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Barry Obama's Fatherhood Bribe
EIB ^ | 6/16/08 | El Rushbo

Posted on 06/16/2008 2:47:54 PM PDT by pissant

RUSH: Since we're talking about Obama, he went out there and he did a Father's Day speech. It was the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Sunday morning. Don't you love all these Democrat politicians that go deliver sermons in churches? They're making a big deal out of Obama's speech, as if nobody's ever said these things before. We have a montage here of the Drive-Bys, we have Jake Tapper, we got John Roberts, Kiran Chetry, and Robin Roberts, Jeff Glor all going nuts here over Obama's speech. We've got sound bites of Obama's speech coming up.

TAPPER: It was a provocative speech. The first major party African-American presidential candidate in history took the opportunity of Father's Day to deliver some tough love to the African-American community on the black family.

JOHN ROBERTS: Barack Obama sending a message to MIA dads on Father's Day, blasting them.

CHETRY: Blasting them for abandoning their responsibilities.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Senator Obama took the opportunity on Sunday to do something a little different for Father's Day.

GLOR: If anyone was expecting a light and fluffy Father's Day message from Barack Obama, they got a big Sunday surprise.

RUSH: Now, this is something somebody's never said before? So Obama goes out there and tells black fathers, hey, stay home, bud, stay home, pal, raise your children, be a father. This is universal? Yes, it is, ladies and gentlemen, because Barack Obama is the messiah. Obama is the messiah. Now, look at what happened to Bill Cosby when he tried this. Bill Cosby was almost run out of the black race. Bill Cosby had huge problems. He was almost treated like Joe Lieberman was by the Democrats when he supported the war in Iraq. But Obama comes out and says these things and the Drive-Bys predictably go gaga as though they've never heard anybody say these things. And they may not have, by the way. Here is Obama and we have sound bites from the speech.

OBAMA: Too many fathers are MIA. Too many fathers are AWOL. They've abandoned their responsibilities. They're acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our family have suffered because of it. You and I know this is true everywhere, but nowhere is it more true than in the African-American community.

RUSH: Whew. Now, I know some of you are saying, "Rush, cut him some slack, this is a great message. This is a Democrat presidential nominee; this is a great message for the family." I don't deny that. But by no means is the messiah the first to come along and suggest this. Uh, you let my buddies at the Heritage Foundation suggest it, and they're tarred and feathered as racists. You let me suggest it, and of course I am just wallowing in yet another attempt to criticize minorities. Let Bill Cosby say it, and they accuse him of being a traitor. Let Obama say it and it's orgasmic. Oh, wow, how wonderful, what a great message, as though it's unique. Here's the next bite.

OBAMA: We need fathers to recognize their responsibility doesn't just end at conception. Any fool can have a child. It's the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.

RUSH: It's the courage to raise a child. Any fool can have a child. So he's building up here to the finale. Here's the final portion.

OBAMA: It's a responsibility to extends to Washington. We should be making it easier for fathers who make responsible choices and harder for those who avoid them.

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: We should reward fathers who pay that child support with job training and job opportunities and --

RUSH: Good Lord!

OBAMA: -- a larger earned income tax credit that can help them pay the bills.

RUSH: Good Lord!

OBAMA: We should expand programs where registered nurses visit registered, uh, visit expectant and new mothers, and we should help new families care for their children by expanding maternity and paternity leave, and we should guarantee that every worker gets more paid sick-leave so they can stay home to take care of their child without losing their income.

RUSH: See. This was all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. This was just a bribe. "Hey, look dad, after fathering that kid, get a little courage and stay home, and we'll send you some money, if you vote for me." That's how to translate what he just said, using the usual Democrat lib lingo: Reward fathers who pay child support? That's like rewarding kids who stay in school by paying them to stay in school, or by giving them cars if they're staying in school, not doing well, just staying there. Reward fathers who pay child support with job training and job opportunities? What are you saying, sir? That these fathers are deadbeats? That these fathers don't know how to get a job, that they're not educated? Is that what he's saying? Yes, it is what he's saying, and he's saying it to this congregation, and they're going, "Amen, bro." They are. We should expand programs where registered nurses visit expectant and new mothers? We should help these new families care for their children by expanding paternity and maternity -- Barack, where you been? Ever heard of the Family Medical Leave Act? We should guarantee every worker more paid sick-leave so they can stay home to take care of their child without losing their income? Pure, unadulterated -- nothing new. Nothing new from the top of this speech about responsible parenthood and fatherhood to the conclusion. This is the same old, tired, worn-out liberalism that you and I have heard all of our lives. BREAK TRANSCRIPT

RUSH: By the way, I should tell you the way the New York Times covered the Obama speech as though it was Obama's Sister Souljah moment. As you recall, Bill Clinton had his Sister Souljah moment. Sister Souljah was a black rapperette. She was out there in some kind of controversial trouble because of lyrics or something. Clinton went to a meeting of the NAALCP -- or Jesse Jackson's Monochrome Coalition, I forget which -- and just really laid into Sister Souljah. (paraphrased) "We don't need people like this. This is not productive. We don't need this," and, of course, the Reverend Jackson was sitting there in the background with his mouth wide open and can't believe what he's hearing. But the Sister Souljah moment was where Clinton reached across the aisle to white conservatives. That's what a Sister Souljah moment is, is when you bash your own side to reach across the aisle, culturally to conservatives. So the New York Times is trying to suggest that's what Obama was doing with his Father's Day speech at the church and in fact the Obama campaign in the New York Times story says (paraphrased), "Well, we were hoping. This speech was political. We were hoping this speech was heard by white conservatives to try to bridge the cultural gap here." Well, if that's the case, Obama campaign (I doubt it), you might have gotten somewhere until that close where you spelled out the biggest expansion of the federal government taking charge of families that I've ever heard. So whatever outreach you might have gained by giving a speech at a black church about black fatherhood, you blew it when you promised the federal government was going to come into everybody's house with nurses and give 'em job training and this sort of stuff. It was an absolute disaster. END TRANSCRIPT

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Rush nails it
1 posted on 06/16/2008 2:47:54 PM PDT by pissant
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To: pissant

Yet the liberals will not even see the hypocrisy with this as Barry is the chosen one!

2 posted on 06/16/2008 2:53:40 PM PDT by rocksblues (Folks we are in trouble, "Mark Levin" 03/26/08)
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To: pissant

He’s copying Bill Cosby... I’d rather vote for Cosby...

3 posted on 06/16/2008 2:57:15 PM PDT by MD_Willington_1976
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To: Nailbiter; BartMan1


4 posted on 06/16/2008 2:59:36 PM PDT by IncPen (We are but a moment's sunlight, fading in the grass ...)
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To: pissant
Barry's fool daddy left him when he was two.

5 posted on 06/16/2008 3:10:28 PM PDT by COUNTrecount
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To: pissant
From a website called,
"...speaking of hypocrisy, and the southside of chicago- and barak obama- one time i went to the bud milliken parade ( a very big event- about 6 hours long) and at one point- michelle obama appeared waving on top of an escalade, she was wearing torn jeans, a drumpled semi dirty t-shirt half tucked in and out- and her hair was crazy undone- then she made a small speech- and actually referred to barak as her "baby daddy" (not baby's daddy even you'll notice)

some of the crowd bought it- but i thought it was really over the top in the way of pandering, as i knew she was going to a state dinner that evening and can only assume her demeanor and dress would morph accordingly.

im still not on the obama bandwagon- not because i disagree with his policies- i just can't figure out what they are."

#1 Definition of "Baby Daddy", from
"Usually a broke ass black man; Who you met through a friend and had sex wit when you was upset and confused. Now you don had his baby and he dont pay child support and denies yo son ray ray. He just my baby daddy"

CNN transcript:
WOLF BLITZER: We can take a look. Maybe he will and maybe he won't but she looks like she's about to introduce him. Let's listen in.
MICHELLE OBAMA: "My baby’s daddy Barack Obama. Yeah!"

#1 Definition of "Baby's Daddy", also from
"A guy who is a lousy father, who gots one or more kids with one or more chicks and, thinks he's a pimp. And instead of takin care of the baby he goes out an finds another chick to ****. Until she too becomes just another baby's momma and he moves on. So on and so forth."

girl one: "Who is that?"
girl two: "That's my dumbass baby daddy and his dumb ho"'s+daddy

6 posted on 06/16/2008 3:12:26 PM PDT by ETL
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To: pissant
FTA: and we should guarantee that every worker gets more paid sick-leave so they can stay home to take care of their child without losing their income.

This is exactly what Rush warned us about several years ago when mandatory unpaid days off were guaranteed to workers for various reasons. Rush said that Dems would eventually push for PAID leave, and here Obama is proposing exactly that.

7 posted on 06/16/2008 3:19:40 PM PDT by DeweyCA
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To: rocksblues
Yet the liberals will not even see the hypocrisy with this as Barry is the chosen one!

Liberals. Try Bill Bennett, who sounded like this was a new testament from heaven. I tire of country club republicans who trade on the cachet of conservatism.

Something in the water on the East Coast just doesn't agree with critical judgment.

8 posted on 06/16/2008 3:32:44 PM PDT by hinckley buzzard
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To: pissant

When Bill Cosby says these things, he gets excoriated by his black brethren and by the lib media.

9 posted on 06/16/2008 3:46:11 PM PDT by Palladin (Hey, Obama--I grow my own arugula!)
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To: pissant

I only heard the first part of his speech on all the news shows. I wonder why? This guy is so dangerous.

10 posted on 06/16/2008 3:54:16 PM PDT by nobama08
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To: pissant
Rush doesn't get it. Neither does Obama.

Most of those dads have been driven out of their children's lives. The prejudice against men is so bad that the lower economic classes don't even bother to go to court.

After all, 94+% of the time the mother is going to get custody. If the father fights back: first his own attorney will sell him out; second the court will be particularly harsh on him to send a message to any other uppity dad.

How bad is it?

View the case of Martello v. Martello. Fortunatelly Mr. Martello won his appeal. However, the trial judge determined his income was $9,000/month; that his temoprary spousal support was to be $5,600/month and that his child support was to be $2,600/month. The appeals court claimed that this left his take home pay at $882/month. However, the appeals court neglected to take State taxes, Federal taxes and FICA in their analysis. Those would be about $2,600/month based on Louisiana's official 'gross to net' income conversion tables for child support.

Did the Louisiana legislature care? Nope. But they did vote to double their pay! What a bunch of xxxxxxx


11 posted on 06/16/2008 9:23:31 PM PDT by Pikachu_Dad
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To: pissant

The problem with Obama, like most Dems, refuses to pinpoint the most important SINGLE cause of the cultural degradation in much of the black community. That cause is the destruction of the 2 parent black family. The precipitate cause of this tragedy was the welfare state created by LBJ and (mostly) the DemocRAT Party. But since Barack He who must not be middle named Obama wants to extend and expand the welfare state to all of America, he is careful to avoid drawing the correct conclusions. Oh he gives lip service to the notion of personal responsibility, but is extremely careful to avoid any implication of the DemocRAT Party.
When you point out that the Democratic Party’s entire history and policies have been antithetical to the best interests of the black community, and that to the extent that a major political party is responsible for any political and civil liberty that black people have, they owe it to the Republican Party, and even when you can prove that historically and factually the most amazing case of political cognitive dissonance then occurs.

The common response is, well that may be true but only the Democrats are “for us”. They usually go on to an entirely erroneous understanding of Nixon’s Southern strategy, a distortion of Berry Goldwater’s principled opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and completely ignore the fact that the Democratic Party was founded amongst other things, to extend slavery into the territory’s. The Democratic Party opposed 13, 14, and 15th amendment to the United States Constitution, reconstruction, every bit of foundational civil rights legislation from 1866 to 1968, instituted Jim Crow in the Southern states, refused to enact antilynching laws, and most importantly destroyed the two-parent black family with Lyndon Johnson’s welfare state. When you point out the fact that the modern-day Democratic Party is home to the pro-abortion forces that have enhanced the wildly disproportionate abortion rate in the black community, that doesn’t seem to register either.

The black community is in the throes of the worst political brainwashing outside of the Soviet Union and I just don’t know what can be done about it. I am constantly engaged in debates with people in my community and they are determined to vote for Democrats despite the clear and present evidence of their utterly destructive policies. The staggeringly high level of political cognitive dissonance amongst my people is frightening.

12 posted on 06/18/2008 10:50:06 PM PDT by DMZFrank
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