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To: kristinn

The left always likes bringing up Hitler, like they hate him, yet when you go to an Occupy Wall Street protest, they go on and on about how they hate the Jews..progressives only bring up Hitler when it suits them, but in reality they admire him

22 posted on 03/05/2012 7:37:53 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Sarah Barracuda

First, anyone who compares any US political figure to Hitler has instantly lost the argument. No one is even close to him in any way. Not the same leage, the same ballpark, the same sport. And both sides do it. but everyone should acknwoledge that no one is Hitler. Obama isn’t. Bush isn’t. Pelosi isn’t. Clinton isn’t. Palin isn’t. No one is. Hopefully that’s something everyone can agree on.

Moreover I never really understood all these leftists and liberals who have all this hatred for Gov Palin. She’s never done anything to them. Louis CK lives in CA or NY. She’s had absolutely zero impact on his life. Or on anyone’s for that matter. Except in AK, where the people who actually were affected seemed to be pretty ok with her.

I could understand people not liking Bush or Cheney. If you were against the Iraq War or mad at the economy or upset at gay marriage or other issues, they were in charge. Fine. But the left has nothing to be upset about over Palin. No one was sent to Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere because of her. No one lost their job or their savings or their house because of her. Not one gay guy was prevented rom marrying or going out with anyone because of her. And yet the hatred is glaring. I never understood it. If I was on the left why would I even care about her? Did I care about Edwards or Lieberman after Gore or Kerry lost? I’ve never understood this obsession.

As for the WHCD and Louis CK this is even worse than Rush. Rush speaks extemporaneously for 400+ hrs a year. Of course he’s going to say things he shouldn’t or later regrets.

The WHCD however has invited Louis CK knowing full well what he’s said. By inviting him they’re endorsing it. Would they have invited him if he’d said similar comments with a racial slant? Or against gays? Jews? I doubt it. (Maybe they would, who knows?).

Especially after the Rush thing I think an effort to get him removed from this would be successful if enough strength was behind it. Jay Carney should be asked tomorrow if the President supports an organization he’s associated with havin someone who has said things like this represent them? Remember, Obama was the 1st to call for Imus to be fired and specifically said that someone who speaks about women in that way should have no place on tv and he’d fire anyone in his employ who did so.

Lets see if he still belives that. If Obama appears at the WHCD he is saying he’s now ok with saying that kind of stuff.

If Obama really cares about civility, if he really wants to see both sides tone it down, he should come out and say that he won’t attend the WHCD if Louis CK remains the “entertainment”. They’d find someone else in a few seconds. I think it would actually help him politically. Be a Sister Souljah moment for him. The media would praise him for being above it all and standing up for civility.

Hopefully this gets some steam. This is an official media organization supported by the WH and the rest of the media giving a platform to someone who has said things that are clearly misogynist, racist, against children, pretty much everything you can think of.

Do all the media organizations that will attend this support him? Are they ok with it?

I guess we’ll find out. But it would be nice to see a major effort started to bring this up and see if any action can be taken, especially with the media and the left so all of a sudden intereste din civility and using disparaging language aimed at women.

29 posted on 03/05/2012 7:56:45 PM PST by jeltz25
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