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NON-Citizens Can Legally Vote in Arizona!
Arizona Secretary of State ^

Posted on 11/16/2018 10:06:39 AM PST by Mercury59

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To: FlingWingFlyer

McSally will be anointed.

81 posted on 11/16/2018 1:03:21 PM PST by Luke21 (Vote, vote, vote doesn't work, work work.)
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To: Robert DeLong

Maybe I am wrong, but unlike people like you, apparently McSally didn’t bother to question it! I thought illegals were only being allowed t vote in local elections, not Federal. Someone seriously needs to look into this.

82 posted on 11/16/2018 1:26:53 PM PST by Sons of Union Vets (Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!)
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To: Mercury59; All
"… but failure to do so means the person will only be eligible to vote in federal elections [??? emphasis added] (known as being a “federal only” voter)."
FR: Never Accept the Premise of Your Opponent’s Argument

After reviewing the history of Section 2 of the 14th Amendment (14A), I'm convinced not only that only US citizens can vote for US federal candidates, but that predictable US election messes are a consequence of the cold war aspect of the Civil War.

More specifically, Sec. 2 was drafted by the Republican-controlled(?), post-Civil War Congress to prevent the southern states from getting revenge on the northern states by later using the votes of freedmen (15th Amendment) to help southern politicians take control of Congress (my words). This is no surprise since 14A was ratified under very questionable circumstances.

It's also no surprise that history is repeating itself since US history isn't being taught anymore.

Regarding this ongoing, country-destroying, Hatfield-McCoy feud mentality Civil War cold war between the political parties, the latest generation of misguided, anything-goes-to-control-the-fed-government Democrats is trying to do the following imo.

Facilitated by the "Pandora's Box" 17th Amendment, after decades of doing whatever it takes to win elections to seize permanent control of the federal government, including unthinkingly, unconscionably levering women voters with unconstitutional federal abortion funding to win their votes, desperate Democrats are now trying to increase the size of their abortion-depleted voter pool by ignoring Sec. 2 of 14A to win the illegal votes of non-citizens.

Also regarding Sec. 2, note that the Supreme Court indicated in Minor v. Happersett, 1874, that the states, not the feds, ultimately control who can vote. This is evidenced by the voting rights amendments (14, 15, 19, 24 and 26) to the Constitution, the states uniquely having the Article V power to ratify new amendments to the Constitution.

Next, from a related thread concerning the need for citizenship / photo ID to vote …

Freeper bray: "Voter ID would be the end of the Dems."


Not only does Pres. Trump want voter ID, but consider the following.

Patriots have until 2020 to work with their state officials to iron out predictable problems with enforcing Section 2 of 14th Amendment (14A) — legal fights, activist judges, etc..

Problems also including expense and issue of possible smart, scannable citizenship / photo ID cards to address problem of Democratic voting officials with “poor" eyesight.

Noting that subsequent voting-related amendments to the Constitution have effectively modified Sec. 2 of 14A, please consider the following.

Sec. 2 (shown above) was made to address House of Representatives-related voting fraud by state actors, a concern evidenced by the ongoing political party cold war of the Civil War, likely voting fraud in Florida and other states for example.

Again, regardless that activist judges have been arguing against voter ID, based on Sec. 2, I believe that the simplest, practical way that the states can comply with that section is to require citizens to present a valid citizenship / photo ID card before being allowed to vote.

Corrections, insights welcome.

83 posted on 11/16/2018 1:30:06 PM PST by Amendment10
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To: Sons of Union Vets
Actually as far as I know only Ca. is talking about them voting in local elections, and that is even limited to school board elections. So even though they have no monetary input, they have vocal and voting input. Even that is outrageous.

Who Arizona elects affects all of the citizens of this country. So allowing illegal aliens vote in Federal elections still mitigates the votes of Americans.

84 posted on 11/16/2018 2:36:27 PM PST by Robert DeLong
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To: 5th MEB; RinaseaofDs
The voting laws need to be changed to reflect the new realities of modern transportation.

We certainly need voting laws that are enforced. Such will most likely require onsite federal monitoring at local levels; or at least those areas suspected of accepting non-citizen voting in federal elections. There ought to be personal fines for officials who refuse to take preventive steps.

I mentioned upthread there didn't seem to be a federal law that directly addressed non-citizen voting and was wrong about that.

See 18 USC 611:
(a) It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, etc, etc.

Penalties include a fine and possibly -1yr imprisonment. When is the last time we heard of that happening?

85 posted on 11/16/2018 2:41:02 PM PST by frog in a pot (Best argument against democracy? A 5 minute conversation with an average voter - Churchill)
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To: libstripper
All it needs to do is get the AZ "Federal qualified only" list and require each person on that list to prove his/her citizenship to ICE.

Requires federal law changes to implement so not a short term solution. A better solution that only requires changes at the (GOP controlled) AZ. Cross reference the AZ 'federal only' voter registration list and the publicly available lists of who's voted to produce the list of 'federal only' voted. In their normal course of business AZ will periodically definitively identify individuals as "non-citizens." Mandate all such identifications be cross-referenced with the state held list of 'federal only' voted. Mandated that all matches be forwarded to the US Attorney for illegal voting. People can still vote on the federal honor system, but if they're dishonorable and get caught anyway by the state as a non-citizen they don't get away with it. And the US attorney can then check whether any of their non-citizen family is on the list. You at least partially disincentivise the process.

86 posted on 11/16/2018 3:58:14 PM PST by JohnBovenmyer (Waiting for the tweets to hatch!)
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To: Lurkinanloomin
As one of the active NBC supporters on this forum you will probably appreciate this factoid that I hadn't seen before (if you weren't already aware of it).

See 18 U.S.C. § 611 - Voting by Aliens
which provides as an exception to aliens being able to vote at federal elections at 611.b.c.1 where
(1) each natural parent of the alien…is or was a citizen…

The obvious conclusion is that while some voters must have two citizen parents when voting for president, the presidential candidate need not.

87 posted on 11/16/2018 4:01:34 PM PST by frog in a pot (Best argument against democracy? A 5 minute conversation with an average voter - Churchill)
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To: dp0622


(but just keep in mind that even we have our PC police)

I have been booted to, so I have learned to watch my language but still get my point across.

88 posted on 11/16/2018 6:15:09 PM PST by 5th MEB (Progressives in the open; --- FIRE FOR EFFECT!!)
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To: Lurkinanloomin; All

See 18 U.S.C. § 611 - Voting by Aliens
which provides as an exception to aliens being able to vote at federal elections at 611.b.c.1 where
(1) each natural parent of the alien…is or was a citiz...

Should have read "an exception to aliens being prohibited to vote at federal elections"

89 posted on 11/17/2018 5:40:04 AM PST by frog in a pot (Best argument against democracy? A 5 minute conversation with an average voter - Churchill)
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To: dp0622

That’s how California became a one party state.

90 posted on 11/17/2018 6:25:19 AM PST by nobamanomore
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To: Mercury59
Marbury v. Madison 1803, vol 5, pg 137

It is also not entirely unworthy of observation that, in declaring what shall be the supreme law of the land, the Constitution itself is first mentioned, and not the laws of the United States generally, but those only which shall be made in pursuance of the Constitution, have that rank.
Thus, the particular phraseology of the Constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written Constitutions, that
a law repugnant to the Constitution is void,
and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.

91 posted on 11/17/2018 6:58:15 AM PST by SERE_DOC ( The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. T)
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To: DannyTN

It is due to a legal ruling that Arizona cannot impose standards on federal elections.

The legal fight has its roots in Proposition 200, a 2004 ballot measure which was part of a broader effort aimed at those not in the country legally...

...But Congress, in approving the National Voting Registration Act, directed the federal Election Assistance Commission to design a single national voter-registration form to simplify the process. More to the point, that form requires no proof of citizenship but only that those signing up swear, under penalty of perjury, that they are eligible to vote.

In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Arizona to enforce the proof-of-citizenship requirement on those using that form, at least for federal elections.

“By 7 to 2, the Supreme Court justices struck down Arizona’s Proposition 200 as violating the National Voter Registration Act, which requires only a written declaration of US citizenship...

...“We hold that [the NVRA] precludes Arizona from requiring a Federal Form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority justices.”

SCALIA ruled against Arizona!

92 posted on 11/17/2018 7:22:04 AM PST by Mr Rogers (Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools)
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