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Herman Cain Announcement LIVE THREAD (Video Feed Link) [Suspending!] ^ | 12-03-2011

Posted on 12/03/2011 8:18:19 AM PST by montag813

Herman Cain is expected to make a "major announcement" today, anytime between 11am and 1pm EST in Atlanta. The media is assuming he will quit the race. Politico is positively glowing with anticipation of this. Will he fold, or FIGHT? He is also opening a new Atlanta HQ. Twitter reports that people are jamming in early to show their support.

We simply don't know what will happen, or when it will happen. What are your thoughts? Do you think he should quit? Or do you think Cain should stay in the race and deny the State-Run Media yet another GOP scalp on a platter - for unproven allegations -while they allow a vile rapist like Clinton, or commie cokehead like Obama breeze through unscathed?


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To: montag813

Herm is not my candidate, but I would vote for him to stick it to them. The journolisters can kiss my grits!

81 posted on 12/03/2011 8:59:55 AM PST by Marie Antoinette (Proud Clinton-hater since 1998.)
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To: montag813

Who chose the music for Cain’s rally? Hysterically ironic!

Currently playing- Hey Soul Sister.....

“Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moon beam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided, you’re the one I have decided who’s one of my kind

Just in time, I’m so glad you have a one-track mind like me
You gave my life direction, a game show love connection we can’t deny
I’m so obsessed, my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest
I believe in you, like a virgin, you’re Madonna, and I’m always gonna wanna blow your mind

The way you can cut a rug, watching you’s the only drug I need
You’re so gangsta, I’m so thug, you’re the only one I’m dreaming of
You see, I can be myself now finally, in fact there’s nothing I can’t be
I want the world to see you be with me

Don’t want to miss a single thing you do.....tonight”

82 posted on 12/03/2011 9:00:08 AM PST by CWSNTEXAS (Am I'm the ONLY Conservative Jew in America? What's wrong with you other schmucks?)
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To: montag813; All

Nearly as many reporters as Cain supporters wait outside the Republican presidential hopeful's new office in north DeKalb County to hear whether he will still seek the presidency.

83 posted on 12/03/2011 9:01:45 AM PST by mdittmar
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To: umgud

I guess if it were Newt Gingrich I’d go with the equivicate. Most folks would understand that decision.


84 posted on 12/03/2011 9:01:51 AM PST by not2worry
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To: COBOL2Java


85 posted on 12/03/2011 9:01:59 AM PST by TheLawyerFormerlyKnownAsAl
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To: thatdewd

I like what you said!

86 posted on 12/03/2011 9:02:42 AM PST by cblue55 (It's either America, or Obama. It cannot be both!)
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To: Doc Savage
...ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA. So get prepared to 'settle'. Every election we swear we won't vote for a RINO but every year the option of allowing a DemonRat to be elected overwhelms us.
But Cain? No. And I simply can't understand what you guys see or have seen in him that you would want to elevate this guy to President. As for me, there is NO choice. So I sit here feeling empty and frozen. A sad commentary.

Who would have been your choices to run?

My candidate didn't run, but you already dismissed her in your statement.

I also like VA's governor, but he didn't run either.

87 posted on 12/03/2011 9:04:24 AM PST by onyx (PLEASE SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC:DONATE MONTHLY! Sarah's New Ping List - tell me if you want on it.)
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To: montag813
I believe he's going to announce that he's really Donald Rumsfeld.

88 posted on 12/03/2011 9:04:24 AM PST by Krankor
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To: TheLawyerFormerlyKnownAsAl

Looks like him, doesn't he?

89 posted on 12/03/2011 9:05:10 AM PST by COBOL2Java (Obama is the least qualified guy in whatever room he walks into.)
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To: montag813
Have made it no secret the support I have for Mr. Cain. I do not hold any support for a media which would destroy a fine man (Mr. Cain) and attempt to destroy his family. The myth of romney (supported by the same media) attempting to destroy Mr. Cain is seeking to not expose what is the truth about the myth of romney, themselves (the media) or the truth about the zer0 (obama), but to instead by their disdain for truth and disdain for a segment of this nation's population and disdain (in general) for anyone who would dare upset the apple cart of liberalism and dare expose the fact that liberalism (aka progressivism though there is nothing progressive about it) would take away the very freedom some people had to fight centuries for away, with spokespersons of such ill repute as to sell their souls to perpetuate the myth of romney and zer0 as America's only hope is disgusting. I stand with Mr. Cain, just as I stood with Sarah. I watched as our establishment decided to destroy fine people. I said little to nothing. That time is past. That said, I place my faith in no man or woman. I place my faith in God.

May God help Mr. Cain, his family, and be with him Lord and be with America Lord, for America and all Americans need you to be with us. Grant America and all Americans truth and justice, Lord. In Jesus name ... Amen ... Amen.

90 posted on 12/03/2011 9:05:45 AM PST by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen. --> AmeriCain)
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Where are you hearing the music?

I’m watching the live stream here:

Do you have a different link?

91 posted on 12/03/2011 9:06:41 AM PST by BagCamAddict (If we let them run Cain out of town, they will do it to EVERY GOP candidate from now on.)
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To: goodnesswins
I wonder if anyone understands that having radiation and chemotherapy for colon and liver cancer in your pelvic area results in a high percentage of destroying your testicles and leaving most men impotent, with low levels of testosterone.

Today is going to be interesting.

92 posted on 12/03/2011 9:08:04 AM PST by not2worry
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To: thatdewd
Absolutely. As Bush said you stand with the USA or you stand with the Terrorists.

You stand with Herman Cain, or you stand with the Obama/Axelrod initiated smear machine out of the White House and Chicago which was amplified by the MSM and then megaphoned by the RINO elite talking heads in the media as well. Once things got even worse for Cain, they (RINOs) committed sins of silence and looked the other way, as a Republican was the target of character asssassination. I think this issue is not going away today so easily, so I believe a lot of Freepers are going to have to take a principled stand. Either for the Obama/MSM attacks on Herman Cain, or solidly opposed to such attacks. They could even oppose the attacks while supporting another candidate. That works, too.

93 posted on 12/03/2011 9:08:09 AM PST by AmericanInTokyo (Cain: 1st Victim of 2012 Obama Camp's Smear Machine's PROOF OF CONCEPT Effort. Did You Assist Them?)
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To: montag813

This is a man who fought and beat stage four cancer and sees that as meaning that it was for a reason, and that there is a plan for his life

He may not ultimately win the nomination but I can’t see that the MSM onslaught of lies and innuendos will force him to leave the race today.

He’s survived worse.

94 posted on 12/03/2011 9:08:26 AM PST by COUNTrecount (Barry...above his poi grade.)
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To: Kleon
"I still don't understand what's not to like about Bachmann. "

1. Lack of Executive experience. 2. A tendency to petty nastiness with opponents, Perry and Pawlenty, for example, grossly exaggerating their faults, ---not a person who can stay above thecheap political tricks (which is why she dropped in the first place).

95 posted on 12/03/2011 9:09:08 AM PST by cookcounty (2012 choice: It's the Tea Party or the Slumber Party.)
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To: Kleon
I still don't understand what's not to like about Bachmann.

What I don't like about Bachmann is that she seems all too eager to attack other Republicans, except for Romney. She seems to leave Romney untouched way too often while gleefully piling on to other candidates.

Earlier this week her people were sending out messages that there were moving trucks outside of one of Cain's centers when it turned out they delivery trucks dropping off yard signs. And then a few days ago she was talking about how she's consistent and how people should pick her because Cain's support has dropped because of the allegations. Putting aside the fact that she should not be giving credibility to the MSM's attacks on Cain, Cain's support is still well above her support.

For somebody who is fighting it out for 5th place in the single digits with Perry and Santorum for the scraps, she's not in a position to be talking about other candidates losing some support, especially when Cain is still well ahead of her.
96 posted on 12/03/2011 9:10:35 AM PST by af_vet_rr
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To: Sacajaweau
Wake Up!! He’s been destroyed by his own actions!!

You may have a point. Like the rest of us here, I do not know if the allegations are true or false. However, our commitment must be to our values first - including "family" values - and to any particular candidate second. No candidate deserves blind, unquestioning allegiance.

97 posted on 12/03/2011 9:10:42 AM PST by tjd1454
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To: varina davis
His campaign is headed for the low single digits and is essentially over.

Yet your candidate is worse off and YOU still enthusiastically support him.

98 posted on 12/03/2011 9:11:14 AM PST by Las Vegas Ron (Rush Limbaugh = the Beethoven of talk radio)
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To: varina davis
You could be right, varina davis, but I sure think it's very important for him to stay in!

He was riding high until the first of the skanks came out against him.

More than anything else, I hate media lies and smears!

99 posted on 12/03/2011 9:11:26 AM PST by onyx (PLEASE SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC:DONATE MONTHLY! Sarah's New Ping List - tell me if you want on it.)
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To: Sacajaweau
Newt Gingrich is the walking dead then!
100 posted on 12/03/2011 9:12:25 AM PST by not2worry
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