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10 Qualifications Sarah Palin Has Over Five Recent Presidents (Part Two)
Conservative4Palin ^ | Friday, December 10, 2010 | Nicole Coulter

Posted on 12/10/2010 3:50:40 PM PST by onyx

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a two-part series on Governor Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the presidency. We hope Barbara Walters reads both of them so she can be more "informed" for her next interview with Governor Palin, whenever that might occur. She might even be able to ask an intelligent question.

Qualification: an essential skill, quality, or attribute that makes somebody suitable for a job, activity, or task.
In the first part of our series, we explored Governor Sarah Palin’s nearly two decades of experience as a city councilor, mayor and governor, her work as an oil and gas regulator, and as an advocate for children and families. All of which distinguish her not only from potential Republican rivals, but from five recent presidents.

In this piece we examine Sarah Palin’s personal narrative. Given that voters select presidents not just for job experience, but overall life story, these softer qualifications cannot be dismissed. Who can forget Bill Clinton’s compelling characterization of himself as the “Man from Hope,” or George W. Bush’s promise to bring a "Fresh Start" to D.C. after myriad Clinton scandals. And as a nation braved two Middle East conflicts and a Fannie Mae-fueled liquidity crisis, Obama captured voter imagination with stirring speeches and the buoyant prospects of electing our first African-American president.

Does Palin’s narrative suit the times? Let’s examine five characteristics of her biography that may resonate extremely well in 2012, and even distinguish her from recent presidents.

(Continued from Qualifications 1-5 in part one)

6. Working class.

At a time when so many Americans simply want to get back to work, Sarah and Todd Palin’s working-class background might prove a welcome contrast to the Ivy-League-attorney-power couples and bluebloods who have graced the White House in recent years. Uniquely attuned to the concerns of the hardworking little guy, the Palins don't just pay lip service to working families: they are a working family. Indeed, Todd Palin, the former “First Dude” of Alaska, is proudly blue collar – a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and United Steelworkers unions. Perhaps unlike any first spouse before him, Todd’s life work requires him to get his hands dirty, really dirty, both as a commercial fisherman in summers on Bristol Bay and also as a former oil-field production operator on Alaska’s remote North Slope.

Palin describes her husband in Going Rogue:
Todd Palin roared into my life in a 1972 Ford Mustang. Handsome and independent, he was part Yupik Eskimo. … He didn't come from a wealthy family but from a very hardworking family. […] As a blue-collar union hand, a production operator wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots, Todd wasn't calling the shots for the [BP] corporate bosses in London. In fact, I told Alaskans, "Todd's not in management. He actually works."
Given our need to restore manufacturing jobs in this country, Todd Palin’s experience in an important industry and in North America’s largest industrial union (700,000-plus members) could prove valuable in an advisory capacity. As first gentleman of Alaska, Todd Palin counseled Governor Palin on workforce development issues for the natural gas pipeline she championed. Sarah Palin herself was given honorary membership in the IBEW union as she pursued private-sector energy projects. The overhyped emails released in February of this year, showed Todd Palin providing input to his wife on what you might expect: marine regulation, wildfires, native Alaskan issues, oil shale leasing, and Bureau of Land Management deals. While reporters suggested Todd played an alarmingly large policy role, strangely, no emails ever surfaced showing that he advised the governor on how to ban bake sales at public schools. Apparently, Todd Palin stuck to issues he knew, where he could be of value, and didn't try to impose half-baked views on others.

At the end of the day, unlike some of her would-be GOP rivals and recent presidents, Sarah Palin can authentically relate to the fears and concerns of “working families” and will no doubt continue to reach out to her union “brothers and sisters” – as she has done on Facebook. She knows union bosses in bed with liberal politicians do not necessarily represent the views of more conservative rank-and-file members. In this regard, Palin might be better positioned than two recent Republican presidents (both named Bush) to woo the elusive Reagan Democrats that powered President Reagan to two landslide victories.

7. Tea Party folk hero.

Galvanized by opposition to mounting federal debt and a shared belief that our leaders aren't listening, the Tea Party  has emerged as the most powerful grassroots political movement in America since the 1960s anti-war movement. In actuality, it's much larger than the anti-war movement because of its broad popular appeal. In her book America by Heart, Palin said of the Tea Party:

“This is the central political struggle facing America today, being played out right here … [Tea Party opponents] want something more from government … [Tea Partiers] are the ones paying the bills.”
Tea Party groups began sprouting up seemingly overnight in 2009 after CNBC’s Rick Santelli griped on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile about another federal bailout for defaulting mortgage holders. Santelli, like others before him, lamented our government’s flippant disregard for moral hazard, the principle that poor choices should result in negative consequences, not rewards. Santelli and other free marketers believed that bailing out irresponsible behavior erodes the incentive to work hard and to make wise choices. Not to mention the fact that it creates artificial markets, like the one that drove the mortgage option market and crashed the nation's financial system in 2008. Santelli encouraged Chicago traders to dump mortgage derivatives into Lake Michigan in protest. Subsequent outrage over further bailouts and the stimulus package led Tea Party groups to host April 15th tax protests, and make their voices heard at spirited townhall meetings in the summer of 2009. An estimated one million Tea Partiers marched on Washington on September 12, 2009, in advance of the Obamacare votes in Congress.

The Tea Party showed up to vote in the 2010 midterms, helping the GOP flip a modern record of more than 70 seats in the house and senate as well as pick up 11 governorships. High-profile wins included Marco Rubio, and Palin-endorsed Rand Paul, Nikki Haley, Pat Toomey, Sean Duffy, Renee Ellmers, and Allen West.

Governor Sarah Palin arguably stands at the heart of the Tea Party movement, along with sympathetic Congressional leaders such as Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, and Michelle Bachmann. Palin was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Tea Party Nation convention in February 2010, as 200-plus members of the worldwide media hung on her every word (and hand note). Palin would go on to rally with the Tea Party Express in Boston, Searchlight, Nev., and Phoenix, and was the only politician invited to speak at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally that attracted some 500,000 Tea Party-minded folks to the nation’s capital this past August.

Conservative blogger and Oklahoma Tea Partier C.B. Kurtz described Sarah Palin’s influence on the movement, starting almost from the moment she appeared on the national stage.

“In the months that followed the announcement of Gov. Palin’s addition to the McCain ticket, millions of people quite similar to Gov. Palin in attitude, background and yes, politics, began to get fed up about the direction of this country. Following her stem-winding, cork-popping, status-gouging speech at the Republican National Convention, suddenly millions of Americans realized that we don’t have to sit back and take it quietly. Tea Parties started brewing, quietly at first, and then, all the sudden, they were everywhere. Gov. Palin was that first bubble of black gold (like the oil discovered by Jed Clampett), and all of us behind her have come rushing out in a tidal wave ... ”
8. Former journalist.

Governor Palin communicates regularly with her 2.5 million Facebook friends , giving her a potential audience roughly the size of the paid circulations of the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times combined. She also tweets to 325,000 Twitter followers, imparting wisdom in 140-bit snippets. Anyone who has ever actually read a Palin Facebook essay or op-ed, sees her ability to write concise, timely and even witty copy on a variety of topics from economics to national security. She has penned two best-selling books in the two years since running for vice president. Going Rogue chronicled her upbringing and two decades in public life, while her new book, America By Heart, lays out her political vision grounded in her love of family, faith and country. Palin’s prodigious writing should surprise no one given that she actually studied to become a journalist, earning her degree and a minor in political science from the University of Idaho.

She describes her favorite journalism experiences in her memoir, Going Rogue:

During semesters in college and summers back in Alaska, I interned at a couple of TV sports desks. I covered high school and college sports, putting together packages and writing sports copy [and anchoring]. I loved the intensity of the newsroom, the deadlines, the adrenaline. Unmarried and with no kids, I spent hours and hours at the station… I also began paying more and more attention to the [political] chatter from the news desk, especially at an Anchorage NBC affiliate. In Alaska, we don't have big-league professional sports teams or many celebrities (except famous dog mushers), so for many up here politics is just another sport. So even as I covered sports, my interest in public policy and how it affected people continued to grow.
As a former journalist, Palin remains fiercely outspoken about the importance of press freedom, calling it a keystone of our democracy. She also believes in holding the media accountable, challenging unprincipled reporters to “Stop making things up.” Her critiques of the "lamestream media" proved sagacious this summer when the JournoList scandal revealed hundreds of liberal journalists conspiring to prop up Obama’s candidacy in 2008 and to smear Governor Palin from the day she was nominated for vice president. This unethical behavior among some reporters has taken a toll. Gallup recently found that a record 57% of Americans don’t trust the media. Another Pew study showed a whopping 82% of Americans think the press is biased. In calling attention to this bias, Palin has done more than perhaps any other political leader to demand media accountability. Through her speaking and writing, she also has shown the ability to “go around the media,” directly to the people, similar to another famous ex-Governor. President Ronald Reagan, also a former sports reporter, was called the “Great Communicator.” Palin may as well be tagged as the “Great Social Mediator”.

9. Commercial fisherwoman.

President Obama’s administration has brought together a team with less real-world business experience than any administration in 100 years. Indeed, Obama himself is a career social activist who eschewed private sector work his entire life. His key advisers are also glaringly inexperienced when it comes to owning or managing an enterprise, except the enterprise called government and government largess. If she were to win the nomination and compete for the presidency, Sarah Palin no doubt would attack Obama’s business-unfriendly policies, and his hostility to the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country. And she will speak from personal experience – as a small business owner. Palin has been fishing the waters of Bristol Bay in summers with her husband since their courtship days. As co-owner of his commercial enterprise, she is well-familiar with the ups and downs of business cycles, and well aware of the risk-taking mindset required for success. She also knows the impact of government policy on business decisions.

Todd and Sarah Palin hail from extended families that have owned gas stations, hotels, and stores, in addition to fishing operations. As mayor, Palin spurred business growth by reducing tax and regulatory burdens. She recognized that businesses thrive on predictable government policy, a point she makes in speeches lamenting the current uncertainty of the tax code and the scepter of Obamacare hanging over entrepreneurs' heads. She also sees natural kinship between a family fishing enterprise and a family farm. Both rely on hard work, God's grace, and a devotion to natural resource stewardship. Palin understands that no one cares more about the land or water than those who earn their livelihood from them. More than most others, Palin understands the need to protect the environment, because prosperity depends on it.

She described the devastation to the fishing industry from the Exxon-Valdez spill in Going Rogue:

The effects rippled through the state like aftershocks. ... Alaska fish products make up an $8 billion industry and produce more than 62 percent of all the United States' wild seafood. ... Fishermen watched helplessly as fish processors posted the price they'd pay for our wild salmon caught that season; it plummeted by 65 percent, from $2.35 to 80 cents a pound. The fish will fetch ten times that much once it hit markets in the Lower 48 and overseas, but processors insisted they could pay the fishermen only minimal prices for a product perceived as "tainted." With the polluted Sound unfishable and incomes dried up, banks repossessed scores of commercial fishing vessels, leaving hundreds of people jobless, unable to pay their mortgages and other bills. Entire commericial salmon and herring fisheries closed after the disaster.

No doubt should Sarah Palin run for president, one of her first stops might just be the Gulf Coast. In the wake of the horrific BP spill this year (four times worse than Valdez) and botched government response, Palin, more than any recent president can empathize with the struggling fishery enterprises there. Moreover, as a former oil and gas regulator, she knows the delicate balance between opening up energy development and requiring that firms operate responsibly.

10. Mother of a combat vet.

If being a “wise Latina” counts as one credential toward serving on the Supreme Court, then surely being a “soldier’s mother” bolsters the bonafides of a potential commander-in-chief-- especially when combined with all of Governor Palin’s other accomplishments in elected office. After all, this is a self-made woman who fought corruption and the good old boys all the way to the top of her rugged state while raising five children, including now one with special needs (Trig) and another, Track, who completed a tour of duty in Iraq before the end of combat operations there. In interviews, the patriotic Palin counts raising a soldier son as her proudest accomplishment. Indeed, the fact that one of her children enlisted to serve in a time of war distinguishes her from five recent presidents and potential 2012 rivals.

In America By Heart, Palin reflects on Track's service:

I look at these kids and I think, They could be off partying on spring break or working their way up a high-powered career ladder. What motivates them to put all that aside for a military enlistment? ...During the year they spent in the Diyala Province, [Track's] Stryker Brigade lost many soldiers. ... Our military men and women fight -- and die -- to defend our freedom. They do their duty. But we have a duty as well. Our duty is to cherish the great gift they have given us; to honor their service and their memory by preserving what Lincoln so memorably called "government of the people, by the people and for the people."
War will be on the ballot in 2012 as the United States attempts to extricate itself from the lingering quagmire in Afghanistan, where more American soldiers died this year than in any other year of the conflict. Sarah Palin has articulated the need for a clear mission and strategy for victory. She not only has the experience of serving as Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, and visiting troops in Kuwait, she knows the anguish of waiting for news on a loved one overseas, giving her a unique viewpoint from which to evaluate military decisions. Unlike our current president beholden to his liberal base, she would be less likely to play politics with war. She's seen it up close and personal: Track enlisted on September 11th 2007, and embarked on his service to Iraq on September 11th, 2008, just as she was running for vice president, only the second woman to do so. For one year, while simultaneously taking round-after-round of political hits, Sarah Palin endured the worry only a soldier's mother knows. She suffered a media lynching, ironically, while her son bravely defended freedom of the press and the other freedoms we so often take for granted in America.

As she tells it, her son's service to our country is something no one can take away from her. This would be true whether she runs for president, or settles down to a quiet life in Wasilla with her family, two scenarios that for her probably hold equal value.

But since we know her life will never be quiet regardless, we're hoping she steps up to show the world just how qualified she really is for the highest office in the land. We've laid out ten points of distinction in this series, but the real list might be as vast as the golden Alaskan horizon and as deep as a mother’s love.

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1 posted on 12/10/2010 3:50:47 PM PST by onyx
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To: 4woodenboats; mc5cents; oldmomster; florm15; Alice in Wonderland; sybilll; jessduntno; ...

2 posted on 12/10/2010 3:52:54 PM PST by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: onyx
Okay....let's now hear from the PDS'ers.....

Pissant.....calling Pissant.

3 posted on 12/10/2010 3:57:37 PM PST by traditional1 ("Don't gotsta worry 'bout no mo'gage, don't gotsta worry 'bout no gas; Obama gonna take care o' me!)
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To: traditional1

Please.... no PDSers.

4 posted on 12/10/2010 3:59:51 PM PST by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: onyx

She’s great, but Christine O’donnell is greater. She is going to be on “Survivor- South Beach” too!

5 posted on 12/10/2010 4:01:56 PM PST by HospiceNurse (Draft O'Donnell 4 President)
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To: onyx

Whoa...when looks were handed out I think Sarah got in line twice. Especially nice that her brain is firing on all cylinders, too.

6 posted on 12/10/2010 4:02:02 PM PST by JPG (Sarah dedicated her new book to Trig: "I'm glad you're here.")
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To: onyx

11. She is a member of a group without which not a single Democrat would have ever been elected: women.

This is why they hate her so much as well. Without the woman voter, the highest ranking ‘RAT would probably be the dog catcher.

7 posted on 12/10/2010 4:04:13 PM PST by ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton (Standing by the walls of Minas Tirith as Sauron's forces pound the gates...)
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To: onyx
Sarah Palin. Presidential? Yes.

8 posted on 12/10/2010 4:04:43 PM PST by jessduntno (TSA: "Because screwing you with your pants ON just wasn't enough.")
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To: HospiceNurse
Do you have a ‘Palin Alert’ light that flashes when there is a Palin post? Maybe you just sniff the air? PDS reportedly does strange things to people.
9 posted on 12/10/2010 4:05:30 PM PST by JPG (Sarah dedicated her new book to Trig: "I'm glad you're here.")
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To: onyx

The only qualification required is electability. Anything other than another 4 years of hope and change.

10 posted on 12/10/2010 4:05:52 PM PST by Random Access
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To: onyx

OMG onyx, that picture of Sarah in green is breathtaking.

11 posted on 12/10/2010 4:07:38 PM PST by t-dude (Sarah causes banal and vituperous evil snarks to shriek in horror!)
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To: onyx


Governor Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments that garnered her a whopping 92% approval rating:

Energy Independence, Development, and Environmental Stewardship

*Governor Palin’s cornerstone accomplishment is AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act). During the Palin administration, TransCanada and Exxon formed an alliance to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Lower 48. Under Governor Palin’s governance, the project was expanded and revised from what previous governors had proposed with an open policy process for the Alaskan people. More progress was made on this effort than in the previous 30 years. This is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history and helps put us on the path to energy independence.

*Governor Palin’s administration opened up drilling for oil and natural gas at Pt. Thompson for the first time in decades.

*Governor Palin created the Alaska’s Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee all aspects of energy development and to make sure oilfield equipment was safe to operate and a Climate Change Subcabinet to comprehensively and honestly evaluate climate change.

Fiscal Conservatism

*Governor Palin reduced earmark requests for the state of Alaska by 80% during her administration, requesting only earmarks that would benefit the country as a whole.

* Governor Palin reduced spending in her budget for Fiscal Year 2010 by more than one billion dollars from the previous governor’s Fiscal Year 2007 budget, a 9.5% real reduction in spending. Her FY2010 budget was $10.57 billion compared to Governor Murkowski’s FY2007 budget of nearly $11.7 billion. At the same time, she fulfilled her campaign promise to forward fund education, allowing districts greater flexibility and predictability in their planning.

*Governor Palin opposed much of the “stimulus”, wanting only to accept 55% of the money allocated to Alaska, specifically only dollars dedicated to infrastructure [projects. Although the Alaskan legislature ultimately overturned her veto, she stood firm on her commitment to help Alaska to become more self-sufficient while not adding to not add to the skyrocketing national debt.

* Governor Palin invested $5 billion in state savings.

Walking the Walk on Fiscal Responsibility

*Governor Palin sold the private jet purchased by the previous governor. She state it was an unnecessary financial burden on the state and was unable to land on many of the state’s landing strips.

* To cut costs that would be incurred by continuing to use a personal driver like previous governors, the governor drove herself from Wasilla to her office in Anchorage. She also dismissed the governor’s personal chef stationed in Juneau, Alaska’s capital.

* Governor Palin accepted less state per diem for herself and her family than her predecessors even though she had a larger family.

10th Amendment Advocacy/Promotion of State Constitution

*Showing that she is a strong supporter of the 10th amendment, Governor Palin advocated for the sovereignty of the state of Alaska.

*Governor Palin’s administration sued the federal government for placing the polar bear on the endangered species list, as this restriction affected energy development which would increase energy costs.

*A Constitutionalist, Governor Palin signed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES) bill into law. The Alaska constitution states that the Alaskan people own the oil and other resources. This law ensures that the “owners”, the people of Alaska, receive a clear and equitable share of oil profits.

National Defense/Veterans

*Governor Palin supported ground-based missile defense Ft Greely and other Alaskan Bases around to protect America from America’s enemies. She criticized the Obama administration for cuts that they made to this national defense system.

*Governor Palin, with Senators Murkowski and Begich, fought for retirement benefits from the federal government that were due to the Alaska Territorial Guard members who fought during World War II. These benefits were eventually rewarded to these veterans by the federal government.

* Governor Palin visited Alaskan soldiers in Kosovo and Kuwait.


*Governor Palin signed bipartisan ethics reform legislation into law that helped to hold both the legislative and executive branches accountable.

*Governor Palin put the state checkbook online, allowing all constituents to see how state money was being spent.

Health Care

*Governor Palin introduced health care transparency legislation which aimed at putting information in the hands of consumers about cost and quality of health care as a way to make health care consumer driven and accessible.

Sanctity and Dignity of All Life

* Governor Palin strongly supported both parental consent and parental notification legislation.

*Governor Palin increased educational funding for special needs’ children.

*Governor Palin implemented the Senior Benefits Program to support low income seniors.

Positions Held while Governor

* Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.

*Vice Chair of the National Governors Association Natural Resource Committee.

* She served as chair of the Alaska Conservation Commission, which regulates Alaska’s most valuable non-renewable resources: oil and gas. She was elected by her peers to serve as president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. In this role, she worked with local, state and federal officials to promote solutions to the needs of Alaska’s communities.

She exposed legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska Republican leaders, including the former state Attorney General and the State GOP Chairman (who was also an Oil & Gas Commissioner), who was doing work for the party on public time and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail. Several went to jail.

Governor Palin signed several pieces of legislation and resolutions during July 2009. They were:

•SB-125: Encourage aerospace development in AK
•SB-177: Extend sunset for sport fishing guides and address harvest data collection
•Pro-energy development and missile defense resolutions

HJR-27: Alaska a Sovereign State
HJR-25: Hydro-Electric a Renewable Resource
HJR-28: Oppose Federal Restriction on Oil and Gas Development
HJR-12: Support Missile Defense System
•SB-88: Power cost equalization
•Defending Second Amendment rights.

SB-201: Extends Concealed Carry Permit Expiration to 5 Years from Birthday
HJR-17: Urges Congress not to pass HR-45.The federal legislation would put burdensome licensing and registration controls on individual gun owners.
SJR-10: Urges Congress to pass S-371. The legislation was to ensure that citizens of each state who are licensed or authorized by their home state to carry a concealed weapon, could do so in another state as long as they comply with the laws of that state.
SJR-3: The resolution expresses support to Congress for repealing the ban on carrying a firearm on National Park Service lands.
•SB-3 Requiring information sharing between two agencies.
•HRJ-19 Supports requirement of escort for loaded tankers traversing Prince William Sound.
•The Governor appointed 29 people to boards, commissions and councils and made three judicial appointments between July 6, 2009 and July 26, 2009.

Governor Palin’s total appointments for 2009 was123, including 116 to boards, commissions and councils, five judicial appointments, one legislative and one attorney general. Governor Palin averaged one appointment every 1.67 days during 2009.
•The Governor vetoed $28.6 million in stimulus money that would have involved federal interference with the state of Alaska.
Governor Palin signed bills removing experience caps on teacher’s salaries and extending boat safety programs.

Governor Palin signed legislation that gave struggling charter schools a one-year grace period to increase enrollments or integrate with other charter schools. She also signed legislation that authorizes Alaska “to enroll in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.”

Governor Palin signed legislation granting birth certificates for stillborn babies

Governor Palin signed legislation authorizing the state to fund retirement benefits for Alaska Territorial Guard veterans. The federal government ceased funding benefits on April 1, 2009

Governor Palin signed legislation safeguarding student loans

Sarah Palin was Commander of the Alaska National Guard. Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the first line of defense unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units in the United States. As governor of Alaska, Palin was briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism daily.

Governor Palin was the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security’s counterterrorism plans.

38 posted on 11/16/2010 5:18:34 PM PST by Retired Intelligence Officer

12 posted on 12/10/2010 4:11:00 PM PST by RedMDer
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13 posted on 12/10/2010 4:13:30 PM PST by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: HospiceNurse

You have issues...

serious issues, and they are not good. You are looking pretty small and pety with your trolling...

What effect do you really think you are having here?

I am curious, because all you are really doing is exposing what a dark hearted and vitriolic person you are.

It is strange. You must hate yourself.

14 posted on 12/10/2010 4:14:25 PM PST by t-dude (Sarah causes banal and vituperous evil snarks to shriek in horror!)
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To: HospiceNurse


Why don’t you run along now. I am sure there is someplace over on DU where seething jealousy is welcomed and applauded. It’s most unbecoming around here.

15 posted on 12/10/2010 4:21:30 PM PST by penelopesire (Let The Congressional Hearings Begin!)
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To: onyx

I can hardly wait for her facebook page to come out with a pouncing on oblunders presser today.

This ought to be good.

16 posted on 12/10/2010 4:22:22 PM PST by diverteach (If I find liberals in heaven after my death.....I WILL BE PISSED!!!)
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To: onyx

I always wanted to elect a fisherwoman as POTUS. That is a breathtaking qualification./sarc

But then again, maybe she could clobber Sarkozy over the head a few times.

17 posted on 12/10/2010 4:28:46 PM PST by dforest
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To: diverteach
I can hardly wait for her facebook page to come out with a pouncing on oblunders presser today.
This ought to be good.

LOL. I hadn't given any thought to that, but you have me thinking about it

"Buck-up, or get back in the truck," comes to

18 posted on 12/10/2010 4:32:44 PM PST by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: onyx

WOW! That is SOME picture - she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

19 posted on 12/10/2010 4:34:09 PM PST by jackibutterfly
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To: t-dude

You have CO’D derangement syndrome!

20 posted on 12/10/2010 4:36:05 PM PST by HospiceNurse (Draft O'Donnell 4 President)
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