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The Lessons of the Walker Recall
Rush ^ | June 8, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 06/08/2012 2:27:12 PM PDT by Kaslin


RUSH: Daily Caller has a interesting story. "Mitt Romney would collect at least 72 of the 110 electoral votes available in eight battleground states if President Barack Obama’s current polling numbers, as reported by The Huffington Post, are overstated by a mere 1%." Now, let me go back to Wednesday on this program, the day after the Wisconsin recall election. Now, I remember leading off the program with what I thought was the key point of the day. Everybody had their thoughts on what's the big lesson.

And a lot of people were saying the impact on unions, the literal loss of membership in public employee unions in Wisconsin was profound. One of the reforms that Walker initiated was an end to the state deducting union dues off the top of a union member's paycheck. The union member never saw it. It was just like taxes: They never saw the money. The state deducted it and it went to the union and then it went to the Democrats. By the way, I have to tell you, I'm really pleased about something.

I read voluminously last night about the Walker recall and the latest opinion punditry, and I was excited to see how many people are writing about the lesson learned in the Walker recall. And basically, if I had to synthesize it, it would be the point that I have been pounding home for two years now. Finally, taxpayers have realized that they are paying for a deal they don't get. Taxpayers finally woke up and realized that lifetime...

You know, a public employee union member gets a job, works for 23 years, retires, and gets 90% of salary as the pension and full health care until they die. And people who are out of work or don't make very much money are paying the taxes that fund all that. And finally people woke up and realized that's not sustainable. I can't tell you how many people have come to that conclusion and realized that that's one of the primary lessons that has been learned by the public in all this.

And that is fabulous.

'Cause, folks, you know, private sector union membership is down to 7%. The construction workers unions, the private sector union workforce is 7% of the US labor force. It topped out way back in the glory days at around 30, 35%. Now, the government union percentage is a little bit higher, but it's coming down as well. It was a profoundly educational campaign. The unions, when they retrace their steps here, are going to rue the day they did this recall. They're gonna rue the day they did all the recalls.

Because all that happened is the general public was educated. The general public woke up and finally understood what-all they were paying for. And then they coupled that with the entitlement mentality of union people who would go on vandalous rampages if they didn't get what they want. So there are people writing in the aftermath of the Wisconsin recall about the real death of the unions. That initiative of Walker's where union members could opt out of the state withholding their union dues?

That pretty much was akin to, "Do you want to be a member of a union or not?" And before the initiative, 60,000 people in Wisconsin were having their union dues withheld by the government. They never saw it. Something like 40,000 union workers opted out of that. It was a death knell. So that's all good. The second thing -- and in a political sense, almost as important. Because we know how flawed the exit polls were.... I mean, at nine o'clock when the polls closed they said it was 50-50.

They said it was too close to call on the cable networks. And by the way, the cable networks knew that that wasn't true. I wish I could tell you how I know that, but I would be betraying a courtesy. And I don't want to do that. But trust me: When you saw the Chyron graphic on the network at nine o'clock, "Race Too Close to Call," they knew it wasn't too close to call. I'll bet you also heard this. When you saw the Chyron graphic, " Race Too Close to Call," you then heard somebody say, "But we expect to call it in the next hour."

Well, if it's too close to call, how do you know you're gonna be calling it within the hour? The networks all send out memos, and the exit polls go to every network. They all combine, they buy them, and they all get the same data. And they all send memos out to their on-air staff and producers (memos, series of them) in the course of the afternoon. And I was privy to a bunch of these, and it was right there. "We expect to call the race between nine and ten. There's a percentage chance that we will not and percentage chance that we will."

So my point is that everybody knew, despite what was being reported on the air at the time, that the exit polls were worthless. It wasn't 50-50. It wasn't too close to call. But they like viewers, and the indecision and the unknown makes people stay tuned longer. I understand all that. But when it was all said and done, I know that one of the most important things going on at the White House is polls. They're looking at all the polling data they've got from all over the country, and they're saying, "What if this isn't right?

"What if none of these polls are accurate anymore?" How many years has it been, how many elections has it been that the exit polls were dead wrong? You go back to 2004, and the first two waves of exit polls had John Kerry elected. I'll never forget old Bob Shrum. The story goes that Bob Shrum, who ran Kerry's campaign, went in to him at five o'clock in the afternoon when the second wave came in and said, "Mr. Kerry, may I be the first to call you, 'Mr. President.'"

But when the real votes came in and they started being counted, the exit polls were nowhere near accurate. They said, "Okay, what's wrong? Why are our exit polls so wrong?" They started look at their methodology. Then they discovered that they oversampled Democrats by four to five percent in the exit poll, like they do every other poll during the course of the year. So are the polls right? That's what they're asking themselves. So, here comes this story from the Daily Caller.

"Mitt Romney would collect at least 72 of the 110 electoral votes available in eight battleground states if President Barack Obama’s current polling numbers, as reported by The Huffington Post, are overstated by a mere 1%." If they're off by 1%. "Romney would win that electoral majority in Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin if there is a 1% undercount and if undecided voters there split evenly between Romney and Obama.

"That would give the former Massachusetts governor at least 253 Electoral College votes -- just a few votes shy of the 270 he will need to claim the White House. But if the undecided voters break for Romney by two-thirds, Romney would win all those states’ 110 votes, pushing him well above the 270 margin and earning Obama a helicopter ride home to Illinois. 'It's a good reminder that small shifts in votes can play a big role in electoral votes,' Trey Grayson, director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics, told The Daily Caller."


"Grayson predicted that the battleground states are 'likely to break together,' resulting in a strong showing for one candidate or the other." They're not going to split. "'A lot of these states have things in common,' he said, including Midwestern geography and higher than average populations of white voters. ... Tuesday’s recall vote in Wisconsin .... was a good indicator of how badly some pre-election polling can perform." So now I guarantee you, there is abject panic out there.

Because Axelrod and Plouffe are asking themselves, "My gosh! What if our data's wrong?" And they're believing this notion how lovable and popular and likable Obama is. That's why this poll that came out yesterday (the New York Times/CBS poll) showing 67% the American people want Obamacare overturned by the Supreme Court -- only 24% want it upheld -- makes you wonder: What's the real number if they're willing to tell us that it's two-thirds? What if it's 75%? What if it's really 70%?

What if in that 24% there are some people afraid to tell the pollster that they don't like Obamacare? This is what they're asking themselves. And state by state, they're looking at the independents and the undecideds. They're really looking at the undecideds and saying, "Are these people really telling us the truth?" And you know they're trying to factor things like the Wilder Effect/the Bradley Effect. And then there's the new specter they're considering: Are people just trying to screw with the pollsters?

Are people just having fun with the pollster, purposely telling them things aren't true just to screw up the outcome? They're thinking all of this, because it's been too many elections in a row where the exit polls are way off. And, by the way, a lot of the pre-election polls were, too. But not as bad as the exit polls.


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1 posted on 06/08/2012 2:27:21 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

The problem with exit polling these days is that 180,000 people early voted. I am privledged to have voted for Scott walker 4 times.

2 posted on 06/08/2012 2:47:57 PM PDT by UB355 (Slower traffic keep right)
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To: Grampa Dave; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; AuntB; Tennessee Nana; Clintonfatigued; rintense; ...
Nightly news segment ran a Rush clip----where Rush opined that Obama has become "Barack Kardashian"---the celebrity president.

So that means Axelrod, Plouffe and Rahm are Kris, Kim and Kerry---the famous Kardashian sisters. Just got their hair and nails done. ROTFL.

Axelrod never fails to make my day---going before the cameras---trying to look "harmless."

Ohaha acts like he just happened to drop by the WH ---happy to be on the WH guest visitors A-list----and has nothing to do with failed govt policies.

3 posted on 06/08/2012 2:53:36 PM PDT by Liz
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To: All
PASS THE WORD--THE MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW ABOUT THIS THE HARDER IT IS TO PULL OF THE SCAM The 2012 Ohahas are using the 2008 Anita (Mao) Dunn strategy to manipulate voters, to downplay Ohaha's destructive policies ....and his scary plans for the next term. Dunn has said THEY and only THEY decided what the media should know about 2008 candidate Ohaha. Obama's 2012 reelection motto: "Don't worry--we're harmless"


Obama's open mic slip in Russia revealed his hidden agenda. He didnt say "after the election, or “after the next election.” He said: “This is my last election" ....... reassuring the Ruskis that he'll then have "more flexibility after the election....”

Clearly Ohaha's certainty WRT staying in offce is not based on his approval ratings or massive opposition to his cockamamie polices----mandated healthcare, trillion dollar stimulus, using aborted babies' brains in lab experiments, giving himself massive executive power over Americans, co-opting religious beliefs, $4-Plus gas, 16% real unemployment, trillion dollardeficits, escalating inflation at the supermarket, the GSA spending name a few.

No. Ohaha's certainty stems from his knowledge that he will stay in office---not by the will of the people---but by buying his reelection, using unprecedented vote fraud.


Remember, voter fraud is the Chi/mobs' specialty---do NOT underestimate Rahm and Axelrod (both running O's reelection), and Valerie whatsherface in the WH.

Let us not forget----the minute they hit the WH, the Chi/mob went into action: the WH Chi/mob took over the census---and now have all the CV they need to file phony FEC reports using stolen federal dollars as campaign contributions.

Do not underestimate the wealth of cash the Ohahas/Chi-mob can come up with to rig the election......remember, these are the kingpins of corrupt Chicago politics. At one time, conscientious FEC investigators verified money was coming from legal citizens....but if Obama wins there will be no investigations. Remember, there are billions unaccounted for in Obama's stimulus packages (probably used in the last election cycle) can be sure the Ohaha kingpins have tons of money stashed away for 2012.



<><> author Dean Koontz estimates there's about $90 billion missing from the US Treasury.

<><> Ohaha's ex-COS Chi/Mayor Rahm Emanuel is running the reelection campaign----b/c this Wall Street turd knows where all the money is hidden. Rahm also controlled all US Treasury assets (at Obama's behest) when he was COS.

<><>The Ohahas took control of the census upon taking office----they have all the necessary CV to phony up contribution reports for the FEC.


WATCH FOR PHONY FEC REPORTS The Ohaha's "say" they added $45 million to reelection coffers in February.....raised jointly by the DNC, "Obama for America" and two other joint fundraising committees — the "Obama Victory Fund" and the "Swing State Victory Fund,"...and whatever other voter frauds they dream up.


REFERENCE Ohaha had two major pieces of legislation which were supposed to fuel his reelection: (1) the trillion dollar stimulus which bombed, and, (2) the healthcare mandate which could soon be kaputski or partially disemboweled by the USSC.

Not only have Ohaha's signture acts failed, the MO is to destroy the country. Ohaha's got a plan----he knows exactly what he is doing and he is calculatedly changing/destroying our Constitutional Republic.


LAUGH BREAK Obama supposedly collected $15 mill from the Hollyweird horntoads? Probably Clooney installed a BJ Room---w/ Ohaha's 2012 staff "rewarding" large donors with a free one. ROTFL.

4 posted on 06/08/2012 2:55:49 PM PDT by Liz
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To: Kaslin

LOL @ frowny face Wisconsin poster.

5 posted on 06/08/2012 3:23:33 PM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: UB355
Are you saying you are a democrat? You know that vote early, vote often.

We have early voting in TN and it's convenient, because you don't have to stand in line on election day. I am more concerned that fraud goes in with the mail in ballots like they do in Washington State

6 posted on 06/08/2012 3:26:54 PM PDT by Kaslin (Acronym for OBAMA: One Big Ass Mistake America)
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To: Kaslin
Are people just having fun with the pollster, purposely telling them things aren't true just to screw up the outcome?

Well, speaking for myself....

7 posted on 06/08/2012 3:32:52 PM PDT by Cyber Liberty (Obama considers the Third World morally superior to the United States.)
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To: prairiebreeze


8 posted on 06/08/2012 5:37:54 PM PDT by prairiebreeze (Don't be afraid to see what you see. -- Ronald Reagan)
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To: UB355

I am privledged to have voted for Scott walker 4 times.

Then you belong in jail for 90 days with a $10,000.00 fine.

Get out of here.

9 posted on 06/08/2012 6:18:14 PM PDT by txhurl (Scott Walker is my President.)
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To: txhurl; UB355

I think UB might of meant in 4 different elections.

10 posted on 06/08/2012 6:30:21 PM PDT by rwa265 ("This is My Beloved Son, Listen to Him.")
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To: UB355

Hope you are kidding, but if not that’s despicable and part of what’s wrong with our Republic.

11 posted on 06/08/2012 6:34:18 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: Liz
*** Ohaha acts like he just happened to drop by the WH ---happy to be on the WH guest visitors A-list- ... ***

That's because he is. He only spends time there between Vacations, Campaign Trips, Basketball, and playing Golf.

*** and has nothing to do with failed govt policies.***

shush. No one's supposed to mention that part. It bums him out and ruins his Golf Game :-)

Could be that Ohaha's problem is he's watched Blazing Saddles too many times, thinks it's a documentary, and now thinks Governor William J. Le Petomane (Mel Brooks) was a real historical figure he could emulate.
'Gentlemen. Gentlemen. We have to do something to save our phony baloney jobs!'

After all, Axelrod is playing the Harvey Korman part (Hedley Lamarr) to a tee.

12 posted on 06/09/2012 5:07:10 AM PDT by Condor51 (Yo Hoffa, so you want to 'take out conservatives'. Well okay Jr - I'm your Huckleberry)
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To: Condor51
Mmmmmm.....might be time to reread this.....ROTFL.

13 posted on 06/09/2012 6:08:56 AM PDT by Liz
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