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Obama Birth Story Unraveling - Mother In Univ Class In Seattle 15 Days After Obama Supposedly Born!
Dr. Jerome Corsi / Rusty Humphries Show

Posted on 08/08/2009 9:20:49 PM PDT by MindBender26

Edited on 08/08/2009 9:33:42 PM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

Jerone Corsi, Ph. D. is about to drop another bombshell, casting further doubt on the stories of President Obama's birth.

Dr. Corsi, whose doctorate is from Harvard, is an excellent researcher and investigative journalist. He was the driving force behind the Swift Boat veterans telling the truth about War Phony John Kerry. He is also the author of "Obamanation."

In his latest research, to be splashed on WND early next week, Dr. Corsi will reveal that he has documentary evidence that the mother of Barack Obama Jr., Ms Stanley A. Durham-Soetoro, began evening classes at the University of Washington in Seattle on August 19, 1961. This is just 15 days after she supposedly gave birth to President Obama in Hawaii.

We are expected to believe that in just15 days, she gave birth, stayed in the hospital for a few days, them packed her things and left her house in Hawaii, moved to Seattle, got established there, registered for, then began classed in Seattle, all the while caring for her newborn.

The new evidence also destroys another Obama legend-lie. According to the President’s autobiography, Obama Sr. and Durhan-Soetoro were supposedly deeply in love and made a happy home together in Hawaii, complete with their baby, until Obama Sr. had to move to Boston to attend Harvard and could not afford take Stanley and baby Barack with him.

According to Dr. Corsi’s new written evidence, Durham-Soetoro was in college classes, thousands of miles away from Hawaii and did not return to the islands until long Obama Sr. left for Harvard.

Dr. Corsi also reveals that a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth requires no proof of any kind and could simply be issued on the sworn statement of one parent.

All of this simply adds to the fast growing uncertainty and suspicion over Obama’s supposed birth stories. Is August 4, 1961, his real birth date? Where was he really born? When he traveled to the Middle East in the 1990s, he did not have a US passport. What country issued him a passport, and why? Why won’t he release the one document that would answer all the questions?

It just gets deeper and deeper.

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To: El Gato

If she gave birth in HI she would have had her mother there to teach her to care for the baby. Grandmothers love that sort of thing.

341 posted on 08/09/2009 2:37:09 PM PDT by kalee (01/20/13 The end of an error.... Obama even worse than Carter.)
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To: El Gato
Maybe you can answer my question:

If I had a baby, and requested that the extension course materials be made available to me to complete at home...might that be possible?

342 posted on 08/09/2009 2:38:19 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: Fred Nerks

She wasn’t saying she didn’t vote for Obama.

She was saying the reason she voted for Obama is NOT because she had once baby-sat for him. In the original interview, at the end of the interview her comments make clear she is a supporter of Obama.

If your point is that you don’t believe anything she says about the baby-sitting because she is an Obama supporter, you can hold that opinion if you like. I don’t go that far, myself.

343 posted on 08/09/2009 2:39:55 PM PDT by SirJohnBarleycorn
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To: David
the prospect that she got him all the way back to Hawaii on the 8th to register

My understanding is that the baby need not be presented for registration in cases of birth not in a hospital. It was all done by paperwork.

344 posted on 08/09/2009 2:40:05 PM PDT by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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To: potlatch; MindBender26; PhilDragoo; holdonnow; ntnychik; MeekOneGOP; Travis McGee; Jeff Head; ...

original animation created by POTLATCH

345 posted on 08/09/2009 2:40:34 PM PDT by devolve (- - .....Gorilla Glue is an excellent adhesive..... - -)
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To: David
But Fred's correct and there isn't any evidence she was in Hawaii again in that time period.

And it isn't fatal to the Kenya birth thesis that she wasn't. She registered for extension classes at the U--so what; she could have done that from anywhere by mail.

There's no evidence that she was ever in Hawaii, other than Neil Abercrombie's fairy tales and what we are led to believe from 'Dreams'

I'm convinced the extension course materials were posted to her. Mary Toutinghi is as believable as Susan Blake, Neil Abercrombie, and 'the teacher from Kenmore' Barbara Nelson...who IIRC arrived from Bufallo the same year as Abercrombie did. As believable as Eleanor Nordyke, connected to the East West Centre, that lists her written works...who had twins in the 'same hospital' whose announcement we cannot find.

these are people with a common purpose.

346 posted on 08/09/2009 2:52:13 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: El Gato; Fred Nerks; hoosiermama; LucyT
Stupid question for the group that I should know, but I'll ask anyway:

Has Obama - HIMSELF - said he was BORN in Hawaii, or has he just used his proxies to do so?

He did supposedly in the letter from Abercrombie on Jan 24th when Obama said he was born at Kapiolani Medical Center. However, looking at the confusion between the 3 versions of the same letter, I'm now wondering if Abercrombie made up the letter in January for the event in the hospital. Later when discovered in the lie, the White House covered for Obama's friend, generating the "real" letter in June, although Gibbs does not want to talk about that letter...

347 posted on 08/09/2009 2:52:27 PM PDT by BP2 (I think, therefore I'm a conservative)
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To: wideminded
From the WND article:

"Documentation for these timeline conclusions come from records recently provided WND by the University of Washington at Seattle.

On July 29, the University of Washington e-mailed WND Dunham's complete grade transcript covering her attendance at the university. The university confirmed Dunham's classes starting in the fall of 1961 were night classes.

The transcript clearly documents that Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for two classes that began on Aug. 19, 1961: Anthropology 100, "Introduction to the Study of Man" and Political Science 201, "Modern Government."

WND has the physical copy of the transcript which is clearer to see, and got confirmation from the university about the courses. They were night classes through the extension program.

348 posted on 08/09/2009 3:00:21 PM PDT by FTJM
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To: El Gato

“Incidentally the serial number of the younger of the Nordyke twins, 10638, is still 3 numbers less that BHO Jr.’s, even though he was supposedly born almost a full day earlier, in the same hospital (this week anyway) and the online COLB also indicates his BC was filed 3 days before those of the Nordyke twins, Aug. 8 verse Aug 11. . Something to make you go “hmmm”.”


What evidence is there that Hawaii BC’s are numbered according to time of birth?

Here’s my informed guess as to the reason for the numbers difference:

In 1961, the Hawaiian birth rate was a bit under 50 births per day. One clerk could easily process a day’s worth of birth reports before lunch break.

I’m guessing that the birth reports from hospitals would arrive by mail, and the clerk would sort them in alphabetical order by name for easy filing, then process them. Hmmm.... Could it be that the three BC numbers between “Nordyke” and “Obama” have names alphabetically between “Nordyke” and “Obama”? Call me crazy, but that’s what I’m guessing.

349 posted on 08/09/2009 3:06:21 PM PDT by Redwood Bob
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To: MindBender26
I, and many others have registered for school on Saturdays and gone to Saturday classes.

At the University of Washington in August of 1961? Really? Which ones?

During a regular term, you might have a Saturday class. But in August, 1961, the school was pretty much shut down as soon as summer quarter finals were over which by my recollection was August 10.

The issue is August. Corsi says she was there August 19. Starting class on Saturday? When the school is shut down? The August 19 date doesn't demonstrate she was there. Among other things, the real date is probably September 19 and the August 19 simply represents a misreading of the note on the transcript. And that doesn't demonstrate she was there then either.

The "C" is a problem for my analysis--I have just looked at a fall quarter 1964 transcript for someone else for a class that was done out of state--by mail; no C; only an X. So I wonder about their classification system.

But the real issue is the timeline for her movements. There is floating around a letter from the University which sort of supports Corsi's original story but the August 19 presence date is wrong.

350 posted on 08/09/2009 3:09:41 PM PDT by David (...)
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To: El Gato
Looks like that is what it says.

As the dating now appears, it doesn't really make a difference on trying to figure out where she was. My real interest was in Corsi's August 19 date for her presence in class--that's simply wrong. I now think its pretty clear that the August date Corsi was using comes from a misreading of the 9 for an 8 on the transcript--maybe by more than one person.

The way Washington kept its transcripts in that period was in a bound book and the binder pins kept you from getting the books clear open to see what was on the fold. The guy who wrote the letter Corsi was relying on may well have made that mistake.

351 posted on 08/09/2009 3:22:38 PM PDT by David (...)
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To: egfowler3

“Without the O, VP Biden does NOT exist in any way, fashion or form and no argument can make him exist. Any argument seeking to keep VP Biden only tries to minimize the damage the O has done to the Dem party and to keep what he has so far accomplished.”


Sorry, but you ain’t got a leg to stand on, legally. The Veep is elected separately and holds the office in his own right.

After the 2006 GOP debacle, there was idiotic and idle speculation that Dubya might “fire” Cheney. It was idiotic and idle because the Veep holds office in his own right as per above and cannot be “fired”, only impeached.

352 posted on 08/09/2009 3:27:34 PM PDT by Redwood Bob
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To: El Gato
My understanding is that the baby need not be presented for registration in cases of birth not in a hospital. It was all done by paperwork.

I think that is also true. And that may have been the way it worked.

But if you see her back in Seattle on Mercer Island on the return from Kenya talking about how happy she is with her husband; and you see her next registering for classes at Washington, even in late September; when did she give up on him and what were the circumstances--or where did she go to give up on him?

353 posted on 08/09/2009 3:28:54 PM PDT by David (...)
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To: Fred Nerks
"If I had a baby, and requested that the extension course materials be made available to me to complete at home...might that be possible?"

It appears it may have been possible.

Distance Learning

354 posted on 08/09/2009 3:31:07 PM PDT by Spunky (You are free to make choices, but not free from the consequences.)
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To: BP2

IMO the difference between what Abercrombie 'reads' and the 'letter' suggests that Abercrombie was 'winging it' ...

355 posted on 08/09/2009 3:50:03 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: Spunky

Thanks. A little common sense goes a long way. To be locked into the idea that she had to BE at that address to complete her course work might very well prevent us from ascertaining where she MIGHT have been.

That she was living there (in a segregated area) rests only on the word of one person. I am troubled by the fact that the attendance record shows her as OBAMA.Stanley Ann Dunham.

The FOI letter in regard to the attendance shows her as only Stanley Ann Dunham.

The Polk Directory shows Anna Obama. Something is wrong or very sloppy.

Being able to complete the course work from another location opens the door.

356 posted on 08/09/2009 4:06:13 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: Sloth


357 posted on 08/09/2009 4:08:02 PM PDT by ConservativeMan55
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To: rintense

I delivered babies for Vietnamese women who were back planting rice a hour later.... but the whole Obama story is still starting to unravel.


358 posted on 08/09/2009 4:15:07 PM PDT by MindBender26 (Never Kick Leftists When They Are Down. Let Them Halfway Back Up. You Get Much Better Leverage!)
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To: SirJohnBarleycorn

“There has been speculation that Ann learned about his other wife in Kenya and left him for that reason. But that is completely contrary to the interview with Mary T., in which she said Ann told her that the baby’s father might have to take a Kenyan wife because of tribal obligations and that Ann was okay with that. In other words, Ann did not know that Barack Sr. already had taken a Kenyan wife.”

That’s assuming that (a) the babysitter remembers the details correctly, and/or is not lying, and/or (b) Anne wasn’t lying. Just because someone - especially 0bama’s mama - supposedly said something, doesn’t mean she or someone else wasn’t messing with the truth somewhere along the lines. If Anne had been in Kenya (not saying yea or nay, but looks like yea so far), she certainly would have known about the first wife.

359 posted on 08/09/2009 4:58:57 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Fred Nerks
Yes, and in re-constructing those events, here's how it might have happened:

Jan. 24 - Abercrombie give the speech at the Kapi‘olani Medical Center 100 year anniversary gala. There REALLY is NO letter. He writes the statement himself, perhaps based upon a much prior conversation with Obama, possibly generating the letter WITHOUT his permission.

Feb. 15 - approximately deadline for Inspire Magazine, published by The Foundations of Hawaii Pacific Health. They'd like a copy of the letter to appear in their spring edition on a related story about the gala. It's unclear if their editor creates the letter that appears, but likely does. This is probably the FIRST actual letter (LETTER #1).

March - the letter is re-created again, this time by the webmaster of the Kapi’olani Medical Center website. The webmaster probably does not have a copy of the letter that appeared in the newsletter, so he re-create his own. It stayed up until it was removed from the website in the first week of July (LETTER #2).

July 17, 2009 - after numerous requests by World Net Daily, Kapi’olani Medical Center is likely “supplied” a copy of the letter by the White House, AFTER THE FACT, that more or less matches the letter published in the magazine (LETTER #3).

It's CYA time for all involved — Abercrombie, Kapi’olani Medical Center & Obama. The hospital then releases the letter to WND. BTW, according to WND, White House Spokesman Gibbs STILL does not want to talk about any of the letters.
rotated - Obama Kapi'olani Letter, Inspire Magazine, Spring 2009 From archived website - Obama Kapi'olani Letter, Inspire Magazine, Spring 2009 cropped and laid flat - WND - Obama Kapi'olani Letter

Now, I could discount the SECOND version of the letter -- it appears to be a HTML-generated version of Abercrombie's Obama letter, perhaps by a webmaster. BUT the FIRST and THIRD versions should match.

And yet -- they don't match ...
WND vs Inspire Magazine - Obama Kapiolani Letters

360 posted on 08/09/2009 5:06:30 PM PDT by BP2 (I think, therefore I'm a conservative)
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