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To: Regulator
You know and understand nothing of what is happening here. It is a full scale invasion and takeover mounted by a foreign government - mainly the government of Mexico. They saw the weakness of the Baby Boom generation, and decided to exploit it.

Must be a perception thing. I don't see American voters falling over backwards to accommodate Mexico in any takeover bid. You seem to be fixated on Mexicans, and maybe your area of the country has a problem, but I don't see many illegal MEXICAN immigrants. The illegals in my area of the country are more likely from the former Soviet states, or Ireland.

Yes, Hispanic radicals made a lot of noise last year in their marches, and they got exactly NOWHERE because of it. These were the Reconquista people who I lump in the same category as the Black Power folks from the 1970's. They made a lot of noise, but their radicalism did them in. Black people made their way in society, and Spanish speaking immigrants will do the same thing, as they work their way up the economic ladder, no thanks to the blowhards in their midst.

And you can yell all you want, but not all Spanish speaking immigrants are unwilling to assimilate. Sure, they like the cultural trappings from their home country, so do the Italians and Irish who have big celebrations and parades and keep their cultures alive in their households. I'm not threatened by St. Patrick's Day parades or the Feast of San Gennaro, and Cinco de Mayo doesn't scare me either.

98 posted on 12/10/2007 9:22:47 AM PST by SuziQ
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To: SuziQ
but I don't see many illegal MEXICAN immigrants

Now that is truly an amazing statement. It validates my impression that you only see things from a northeastern perspective.

The county of Los Angeles has something over 2 million illegals. One county. And that's probably a low number. No one would dispute it, either. In fact, to Mexico, it's seen as a source of pride - they have taken over, and they know it. The Gringo can do nothing now. They smirk and laugh -- do you recall that from that "inconsequential" demonstration you saw last year? That was 500,000 people.

In California altogether it's on the order of 4 million or more. The mayor of Los Angeles is this terrorist (and I do mean that word in its literal sense): Bruin Alumni Association on Antonio Villaraigosa . How do you think he got to be Mayor of the Second Largest City in the United States? White liberals?

You minimise this? Say that you don't see many Mexican illegals? Where have you been - Norway? California and Texas will be majority Mexican within a decade - up from 4% in 1970. And for the previous 140 years. Have you ever been here, for more than a day or two?

The illegals in my area of the country are more likely from the former Soviet states, or Ireland

And is your area slated to become majority Russian soon? Вы говорите по-русски? No? Then you have no idea what is happening here.

Look up the demographics of the Los Angeles Unified School District. It's online. "Non-hispanic white" is now so small, it's in the "other" category. Seriously. The Americans are gone. You can talk all you want about "well those kids are American now too" but what does it mean to transfer a label like that to people who are simply the nationals of another country? I mean, we could go to Ecuador and label everyone "Americans" but that wouldn't make it true. And Mexico is actually even further away, because it is hostile to America, something Ecuador probably isn't.

It's over here. One of the most beautiful parts of America - Southern California - is now occupied and ruled by the citizens of another country. The remaining Americans are literally just treading water or leaving - they know what's coming. Tax hikes, language isolation (try getting a job with LAUSD or LA city / county without speaking Spanish), ethnic intimidation and preferences for their friends: they know how to do it. They've been planning it for years. The immivasion is part of that plan: get a critical mass here, make them voters any way they can (laws? we don't need no stinking laws..they can vota!)...and seize power. And wealth. They have no intention of assimilating - that's referred to as being a vendido -- literally, a sell-out.

This is what it has come to here. And you say you don't see many illegals from Mexico? Lady, that's all we see -- everywhere around us! MILLIONS, literally.

They plan to take what the Americans built. It's what they and their Spaniard ancestors do. They aren't Americans and they have no intention of being them. They'd laugh at you if you said that. Or grin, and smirk to themselves, because they just ran into another wide eyed sucker who bought the line.

107 posted on 12/10/2007 11:35:37 AM PST by Regulator
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