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To: Libloather; Enterprise; Clock King; purplelobster; Cicero; Colonial Warrior
The comments at the site are fascinating, if not scary. Such a clear contrast!

They are universally baffled as to who could rationally be opposed to "Free" healthcare.

They do not understand the inflections of the word "free."

As Eric Raymond explained it, "free, as in free speech, not free beer."

And they likewise cannot understand the nuance between "equality of opportunity, and equality of outcome."

I thought Europeans were so well versed in nuance!?

SteveJinSoCal 5 November 2010 7:20PM Bye Bye Lloyd, don't forget to turn out the light... I'm still none the wiser as to what your rabid rabble stand for. I'm really hoping that an elected Tea Party or Tea Party sponsored GOP member can actually provide us with details on the following: How to ensure fair and affordable healthcare for all How to reduce the US deficit whilst maintaining the drain on GDP that is the military machine How to get America back to work - and please don't say "encourage small businesses". Do you even realise how many small businesses you'll need? Oh got it... Tax cuts for the rich...

300Spartans 5 November 2010 7:33PM I agree, we don't need some watered-down half-hearted health care program, we need a single-payer wholesale overhaul of what's been repeatedly found to be one of the most wasteful and corrupt health care systems ever devised. And I for one won't settle for anything else no matter how many knuckle-draggers get in my way, right or left.

LondonManc 5 November 2010 7:33PM Ah yes. Remind me again - somewhere in the constitution it mentions the right to free speech, free trial and the freedom to fall through the cracks, and be denied healthcare, unsupported by any state-sponsored healthcare, because you lack the means to pay for health insurance. Sure it's in there somewhere, and I can see why it would make you - an articulate, educated, moderately well-off, well-supported man - absolutely livid that the Democrats decided to stamp all over that right. I'm with you - I mean really, where do they get off with this radical liberalism, suggesting that everyone should have access to healthcare??

Paul1318 5 November 2010 8:12PM Wow, this is crazy. I mean, you can criticize Obama for his terrible handling of the economy, or for being an inept leader at times, but for wanting every American to have access to Healthcare? I have always thought that a casic tenet of civilized society should be access to Healthcare for all. Equality for all. Isnt that what the US was founded on? But no, as Lloyd makes painfully clear, the US isnt about equality for all, it is about ensuring that Insurance Companies get rich managing a wasteful Healthcare system while 40million US citizens are unable to afford any kind of coverage. Yep, those are the beliefs that the US is founded upon! God help us all.

Wow. Free speech yes. Free beer, like a free lunch, no. Sorry! Reality bites.

14 posted on 11/06/2010 11:41:34 AM PDT by sam_paine (X .................................)
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To: sam_paine
[Leftist Moron Quoted by You] ....we need a single-payer wholesale overhaul .....I for one won't settle for anything else no matter how many knuckle-draggers get in my way, right or left.

Guess we need to quit dragging these knuckles and start using them on apparatchiks like him, then? At his insistence?

At least Mr. Moonbat managed not to trigger Godwin with the usual (almost inevitable) Nazi comparison.

26 posted on 11/06/2010 1:06:02 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus
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