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To: cc2k

Walt Minnick(D) from Idaho voting with the GOP again. I’m starting to actually like this guy. Real tell will be when a gun bill comes up for a vote.

4 posted on 02/25/2009 2:55:04 PM PST by Domandred (Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.)
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To: Domandred
Minnick is doing fine on the fiscal conservative aspect.
26 posted on 02/25/2009 4:19:08 PM PST by Myrddin
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To: Domandred

Walt Minnick(D) from Idaho voting with the GOP again. I’m starting to actually like this guy. “

Why? He’s just doing it for political survival.
He still voted for Pelosi for speaker and in the process made all his nay votes irrelevent.

The only good Democrat politician is a politically dead Democrat.

31 posted on 02/25/2009 7:13:25 PM PST by WOSG (tagline is now unemployed due to Obama economy)
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To: Domandred; Roccus; Hoodat; pleikumud; rightwingintelligentsia; Gabrial; TribalPrincess2U; ...
I appologize for the big reply.
Domandred wrote:
Walt Minnick(D) from Idaho voting with the GOP again. I’m starting to actually like this guy. Real tell will be when a gun bill comes up for a vote.
I assume you live in his district. I have two suggestions for you. First, go to his email contact page and send him a quick thank you note. Second, either call (DC office (202) 225-6611, or he has 3 offices in Idaho, see the bottom of his contact page for numbers) or fax (DC office (202) 225-3029 or his local office) and tell him thanks.

By the way, I do think he's doing the right thing for political reasons. WOSG has a valid point. Having said that, I'm not against doing everything you can to have him actually represent his district while he's in, and still supporting a Republican challenger in 2010.

Roccus wrote:
My congresscritter, Capito (R. WV), the ONLY Rep. in my state’s DC delegation, voted for this POS.

Sent this to my congresscritter

Congresswoman Capito,

Re. Omnibus Spending Bill

I would like to thank you for showing me the error of my ways with your vote on the Omnibus Spending Bill. I truly believed that there were some in DC who actually had the good of this nation at heart. I thought that you were one. I was mistaken. Your vote has proven to me that POLITICIAN is just a four letter word spelled with ten letters.

That's a great line.

And what a gerrymandered district you live in. Wow.

Did you use her web form? Or fax it? or mail it? I would suggest printing that in a short note, and mailing it with a Lipton (or Tetley or whatever's on sale) tea bag. Just do that as a follow up if you used her web form to send your message.

Good for you for contacting her, though.

Also, odd that she voted for this. She says she voted for a Congressional Pay freeze. I'm not sure if H.R. 1105 had the freeze in it. I don't think the Dems allowed any amendment. If she voted for the whole package to get the pay freeze, she really needs to have it explained to her that growing total federal spending 16% for the next six months to get a congressional pay freeze is a bad deal. Her negotiating skills need some development if she thinks she did good there.

Hoodat wrote:
They have just killed school vouchers in DC, ensuring that no poor kid in DC gets the same quality education as Obama’s kids.
Another good point that people need to include in their faxes, letters and phone calls to congress critters.
pleikumud wrote:
And the RNC is sending me emails, looking for donations. Why donate, so they can help RINOs get re-elected?
Why not use the reply envelope to send them a note expressing that message.

When they called here, I told them I would handle my own donations to my local republicans, but I wasn't interested in funding campaigns for Arlen Specter and some of their other problems.

rightwingintelligentsia wrote:
My critter, Tim Murphy (R), PA, did as well. He’s going to get a call from me tomorrow.
Good for you. If you can, follow up with a fax or letter as well.
Gabrial wrote:
One hour of debate for a hundreds of billions of earmarks and pork in a bill no one has had time to read.

Egad - what is has this country come to...

It's getting really bad, isn't it. Have you contacted your congress critter to express your disgust with this situation?
TribalPrincess2U wrote:
Barton came through again.

I won’t need to send him a letter but if I was to, I would have copied yours.


I have to agree somewhat with sam_paine on this. Maybe he assumed too much, but his underlying reasoning is valid

You need to send a quick note or make a phone call. These Congress critters need to know that we're watching and we care about what happens. Send a quick thank you. Maybe turn Roccus's comment around and say "Your vote has shown me that POLITICIAN isn't always just a four letter word spelled with ten letters."

Theo wrote:
How long was this available for review? Seems like it snuck up on us....
The bill was released Tuesday, when everyone was focused on Obama's address. Well, that and the "fiscal responsibility summit" from Monday.

The Party Propaganda Ministry (formerly known as "the media") was completely silent about this. They fully supported the Democrat "keep it a secret, we have the votes, we'll just pass it" strategy.

You really have to pay attention. Mr. Boehner has been complaining about this for most of February. And I've been trying to spread the word online, posting a lot of Boehner's press releases. I tried to get through to talk radio shows when I could, but never got a call through.

Blood of Tyrants wrote:
My ‘Rat voted against the first round of Porkulus but ended up voting FOR its final form. Now he is voting against. When it comes out of committee, he’ll vote for it again.
Maybe your note to this critter should point out that you aren't blind and you see this. Explain how well the "I voted against it before I voted for it" excuse has worked in the past. Didn't some Viet Nam veteran do something like that once?
FloridianBushFan wrote:
I wrote and thanked my congressman (Congressman Aaron Shock)for voting against this pork bill.
Good for you. They need to know we are vigilant.
ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas wrote:
Actually, Republicans put in about 40% of the earmarks.
I was disappointed with all the Republican earmarks. On the other hand, it's the Dems that have been promising to eliminate the earmarks. They have been more vocal on the issue, and more hypocritical in their actions.

They are also the ones who promise "transparency" and "openness" and then refuse to publish the bills on the internet until less than 24 hours before the vote.

42 posted on 02/26/2009 3:43:33 AM PST by cc2k (When less than half the voters pay taxes, it's called "taxation without representation.")
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