushing normalized trade relations with the communist country.


On Jan. 20, 1994, an independent counsel is named to investigate the Clintons' personal, political and business finances in the 1980s, including their role in the Whitewater Development Corporation. As a result, Clinton's cronies begin to fall around him.

Former Arkansas Municipal Court Judge David Hale was indicted for defrauding the federal government by misrepresenting Capital Management's paid-in capital. David Hale pleads guilty on Mar. 22, 1994 to conspiracy and mail fraud.

Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was indicted on three felony charges of making false statements and conspiracy to defraud the United States in the Whitewater venture. Later, 11 new counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, making false statements and misapplying funds are added. When Clinton loyalist Judge Henry Woods dismisses the original three-count indictment against Gov. Tucker, independent counsel Kenneth Starr files an immediate appeal. Tucker is eventually found guilty of fraud in connection with the failed savings and loan institution and faces 10 years in prison and $500,000 in fines. After Tucker's resignation as Governor, Lt. Gov. Mike Huckabee replaced him.

Susan McDougalJim McDougalClinton's partner in the Whitewater venture, Jim McDougal, was indicted on 19 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, making false statements and false bank reports, and misapplying funds. McDougal was found guilty of fraud in connection with the failed savings and loan institution. Jim McDougal was serving his 3 year sentence for bank fraud at the Fort Worth Federal Medical Center in Texas, a facility operated by the federal Bureau of Prisons for inmates who need medical attention. Just prior to another round of testimony before Kenneth Starr's grand jury, Jim McDougal suffered a heart attack while in solitary confinement, which may have been brought on by the diuretics forced on him.

Susan McDougal was indicted on eight counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and making false statements.

Criticized for attempting to quash a Whitewater investigation at the RTC through White House liaisons, obstructing justice in the Foster suicide investigation by blocking access, removing documents, lying about his removal of documents, and by retrieving Foster's pager from Park Police, White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum resigns on Mar. 5, 1994 and is under investigation for lying to Congress.

Director of White House Administration, Patsy Thomasson, lied to Congress about the composition of the Health Care Task Force and the size of its budget and obstructed justice when she removed documents from the office of Vince Foster.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman resigned on Aug. 17, 1994 amid charges of lying to Congress in his testimony concerning Whitewater/Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) investigation.

Treasury Counsel Jean Hanson resigns on Aug. 18, 1994 amid charges that she briefed the White House on Whitewater/RTC investigation.

On Dec. 15, 1995, Former White House lawyer William Kennedy refuses to comply with Senate Whitewater Committee subpoena demanding Whitewater-related documents.

Jury selection began on June 17, 1996 in the Whitewater-related trial of Herby Branscum and Robert Hill, two Arkansas bankers indicted on charges of fraud. Prosecutors maintain Hill and Branscum funneled $7,000 to then-Gov. Bill Clinton's 1990 re-election campaign.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Harold Ickes, broke into New York Republican headquarters in 1970 but has never been indicted for this crime which was similar to what the Watergate Plumbers spent time in jail for. He also lied to Congress about his involvement in the Whitewater coverup.

Former White House Counsel, Lloyd Cutler lied to Congress and attempted to withhold vital information from Congress. He obtained a confidential Treasury report and showed it to witnesses before they testified before Congress in the Whitewater hearings. He again lied to Congress when he denied having shown testimony to witnesses. Lloyd Cutler has resigned.

Campaign Finance

In October 1996, the Clinton/Gore campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Commerce Department engaged in covering up a Democrat political fund-raising scandal.

Three former Clinton administration officials have refused to give the U.S. Congress documents subpoenaed for investigations of Democrat fund-raising -- claiming a Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. The three are: former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, former Commerce Department political appointee John Huang and Mark Middleton, a former aide to the White House chief of staff. (Associated Press, 2/28/97)

Others have fled the country to evade indictments and answering questions.

John Huang was involved in fund-raising while he was a political appointee at the Commerce Department.

EPA Administrator Carol Browner used the EPA to campaign against Republicans running on the Contract with America, an illegal use of the executive branch for political campaigning.

Senior Advisor, Bruce Lensey, as treasurer for the Clinton gubernatorial campaign in 1990, signed withdrawals from Perry County Bank, the president of which has pled guilty to conspiring to conceal these withdrawals from the IRS and FEC.


William Kennedy, David Watkins, and Patsy Thomasson was accussed of fabricating charges against White House Travel Office personnel to have the business taken over by Clinton friends. They coerced FBI and IRS agents into complicity with this scheme. Kennedy and Watkins have resigned.

Travel Office employee, Catherine Cornelius removed documents from White House Travel Office. Because those documents later became the subject of a trial against Office Director Billy Dale, that could amount to obstruction of justice.


On June 6, 1996, The Los Angeles Times reported that the White House sought confidential FBI background documents on fired White House Travel Office chief Billy Dale. The next day, the White House admits it ordered FBI files of more than 330 people, including dozens of Republican leaders, saying it was working off an "outdated list" of people who had applied for access to the White House. Eventually it is discovered that about 1,000 people's FBI files were obtained by Clinton officials.

Linda TrippOne of those people whose FBI file was obtained by the White House was Linda Tripp, who blazed onto the national scene when she released to Independent Council, Ken Starr, secretly taped conversations she had with Monica Lewinsky about the sexual conduct of the President. Tripp's connection to FBI files also include her witnessing fellow employees copying FBI files onto White House computers when she worked in the Clinton White House. (The Washington Times, 9/4/98) Tripp is also at the center of conspiracy theories involving Vince Foster’s suicide. Tripp had worked in the early Clinton administration in 1992 as executive assistant to Bernie Nussbaum, then the White House counsel. Tripp first surfaced in the original report on Foster’s death by former independent counsel Robert Fiske. Fiske said in his report, that Tripp was the last person to speak to Foster before he committed suicide. It was also Tripp who provided testimony on what happened inside Foster’s office after word of his death surfaced, again leading to questions of impropriety.

Tripp also is the original source of information regarding Kathryn Willey’s reported claim that Clinton had kissed and fondled her, claiming to be the first person to talk to Willey after she left the Oval Office.

Co-President, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton became the first first lady to testify before a grand jury when she was subpeonaed by the Whitewater grand jury.

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To: Sun
“I believe that this espionage case — the Chinese — is the worst in the history of this country"

I'm looking for Bill Richardson to be the VP nominee. He's got the China connection wired.

21 posted on 08/25/2007 6:37:05 PM PDT by llevrok (I voted for George Bush - not Jorge Arbusto.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies]

To: ladyinred
Excellent. If only the American people were aware of this we could get rid of these scum for all time. Heck, we even have Freepers who believe that unless the Republicans nominate someone that meets their approval, they'll sit out the election. They truly feel that that is morally superior to stopping Hillary. They don't care how evil Hillary is.
22 posted on 08/25/2007 6:38:54 PM PDT by Conservativegreatgrandma
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 16 | View Replies]

To: llevrok

“I’m looking for Bill Richardson to be the VP nominee. He’s got the China connection wired.”

Well it’s good that Richardson has the China connection wired, but Richardson is a proponent of partial-birth abortion, and that’s a deal breaker.

The strongest fighter against Communist China is Duncan Hunter, which is one of the reasons that I am supporting him.

23 posted on 08/25/2007 6:40:56 PM PDT by Sun (Duncan Hunter: pro-life/borders, understands Red China threat!
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To: bannie
THEY CHEAT, and the conservatives refuse to call ‘em on it.

Conservatives? What conservatives? All I see is a bunch of pandering Republicans.

It may be my impression, but sure seems like politicians are far wealthier after they leave Washington...

24 posted on 08/25/2007 6:42:18 PM PDT by mgstarr ("Some of us drink because we're not poets." Arthur (1981))
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To: bannie

Duncan Hunter, 1/25/07

“I thought that Republicans didn’t appease communists, and that’s what we did,” he said.

“Today starts the time for choosing – for every American manufacturer and laborer. You can either choose to give into China’s cheating – or you can choose to join me to enforce fair trade.”

Duncan Hunter has been on this a long time.

25 posted on 08/25/2007 6:43:08 PM PDT by Sun (Duncan Hunter: pro-life/borders, understands Red China threat!
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To: mgstarr

I bow to your wisdom.

You are so right.

26 posted on 08/25/2007 6:43:45 PM PDT by bannie
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To: Sun
I'm still watching and listening.

27 posted on 08/25/2007 6:45:16 PM PDT by bannie
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To: Sun

The most telling episode in the Clinton whitehouse saga is the pardon of Susan Rosenberg. Killer, bomber and anarchist pardoned by Bill Clinton is his final hours as president. It speaks volumes about his wife and where her heart really lies. The kin of the dead policemen did not want this woman released. Clinton told them all to stuff it. Clinton did not deserve to walk on the same side of the street as the murdered policemens kin. Shame on him and Hillary.

28 posted on 08/25/2007 6:50:58 PM PDT by oldironsides
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To: Dr. Marten
Image hosted by

OHhhh WOe is me...
why's everybody always pickin on ME???

29 posted on 08/25/2007 6:52:04 PM PDT by Chode (American Hedonist)
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To: SandRat

I think Dereliction of Duty applies to Republicans who had all of this ammunition against the sleaziest creature ever to hold the office and did nothing. Of course, there was the matter of the 700 or so, FBI files held by the couple from the nether regions.

J. Edgar Hoover survived for 40 or 50 years with everyone hating him, because he had information on everyone in Washington. It seems there were none clean enough to challenge the arch-weasel. Must still be true today.

30 posted on 08/25/2007 6:54:22 PM PDT by David Isaac (Duncan Hunter '08)
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To: bannie
THEY CHEAT, and the conservatives refuse to call ‘em on it.

Which conservatives? Are there any left? MSM? Who?

31 posted on 08/25/2007 6:54:23 PM PDT by mazza
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To: Dr. Marten
How could the Clintoons not associate with criminals?? They’re Democrats.
32 posted on 08/25/2007 7:00:25 PM PDT by vetsvette (Bring Him Back)
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To: Sun

I know I’ll probably get flamed by the FredHeads for even asking this, but didn’t then Senator Thompson chair the Senate committee investigating the transfer of US technology to the Red Chinese? And what ever became of those hearings?

33 posted on 08/25/2007 7:04:58 PM PDT by lapster
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To: oldironsides

November 29, 2004, 8:26 a.m.
Clinton’s Rosenberg Case
Before we “move on.”

By Jay Nordlinger

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article appeared in the March 19, 2001, issue of National Review.

Bill Clinton’s last days in office were busy ones; and the stomach still revolts from them.

Hours before his successor was sworn in, Clinton granted clemency to a pair of longtime terrorists from the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans. These women are less well known than the glam figures Bernadine Dohrn and Kathy Boudin, but they are deadly enough. For the last decade and a half, they have been on the roll call of the darlings of the violent Left, along with Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, and other “political” killers. Their world is unforgettably described in Peter Collier and David Horowitz’s 1989 book, Destructive Generation.

Rosenberg and Evans were the kind the authors dub “radical airheads.” These were white women, brought up in privilege, who placed themselves in the service of more unflinching killers, usually black. They were support players in the Underground: drivers of getaway cars, haulers of weapons, securers of safehouses. They let others pull the trigger, but were always faithful abettors. In the 1970s and ‘80s, Rosenberg and Evans participated in a string of armed robberies and other crimes, leaving corpses, mayhem, and fear in their wake.

The two belonged primarily to the Weather group, but all such outfits worked together, in an alliance of terror: the May 19th Communist Organization, the Black Liberation Army, the Red Guerrilla Resistance, the Republic of New Afrika, and so on. Collectively, they were known, in positively bourgeois fashion, as “The Family.”

Rosenberg — on whom we will focus — was born in 1956 and grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her father was a dentist, her mother involved with the theater. The girl attended the “progressive” Walden School and, at 17, traveled to Cuba as a member of a “youth work brigade.” In time, she left such activities for the harder action of The Family.

The Family’s most notorious crime occurred on October 20, 1981, in Nanuet, N.Y. This was the operation code-named “Big Dance.” (Details of the crime are given in John Castellucci’s 1986 book, Big Dance. Castellucci, a reporter with the Providence Journal, remains a leading authority on the case and its many actors.) The gang held up a Brink’s truck, killing a guard named Peter Paige. In flight, they killed two police officers, Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady. Brown had been the first black man admitted to the local force — a real pioneer. This fact should be remembered in light of the contention of Rosenberg et al. that they were dedicated to black people and black progress everywhere.

Rosenberg’s role in the crime was that of getaway driver and general accomplice. Four of her partners were immediately caught. At least eight others escaped, including Rosenberg herself.

Their ranks somewhat thinned, The Family continued with their robberies, bombings, and other assaults. In 1983 came their attack on the U.S. Capitol. Their bombs killed no one, but caused considerable damage and spooked the nation. A statement sent to a radio station read: “We purposely aimed our attack at the institutions of imperialist rule rather than at individual members of the ruling class. We did not choose to kill any of them this time. But their lives are not sacred.” Rosenberg, Linda Sue Evans, and five of their cohorts were indicted for the Capitol bombing. Their numerous other targets included the Naval War College, an Israeli-owned company, and a patrolmen’s benevolent association.

Relatively little is known of Rosenberg’s years as a fugitive; she has not told. We know, however, that she lived for a period in New Haven, Conn., with a fellow terrorist, Marilyn Jean Buck. Buck was known as the “quartermaster” of The Family, responsible for abundant materiel.

Law enforcement caught a break on November 29, 1984, when Rosenberg was spotted at a storage facility in Cherry Hill, N.J.: She was loading over 700 pounds of explosives into a rented bin. She also had with her an arsenal of guns, and the accouterments of her trade: The Anarchist Cookbook, Guerrilla Warfare, counterfeit police IDs. In addition, she had plans for future attacks. The explosives Rosenberg was handling were enough to destroy the entire area; she was charged with transporting them “with intent to kill and injure.” Yelled Rosenberg, as she was led away, “We’re caught, but we’re not defeated. Long live the armed struggle.”

In a tense trial, with helicopters whirring overhead and the courthouse thick with guards, Rosenberg pleaded innocent. “We are not criminals,” she said. “We are revolutionary guerrillas. We are from an armed clandestine movement within the United States.” She wore an Arafat-style headdress and lectured the court about the Middle East, Central America, and other subjects. Her claque in the courtroom cheered and whooped. When Rosenberg was convicted, she raised her fist in defiance and delivered yet more “revolutionary” speeches. It was not she who had lost, she said, but the U.S. government, which had been exposed as an enemy of the people. She asked the court to give her the maximum sentence — the better for revolutionary ferment — and got it: 58 years, for weapons possession and conspiracy. No punishment had ever been so severe in such a case. Satisifed, prosecutors declined to pursue charges relating to the Brink’s murders and the other crimes.

A couple of months later, police got another break: Marilyn Jean Buck and Linda Sue Evans, operating together, were detected and nabbed outside a diner in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. At their trial, they, too, preached revolution and waved fists. One of Evans’s slogans was “Free the land.”

These are some of the bare facts; the enormity of them is not to be missed. In June 1986, when Rosenberg and the others were safely in prison, another huge cache of explosives was discovered in New Haven, abandoned by them. It had been a close call. The explosives were leaking and dangerous when police, after evacuating the neighborhood, removed them. The Family had not intended this material for a Fourth of July display.

In prison, Rosenberg managed to keep her name before a devoted leftist public. She complained of ill treatment, and a documentary was made about her and her fellow inmates, who included other Family members (and one member of a related family: the Manson Family’s Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, who tried to kill President Ford). Rosenberg signed her letters “Venceremos, Susan.” The usual lot — William Kunstler, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Berrigan — signed petitions demanding her release. She wrote “A Poem for Mumia [Abu-Jamal],” which featured the lines: “Their message is so clear / Do not be Black / Do not be radical / Do not be a political prisoner / There is still time to / SHAKE IT LOOSE.”

In a 1990 interview, she said, “I don’t consider myself an extraordinary person at all, but I do believe that my comrades and I made extraordinary decisions.” She utterly rejected the sweet, poetic label “prisoner of conscience”: “I am not a prisoner of conscience. For all of us here, it is our political beliefs that have led us to take action that put us into antagonistic conflict with the government. My ideas led to certain actions that led to this ongoing conflict with the government.”

All the while, she was what wardens term a “model prisoner.” She got a master’s degree, developed an “AIDS curriculum,” and caused few problems. Sometimes she claimed to have renounced violence, and at other times she affirmed the “right of oppressed peoples to armed struggle.” It is possible she saw, and sees, no contradiction. Her statements have been, to say the least, confused. In the mid ‘90s, she came up for parole. She expressed a kind of regret for the explosives at Cherry Hill — the crime for which she was convicted — but denied involvement in the Brink’s robbery and her other acts of terror. Wrote U.S. attorney Mary Jo White to the parole commission, “Even if Susan Rosenberg now professes a change of heart about her pursuit of violence as a means to achieve her political objectives, the wreckage she has left in her wake is too enormous to overlook.”

But Rosenberg and her allies mounted a smooth campaign. Last December, 60 Minutes did a segment on her that was extraordinary for its softness, and soft-headedness. It left the impression that Rosenberg was basically a political leafleteer, perhaps caught up with the wrong crowd. To read a transcript of the segment, in light of the totality of the information on Rosenberg, is jaw-dropping.

Remarkable, too, was the spectacle of Susan Rosenberg mouthing legal arguments — a form of the old “popular frontism.” It was unfair, she said, that her crimes as a whole weighed on the parole commission, when she had been tried only for the particular explosives. Officials were failing their duty, she said, were being untrue to the legal system. Of course, this was the system of the very government she had given her life to destroying. She had always forsworn use of the American process as “counterrevolutionary.” Prosecutors respond, in part, that Rosenberg chose to flee rather than stand trial for — to give one example — the Brink’s robbery. And the weapons sentence was supposed to put Rosenberg away, pretty much for good.

Yet her release was a cause of the Left, and Rosenberg petitioned for presidential clemency. She must have been heartened by Clinton’s August 1999 springing of Puerto Rican terrorists in New York, Weather-like criminals she proudly acknowledged as her comrades. And the Puerto Ricans had not even asked for clemency; Clinton had simply bestowed it on them, as his wife ran for the Senate. One of those who went to bat for Rosenberg was Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who represents the Rosenberg family on the Upper West Side. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Nadler had been a key defender of Clinton’s at the time of the president’s impeachment.

On the morning of George W. Bush’s inauguration, Clinton gave Rosenberg what she wanted. He did the same for Linda Sue Evans. They walked.

When the news hit, the cries of the victims’ families were almost unbearable to hear. Their incomprehension at what the president had done was heartbreaking. They were not unforgiving people, they said; rather, Rosenberg — to stick with the chief figure — had not shown any remorse for what had happened to them. She had never said she was sorry, never owned up to any responsibility. One victim’s widow said, “I never believed in my heart Clinton would do this. After Oklahoma City, how could you pardon anybody who was caught in this country with weapons of mass destruction?”

New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who, as a U.S. attorney, had prosecuted the Brink’s case, said, “I’m shocked.” The city’s police commissioner, Bernard Kerik, who had also dealt with Rosenberg, said, “It sickens me.” Even Hillary Clinton’s fellow senator from New York, Democrat Charles Schumer, denounced Clinton’s action.

Rosenberg, for her part, returned to her parents’ apartment on West 90th Street. She rode out to Coney Island to see the ocean. In a radio interview, she said — blandly, passively, self-absolvingly — “It was an extreme time.” No, it was not. She was extreme in it. And she knew exactly what she was doing, embraced a choice, on a kind of principle. David Horowitz put it neatly the other day: “That’s radicals for you: They declare war on you, arm themselves, make bombs, and kill people, but when you catch them, they’re just idealists, and they feel persecuted. I’m sure that’s Rosenberg’s mentality today.”

A passage from his and Peter Collier’s book applies here. It has a Weatherman, after years of crime, rejoining society and marveling, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird — America is a great country.”

* * *

34 posted on 08/25/2007 7:17:57 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (Fair dinkum!)
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To: Dr. Marten

this is news?

35 posted on 08/25/2007 7:28:00 PM PDT by RDTF (Republicans believe every day is July 4th, but Democrats believe every day is April 15th. - Reagan)
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To: Jeff Head


36 posted on 08/25/2007 7:31:14 PM PDT by Dr. Marten (
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To: Dr. Marten


37 posted on 08/25/2007 7:32:10 PM PDT by IrishCatholic (No local communist or socialist party chapter? Join the Democrats, it's the same thing.)
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To: Dr. Marten

For a minute I thought Alamo Girl was back!

38 posted on 08/25/2007 7:44:31 PM PDT by nygoose
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To: Dr. Marten
Certainly, any article titled "The Clinton Crime Family" should include mention of the Clinton Body Count, that list of individuals unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with Clintons and who died young under suspicious circumstances.

One can say with absolute certainty that all credible circumstantial, physical, and forensic evidence in the Vincent Foster case points to homicide, including the specifics of a multi-pronged cover-up involving the Clinton White House and and several compromised law enforcement figures.

39 posted on 08/25/2007 7:50:33 PM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: Dr. Marten
A “good” Democrat means having a good relationship with the criminal underworld. JFK wouldn't go along with his crime family, and we know how that turned out.

When I was young and dumb I let a mob hit man stay at my house for the summer. Then Jesus said, “Son, I got a different path for you to go down.”

40 posted on 08/25/2007 7:51:03 PM PDT by HisKingdomWillAbolishSinDeath (Christ's Kingdom on Earth is the answer. What is your question?)
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