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To: All

There are at least 100 million American patriots left out of 300 million Americans. If every one of these patriots gave 12 hours a year AND gave $4 a year, gives us everything we need to fight and win on all fronts!

Federal Elections

The Culture War
Opposition to All Treasonous Travesties
All other elections

#1 – Federal Elections)
100 million patriots each giving $4 year, given a median income of $40,000 a year, means a total budget of $4 billion a year.
Barack Obama’s presidential election budget of $650 million. Let’s say we will need $800 million every four years, which is amortized to $200 million a year.
All winning US Senate races cost between 237.1 and $400 million in 2004.
Let’s take the bigger number of $400 million, and then amortize this to a yearly cost of $200 million.
A Congressional election can be run on the cheap.
Let’s pretend the information at does not exist, and that we need roughly double the $560,000 the average Congressional winner needed in 2004.
So we need $1.2 million per US Congressional seat. This means for 435 seats we need $522 million every two years, which amortizes to $435 million a year
$200 million (President) + $200 million (Senate) + $522 million (House) = $922 million per year (All Federal Government won)
With $922 million a year, we are WAY overspending, especially in Congressional races. You get the point. We can win this, no sweat.
Therefore, Tea Party Candidates can take over House, Senate, and Presidency, with actual patriots who vote “USA” every time, for $4 a year, and still have plenty to spare for legal teams to fight the ACLU at every turn, governorships, mayoral races, state senate races, school board elections, and dog catcher runoffs.
For $4 year, we get our country back, with solid individuals occupying the 536 most important positions in the USA. I’m not even factoring in the savings in cross-endorsements between the Congressional and Senate races. I’m not even factoring in the fact that with 100 million people signed on to a single agenda, we won’t even need to campaign to win.
We’ve easily taken over the Federal Government. Now we need to change the culture.

Front #2 – The Culture War)

The value of the total work by Tea Party Infantry fighting the Culture War ...
100 million patriots multiplied by 12 hours per patriot per year, mean about 1.2 billion hours per year.
1.2 billion hours per year divided by 2085.71 hours per year for a full-time Monday through Friday employee means the rough equivalent of 575,343 full-time employees.
Placing a value of $50,000 a year on each of 575,343 full-time employees adds up to $2.876 billion dollars a year.
With 12 hours a day a year from each of the Tea Party Heroes, we are now fielding a formidable force against the leftists in ACORN, the NAACP, the ACLU, NARAL, NOW, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, CAIR, etc. Fielding a literal army of 240 thousand patriots every day, and fighting on every front in the “culture war” for our country. We don’t need the treasonous sell-out media’s help.
Beats the living daylights out of what we have working for us now. What we have now loses ground, because everyone is afraid of everyone else doing nothing. The power of the Internet is that it allows us to organize. Watch the rhetoric against the Internet ramp up as we make this happen.

Kids in grade school, junior-high, and high school need to know there is a culture war going on. They have to be told most of their teachers are subverted leftists, and their textbooks are packed with gobbledygook.
It is totally unacceptable for them to hear that evolution is our complete history, or that the Nazis themselves were unabashed Socialists. After 10-15 years of indoctrination, given we sat back, let it happen, and did nothing, why should they trust us when we break the news?
The lack of our opposition to the indoctrination invests them in lies, and after receiving praise for cheap “victories” like spitting on the Bible, and “speaking truth to power” in standing up for leftist treason, their minds will settle for a weak, complacent, get-along existence, and they likely will be sealed for evil.

Schools MUST be contested territory.
Every school and university can have counter-propaganda efforts fielded. Every liberal newspaper can be dragged to ground, and an alternative fielded. Every freeway on-ramp can have a different person with a different poster, every morning.
Through the power of organizing through the Internet, we have a metric ton of man-power to tear down the old, and build up the new systematically per Jeremiah 1:10.
We don’t have to watch the powerful few continue to coarsen our culture with rubbish.
Like florists, we can “have people everywhere.” Leftists, will flee when they see us coming ready to contend for what they took for granted. Leftists only stand and fight when they think they can buffalo the listener. Once it is obvious they are outclassed, they run, or they throw a violent irrational tantrum, again hoping to fool or intimidate the simple.

Christians and Conservatives in particular, have impressed National Organization of Women’s (NOW) Los Angeles chapter former president and former leftist Tammy Bruce greatly with their consistent message.
"There I was running around, pushing the leftist cart, chomping at the bit, screaming about how we were the banner holders and the flame holders for the liberty, and freedom of speech. The people who had made that work possible, were the, and are the, Christians and Conservatives of this country. That’s when I realized that a big shell game had been going on, and that I had been deliberately lied to." And why liberals, and the left do not want talk radio to survive.
It’s not just because of influence! It’s because of what happens when people actually meet up, with Conservatives and Christians."
"When liberals meet up with Conservatives and Christians, or hear them, it’s dangerous, because then the lie becomes apparent ... as a former leftist, here’s what I know and what changed me: simply getting to know you. Be yourselves. Make the commitment, but BE THERE, BE THERE. That’s why the left wants you to retreat. That’s why Obama and his gang want you to be afraid, go back, retreat, be quiet, surrender, cause if you are simply PRESENT, you’re like the wind. There’s a house of cards, you’re the wind, Barack Obama and his thugs are the house of cards, they’re DESPERATE to keep themselves protected from the wind. The winds not AFTER the house of cards! The house of cards is vulnerable, because it is built on nothing.”-Tammy Bruce

That’s why we need to be out there, face to face, loving on strangers, telling them about Jesus, and/or the legacy of freedom to succeed or fail, and worship as they please that is now slipping away during their temporary stewardship.

Front #3) Opposition to All Treasonous Travesties)

Every week or so some travesty happens like soldiers getting charged for doing their jobs, border agents getting charged for doing their jobs, a teacher mentioning the Bible in the classroom, etc...
From the $3.078 billion we have left, assuming the appointed bureaucrats foist a travesty of justice on us every week, that $1 million will be available to resolve each one, then for $365 million a year, we’re done. A legal team can be fielded, food and rent for stricken families, whatever. The left won’t be able to intimidate anyone with financial devastation any more.
From the $2.713 billion per year we have left AFTER winning the 536 federal elective offices, and opposing all travesties foisted on us, we can fight for governorships, state legislators offices, mayorships, and city councils.

Everyone, meaning every one of the remaining 100 million patriots, needs to get on board. Everyone with honor, who cares, wants a free America, and be rid of persistent government meddling and ever-growing taxation. Just as what happened with the Revolutionary War when 1/3 of the country dragged the other 2/3 to freedom: the “Independents” will join us. Except, this time, we won’t have to fire a shot.
If everyone gets on board, then WE push for freedom harder than anyone has ever in the history of the world, in every field of battle. Truth, coupled with the strength of presence, will compel the independent undecideds to join us, and not the totalitarians.

HOW to implement each of the above tasks, is for the people who sign up to push for them.
This is no half-measure campaign. We’re about fixing EVERYTHING, and promoting a brand new society based on work, hard numbers, and Bible values rather than ...
stealing from others
wishful thinking
Progressives” leading us into the pit, is not visionary or progress. We’ll call it out for the deliberate fraud it is, everywhere it is.
If you had ever gone witnessing with missionaries, and seen the amount of resistance they've suffered from bureaucratic hacks, it stuns the conscience.
“Policies” and “regulations” get written all the time and thrown in their faces by people trying to hinder the free exercise of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment.

I’m not asking for much of you. I’m asking for 12 hours and $4 a year and two phone calls, from all who desire to be good stewards of the liberty they have been gifted with from above. Just 12 hours and $4 year and two phone calls from everyone, and “evil doesn’t have a chance” and we’re going to get our country back.
Patriots get arrested for exposing evil?
Politician gets scorned for calling evil what it is?
Islam blows something up politicians race to tell us it’s not terrorism?
Border agent goes to jail for doing his job?
Travesty of justice every week of the year?

To all of the above, we will respond. We don’t care if the State Run Leftist Media doesn’t cover us. They didn’t cover the 9/12 Tea Party and other Tea Parties just as they won’t cover the ACORN scandal or Climategate scandal. We’ll get the word out ourselves, having erected ourselves a new media of us, and ignore them.

If we do nothing, when we can’t pay the national debt, then whoever we owe, will own the United States. We will end up being slaves on the continent our forefathers colonized, developed, and fought for.
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds."-Samuel Adams

8 posted on 01/08/2010 6:36:54 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: All

Back in ancient Rome, a bill came up in the Senate to have all slaves wear special clothing that they may be identified as such. It was promptly shot down on the valid premise that once the slaves knew how numerous they were, they would revolt, quickly.

Tea Party Heroes
It’s time to make yourselves seen with your 12 hours and $4 a year and two phone calls. Protesting and calling Senator Treason and Congressman Hairdo has it’s place, but is ultimately not a long-term solution. They are set for life, and they don’t care about re-election. They will boldly lie any lie, to do their master’s bidding, and pretend they are doing so in the name of “leadership”. They will pretend not to hear you. And they can pretend, so long as we don’t organize to remove them.

Get an account on TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, FREE REPUBLIC, and learn how the sites work.
Once you register, go to Free Republic Profiles, (Locales,) and work with those you meet in your State Message Boards.
Commit to working on your task exactly 12 hours a year. This two hours every two months. To accomplish that task, coordinate at that thread for strategy, with whoever else has signed up for liberty. Help out for 12 hours a year, and still spend time at home. This is half a day a year. You can do this.

Set aside $4 a year for the Tea Party. We encourage, field, qualify, and support Tea Party candidates, and run them rather than Senator Treason and Congressman Hairdo, who now betray us in record time.
Let’s call this your “Freedom Stimulus.”
When a travesty of justice happens the week of your birthday or afterward, send 1/10 of your “Freedom Stimulus”. Stand with those you support.

Make a list of all “Tea Party” candidates for NATIONAL office, and send 1/4 of your “Freedom Stimulus”. Spend what remains on supplies towards your local activism efforts, and state and local offices.

At year’s end, take what is left over from your “Freedom Stimulus”, and either hold on to it for next year. DO NOT send it to the Republican National Committee! They have, and will, betray us. Any concentration of power gets coveted by evil men, which is the whole premise of “Separation of Powers”, and why the creeping centralization of power since President Woodrow Wilson is so dangerous.

Call/email/text two friends, and get them to promise they will do steps 1 through 8 within a week. If need be, talk them through signing up for an account on Free Republic and how the forums work. After 27 iterations of friends recruiting friends, 268 million Americans will have been reached by July 10, 2010. Well more than we need.

How dare I ask for 12 hours and $4 a year and contacting two other Patriots? The government already gets 1/3 of your salary, we say nothing, we follow like “sheep to the slaughter,” and they shamelessly and boldly want more.

"We must not lose our faculty to dare, especially in dark days.”- Winston Churchill

I know you care. I know how your heart aches and the righteous anger swells every time a travesty is inflicted on liberty in the name of justice or “change”. Mine does also. To avoid becoming hollow unfeeling shells, as evil moves unchecked as it did in pre Soviet Russia or pre Nazi Germany, we must UNITE OR DIE.

”A republic if you can keep it”- Benjamin Franklin

If, on the other hand, 100 million do not sign up, and everyone has their own agenda, and the souls of the 100 million are too barren to spare 12 hours, $4 a year and two emails so their children can also taste freedom, and it’s every man for himself, and we will pass no liberty to our children, then … so be it. We could not, “keep it”. Shame on us.

Nice country while it lasted. When your children ask why you couldn’t hold on to the freedom handed you, pat them on the head and say you HAD to …
watch my movies/television or play my Wii/XBox360/PS3
get my promotion / go to graduate school / start my business
play in my adult league
see a Fascist takeover up close, to complete my PhD in Social Science, so that I might be a purveyor of wisdom at social functions
and comfort them that though they will be slaves to those born in privilege, you were content to taste freedom, move no finger to keep it, and lose it. It’s all about us and our “needs”, right?

If any of the above are more important than the USA, and 100 million can’t spare 12 HOURS AND $4 A YEAR), then we really HAVE TURNED INTO A NATION OF SELFISH CHILDREN, unworthy to have received liberty from OUR CREATOR and through the Founding Fathers who swore on their “sacred honor” to fight for liberty no matter the cost, and commemorated the Constitution with the words, “In the year of our Lord 1787.”

”You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war."-Winston Churchill (on Chamberlain’s return from signing a pact with Hitler)

People keep talking about “the coming riots.” Let me be abundantly clear: Rioting is for CHILDREN who have passed up all prior chances to do something constructive, and thus have no alternative but to throw the childish tantrum of a loser.
We are NOT losers. We are the sons and daughters of the Free Men and Women who came before us who made this country the greatest on earth. Can we do LESS for those who come after us?
This.these palns have given you an alternative. We can fight now!
YES! "They" will hate us, though in TRUTH, we are Christians, Jews, Deists, and Atheists of conscience.

Watch out for people who offering no alternative, scorn and mock this plan. I am not perfect, and this plan is not perfect, and I expect mistakes to be pointed out. Mistakes will then be corrected. But PATRIOTS, will bring superior solutions to the table, and will constructively work for unity. Others will want to divide, and draw people after them. “From such, turn away.”

If I failed to move you, go watch movies like 300, Braveheart, Return of the King, Return of the Jedi, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Matrix, Coach Carter, or The Ten Commandments, and question yourself rigorously if you have not already died as you sit and draw breath. Were you made to stand up to evil, or hide from it? Do you have strength and courage only for your self? If so, why so poor?

If somebody comes up with a better national plan, don’t be stubborn or prideful. Do that instead. I’m sure there are many urgent tasks beyond the ones I’ve listed.
Just $4 and 12 hours a year, and two Americans to email, and you can face your fellow American, and tell them you are doing your part for liberty.
If you’re not used to moving, don’t worry. Just move. Your heart will change over time, if you do things over and over. Just do. You will grow.

"They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong!” - Ronald Reagan

10 posted on 01/08/2010 6:39:15 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine
100 million patriots each giving $4 year, given a median income of $40,000 a year, means a total budget of $4 billion a year.


111 posted on 01/09/2010 1:57:11 AM PST by MARTIAL MONK (I'm waiting for the POP!)
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To: MestaMachine
"100 million patriots each giving $4 year, given a median income of $40,000 a year, means a total budget of $4 billion a year."

I'm missing something . . . please clarify this, since the numbers don't add up and they're critical to the argument.

I have concerns about some points, such as religious freedom. Islam troubles me on many levels, and I have trouble viewing it as just a religion. Unfortunately, once Sharia law comes into the picture, it ceases to be a private matter affecting only those who practice it. I won't go on, as we all know the issues. Still, I can't go along with banning its peaceful practice, and can't support constraining religious freedom - as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. As a society, we need to find a better way to deal with the latter issue. Restricting immigration may certainly be part of the answer. I'd like to see a great reduction in immigration overall, as I think we're being swamped with more people than we can assimilate - no matter what their origins.

I also disagree with the section about not permitting people to vote if they haven't paid taxes in 5 years. I guess this educated mom who stays home to raise her kids is now ineligible to vote - at least in someone's eyes. I can't go along with that. I have issues with people who don't contribute to the treasury voting themselves money from the treasury, so I understand where the sentiment comes from. I don't agree with the solution. Citizens have the right to choose leadership. The bigger issue in my mind is that corrupt leaders blatantly buy votes and don't get called on it. Educating our fellow citizens and replacing corrupt legislators is the proper goal, not restricting citizens' rights to vote.

I see a lot to like in this approach. I'm already doing more than this, as many of us have been. Making the outreach to others and commitment of time and money explicit is a good idea, and local coordination and action are spot on.

Please work on clarifying the section on federal elections. The numbers are confusing, and we really need to make a crisp argument here or we'll lose people. As a minor point, it's helpful when quoting scripture to include the text. It isn't always convenient to go look it up, and while I read my Bible, I don't have it memorized.

I'll look forward to seeing version 2.0, once a few bugs are worked out. I see you offered some new links which I haven't checked. I had trouble with a few of the links in the document, so presumably these are now being fixed. I'm thinking about which friends to enlist. I would like to see more thought put into the religious freedom and voting rights, as well as the financial bits though. If I pass along a document which comes across as infringing on liberty, it undercuts our valuable message and risks backfiring.

115 posted on 01/09/2010 8:08:31 AM PST by Think free or die (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money - M.Thatcher)
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To: MestaMachine
Mesta, I read all this and agree with most of it. I think the major point of my disagreement is on education. The gansta losers will perpetuate more gansta losers unless they are educated out of that mind-set.

Now, are the points of activism that are being called for posted someplace in bullet form? I can't seem to distill them out of so much verbage. Most people are like me; not enough time to distill so many points of action. Can we keep it simple and clear enough to implement on the spur of the moment?

131 posted on 01/09/2010 12:19:11 PM PST by WVNan
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