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Mr. President
"Postcards from Israel - Postcards from America" ^ | March 23, 2010 | Ari Bussel

Posted on 03/24/2010 3:33:42 PM PDT by Ari Bussel

Mr. President by Ari Bussel

President Ahmadinajad,

This week the leaders of the American Satan and its Jewish cohort are scheduled to meet in the Devil’s capital where 7,000 Jews from all over the United States are gathered for the annual Jewish lobby conference. What a spectacular opportunity for you to eliminate two archenemies of the Islamic Republic, and along with them a token of those who have infested every fertile ground in entertainment, politics, industry and education of the Great Satan.

You have already been to the USA for your UN speech and appearance at Columbia University in Upper Manhattan. You set foot in the city where the attacks on the United States on America, in your view a mere figment of the American imagination, never took place on 9/11/2001.

Had anything happened on that Tuesday morning nine years ago that was not manufactured for the world to see, was to you indeed a Zionist scheme to demand more than they already blackmailed from the world – possibly to mobilize the USA to invade Iraq on the Jewish State’s behalf? We all know that there were no Zionists in the World Trade Center on that infamous day.

Ground Zero, to us a reminder, to you another milestone. After all, you can convene another international scientific conference to establish that the attacks on the United States of America, like the Holocaust, never happened.

Undoubtedly, your network across the United States is a very impressive one. There are thousands of Iranian students doing their graduate and post-graduate work in American universities. There are thousands of others working on the forefront of research and development in companies from San Diego in California to Upper State New York. With a population of several tens of thousands Iranians living in Teheran West (Beverly Hills and adjacent cities throughout Greater Los Angeles), mostly Jewish, it is difficult to differentiate between a devout Muslim who will give her life to the Islamic Republic and a Jewish Mayor of the City of Beverly Hills.

You have succeeded in ensuring the export of American know-how, primarily scientific and military advances, to Iran. If such export were not prohibited, you would have been invited to Harvard Business School to give a lecture on how to ensure unrestricted flow of information or the exploitation of global openness. As it stands, your methods should still be studied carefully, if not by us as a preventive measure than by the Chinese who have been trying to do the very same for decades.

As a marketer, you do another phenomenal job. There is not a person who does not know about your promise to “wipe Israel off the map.” You vowed to extinguish the candle of Jewish existence from the world along with its Zionist manifestation as a Jewish Homeland. Every time you speak, the price of oil goes up, generating a bonus flow of cash to your country’s coffers. People often dismiss what you say as the words of a madman or a lunatic, but you are neither.

You are sophisticated and determined, and you know the exact path which you pry open for your country, in a manner, time and place of your choosing, with absolute clarity of thought and vision. If we only learned from you, possibly we would have been better united and able not only to seal the numerous leaks of our know-how, but also to stand in your way with at least some of the determination you exhibit. Instead, the American President bows to foreign rulers and chooses the path of appeasement, expecting his diplomacy should entice you to change your ways, showing the world who is really out of touch with reality.

It is said that the majority of young people in Iran disagree with you and the Mullahs, thus are likely to revolt. It is also said that if Israel or the United States were to attack Iran, all Iranians will unite and you will unleash a wave of terror the likes of which the world has not seen. The youth of Iran, contrary to wishful thinking in the West, is absolutely loyal to you and will be driven to punish the West at all cost.

I wonder how the waves of young Iranians could be loyal to anyplace other than their homeland. They were born after the late Shah departure from his homeland, thus know nothing other than Islamic rule. Why would they want to revolt? What incentive might they have to bring back Western rule to replace the vastly superior Islamic rule?

You claim the opposition displays of recent months were driven by the Americans and Zionist elements motivated to destabilize the rule of law. You go further to say that you were therefore justified in cracking down elements of the opposition, killing in broad daylight for all to see.

To back you up, it is no secret that the US Federal Government has spent many millions to establish cells in Iran and to promote anti-Muslim activities, finances radio and satellite broadcasting to Iran and supports the establishment of social network adversarial to the regime over the Internet and other forms of active resistance.

I dare to think the day will come and the Americans and their Zionist activators will pay a dear price, one never to forget. You have told us repeatedly Iranian youth is loyal, had we only listened to you as you made your pronunciations. It is said that if Israel were to inflict a blow that will result in 50 million Iranians dead, you would have proudly served your people.

President Ahamedinajad,

Please excuse my pronunciation of your name. I was a kid of 12 when my family moved to Iran and I never did learn to speak Farsi. It was during the late Shah’s time, and I remember with awe the historical sites such as Shiraz and Isfahan and the enormity of major construction projects in Teheran. From antiquity to modernity, Iran encompassed early civilization to the most advanced learning of the 20th Century. I also remember vividly my father’s stories of the ports in the south of Iran, the infrastructure buildup of roads and the supply convoys the likes of which the eye rarely see.

But most of all, I will forever remember the late Shah’s concern for his people. It was during a visit to a local school that the Shah encountered hungry children. From that moment on, each school age child was to receive an apple, biscuit, milk and a fixed portion of food a day, every day, all supplied by the state. The sheer magnitude of such an undertaking is very impressive, from logistics to supply chain aspects.

Indeed, there were extremes in Iran – those of unimaginable wealth vs. those with nothing. This is not foreign to the region – one should only visit Dubai or Saudi Arabia and find human slaves (in the 21st Century) inside houses and buildings seen not even in the most extravagant movies Hollywood has ever produced.

The main difference was the Shah’s attempt to bring Iran from being Persia, a backward society living some 2,000 years behind, to modern day 20th Century, with running water and sewage, women’s rights and the promise of education and advancement equal to all. Achieving such a goal in a very short period of time was a challenge only a true leader could have had the vision to set and courage to execute.

Like Shah Reza Pahlavi, you lead Iran, although all signs indicate that the path you choose is that of destruction at all costs, your eyes set on achieving global dominance. You will spare nothing, sacrifice everything, and your loyal followers, the People of Iran, march blindly behind you. Possibly those who influenced you were, or the mentors who currently guide you are, the wrong teachers. Hitler, too, had megalomaniac, expansionary dreams that for several years seemed probable.

You take pride in Iran’s recent achievements, all geared toward world dominance. You have mastered the science and the technology: From satellites to missiles, weapons of devastating accuracy and magnitude and an ability to inflict irreversible harm by Electric Magnetic Pulse and other means that will bring the world to a pre-civilization state – the military and education system created by the late Shah have been turned into mechanisms in the service of true evil.

The only point of difference between the two eras, Iran under the late Shah and Iran today, is that the Shah wanted to harvest the rewards for the future benefit of his people, whereas you are aiming at world dominion. In many respects, then, you are not different from North Korea. What a pity. Eliminate Israel, even the USA, and what will you achieve, a better world?

Mr. President of the Iranian Regime, you are the sovereign of a proud people, with a heritage of a great empire, with a recent history of fast advancement from backwardness to the present and then creative leaps into the future and an iron will few can withstand.

I, a proud Jew, a dual citizen of the United States of America and of Israel, am the archenemy. I am the target of your hatred, and yet I was not taught to hate. I wonder what makes you so eager to destroy me. Possibly you do not know my story, the story of my people.

I am American by birth and heritage, my family has been in the USA for a century, and we now span four generations. I am Jewish, but I am also Israeli, born to Israeli parents, both survivors of the Holocaust. My parents, and thus I, are living testimony that the horrors of the Holocaust are as real as the number on the arm of a lady at the temple to which I go every Shabbat.

My parents are also the embodiment of the Jewish will to have a modern country. They each served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces, and I was taught from an early age my obligation to the Jewish State.

I served as an officer in the IDF during the First Persian Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein attacked Israel. It was during the service I learned values and obligations. The IDF is the realization of the Jewish promise that a Homeland, covenanted by God Almighty to be ours for a thousand generations, is there, safe and secure, a home for any Jew to come at any hour, no questions asked. We did not learn, nor do we yearn, to conquer and rule.

All we want is to live in peace. For that, we will give our lives, we will fight along our brethren, we will lead the way, and we will sacrifice all. There is a song that has been with us since the Day of Atonement War of 1973. It is more a prayer, a wish that asks “May it be,” a day when we will no longer be at war, nor need an army. Until that day know that our resolve is unwavering, that to the last man and woman – we will fight. Know our fight is just.

I told you the story of your enemy: I, the American enemy, Israeli, Jewish, all the traits you despise most.

We do not underestimate your capabilities or your unwavering, focused race to destroy us. We realize that goals you set are achieved, decrees promptly carried out. We see the power you yield over your people and the potential you are constantly harvesting in excelling over and beyond the West’s expectations. You and the Iranian nation are far more superior, and we underestimate your strength and resolve. That makes you even more dangerous.

There is no doubt that you can unleash your powers of evil. Apparently you are determined not to follow the footsteps of the late Shah of Iran. You hold the keys to the future of the world, just as Japan or Germany did seven decades ago. You are the new leader who has arisen with delusions of grandeur. You instigate and plow to establish a new world order. Beware, as you overreach tomorrow, you may end up bringing Islam to its knees and Iran burning into the ashes of history.

### In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this “point - counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.

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1 posted on 03/24/2010 3:33:42 PM PDT by Ari Bussel
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To: Ari Bussel

>>>”The only point of difference between the two eras, Iran under the late Shah and Iran today, is that the Shah wanted to harvest the rewards for the future benefit of his people, whereas you are aiming at world dominion.”

Thanks Ari.

As a child from a part Iranian Zoroastrian and part Christian (Catholic), growing up in Iran during the Shah’s era, my parents and I still keep in touch with our Iranian friends (Jewish), who now live in the U.S. - one such Jewish Iranian family used to live down the street from us, at the time, in Tehran.

2 posted on 03/25/2010 12:01:19 AM PDT by odds
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