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To: Smokin' Joe
So, which candidate - now or likely to run and have a chance at winning supports deporting 12+million illegals?


None them. There may be strong sentiment for this among a high number of Americans but not among the majority of Americans. WE lost. Deportation is not going to happen.

The best possible REALISTIC solution, will end up being real border controls to STOP the flood of illegals, a system of worker registration, with some controls and conditions over who is eligible- or not- to apply for citizenship... maybe a decision to end or severely limit birthright citizenship (you think a democrat will lead that one?) And some return to ensuring national pride, assimilation and loyalty to the US are part of the citizenship process.

Plus a foreign policy team and ideology that stops groveling to Mexico, stops kissing up to other despots and radicals in Central America, and expects brown people to deal with their own corruption that is tearing their countries apart and adding to our own instability.

Oh, and defund and SCREW La RAZA.

So who do you think will serve our national interests better in tackling immigration and putting us on path to stop the abuses and to stop this being a destructive issue?

obama/napolitano/Eric Holder? or Rick Perry and his administration?

Some conservatives can hold out for mass deportation all they want. But mass deportations of mostly economic refugees in this day and age is not going to happen.
It's not the popular majority view, no politician will do it, it's not going to happen. Hold your breath until yo turn blue- it's not going to happen. Refuse to make a donation or to vote. Its not goinmg to happen. Elect Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul - or pick a name - it's not going to happen. Stand on the principle of deportation. It's not going to happen. The flood will just go around you.

So please consider voting for the guy you most trust at the floodgates. obama, or not-obama.

47 posted on 08/20/2011 5:10:06 AM PDT by silverleaf (The super rich do not pay taxes, they collect taxes.)
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To: silverleaf
There may be strong sentiment for this among a high number of Americans but not among the majority of Americans. WE lost. Deportation is not going to happen

Don't be so quick to spread cynicism and despair. Cynicism about major 'Rats like Obozo, Durbin the Turban, and Joe Biteme is well-placed, but not about people like Michele and Sarah.

Notice that Arizona achieved, in relatively short order, a reversal of the human tide into their State by passing salutary laws and signaling a new reluctance to assume the supine position favored by former governor Janet Napolitano, who is now a Major Offender and Codefendant in the Obama Administration.

Vote for the right Republican, you get the right policies. Seeing those differences is now seasonable, since it's primary time. Time to start seeking the right candidate.

And it isn't Rick Perry, by the way. He is part of the Open Borders Lobby.

50 posted on 08/20/2011 5:33:54 AM PDT by lentulusgracchus (Concealed carry is a pro-life position.)
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To: silverleaf
You people crack me up.

Choose now between dung and 'I dunno'. NOW!!!!!!BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS!!!!!!

Spare me that, I'm not so far from a cow pasture I don't know the smell.

The election is over a year away, and Perry does not have the nomination.

As if I'd have been on this site as long as I have and made the thousands of comments I have and would support obama over say, a roadkill rattlesnake.

We have cowboys up here, too, only ours wear the horse crap on the outside of their boots. It varies elsewhere, from what I have seen, and most who claim the title only own a hat. I have relatives and friends who have cowboyed for a living. It isn't work for soft hands.

I'm not even sure all the candidates have their hats in the ring, yet, and as I said, no amount of horse dung, polarized this or that nonsense is going to sway me in favor of anyone during the primaries. In fact, the more of that I see, the more I wonder if there aren't paid people out there pumping the next McCain.

I'm not sure that Perry or anyone else is going to deport anyone, and the current bunch won't even deport the criminals. Instead they're arming them. It really gives incentive to go back when you offer in-state tuition, something an Okie can't get, to illegals.

Interesting how shrill the 'supporters' are already when this guy just declared.

As far as voting for the person I most trust (to take America in the right direction for a change, of course) I guarantee that if I am breathing, I will. I'm not jumping in and waving anyone's flag over a year before the general, I'm shopping around. I'd like to see some of the current criminal administration indicted, tried, and convicted, too.

As far as mass deportation goes, turn up the heat here, stop arming the cartels there, and quit giving incentives for illegals to come here or stay. They'll go where the grass is greener and we'll save the cost of plane fare. In the meantime, as I have been saying since Clinton, close the border!

54 posted on 08/20/2011 5:50:19 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing.)
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