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Beyond Absurd ... “I Did Not Ask Her Name or Address”….
The Conservative Treehouse ^ | February 6, 2013 | Sundance

Posted on 02/06/2013 6:40:27 AM PST by Uncle Chip

Each week when the participants in the prosecution of the State of Florida VS. George Zimmerman speak we are astounded that no-one in the legacy media finds enough courage to factually investigate this case.

Specifically, the fraud that is the storyline around Witness #8 “Dee Dee” the supposed girlfriend of Trayvon Martin.

Initially she was sold to the media on March 20th as a 16-year-old girl, a minor, a sweetheart, who was devastated at the tragic loss of her 17-year-old “puppy love”. A girl who was on the phone with Trayvon when he encountered George Zimmerman. Benjamin Crump played an audio recording of her statement proving his claims. The media ran with that story, and, for the most part, actually still does.

The prosecution then used her *tender age* as a shield of anonymity to protect her from the ruthless hounds of media interest. The State of Florida argued before Judge Lester that her minor status meant she needed additional protections. This, despite the fact she never once contacted law enforcement, never once called Trayvon’s Mom or Dad, and was essentially non-existent until Trayvon family attorney Benjamin Crump discovered her and presented her story to the world. Indeed, even Trayvon’s Dad, Tracy Martin, and his Mom, Sybrina Fulton, supposedly had never heard of this “girlfriend”.

But yet she was on the phone with Trayvon for 400 minutes on the day he died? She was devastated, so much so she was hospitalized and could not attend the funeral. Yet, no-one in the family knew her?….. or so the story was sold.

However, incredulous as it may seem, as the actual case against George Zimmerman was presented in legal discovery, it is revealed the woman who talked to the State prosecution on April 2nd, who gave a sworn statement, and who framed the Probable Cause Affidavit for arrest, was not a minor at all. She was, on April 2nd, according to them, eighteen years old. C’mon, seriously? This thing stinks worse than rotten eggs.

So did the Martin family just make up a story to hide her, or was there something more sinister about it. Was the March 18, 19th Dee Dee who swore a story to Benjamin Crump, and ABC News’s Matt Gutman, the same person as the April 2nd Dee Dee who swore a statement to the State of Florida?

After the state initially used her minor status to hide her identity; And after the state sought to hide her address when requested by the defense; And after the numerous conflicting descriptives; And after listening to her sworn statements; And after listening to her recorded interview with Ben Crump…… We have asserted it was not.

The March 20th (16-year-old) DeeDee that Crump used to create his “media evidence”, was NOT the same (18-year-old) person who talked to the State of Florida on April 2nd.

But, anyone would say “no-way”, “c’ mon”, “obviously they’d get caught”…. right?

Not. So. Fast.

Yesterday, Martin Family attorney Benjamin Crump appeared in court for a hearing, only this time he was not alone. Now he is represented by legal counsel, Bruce B Blackwell – Attorney At Law, from Orlando.

The Defense is still trying to get to the bottom of who exactly Dee Dee is, and the story of her that was presented by Ben Crump that obviously does not match the witness descriptives now given by the State of Florida; Who, by the way, still refuse to provide the specifics of her identity – such as her address.

So yesterday, as the defense tries to unravel the enigma that is DeeDee, and get answers to this mysterious March 19th “telephonic interview”; The one that framed the entire construct of the media narrative, Ben Crump shows up in court with an attorney, on the date of his scheduled deposition, to file a brief and avoid being deposed.

However, within the actual Supportive Motion for a Protective Order (ie. he ain’t talking) presented to the court – the evidence of the false story that is Dee Dee is EVEN MORE painfully obvious.


In the motion to protect himself from deposition, attorney Benjamin Crump is claiming that on March 19th when he interviewed the bombshell witness #8, DEE DEE, he never asked her for her full name (surname) or address? (page 6 – item #18)



This is his angle to obfuscate and avoid the potential for liability form the fraudulent affirmation of a supposed witness? “I didn’t ask her name or address”? This is ridiculous.

Or is it?

It certainly looks like this is his approach at presenting “plausible deniability” for the fraudulent story. If he didn’t know her name or address, then how can he be sure the person who showed up for the April 2nd statement with the State Prosecution is the same person?


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1 posted on 02/06/2013 6:40:34 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: Uncle Chip

The MSM does not care, obviously

2 posted on 02/06/2013 6:43:19 AM PST by GeronL (
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To: Uncle Chip

Lack of candor with the tribunal. Ethics issue here big time. Also, can’t the defense get hold of Martin’s phone records and get her number?

3 posted on 02/06/2013 6:48:56 AM PST by Mercat (Never laugh at live dragons)
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To: Uncle Chip

Is she related to Te’o ‘s dead sweetheart?

4 posted on 02/06/2013 6:51:13 AM PST by afraidfortherepublic
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“But four days earlier on Friday March 23rd, only 3 days after Crump delivered the story of Dee Dee, the media were reporting that Norm Wolfinger had subpoenaed her. This was the exact same date that Angela Corey took over as the State Special prosecutor.

If Benjamin Crump did NOT know Dee Dee’s full name and address, and she had NOT talked to anyone else, then how exactly did Norm Wolfinger, the district attorney, send her a subpoena only 3 days after the phone interview?”

5 posted on 02/06/2013 6:51:57 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: Uncle Chip

I thought that her account on Twitter indicated that she was a 22 year old white woman.

6 posted on 02/06/2013 6:54:34 AM PST by struggle (
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To: Uncle Chip
It's not just the media but the prosecutor and the judge seem to be conspiring to deprive Zimmerman of his 6th amendment rights, including that of being able to confront the witnesses against him.

"Dee Dee" had already been coached before the first time she spoke on record--so anything she has to say has to be regarded with grave suspicion. A while back Zimmerman's lawyer was still trying to get the full version of her initial statement--I don't know if he has made any progress on that front.

7 posted on 02/06/2013 6:56:59 AM PST by Verginius Rufus
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So here’s the story they want you to believe. Benjamin Crump “officially” introduces DeeDee on Tuesday March 20th,. But, according to him, he does not know her last name or address.

Somehow two days later, on Thursday March 22nd Wolfinger subpoenaed a person named DeeDee, without a last name or address, to attend a Grand Jury already scheduled to seat on April 10th.

[...] Trayvon’s girlfriend has been told that the Florida State Attorney’s Office has prepared a subpoena for her to appear in front of the grand jury. She has hired a lawyer to advise her and make sure that her rights are protected. Her attorney has told prosecutors that she is ready to appear and is looking forward to telling the grand jury what really happened on February 26,” a source close to the situation tells

But wait, the next day, on Friday March 23rd District Attorney Wolfinger was replaced with State Special Prosecutor Angela Corey.

Yet, according to Pam Bondi on Tuesday March 27th DeeDee (no last name) was still refusing to be interviewed.

On Monday April 2nd someone who Ben Crump had never seen, or talked to after March 19th, presumably with a first and last name, became State Witness #8 of “oh you want that too” fame.

She, this former 16-year-old girl, now an 18-year-old woman, was interviewed in another undisclosed South Florida location, with undisclosed witnesses in participating in attendance.

She was interviewed by State Prosecutor Bernie DeLaRionda who, for confirmation, asked if the previous information about her phone and carrier was indeed correct:

BDLR: OK, and is that phone number under your name or under somebody else’s name?

Dee Dee: Now, it should be now under my name.

BDLR: And do you know what the provider is…is it T-Mobile? Or do you know?

Dee Dee: Yeah, T-Mobile…[mumbles]…I think.

Stanley McDaniel has the entire transcript outlined with informative perspective. Suffice to say that given all of the, well, “revelations”, much about this is just brutally false.

This latest manuever by Benjamin Crump, …’I don’t know her full name or address, and I never talked to her again’, etc…. it just further outlines the absurd construct of this prosecution.

8 posted on 02/06/2013 6:57:15 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: Uncle Chip

Does the state of Florida have a bar association?

Why does Crump have the ability to practice law?

9 posted on 02/06/2013 7:00:16 AM PST by Darnright ("I don't trust liberals, I trust conservatives." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca)
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To: Uncle Chip

I certainly do hope this scumbag Ben Crump ends up in prison where he obviously belongs.

I’d bet money that the American Bar Association makes no attempt to investigate him or get him disbarred when he is shown to have fabricated evidence that would lead to the death or life imprisonment of an innocent man!

Sadly, neither will the Republican government of the state of Florida! I bet they won’t even look into it!

Angela Corey needs to be investigated too, but that won’t happen because she was appointed by a Republican governor with the support of the “Republican” Attorney General. The same Pam Bondi who defended Romney’s socialist health care bill that was the precusor of Obamacare.

BTW I’m NOT anti-Republican, but I am deeply against Republicans who act just like the lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’ Democrats.

10 posted on 02/06/2013 7:03:07 AM PST by Sal (Pres and State watched our people get raped and murdered in REAL TIME and did nothing!)
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To: Uncle Chip
Thanks for the post.

I hadn't been following this case that closely. The railroading of Zimmerman for political reasons by the prosecution sounds so much like the Duke Lacrosse case. I hope the prosecutors get charged just like Mike Nifong in Durham, NC.

The scary thing is that the prosecutors have been getting away with this. How many times is this happening across our nation.

11 posted on 02/06/2013 7:05:55 AM PST by FR_addict
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To: Uncle Chip

Would a copy of the subpoena be in the records?

12 posted on 02/06/2013 7:05:56 AM PST by EDINVA
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To: Uncle Chip
Although it has now become trite and over-used, Hillary's "At this point, what difference does it make?" really sums up where we are in America.

There is no justice. There are no laws. There are only powerful people who do what they want and who are never seriously questioned.

And voting ain't gonna fix that.

13 posted on 02/06/2013 7:12:21 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (Nothing will change until after the war.)
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To: Uncle Chip

If hussein can have Trayvon as a son, Grump can give him a composite girlfriend.

14 posted on 02/06/2013 7:19:56 AM PST by bgill
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To: Uncle Chip

Reminds me of the “phantom” 911 video and the subsequent phony arrest.

15 posted on 02/06/2013 7:20:52 AM PST by BerryDingle (I know how to deal with communists, I still wear their scars on my back from Hollywood-Ronald Reagan)
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To: Darnright

“Why does Crump have the ability to practice law?”

...because he’s black.

16 posted on 02/06/2013 7:27:16 AM PST by rashley (Rashley)
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Watch at the 39:40 minute mark of the hearing when Crump’s attorney comes forward unscheduled with an oral motion to avoid his scheduled deposition set for that morning.!

Ohhh — and his lawyer calls him the “Private Attorney General” who cannot be deposed.

17 posted on 02/06/2013 7:27:22 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: Uncle Chip

BTTT George Zimmerman legal defense fund:

18 posted on 02/06/2013 7:29:20 AM PST by bazbo (God would have you vote your conscience, men would have you vote for a "winner".)
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To: Verginius Rufus

This whole battle over the actual identification of DeeDee and the refusal of the prosecution to provide it reminds me of the battle over the photo ID voting requirement and in this case the state is complicit with the criminal element.

19 posted on 02/06/2013 7:35:54 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: FR_addict

You are right. One additional element in this case is that 0bama stepped in to provide interference and sent the DOJ and Holder after it, as well. This set the agenda for the FL authorities to not disappoint and mess up the whole narrative. Because Trayvon was shot down like a rabid dog, just minding his own business, an innocent child, we were told.

20 posted on 02/06/2013 7:58:25 AM PST by NEMDF
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