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To: smoothsailing; Diogenesis; Emperor Palpatine; trumandogz; patriot08

patriot08 made a GREAT post, about true patriots like Rush and Palin praising Perry.

we ALL need to agree, that NO candidate will be perfect!

i am VERY concerned about illegal immigration. it’s a BIG issue to me. but, Perry is still a million times better than Romney!

but i am tired of everyone making their favorite, “walk on water”, and REFUSING to admit they are human, and make mistakes.

We NEED to secure the Border. i hope Perry understand this.
and, spending TAX PAYER money, on Gardasil, was WRONG.

i can still vote for Perry, but he and his supporters need to understand this.
(and, the “opt out” was NOT permanent. it had to be notarized and repeated every 2 years. NOT a good faith option, for parents who weren’t worried about their teens being sexually active, which is the ONLY dubious reason for this vaccine, which possibly killed more girls than it “allegedly” saved !)

Gardasil was a huge mistake!!!
to require MULTIPLE injections, at a HUGE HUGE cost.
I studied this issue years ago, look before i ever heard of Perry.

this doctor, was one of the DEVELOPERS of Gardasil:
“...Dr.Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines and director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group”
HERSELF came out against Gardasil.

Even many LIBERALS now admit Gardasil was a very bad idea.
here is just one TINY example (of MANY) from CBS:

and here:
“At a cost of $360 dollars for the full 3-shot course of vaccine, that comes to about $900,000,000 to prevent one death.”

(and side effects killed more girls in USA and Britain, than that!)

“Gardasil is intended to protect againist FOUR types of HPV. But there are over 120 different strains of HPV.”

Gardrasil offers NO benefit for a girl unless she is sexually active. (and those are minimal.)
It offers very REAL dangers and side-effects, for ALL girls who take it.

i respectfully suggest, that Perry supporters, simply admit this is one flaw on an otherwise fine conservative candidate.

33 posted on 06/25/2011 1:07:48 PM PDT by Elendur (the hope and change i need: Sarah / Colonel West in 2012)
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To: Elendur

There’s nothing to admit.

The day Perry did the Guardasil thing I said to myself, oops, don’t think he thought that one all the way through.

But at no time did I ascribe to him the horrible motives that others have tried to ascribe.

I think he meant well, because he thought it would prevent a horrible epidemic which he was just beginning to realize was happening in our society.

But that’s not how he’s described, as well meaning but making a flawed judgement.

Oh no, he’s the statist devil himself.

Now, those are the people I would like to see admit something.

Yeah, and not to mention the ones who want us to believe that Rick Perry needed campaign money so very badly that he did this to the young girls of Texas in return for a few thou from Merck.

But being anonymous accuser means never having to say you’re sorry...

45 posted on 06/25/2011 1:23:40 PM PDT by txrangerette ("...HOLD TO THE TRUTH; SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR." - Glenn Beck)
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To: Elendur

If you read my post, you had to realize that I thought Perry’s Guardasil crusade was a boneheaded move, but at the time well-intentioned. My gripe is the false accusations that are so freely thrown about claiming that Perry was forcing the shots on girls and their parents. That was never true.

You do realize that the shots are still part of the immunization program in Texas?

I appreciate being pinged to your post, you’ve made some good points. Given the current field of Republican candidates, I would welcome Perry’s entry into the race.

49 posted on 06/25/2011 1:29:28 PM PDT by smoothsailing
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To: Elendur
i am VERY concerned about illegal immigration. it’s a BIG issue to me. but, Perry is still a million times better than Romney!

Whoever occupies the White House, if he does not address the immigration issue forthrightly and stop the "anchor baby" phenomenon and all the rest of it, will simply be turning the White House over to leftist Democrats for the next four generations.

Are you prepared to be discriminated against because you don't speak Spanish? It will happen, if you do not use your "gateway" (thus George Will) to exclude candidates who will not defend our interest on this point.

Voting for Perry for the GOP nomination is giving your country to people who don't, and never will, care about your interest: millionaire employers and penniless fence-jumpers who want to work for the multimillionaires who don't want you. And now, this isn't about landscaping jobs -- this is about welding jobs and L-1 and H-1B jobs, too.

This is about the whole ball of wax, the globalist agenda of starving the American middle class into submission by playing off whole populations against one another -- playing God, just like the man in the big white house once did with red-necks and ex-slaves.

In 2007, former Fed governor (and Democrat) Alan Blinder came back from the Davos conference in Switzerland and warned us about how a series, a procession, of U.S. CEO's got up in front of all the foreign bankers and moneyrunners and promised up and down that they had Seen the Light, that their programs going forward were all about the same thing, to offshore and outsource as much of their budgets as possible, to squeeze out American employees from American jobs, to make the inconvenient American middle class unemployed and unemployable, to make our payscales and buying power Go Away, to make the First World cease to exist, to make the whole world the Third World -- cheap, cheap people serving a tiny, Third World minority of the ultrarich and ultrapowerful. You see the fulfilment of those promises happening right now.

And you're going to vote for the Davos candidate, the Bilderberg candidate? That's what you'll be doing if you vote for Rick Perry.

74 posted on 06/25/2011 3:26:49 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus (Concealed carry is a pro-life position.)
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To: Elendur

Every single pap smear that we do only looks for changes due to HPV. 99.7% of all cervical cancer is caused by HPV.

That site you reference is not reliable. With the millions of girls involved, a given number of events will happen within 30 days of any point in time.

No deaths were confirmed to be due to the vaccine. In fact, the CDC, JAMA, and the very conservative (Bush-appointed and media vilified for those conservative views) FDA panel that reviewed the VAERS in 2008 all confirm that there’s no causal relationship, only temporal.

With 33 million doses, there are bound to be deaths that coincide with the timing of the vaccine use. The teen death rate from all causes is 62 per 100,000 across the US. Most of those are boys, but still: In 10 million girls, 30 deaths are not outside the rate for the age group.

More likely the girls in question were at higher risk due to the population presenting to clinics giving the vaccine: those who present with worries about STD’s, the newly sexually active and those entering college. They were given new scripts for birth control pills and other vaccines and meds.

Also remember the silicon, SSRI, and the general vaccine scares that have been blown out of proportion through the years and later proven to be untrue.

115 posted on 06/25/2011 10:03:34 PM PDT by hocndoc ( (I've got a mustard seed and I'm not afraid to use it.) (RIAing)
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