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Does the Left Have a Romance with Tyranny and Terror?
FrontPage Magazine ^ | March 5, 2009 | Cheryl Malandrinos

Posted on 03/05/2009 5:40:23 AM PST by Ravnagora

Today we welcome Dr. Jamie Glazov. Jamie is the editor of He also holds a Ph.D. in history with specialties in U.S., Russian, and Canadian foreign policy. His book, United in Hate: The Left´s Romance with Tyranny and Terror was recently released by WND Books.

Welcome Dr. Glazov. It is an honor to have you with us. Can you please begin by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

JG: Thank you for having me. I am the child of Soviet dissidents and we were able to escape from the Soviet tyranny when I was a little boy. Because I was touched by that evil, the evil of tyranny, I have always been inspired by freedom and nauseated by despotism. Throughout the Cold War, I observed how leftists and liberals made excuses for communism and sided against the U.S. Now in this terror war, I witnessed the Left siding with a monstrous force. I decided to write a book analyzing why the Left engages in romance with tyrants.

You mentioned that both your parents were Soviet dissidents. How did they shape the person you´ve become and the beliefs that you hold?

JG: They were and are my heroes. They stood up bravely against tyranny and throughout their lives they fought against it – and they also stood up for the victims who suffered under its horrors. I respected that fight and I wanted to add what I could to it. I don´t know how we can be silent and inactive when human beings are being brutalized.

After leaving Russia, your family ended up settling in Canada. You´ve been criticized for claiming that Canada is anti-American. In one article, you even stated, "Without anti-Americanism, Canada would cease to exist." Can you briefly expand upon your philosophy?

JG: Canada is a beautiful country and Canadians are beautiful people. But the political and media elites have a religion: anti-Americanism. It is very trendy in Canada to be anti-American. Just watch the CBC. You will never see an honest program showing the evil of Catsro´s Gulag or the reality behind Honor Killings in the Islamic world. Such a focus might legimtize America and its foreign policy, which lefty Canadians cannot stomach without losing their entire identity. There is a saying: when Canadians feel patriotic, they put down Americans.

Let´s move on to your book. Where did the idea for United in Hate: The Left´s Romance with Tyranny and Terror come from?

JG: It came from watching the glee of my leftist acquaintences and observing the cheer of leftists on the international stage when 9/11 hit. I finally realized it was time to analyze the Left´s romance with tyranny and terror.

The title is not only catchy, it´s extremely controversial. Does this book contend that all liberals support totalitarianism?

JG: No of course not.

The issue is not about whether or not "all" people in a certain group support any one thing. It is about an ideology and it is about what a huge number of people who support an ideology do and say. And the historical evidence on this matter is undeniable and I demonstrate it in United in Hate.

What is it about the radical Left that leads them to support leaders like Stalin, Castro, and Arafat?

JG: Well, readers will have to read United in Hate to find out. But let´s just say that a hatred of one´s own society, and a desire to destroy the instiutions of one´s own society, makes one sympathetic to those who want to do the same. There is a belief among leftists that a new earth can be built upon the ashes of the earth that they seek to destroy. Ground Zero is very much in their interest and there is an affinity felt with those who carried it out – and with those who want to do more and the same.

What about American leaders? Jimmy Carter is known for buddying up with several of America´s enemies. What kind of message does that send to the world?

JG: In the recent Gaza War he, once again, continued his tradition of siding with Hamas. Carter represents perfectly the Left´s romance with terror. The message he sends to the world is clear and our reaction to him, and to those who follow him, must be clear as well.

He´s a disgrace.

Do you believe the Iranian hostage crisis would have occurred if someone other than Carter was in office?

JG: Well, I can say this: Jimmy Carter pulled the rug from under the Shah´s feet. There is a very good possibility that if a man such as Reagan would have been in office during that time, a president who understood the importance of supporting our allies against evil tyrants, that the Shah would have been able to stay in power.

How about the current administration? What do you believe will happen in Iraq now that Barack Obama is President?

JG: Let´s give Obama a chance and see what he does. He has showed some good signs that he is no weakling when it comes to the terror war. He assembled a strong war cabinet. He´s not cutting and running from Iraq. He´s agreed to a surge in Afghanistan. This is hopeful. Other signs are troubling, however. He has announced the closure of Guantanamo, closed all overseas CIA interrogation centers and his positions on Gaza and other matters are very naïve and weak. These steps severely jeapordize American and Israeli security.

In terms of Iraq, we have to thank Bush for America winning the war there. Al Qaeda has gone elsewhere and the society appears to be stabilizing. So Obama is inheriting a victory that he and other Democrats tried to prevent.

Does the future look bleaker for freedom across the world?

JG: It´s hard not to be pessimistic. The British, for instance, are showing signs of surrender. They just forcibly put Geert Wilders on a plane and sent him out of the country in fear of repercussions from Muslims. This is a surrender. Freedom and free speech have been sacrificed on the altar of appeasing Muslims.

But Vladimir Bukovsky and Armando Valladares, Varlam Shalamov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, warriors such as these have shown us that the thirst and hunger for human freedom cannot be suffocated by any force, no matter how large or powerful.

I am at because we are on the frontlines in this war. Its publisher, David Horowitz, has been on the frontlines for a long time. He´s still standing no matter how much abuse and denigration has been thrown at him by the Left over the years. I´ll stand beside him and invite all those who love and cherish freedom to join our fight.

Please tell us where readers can purchase a copy of United in Hate.

JG: is the place to go.

Where can readers find you online?


What is up next for you?

JG: I would like to start my own television show.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

JG: I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and about United in Hate. I would like to invite all readers to join forces with us at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and to ally themselves with us, during this crucial fight, in the fight for our freedoms -- and to stop the insidious forces who wish to change this country from the beautiful nation it is.

Thank you for joining us today Dr. Glazov. We appreciate you sharing your views with us.

JG: It is very much appreciated.


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1 posted on 03/05/2009 5:40:24 AM PST by Ravnagora
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To: Ravnagora

“Does the Left Have a Romance with Tyranny and Terror?”


Jimmuh Cawduh is their ambassador.

2 posted on 03/05/2009 6:05:01 AM PST by RoadTest (The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? - Jer.17:9)
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To: RoadTest

Ain’t “Does the Left Have a Romance with Tyranny and Terror?”, but, rather, “Why Does the Left Have a Romance with Tyranny and Terror?” And at least part of the answer to that question is that the leftists emote more than they think, and are often longing and dreaming of a White Knight/Prince Charming/Superhero to burst in and save the day.

3 posted on 03/05/2009 6:53:33 AM PST by flowerplough (No dude, independent films are those black and white hippie movies... gay cowboys eating pudding.)
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To: Ravnagora

The problem is that people on the left believe that their vision of the world will bring about utopia but pesky people keep getting in the way and thwarting their goals. Since their goals are so noble, it’s easier to just eliminate the people who get in the way. After all, aren’t a few deaths a small price to pay for utopia? (And the leftists never imagine themselves being the ones doing the dying.)

4 posted on 03/05/2009 8:53:46 AM PST by Question_Assumptions
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To: flowerplough

“longing and dreaming of a White Knight/Prince Charming/Superhero to burst in and save the day.”

There’s a real One coming but, unfortunately for them, they don’t know Him.

5 posted on 03/05/2009 10:15:42 AM PST by RoadTest (The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? - Jer.17:9)
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