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To: IslamE

I agree. Boner, McConnell and the other RINOs have made a deal that will give Obama a big, wet kiss before he splits for his multi-million dollar Hawaiian vacation. The fix is in.

35 posted on 12/05/2012 11:34:56 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

The past 3 Christmases have all been spoiled because there has been a big show-down (Obamacare, then DREAM Act and giving up on our missile defense, and then the debt ceiling). The dems have deliberately not passed a budget since Obama’s been in office, to ensure that we keep spending impulsively, with Christmas as the backdrop. In all that time the R’s have not stood against the communist-Islamist alliance that put Obama into power. The worst was right after the 2010 midterm massacre, when there was the lame-duck House - and STILL we gave Obama everything he wanted, with a bow on top.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until something comes up to convince me that I’m wrong: I believe Soros’communist and Islamist allies made the run on the bank in Sept 2008 to change the trajectory of the election which was altered by Palin entering the race, and after having shown the world that they have control of enough money to TRULY send the world economy over the cliff, they threatened one key person after another with another run on the bank if they didn’t do exactly as they were told (which at first involved passing TARP to pay back the sharia-compliant, dem-supporting foreign banks that had helped do the run on the bank for the communist-Islamist alliance - and remaining silent about Obama’s ineligibility). Including President Bush, John McCain (but I don’t believe Palin was told), John Boehner as minority leader, Hillary Clinton (who also received threats to kill Chelsea), the media heads including Roger Ailes, Judge Surick (hearing Phil Berg’s eligibility lawsuit), Chief Justice Roberts, Judge Carter and the eligibility judges in turn, etc. As time has worn on and Soros saw there was no will to fight back, he has truly become the puppeteer - which is why the R’s who could have just waited until Jan 2011 to be the House majority instead gave up our missile defense, DADT, and the DREAM Act, in return for absolutely nothing.

There’s a lot I could say to explain why I believe this. Everything makes sense with this scenario, and without it a lot doesn’t make sense.

Obama has “more flexibility” now and has made it abundantly clear that he is trying to make Congress and the courts irrelevant. He is an un-Constitutional usurper (who cannot “qualify”as required by the 20th Amendment since Hawaii has now confirmed that his HI BC is not legally valid; he had to have been using a different BC his whole life long) and was put into place by illegal contributions by foreign Islamists (which was stated in a public speech by Ghadaffi - who was our chief Muslim ally against terrorism and is now dead at the hands of the US-supported rebellion that just killed our ambassador and 3 other Americans in Libya) specifically to defeat the US and what has made us exceptional: our checks and balances, separation of powers, Constitution, and rule by law rather than rule by men.

Look at all those above-listed elements that have kept us from being a banana republic all these years, and you see EVERY ONE OF THEM trodden roughshod by this administration while all the “conservatives”(and I do mean real conservatives too) appear to do nothing but pick their noses or prostrate themselves before the new pharaoh.

What people like Boehner need to realize now is that Obama is going to kill this nation one way or another, and if they stand up for the Constitution the patriots will at least die together if they can’t save this country. What Tyrone Woods’father said is absolutely correct: better to die with courage than live a coward. My hope is that some of the Congress-critters who weren’t directly threatened by Soros but were instead manhandled by Boehner (and the dem leadership as well - thinking of Ben Nelson here) will say in response to this whole mess the same thing that Obama is boastfully saying: We’re not going to play this game.

It’s time for a Senator or a Representative to file a lawsuit asking the courts to recognize Joe Biden as the acting President as of right now, because Obama could never qualify by Jan 20th - either in 2008 or in 2012 - without legally-determined birth facts. They’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The only way to stop Sauron is to fight him. Now. Once that option is gone, Obama will have nothing to stop him. If that whole lawless can of worms gets opened up, at least the Constitution (and we peons who love it) will have a dog in the fight.

Otherwise, the communist-Islamist alliance will truly make both Stalin and Hitler look like a walk in the park. We’re talking “Arab Spring” coming to America, and sharia here will not look pretty - lots of Christians, Jews, and freedom-loving patriots will be executed, which is already going on in the countries Obama “liberated” and which Obama’s Islamist allies have already said will be coming here.

All the government agencies are being armed with hollow-point bullets - intended to kill, not to practice. Ghadaffi’s weapons are being given to Al Qaeda, and we already know that there are between 20,000-30,000 manpads “missing” (taken by Islamists or given to them) which are each capable of bringing down a commercial airliner. Direct unchecked flights from Iran to Venezuela have been bringing Hamas and Hezbollah operatives to the Americas, and Eric Holder has faithfully filed lawsuits to hold the door open for those operatives - aided by their drug-cartel allies (which Holder is also ARMING). We don’t know what has happened to the Syrian WMD’s (which include those which were shipped from Iraq to Syria in the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, as per a standing agreement) but it is likely that they ended up in Iran. The agreement is to move the WMD’s to the safer place between Iraq, Syria, and Iran whenever one of them is in danger of invasion. Obama didn’t stand with the resistance in Iran but turned tail in Iraq and is threatening Syria now so Iran is reasonably the place the extra WMD’s went. If those WMD’s were sent from Iran on the direct, unchecked flights to Venezuela, there are most likely checmical and/or biological WMD stockpiles in every major city in the US, just waiting the signal to begin Arab Spring here.

BTW, the communists who met in the Weather Underground - Columbia University people like Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward (who set up a plan to destroy America including 2 legal planks that Obama carried out in the only lawyerly action he did after allegedly being put through law school by the Saudi prince) - estimated that they would have to exterminate 15 million communist-resisting people come revolution. America’s enemies - communism and Islamism - have been dead serious all along and they have always intended their deadliness to dwarf Stalin and Hitler in America, where freedom and Christianity are strongholds. This is not conspiracy theory; it is self-admitted conspiracy fact.

At this point the only question is whether we will fight, or whether we will go without a fight. I say fight. To those who are afraid, I offer this: My family and me (as well as all Christians, Jews, and freedom-loving patriots) will be executed when Arab Spring gets here anyway, so why back away from the fight? Open war is upon us, whether we would risk it or not (to quote Aragorn from “Lord of the Rings”).

140 posted on 12/05/2012 5:21:29 PM PST by butterdezillion
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