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The Reagan Wing Of The Republican Party
Free Republic | 10/14/2011 | Publius

Posted on 10/14/2011 7:13:49 AM PDT by Vintage Freeper

The Reagan Wing

"We have come to a time for choosing; we will preserve for our children this the last best hope for man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.....history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening." Ronald Reagan 1964  

    Washington's Farewell Address was typical of the Founders who were a group of concerned citizens willing to become statesmen for a time because they knew they had contributions that needed to be made. Once their contributions had been made, the Founders planned to return to their normal lives expecting others to serve in order to make their own marks. Prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the XVIth and the XVIIth Amendments, socialism and "professional" politicians could not gain a reliable foothold in the United States. People seeking careers in politics are not going to be the solution to the problem of ending socialism. It is going to take citizen-statesmen, patriots if you will, exactly analogous to Ronald Reagan and the Founders.

    Given what is expected of candidates during fund raising and what candidates have to promise to raise it, why would men of character come forward to compete in the second oldest profession? Given the need for the huge sums of cash required for campaign funding, why would such men come forward when all of their time in office will be spent raising money for their next campaign? In a human world where every person has something he would prefer to keep private, given the certainty of media scrutiny and exposure of every conservative's life history, why would such men come forward to serve?

    At the very heart of capitalism is the premise that necessity is the mother of invention. Twice, one of our Reagan Wing members came within striking distance of contacting Rush Limbaugh about what he called Excellence in Golf; only to be turned away each time in failure. With each failure, he focused on making Excellence in Golf more appealing to Rush. At some level of wealth, making money becomes secondary to the real passions of a man's life. Realizing that Rush could easily be beyond this point and knowing that abject skepticism is the overwhelmingly natural reaction to anyone claiming that they can do something better than anyone else or better than it has ever been done before, he turned to thinking about the passion that has driven Rush's whole life. His thoughts turned to what Rush could do with the mountains of money that he believed EIG would be capable of making. The Reagan Wing is the paydirt that he struck. The freedom to pursue profits, the essence of capitalism, is what allowed early Americans to make our country great. It was the pursuit of profits that led to the discovery of the Reagan Wing. And it is the Reagan Wing that will restore the Constitution allowing us to take our freedom back.

    In Rush's hands, EIG could provide $200 million in every Congressional election cycle that Rush could use to fund the campaigns of citizen-statesmen exactly analogous to Ronald Reagan and the Founders. The most effective political strategy would be to have our Reagan Wing candidates run in the primaries against weak Republicans in order to move the entire Republican Party to the right. By also targeting the more left-wing Democrats in every election cycle, the Democratic Party can also be shifted to the right. (By owning EIG, KII can be an even more effective campaign financing mechanism than Rush. This will be explored in a later section.)

    Better yet, if each of Rush's 20 million listeners contributed only $10 every year, Rush would have at least $400 million to fund the campaigns of our citizen-statesmen in every Congressional election cycle regardless of whether EIG works or not. Over the next four elections, Rush would have $1.6-2.4 billion that is independent of either political party and that would require no campaign fund raising at all. Roughly two billion could be used to elect citizen-statesmen made from the same mold as Ronald Reagan and cut from the same cloth as the Founders. Is there any other realistic way that has as much potential to restore our Constitutional Republic that "professional" politicians have effectively usurped?

    Existing law is unlikely to be substantially changed by the "professional" politicians who either put socialism in place, tolerate socialism because they can't see acceptable alternatives or politicians who are afraid to run against socialism's sponsors. The Reagan Wing is the key that can unlock an American Renaissance for all Americans. Rush's Limbaugh Institute for Advance Conservative Studies is presently a bit of a tongue-in-cheek topic, but it is of such enormous importance to the Reagan Wing that it deserves to be discussed separately.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Politics/Elections
Rush taggged McCain–Feingold as the "incumbent protection act". In the absence of TERM LIMITS, it should not take a rocket scientist to understand that all campaign finance laws are nothing more than camoflage for laws intended to protect incumbents from challengers.

Most Americans believe "bribery" laws preclude or at least help prevent the bribery of public or elected officials. Few ever give a thought to the fact that once these officials leave public service that they often land lucrative "consulting" jobs, "board" positions, or high-paying jobs that do not require long hours, hard work, or brilliant thinking. How many one hour speeches did Bill Clinton give at $100k each?

And some of the biggest post public official jobs of all are as lobbyists, where one generation of officials tells the next generation of officials how they too can cash in or cash out.

Honest people and patriots, the ones we would really like to elect, logically loathe to seek to compete in the political arena. And just as logically, some of those who do and manage to win office, are logically going to succumb to the tempations of office. After all, there are such small numbers of them, that it has to seem like everybody else does. And Gresham's Political Law tells that the incumbent corrupt officials will drive out those with integrity over time.

It has not happened yet, but the American people are beginning to awaken to the fact that the United States has some serious problems. TV debates and political advertising, whether in print, televised, or internet based, are about spreading propaganda and are specifically not about "enlightening" the public in a way that fosters finding solutions. And modern campaigns are not tailored to recruiting honest people who are focused on solving problems.

The Reagan Wing of the Republican Party is specificly crafted to address as many of these issues as possible and to the greatest extent that each issue can be logically addressed.

The Reagan Wing can be viewed as the Tea Party on steroids. Those with backgrounds in chemistry are familiar with the concept of a catalyst. The Reagan Wing is a catalyst capable of allowing Constitutional conservatives to take our country back. Free Republic can be important in calling the Reagan Wing to the attention of the people most capable of employing it for the greatest gains possible. After a lot of thought, our small group believes the Kochs are most strategically positioned to get the most bang for the buck from the Reagan Wing.

History repeats in a way that people seem to take some variation of three steps forward and two steps back. WE the people only need to get a few things right to increase the number of forward steps and decrease the number of backward steps. The Founders proved that freedom is the key. With the 1912 election, the Democratic Party proved that government is the problem.

Free Republic can give the American Renaissance wings by making the Kochs and everyone else aware of the Reagan Wing.

1 posted on 10/14/2011 7:13:50 AM PDT by Vintage Freeper
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To: Vintage Freeper; Jeff Head; Cen-Tejas; sport; MWS; seekthetruth; Liz; ForGod'sSake; DollyCali; ...


2 posted on 10/14/2011 7:14:49 AM PDT by Vintage Freeper
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To: Vintage Freeper

Just curious...

How are you a “Vintage Freeper” if you’ve just joined FR ?

3 posted on 10/14/2011 7:40:50 AM PDT by Absolutely Nobama (Chairman Obama And Ron Paul Are Sure Signs The Republic Is In Serious Trouble. God Help Us All.)
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To: Vintage Freeper

Interestingly, you call what you want an “American Renaissance”. You do know there’s a Neo-Nazi magazine of the same name, correct ?

4 posted on 10/14/2011 7:56:53 AM PDT by Absolutely Nobama (Chairman Obama And Ron Paul Are Sure Signs The Republic Is In Serious Trouble. God Help Us All.)
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To: Absolutely Nobama
"Interestingly, you call what you want an “American Renaissance”. You do know there’s a Neo-Nazi magazine of the same name, correct?"

If a "renaissance" is a new unprecedented period of peace and prosperity with a rebirth of art, culture, music, science and literature, is there anyone who would not welcome a "renaissance"?

And if this description is accurate for a "renaissance" is there anyone who would not want it to begin in their own country? And is there any other country besides America that even remotely has the qualities that could quickly create a "renaissance"?

And NO, I don't know anything about present Nazis, neo or any other form of Nazis, nor do I care to. But if their concept of an American Renaissance fits with the description I put forward above, why would I be concerned about Nazis who are beginning to see the light? And if on the other hand the Neo-Nazis are engaging in propaganda and lies, does that require that people who want a real renaissance should have to change their definition of a renaissance?

5 posted on 10/15/2011 6:26:12 AM PDT by Vintage Freeper
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To: Vintage Freeper

I stand corrected.

6 posted on 10/15/2011 11:01:00 AM PDT by Absolutely Nobama (Chairman Obama And Ron Paul Are Sure Signs The Republic Is In Serious Trouble. God Help Us All.)
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