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‘We Are Living in the Midst of the Greatest Human Genocide in the History of Humanity,’ Rep...
CNSNews ^ | February 11, 2011 | Penny Starr

Posted on 02/11/2011 9:06:39 AM PST by jazusamo

Complete title: ‘We Are Living in the Midst of the Greatest Human Genocide in the History of Humanity,’ Rep. Franks Says of Legalized Abortion

Trent Franks

Rep. Trent Franks (R-N.M) said at a press
conference on Feb. 10 to push for ending the
federal funding of Planned Parenthood that
the United States is 'awash in the blood' of
the some 50 million unborn children who
have been aborted since the procedure was
made legal in 1973. (

( Rep. Trent Franks (R-N.M.) said on Thursday that because modern technology can reveal fetal development in the womb, Americans are starting to ‘wake up’ and realize the reality that abortion ends a human life.

“And I am convinced more than ever that we’re asking that real question, ‘Does abortion really kill a baby?’” Franks said at a press conference on Capitol Hill to discuss the latest efforts by Republicans in the House to introduce legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers that receive taxpayer dollars through Title X Family Planning provisions.

“Because, ladies and gentlemen, if abortion really does kill a baby, then in this, the seat of freedom, we are living in the midst of the greatest human genocide in the history of humanity,” Franks said.

Franks said there are three other realities of abortion that include consequences for the unborn child, the mother and society as a whole.

“No. 1, a nameless little baby dies a lonely, tragic death,” Franks said. “No. 2, a mother is never the same, no matter what anybody tells you; and No. 3 all the gifts that that little baby might have brought to this human family are lost forever.”

Franks said he believes Americans understand that “all of God’s children have that divine image stamped on their souls” and then he quoted Thomas Jefferson.

“It was Thomas Jefferson [who] said that the care and protection of human life, and not its destruction, is the only object of good government,” Franks said.

Franks was one of more than a dozen House members who joined members of the House Pro-life Women’s Caucus and pro-life advocacy groups, all of which called for legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

The campaign has taken on new steam in light of recent undercover videos produced by the pro-life youth advocacy group Live Action that show Planned Parenthood staff at abortion clinics in numerous states telling actors who claimed to be sex traffickers seeking abortion for their underage female workers that they would not ask questions about the girls or the “pimp” who was with them.

Franks said the videos and revelations at the press conference about other alleged crimes documented in past videos by Live Action, including Planned Parenthood staff not reporting sexual abuse of underage girls, “incredibly enlightening.”

“But the bottom line here is this is an organization that’s been the principal force behind the killing of nearly 50 million little Americans,” Franks said.

When asked by how Congress could defund Planned Parenthood with a pro-abortion president like Barack Obama in the White House, Franks said the Constitution requires that all federal funding begin in the House.

“I hope the people on the relevant committees, appropriations committees, have the courage to do what’s right in that regard because a government is what it spends, and we are spending money killing our own children, and a country that is awash in the blood of its children can’t survive in the kind of republic that we have,” Franks said.

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KEYWORDS: 112th; abortion; defunding; moralabsolutes; plannedparenthood; prolife; titlex; trentfranks
Thank you Rep. Franks, get it done.
1 posted on 02/11/2011 9:06:50 AM PST by jazusamo
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To: jazusamo

And conservatives have done NOTHING to stop it!

2 posted on 02/11/2011 9:11:56 AM PST by stockpirate (U-6 Total unemployed for January 2011 16.1 percent)
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To: jazusamo

What these people want is the complete extermination of all "Inferiors". G-D Help us !

3 posted on 02/11/2011 9:12:37 AM PST by KC_Lion (America is on the Brink of War with its self, and no one seams to notice or care)
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To: jazusamo
Trent Franks is from Arizona, not New Mexico.

He is my representative. I have notified CNS of their error.
4 posted on 02/11/2011 9:12:55 AM PST by righttackle44 (I may not be much, but I raised a U.S. Marine.)
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To: righttackle44

Yeah, it’s just one of those rectangular states.

5 posted on 02/11/2011 9:16:08 AM PST by HIDEK6
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To: stockpirate
And conservatives have done NOTHING to stop it!

No, they've just not done enough.
6 posted on 02/11/2011 9:16:34 AM PST by Carpe Cerevisi
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To: righttackle44

Thanks, I had no idea and didn’t even think to check.

7 posted on 02/11/2011 9:17:46 AM PST by jazusamo (His [Obama's] political base---the young, the left and the thoughtless: Thomas Sowell)
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To: jazusamo
Hitler would be so proud!!!!

Good for him for at least SPEAKING OUT. Now DO SOMETHING -- like DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

8 posted on 02/11/2011 9:19:22 AM PST by Jerrybob
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To: wagglebee

God Bless Rep. Trent Franks.

If only more men and women in Congress were like him.

9 posted on 02/11/2011 9:19:41 AM PST by Responsibility2nd (Yes, as a matter of fact, what you do in your bedroom IS my business.)
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To: Jerrybob
Defunding is the answer; all the House has to do is give them ZERO DOLLARS. Problem solved.

Read about it here:

10 posted on 02/11/2011 9:21:07 AM PST by Jerrybob
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To: stockpirate
It looks like they're working on it now:

Republicans launch new effort to defund Planned Parenthood in spending plan (Good!)

11 posted on 02/11/2011 9:21:48 AM PST by jazusamo (His [Obama's] political base---the young, the left and the thoughtless: Thomas Sowell)
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Most people are clueless to the genocide that’s being done to Western Nations.

In the 1940’s people of Euro stock were 25% of the global pop.
Today, that number is down to 12% and with only 9% at child bearing age.

Look at the demographics of Europe, and America. People of euro-stock are mostly of the baby-boomer generation, or past child-bearing age.

Yet, the EU is planning on importing 55 million Africans (already has started in Central Europe). The EU is importing the Middle East as well.

Europeans have maybe 1-2 kids. The immigrants have 7+ kids and more of those people keep coming in every day.

Today’s genocide is fought with babies and immigration, not tactical fighter jets. That’s why 50 years from now the Constitution will be eliminated and the Republic will be lost and why Europe will look a war zone in Lebanon.

12 posted on 02/11/2011 9:30:10 AM PST by MrInvisible
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To: MrInvisible

My wife has a friend who’s from Italy who’s beside herself with grief because she says she doesn’t recognize her country anymore. That it’s over.

Consider this, all those nukes and high tech weapons are about to be inherited by moslems/3rd world immigrants. Mr. Wilcox won’t be at the red button, Mr. Muhammed Ali Arah Najah will be.

13 posted on 02/11/2011 9:33:25 AM PST by MrInvisible
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To: jazusamo

The truth only hurts liars. Bravo!

14 posted on 02/11/2011 9:36:59 AM PST by Méabh
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To: jazusamo

Hint: don’t couch this as a moral argument against abortion...couch this as a fiscal argument and a need to cut all nonessential government spending.

15 posted on 02/11/2011 9:37:31 AM PST by Yet_Again
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To: stockpirate

**And conservatives have done NOTHING to stop it!**

Say what? You haven’t been a participant in the 40 Days for Life campaigns, it appears.

Go pray in front of a Planned Parenthood Clinic, in other words!

16 posted on 02/11/2011 9:45:29 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: stockpirate; wagglebee

It’s official, and the news release was just sent:

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will shatter
ALL previous records!

Just four weeks from today, 243 cities — reaching
from coast to coast in the United States, plus
Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Belize, Spain,
Georgia and Armenia — will simultaneously launch
local 40 Days for Life campaigns on March 9.

The full list of locations for the 40 Days for Life
campaign has just been posted at:

This spring’s 40 Days for Life campaign represents
a staggering 45% INCREASE in participating cities
compared with last spring’s effort in 167 locations.

The coordinated international campaign will be conducted
from March 9 through April 17, coinciding with the
Christian season of Lent — and will be the largest and
longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history!

With the recent dramatic changes in Congressional
leadership ... the negative attention surrounding
Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry ... the
dramatic conversion story of Abby Johnson ... and the
monumental shift in public attitudes regarding the
right to life ... we have truly reached a tipping point
in our unified efforts to end abortion.

And YOU can help save lives by getting involved!

Here’s what to do:

1) Go to the list of 40 Days for Life locations:

2) Using the map, or the list of locations, click
on the site that is closest to where you live.

3) You will be redirected to the web page for
that local 40 Days for Life campaign.

4) On that local web page, SIGN UP with your name
and e-mail address to get involved and help
save lives!

That’s it!

You will then receive information on the plans for your
nearby 40 Days for Life campaign, and how you can help
make an impact locally.

Here’s a quick list of the blessings that God has
provided through seven previous coordinated 40 Days
for Life campaigns:

* 400,000 have joined to pray and fast for an
end to abortion

* 13,000+ church congregations have participated
in 40 Days for Life campaigns

* Reports document 3,599 lives that have been spared
from abortion — and those are just the ones we
know about

* 43 abortion workers have quit their jobs and
walked away from the abortion industry

* Nine abortion facilities completely shut down
following local 40 Days for Life campaigns

* Women and men have been spared from the effects of
abortion, including a lifetime of regrets

* More than 1,200 news stories have been featured in
radio shows, newspapers, magazines and TV programs

* Many people with past abortion experiences have
begun post-abortion healing and recovery

* After 38 years of legalized abortion, people of
faith are experiencing a renewed sense of HOPE!

I’m excited and am really looking forward to what God
will do this spring ...

... and I’m thrilled to have YOU as part of it!

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you’ve already signed up with a local
40 Days for Life campaign before, you will not be
added to the list a second time — our system
automatically screens to prevent duplicates:

PPS: Some of the local web pages are still in the
process of being set up, so if the page for your
nearby campaign is not yet complete, go ahead and
sign up with your name and e-mail address so you
can get the latest updates:

17 posted on 02/11/2011 9:47:00 AM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: jazusamo; 185JHP; 230FMJ; AKA Elena; Albion Wilde; Aleighanne; Alexander Rubin; Amos the Prophet; ..
Moral Absolutes Ping!

Freepmail wagglebee to subscribe or unsubscribe from the moral absolutes ping list.

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[ Add keyword moral absolutes to flag FR articles to this ping list ]

18 posted on 02/11/2011 9:54:20 AM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: jazusamo

I’m glad he said it, hope others will chime in to agree, and wonder why Conservatives haven’t been screaming it from the rooftops before the blood was waist deep. Did the murders have to exceed the Holocaust by a factor of ten, or what?

It is an improvement not to be ignored, though. It might be good to write the guy and thank him for saying it since you know he’s going to be on the fascist hit list now.

19 posted on 02/11/2011 10:11:16 AM PST by Rashputin (Barry is totally insane and being kept medicated and on golf courses to hide the fact)
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20 posted on 02/11/2011 11:10:59 AM PST by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: wagglebee

Thank you for this ping. Compromise among persons of honor is one thing; but the days of compromise with pure evil must end.

21 posted on 02/11/2011 11:16:55 AM PST by Albion Wilde (Government does nothing as economically as the private sector. - Ronald Reagan)
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To: Salvation

Salvation, you know I love you but I have to sort of agree with the post that said conservatives have done nothing.

Yes, 40 Days for Life is WONDERFUL & has been successful. But I feel that many pro-life POLITCIANS are to blame for the ongoing slaughter. 40 Days is made up mostly of average folks. But we have elected “pro-life” pols who, quite honestly, have offered little help besides empty platitudes in the fight against abortion. Maybe I’ve just never paid attention before but this is the first time I remember any rumblings about legislation seeking to limit funding. Sure, we had the ban on partial birth, but that was the last time I remember anything real ever being done. Am I wrong?

God bless Ohio, which is about to introduce a bill that will ban abortion if a heartbeat can be detected. This sort of stuff is long overdue.

22 posted on 02/11/2011 1:41:56 PM PST by surroundedbyblue
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To: jazusamo

He is right.

Here is how this is going to go - and bear in mind once upon a time Americans didn’t think slavery was horrible. It took a while to get agreement on that.

Some day in the future, no clue when, birth control is going to become so sophisticated, young ladies and maybe men as well will get a safe, reversible procedure done to prevent unwanted pregnances. this will be done young, maybe around puberty. STD will still be an issue but unplanned pregnancy won’t be.

Abortion will become obsolete as a result of the above.

The INSTANT that abortion becomes obsolete, that generation of American’s will - now not needed to justify abortion -
excoriate our generations for the “murder” of hundreds of millions of human beings. Abortion leades will be savaged in the press and holocaust monuments to the murdered millions of human babies will be erected.

I kid you not. This is our future.

Right now, people self-rationalize abortion because it is such a convenient solution to an emotionally traumatic problem. Just erase the life and presto! — problem solved. The instant the problem disapears through a safe reversible birth control procedure instituted at 8 or 10 or 12 years old, Americans will be in a position to admit this evil without themselves having to suffer the consequences or take the risks.

I am glad I won’t be around to see this. If you think archaic Americans have been flayed for slavery, you just wait until future generations are freed to condemn the current wholesale slaughter of human babies. It is going to be ugly and our entire genertions will be universally condemned.

Those of us who oppose abortion to the point that we want the practice prohibited (except for genuine imminent risk to the life of the mother as I believe) will be condemned just as roundly as the murderers and murder supporters because we “didn’t do enough to stop it or do anything at all to stop it.”

You mark my words.

23 posted on 02/11/2011 3:28:54 PM PST by Freedom_Is_Not_Free (We be Fooked.)
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To: jazusamo
Pinged from Terri Dailies

24 posted on 02/13/2011 10:47:41 AM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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