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Fighting For Liberty In The Fog Of Cognitive Dissonance
The Revolutionary Act ^ | 06/14/18

Posted on 06/14/2018 9:04:52 AM PDT by Liberty7732

The Southern Poverty Law Center has put me on their “anti-government extremist hate group” list for four years in a row now. I have yet to comprehend how teaching the Constitution, the very document that created government, makes me “anti-government.” Nor do I understand how teaching historical facts and the words and principles of the founders of America makes me an “extreme hater.”

I am told that I should expect this kind of personal attack from Marxist groups like SPLC. However, the other day, someone called me an “anarchist” because I write articles that expose the unconstitutionally expanded nature of our government and how that is destroying our Liberty. This particular instance of name calling came from a conservative. I am not upset with this person and hold no fault with them.

Here is why, and the thought I would like you to consider.

Most of my writing deals with current laws and their Constitutionality based upon fact, law, and history. I work very hard to keep opinions out of it. When the true concept of limited government is presented it causes internal conflict, not just with liberals, but even within “conservative” groups.

Americans have been, for generations, convinced to accept increasingly more government intrusion in our lives. Over the course of these years, our government has grown to exercise nearly unlimited power to regulate every aspect of our lives…from the milk and the cereal we eat in the morning to the sheets and bed that we sleep in at night. We have been conditioned not only to accept this but to believe that we need it.

The consequence is that we are being consumed by these regulations and now have a government with unlimited power of surveillance. We have a government that actually believes that “shall not be infringed” can be interpreted to mean, “yes we can make reasonable regulations.” We have a growing society that believes the Freedom of Speech doesn’t actually mean “freedom” and doesn’t really apply to “everyone.” New generations could grow just as comfortable with even greater intrusions as we are now with cameras on street corners, computer and internet intrusions and cell phone surveillance.

Many Americans have become lazy in luxury, pacified in prosperity, or even simply complacent and compliant in their comfort. So when we attempt to present the truth about these intrusions upon our Rights and the destruction of our Liberty — because for generations we have been made to feel comfortable and safe within them — it scares people.

But fear does not overrule our rights and we have an obligation to shine the light of truth so future generations will not pay the price for our apathy, ignorance, or complacence. Samuel Adams warned:

“Let us remember that ‘if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.’ It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event.” The Boston Gazette, 14 October 1771

However, shining a light in a room where no light has been seen for days is painful…but we are talking not about days, this darkness has been consuming America for generations. Real Liberty seems radical in today’s environment of ubiquitous government presence. True Liberty seems extreme when Americans have become comfortable with the daily control of government. Real Liberty will challenge what we have believed to be true our entire lives. And it may even make people call you names and want to deny this truth.

Please do not get angry with them. It is what psychologists call “Cognitive Dissonance.”

You should expect it. Everyone must come about their awakening to Liberty in their own way. My personal awakening took years. If you read my story you will see that I was not born a “Constitutionalist” and had a complicated transformation. There is hope for those who have been taught lies their entire life. My story is proof. Unfortunately, some will never come to accept truth at all. But that does not change our responsibility; we have a responsibility to speak truth and seek wisdom. Be patient with those who resist knowledge. But more importantly, no matter how much they deny the truth, no matter how many names they call you, don’t stop speaking the truth!

I promise I won’t. I am no more an anarchist than Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, or James Otis, Jr. I am not “anti-government,” I just know that our federal government was created to be very limited and specifically defined in its authority, and it must be that way for Americans to have the Liberty promised in our Constitution. I would love to live in a place where no government is necessary, I just understand the depravity of man will never allow that to be reality. So I stand with Thomas Paine and believe that “government in its best form is a necessary evil, in its worst form, an intolerable one.”

We can work together to break the Cognitive Dissonance. We can endeavor to speak truth with love, in patience. We can refuse to tolerate lies and manipulations in order to have comfort and peace. We can refuse the dictated narrative and make our voices be heard.

We can say, “if there be trouble, let it be in my day so my child may have peace.”

Pick up your power to boldly proclaim truth at Liberty First University.

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1 posted on 06/14/2018 9:04:52 AM PDT by Liberty7732
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To: Liberty7732

I was just reading something along similar lines on a site called “The Conservative Way”

“How do civil wars happen? Jack Minzey, a recently deceased conservative writer, had the best answer: When two or more sides disagree on who runs the country….and they have an election to decide who’s in charge, even if they hate each other, but accept the election results, you still have a country. But, when you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.”

2 posted on 06/14/2018 9:15:01 AM PDT by gattaca ("Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." Ronald Reagan)
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To: Liberty7732

1. The SPLC is a Leftist hate group

2. Some nationalists who claim to be conservative but aren’t really are just as bad as Leftists when worshiping at the alter of big government - especially the federal government. The neocons are a prime example.

3. The Founders never intended that the states be reduced to mere administrative appendages of the federal government which they practically are now. The states were intended to be constitutional actors in their own right with the power to check the federal government. Their ability to do so and thus the original constitution, died at Appamattox. The usurpation of practically unlimited power by the federal government was inevitable since then.

3 posted on 06/14/2018 9:16:15 AM PDT by FLT-bird (..)
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To: Liberty7732

Well said. I love asking “Why” when someone says we HAVE to have some government program. Even among conservatives, certain intrusions — usurpations of our liberties — are taken as axiomatic.

4 posted on 06/14/2018 9:17:30 AM PDT by IronJack (A)
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To: IronJack

My rhetorical question is...”Where did the idea that someone else should pay your medical bills come from?” The answer thoroughly covers this subject.

5 posted on 06/14/2018 12:33:52 PM PDT by gr8eman (Since God has been banished from our classrooms, Satan has filled the void.)
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To: gr8eman
I would extend it to the sacred cows of government: roads, bridges, hospitals, schools ... Where in the Constitution does it empower Congress to levy taxes to build roads? Sure, the interstate system is great, but is it within the enumerated powers of Congress? No. Hospitals? Nope. Schools? Decidedly not. Welfare? Far from it.

Is Social Security anywhere in the Constitution? No. Yet the Administration steals billions of dollars every year from working people in its name.

Are the Departments of Energy, Education, Labor? No. Yet these unelected bureaucracies can regulate how much water our toilets use, and what fuel we burn in our cars.

Closer to home, who authorized states and cities to grant licenses to restaurants, barbers, manicurists, massage parlors, architects, sewage contractors, etc.? Who gave the government power to fine someone or take their property because their grass is not mowed or they have a garbage can on the curb too late?

Granted, all these may make for a more "civilized" society, but they also make for a less free one.

I've often said that the average person probably breaks a dozen laws before breakfast, and commits at least one felony before noon.

It's ridiculous.

6 posted on 06/14/2018 2:52:26 PM PDT by IronJack (A)
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To: Liberty7732

Any organization (who claims to be unbiased or claims to believe in freedom)) which make use of this commie group (SPLC) in their judgment/classification/censorship of their ‘users’ should be BOYCOTTED for knowingly utilizing a biased source.

Newsgroups who quote the SPLC as a source should be BOYCOTTED (along anyone they does business with them) for knowingly using a tainted source.

Individuals who monetarily support SPLC with donations should be exposed for knowingly supporting an un-american organization.

The public has the right to NOT do business with freedom haters.

7 posted on 06/14/2018 3:34:46 PM PDT by elbook
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To: FLT-bird


8 posted on 06/14/2018 4:47:53 PM PDT by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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