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To: alancarp

.............Never mind all of the other troubles that would be created by a secession.

Sir, I appreciate your post and indeed everyone’s post! So, please don’t take offense at my comment re the above sentence plucked out of your post.

To me, what that statement says is laughable because these here United States of America ALREADY have more “other troubles” than they can possibly digest. Indeed, our troubles today make the run-up to the Civil War look like a walk in the park! All they were fussin about back then was “states rights”. What my kids are facing TODAY is a day when thousands of pissed off marxists and socialists are heading toward their house because their government issued debit card they have used for years to pay their bills so they don’t have to work is all of a sudden getting rejected and they are hungry!!!...and their kids are hungry....and they are MAD as hell, and you will not be able to reason with them and they will Kill you and your daughters and sons and wife for what you got and they will think nothing of it! It’s the ole “mob mentality” you see.

So, “Secession”, or talking about it, or thinking about or theorizing about it is a JOKE !!! Most people today realize that and that explains why they are lined up at the gunstores ten deep! They really don’t give a damn about secession. They do care about when those debit cards, held by fifty million people, start being rejected! When that happens, and it will, because we are already broke, then aint nobody gonna be talking about no secession! You and your friends will be forming platoons and companys and electing officers exactly like what happened back in 1860!

And, nevermind to those that will say they will print some money and prolong the status quo that way! Well, two things about that: 1. Obama and Geitner have already been doing that to buy back worthless and existing US debt. 2. The mobs are still coming to kill you and yours because a dozen eggs, thanks to printing money (QE whatever!)cost $25,000.00 kinda sorta like Chile and Argentina years back.

So, Sir, you are right about one thing! Secession is irrelevant. But, it is irrelevant because our troubles now are so monumental that our 50-50 government in Washington simply cannot deal with them and, like Greece, things will start getting settled in the streets and it won’t be pretty because here, unlike Greece, everybody will be armed to the teeth!

37 posted on 11/12/2012 2:08:01 PM PST by Cen-Tejas (it's the debt bomb stupid!)
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To: Cen-Tejas
Absolutely right, C-T. Alancarp needs to understand something.

These people are total pagans.

They are not humble, God-fearing pioneers in some old western movie.

They have no qualms about killing innocent fetuses or the debilitated old.

Religion is a joke to them.

They are convinced that they deserve your food; that you somewhere along the way cheated it away from them.

They and their parents and grandparents have been taught this and believe it.

Three and four generations of their people have been on the dole also, and they believe that it is their birthright.

They will outnumber you 100 to one and they will take your food and maybe, not kill you.

But I doubt it.

83 posted on 11/13/2012 4:49:12 PM PST by caddie
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