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Obama's "Razist" Lobbyist Moves Up ^ | January 13, 2012 | Michelle Malkin

Posted on 01/13/2012 4:08:51 AM PST by Kaslin

With public attention focused on the GOP primaries, the White House quietly promoted another self-dealing lobbyist to serve as President Obama's top domestic policy adviser. Promises? What broken promises?

Cecilia Munoz, the current director of intergovernmental affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., will now serve as head of the Domestic Policy Council. She'll wield heightened influence at Obama's daily morning briefings and expand her reach from immigration issues to education, health care and beyond.

Gushing headlines heralded the advancement of Obama's top Hispanic civil rights "advocate" as a win for the "middle class." But Munoz is a veteran member of the Beltway lobbyist class whose former organization is reaping a taxpayer-funded windfall as she climbs the government ladder.

Before joining Team Obama, Munoz spent two decades as chief registered lobbyist for the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"). Whose "middle class" does The Race represent? I've tracked the radical identity politics-driven group for years as it promoted drivers' licenses and in-state college tuition breaks for illegal aliens; opposed cooperative immigration enforcement efforts between local, state and federal authorities; and opposed a secure fence along the southern border.

Under Munoz, The Race advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty in the United States. Mexico's Institute for Mexicans Residing Abroad rewarded her with its Ohtli Prize for her service to the country. Their country, not ours.

The Race vehemently protested post-9/11 homeland security measures and joined a failed lawsuit to block immigration information-sharing between the feds and local police. The group also has called for TV and cable news networks to keep immigration enforcement proponents (including yours truly) off the airwaves, in addition to pushing for Fairness Doctrine policies to shut up their foes.

Most recently, The Race and other open-borders groups pressured the White House to deliver the DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout by executive fiat -- after it was defeated repeatedly by bipartisan majorities on Capitol Hill. Obama started issuing the amnesty waivers last August. This week, the White House announced an even wider expansion of waiver status to illegal aliens claiming "hardship."

Who has benefited from Munoz's Beltway lobbying? No, not the American middle class. The biggest beneficiary has been La Raza's coffers. According to analysts at nonpartisan Judicial Watch in Washington, The Race raked in $4.1 million in federal subsidies in 2009 and more than $11 million in 2010. Much of that money came straight from the Obama stimulus boondoggle, and much of it went to mortgage counseling.

As a result of "strategic partnerships" with Wachovia and Bank of America, The Race has succeeded in lowering mortgage application requirements and watering down documentation standards. Illegal aliens have secured countless federal and private home loans over the past decade thanks to the lending industry's version of "don't ask, don't tell."

In addition, Munoz's group collected a $1 million Democratic earmark that funded "community development" projects. And the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services kicked in $25,000 to co-sponsor the group's annual conference in 2010.

Munoz's multi-culti armor has shielded her radical lobbying from scrutiny. You'll recall that the Obama administration made a lofty vow to end lobbyist conflicts-of-interest as we know them. The declaration was crystal-clear: "No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration."

But something got lost in translation when the White House brought registered lobbyist Munoz aboard -- to work on the very open-borders agenda she pushed at The Race. Team Obama invoked a shady "public interest" exemption to waive the lobbyist ban because, it determined, "Ms. Munoz's knowledge and expertise are vital to the functioning of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs."

Has Munoz recused herself on any of the myriad public policy issues she has advised the president on over the past two years? Who knows? The most transparent administration ever refuses to disclose recusal orders involving the nearly 100 lobbyists and ex-lobbyists on its payroll. Obama's "Razist" revolving door isn't a victory for "civil rights" or the 99 percent. It's a triumph of politically correct business as usual.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: ceciliamunoz; laraza; obamaczars; racism

1 posted on 01/13/2012 4:08:59 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Nothing was lost in the translation, the promise to keep lobbyists outof Obama administration was a lie.

Like all the others this false President has spouted.

2 posted on 01/13/2012 4:52:47 AM PST by Venturer
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To: All
FREEPER GOPJ NAILS IT Cecilia Muñoz serving on the board of George Soros’ Open Society Institute isn't the problem------that she's connected officially to the government of the United States is the problem.......

Munoz was also a senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza before Obama tapped her for the administration in 2009.

REFERENCE Munoz must be salivating to undermine US ntl security w/ “Raza Studies” ...... taught in Arizona schools for a decade.

AN EXAMINATION OF RAZA STUDIES One textbook titled “Occupied America,” by Rodolfo Acuña, includes a speech given by activist and university professor Jose Angel Gutierrez: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him,” (pg. 323). The book also talks about the need for Mexico to re-take seven states in the Southwestern United States.

The following rather shocking quotes are taken directly from Occupied America (pg. 167):

<><> “Supporters would execute all white males over age 16,” (also known as the Plan of San Diego).

<><> “The Southwest would become a Chicano nation.”


IS LA RAZA COLLUDING W/ US POLITICIANS TO FINANCE RECONQUISTA? In addition to using taxpayer funds to enforce the polarizing beliefs outlined above in traditional public schools, the organization known as La Raza operates 100 charter schools across the counry. The following is a select list of La Raza charter schools:

-Academia Semillas del Pueblo (Los Angeles)

-Atzlan Academy (Tucson, AZ)

-Mexicayotl Academy (Nogales, AZ)

-The Dolores Huerta Prepatory High School (Pueblo, CO)

-Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School (St. Paul, MN)

In 2005 alone, $7.9 million in taxpayer funding was given out to these La Raza charter schools in the form of U.S. Department of Education grants. These schools stress Latino culture, the Spanish language, the re-conquest of the American Southwest, the establishment of the mythical Atzlan, and even Aztec math.

3 posted on 01/13/2012 4:52:47 AM PST by Liz
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To: All
I wonder how many fake/forged identities Munoz has. A common practice among "impoverished" illegals is to buy several forged identities for several thousand dollars each---- to vote and to ride the US gravy train under several names.

One latino stole $3.2 million UI benefits using several identities. Jose Madrigal---the Washington state tapist---had some 30 identities.



Texans accused of selling counterfeit IDs (impoverished illegals "here for a better life" pay several thousand $$$ for fake ID's)

Pelcastre brothers, Angel and Jorge, Dallas, Texas, were a walking threat to US national security, expert document forgers who, for a few thousand dollars, could give anyone a new identity, NJ L/E authorities said.

The Texas brothers were a "one-stop shop" for a myriad of fake US documents, including birth certificates, Social Security cards, driver's licenses----for any state in the US------ passports and resident alien cards, said state police.

The Texas brothers turned a NJ hotel room into a business office and were readying a massive cache of fake Social Security cards for delivery to a local NJ identity broker. Officers happened upon two cars bearing Texas plates in a NJ hotel parking lot. Authorities wouldn't identify the NJ hotel by name for fear it would spark retribution. The Drug Interdiction Task Force regularly runs checks.

The Texas brothers were followed to a NJ office supply store nearby where they purchased computer supplies. Officers then followed the Texans to a NJ storage facility in Secaucus, NJ, where the Texans loaded several boxes into a car. One of them stood lookout. Authorities approached the Texas brothers when they returned to the NJ hotel and questioned them separately.

The Texas brothers consented to a search. Police recovered laminating sheets with built-in security features, pages of blank documents waiting for fake names and information, finished documents, computers and software to create the fake IDs.

All told, the haul was worth about $500,000 on the street when sold to "impoverished illegals." Police also recovered $6,000 in cash, which was the first payment from a NJ fake document broker for a shipment of 500 phony Social Security cards. ####


Illegal Manuel Mejia Ordonez ordered to repay $3M in Calif employment fraud
San Francisco Chronicle | June 26, 2010
FR Posted June 26, 2010 by artichokegrower

A former Marysville resident has been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay back $3 million in fraudulently obtained unemployment compensation.

US Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner said 31-year-old Manuel Mejia Ordonez was sentenced to eight years and one month in prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and identity theft. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

QUESTION How does a citizen of Mexico make $3 million in unemployment claims? A. By establishing multiple identities. The fraudster, Manuel Mejia Ordonez, got eight years for conspiracy to commit mail fraud........and identity theft.

4 posted on 01/13/2012 5:06:15 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

There’s a whole cottage industry out there for this criminal activity of supplying forged documents to illegals. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit. Find a need and fill it. Anyone who thinks voter ID will be effective against voter fraud or that a national ID will effectively squash social services fraud are delusional.

5 posted on 01/13/2012 5:22:34 AM PST by TADSLOS (Gingrich-Santorum FTW!)
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Yeah——to be unable to stop it is frightening.

Mexico is financing the building of these illegal “voting blocs”-—they know vote-crazed politicians will do anything to get votes.

Mexico is salivating at the thought of getting billions in US foreign aid.

6 posted on 01/13/2012 5:30:11 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

Mexico gets billions flowing south through the illicit drug trade now.

7 posted on 01/13/2012 5:34:50 AM PST by Molon Labbie (End the War On Drugs, Restore the Constitution.)
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To: Molon Labbie
Wiki: The Mérida Initiative (also called Plan Mexico by critics) is a security cooperation agreement between the United States and the government of Mexico and the countries of Central America, with the declared aim of combating the threats of drug trafficking, transnational organized crime and money laundering. The assistance includes training, equipment and intelligence.

In seeking partnership with the United States, Mexican officials point out that the illicit drug trade is a shared problem in need of a shared solution, and remark that most of the financing for the Mexican traffickers comes from American drug consumers. U.S. law enforcement officials estimate that US$12 to 15 billion per year flows from the United States to the Mexican traffickers, and that is just in cash, i.e., not including the money sent by wire transfers.

The U.S. Congress passed legislation in late June 2008 to provide Mexico with $400 million and Central American countries with $65 million that year for the Mérida Initiative. The initiative was announced on 22 October 2007 and signed into law on June 30, 2008.

Mexico remains a transit and not a cocaine production country. Marijuana and methamphetamine production do take place in Mexico and are responsible for an estimated 80% of the methamphetamine on the streets in the United States, while 1100 metric tons of marijuana are smuggled each year from Mexico. In 1990, just over half the cocaine imported into the U.S. came through Mexico. By 2007, that had risen to more than 90 percent, according to U.S. State Department estimates

8 posted on 01/13/2012 5:51:52 AM PST by Liz
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To: Molon Labbie; AuntB; Tennessee Nana; TADSLOS


MEXICO VOTING BLOCS FINANCED BY US TAXPAYERS Illegals latest moneymaker——claiming “asylum” from Mexico’s drug wars to get into the US-—asylum triggers a hefty SS monthly check, as well.

YOO-HOO GOV PERRY Drug cartels operate openly in Austin and Houston establishing distribution routes-—with no interference from L/E.

9 posted on 01/13/2012 6:04:55 AM PST by Liz
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