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Washington Monument will become Apollo 11 rocket next week
WWNY ^ | July 10, 2019 at 2:04 PM EDT - Updated July 11 at 8:16 AM | Ed Payne

Posted on 07/11/2019 8:01:42 PM PDT by Ezekiel

For five days, the Smithsonian will project a full-sized Saturn V rocket on the east face of the Washington Monument.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Going up.
1 posted on 07/11/2019 8:01:42 PM PDT by Ezekiel
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To: Phinneous; BTerclinger; All
Going up, doubled actually...

Needs a new elevator system:

Operating Hours
The Washington Monument is CLOSED until August 2019.


The new system will coordinate all aspects of elevator service such as travel direction, speed and acceleration, leveling, and door opening speed and delay. This modernized system will also allow remote access to the control system, located at the top of the monument, from the ground level.


US President Donald Trump holds up a signed memorandum after he delivered a statement on Jerusalem from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on December 6, 2017 as US Vice President Mike Pence looks on. (Saul Loeb/AFP)

(Christmas tree in background)

Text of Trump’s official proclamation of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

The last words of the Tanakh are repeated and continued in the book of Ezra. In the Christian order of the books, the Chronicles are followed by Ezra. Therefore, the doubled message is doubled by way of the placement:

2 Chronicles 36:22-23 - Ezra 1:1-4 run together

The official embassy opening took place on May 14, 2018, the day that Israel turned 70 [on the Western calendar].

and he has charged me to build him a house in JerUSAlem which is in Judah

In the midst of JerUSAlem is the USA, in the word and in the embassy now located in Jerusalem according to the proclamation and writing of President Donald Trump aka Cyrus.

Between the lines:

The embassy straddles the 1949–67 Armistice line in Jerusalem, located partially in West Jerusalem and partially in no man's land.[37][7] A senior United Nations official stated: "Under international law it is still occupied territory, because neither party had any right to occupy the area between the lines".[37],_Jerusalem

So what. The official motto of the USA is "In God We Trust." The God who is in the JerUSAlem which is in Judah is the God who is in the USA, in the official motto, which is right on the money.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the greatest human achievement in the history of humanity, an image of the first rocket that took man to the moon will be projected onto the monument that is about to reopen with a new elevator system. July 16 - July 20, 2019. From liftoff to

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

The news articles repeat the stats:

Washington Monument: 555 ft.
Saturn V: 363 ft.

A Great Miracle Happened Here

"Nes Gadol Haya Sham", the miracle of the oil, reduced to the four letters on the dreidle: nun 106 + gimel 83 + hei 6 + shin 360 = 555, the same as "I have found David" here:

Ps 89.21. I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him:

Interesting that the articles put these two numbers together because 555 + 363 = "I have found David haMashiach" = "New Jerusalem", the subject matter above (the restorations, which are all about "going up").

2 posted on 07/11/2019 8:08:05 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word.)
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To: Ezekiel

Um, I was hoping to see the dates. It might be worth a trip to DC to view.

3 posted on 07/11/2019 8:26:06 PM PDT by exDemMom (Current visual of the hole the US continues to dig itself into:
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To: exDemMom

They ended up in the middle of my post:

July 16 - July 20, 2019. From liftoff to

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

4 posted on 07/11/2019 8:31:56 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word.)
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To: exDemMom

From The Article”

The projection will be visible on July 16, 17 and 18 from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. ET.

5 posted on 07/11/2019 8:34:30 PM PDT by Don W (When blacks riot, neighbourhoods and cities burn. When whites riot, nations and continents burn.)
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To: Ezekiel
Does this mean they will project onto the Lincoln Memorial the faked landing?

/ sarc

6 posted on 07/11/2019 8:36:52 PM PDT by DoodleBob (Gravity's waiting period is about 9.8 m/s^2)
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To: Ezekiel

“The Eagle has projected”.

I watched the moon landing sitting on the floor of my parents’ living room so that my head would be lower than the window sill, because my city was engulfed in racially fueled rioting.

Ordered to sit there because the gunfire had only been a few blocks way the day before.

Seems like we have being taking a giant leap backward since 2008.

7 posted on 07/11/2019 9:46:55 PM PDT by lightman (Byzantine Troparia: The "praise choruses" of antiquity.)
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To: lightman

Heard shooting lately?

Got your own Second Amendment Solutions handy this time?

8 posted on 07/12/2019 12:22:00 AM PDT by ExGeeEye (For dark is the suede that mows like a harvest.)
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To: Ezekiel

Photo caption: “A Great Miracle Happened Here”

I’m sorry but that was no “miracle”, however seemingly miraculous.

9 posted on 07/12/2019 1:36:30 AM PDT by equaviator (There's nothing like the universe to bring you down to earth.)
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To: Ezekiel
"“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

What Armstrong said was this: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”
10 posted on 07/12/2019 1:38:29 AM PDT by equaviator (There's nothing like the universe to bring you down to earth.)
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To: equaviator; Texas Fossil; Phinneous; BTerclinger; lightman
"“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”<<<

What Armstrong said was this: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

What is heard is heard; what is written, is written.

The perpetual debate over the presence or lack of the indefinite article is a big part of the reason why the quote got plenty of extra coverage over the decades. Kind of like the saying, "There is no such thing as bad advertising."

It must be pretty important, that quote. It was the biggest announcement of all time, actually. Straight from the Moon, so the entire planet was looking up. God's a funny guy.


Photo caption: “A Great Miracle Happened Here”
I’m sorry but that was no “miracle”, however seemingly miraculous.

The word referenced is "nes" [נס], as in Nes Gadol Haya Sham, "A great miracle happened there." Except that it (the Apollo Program, the launch) happened here so I wrote "here." It's all about the light, what is seen, even literally on the rocket:


miracle, banner, flag, ensign, streamer, pennant, marvel, wonder, prodigy

"Haya" is the past tense "to be" verb... "was". As such, "Nes Gadol Haya Sham" also says,

"A great flag was there."

That would be the great flag (banner, ensign) representing the nation that is within JerUSAlem (the word or the embassy), the nation of the "Can Do" people who went to the Moon over and over (eh, ain't no miracle there it's just what they do, being who they are), the same whose official national motto is "In God We Trust."

That's the same motto of Abraham and all the Patriarchs, of David and all the greats.

America gets it from all corners of the planet and from within, but everyone still expects her to save the world. Talk about a bunch of slackers and ingrates with nothing better to do apparently. They feel threatened when they could choose to do like America and get up and walk, on the Moon even.

A mission is a mission, same as what the Blues Brothers said.

Speaking of here or there or everywhere: it's a most excellent pun on the description of Joseph's coat "of many colours", what was it (there are many English translations and theories because of the word "passim", but it lit. means stripes). Just paste the word פסים into an image search.

Here, there, and everywhere

Did You Know? Passim is from the Latin word passus ("scattered"), itself from pandere, meaning "to spread." Pandere is the root of the common word expand and the not-so-common word repand, meaning "having a slightly undulating margin" (as in "a repand leaf" or "a repand colony of bacteria"). It is also the progenitor of pace, as in "keep up a steady pace." Passim itself appears in English both on its own and as part of the adverb sic passim, which means "so throughout." Sic passim is typically used to indicate that a word or idea is to be found at various places throughout a book or a writer's work.

Hah. I'm happily making up for all of the homework that my dog ate. I wouldn't have ever had that problem if the assignments were edible in the first place. ALPO dog? Not interested. APOLLO? Now you're getting somewhere. :)

11 posted on 07/12/2019 9:04:23 AM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word.)
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To: Ezekiel

“What is heard is heard; what is written, is written.”

And that’s why they put pencils on erasers!

12 posted on 07/12/2019 12:49:04 PM PDT by equaviator (There's nothing like the universe to bring you down to earth.)
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To: equaviator
Other way round.
13 posted on 07/12/2019 12:53:53 PM PDT by Churchillspirit (9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012: NEVER FORGET.)
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To: Ezekiel


14 posted on 07/12/2019 1:07:50 PM PDT by BTerclinger (MAGA)
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To: BTerclinger; Phinneous; Jewbacca; SJackson; onedoug; Ancesthntr
I'm adding this article to the information on the thread because for starters, the title reflects the timing of the 17-minute show, which will be projected and played in tandem with the Shabbat of Parshas Balak, the place of the famous star prophecy, verse 17:

Num 24.17. I shall see him, but not now; I shall behold him, but not near; there shall come a star out of Jacob, and a scepter [shevet, שבט] shall rise out of Israel, and shall strike the corners of Moab, and destroy all the sons of Seth:

Apollo 11 celebration to take over the National Mall. The Washington Monument will be the star.

From July 16th to 18th, 9:30pm to 11:30pm, the Saturn V rocket will be projected to scale on the east side of the 555-foot-tall monument. The surrounding area will be fitted with projection screens, speakers and a recreation of the Kennedy Space Center’s countdown clock.

On July 19th and 20th, a 17-minute show titled “Apollo 50: Go for the Moon” will recreate Apollo 11’s launch and tell the story of the first Moon landing. The show is free to the public and will run three times each night: 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm. Viewing areas will be set up in front of the Smithsonian Castle, between Ninth and 12th Streets.

Viewers can text Apollo50GO to 888777 for live updates on the day of the event.

The base meaning of "scepter" [שבט] (rod, staff, tribe) is control. You can see the entry starting at the bottom of page 253, where it also lists Shabbat as a cognate meaning. The entry references the first place the word shevet appears in the Torah:

Gen 49. 10. The staff [shevet] shall not depart from Judah, nor the scepter from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and to him shall the obedience [and/or gathering] of the people be:

In relationship to objects in space, for example, a comet is called a "shavit", more fully a "kokav shavit", a star-rod. You can see the visual similarity to a rocket's launch. Here's Apollo 11 going up:

The bright white Washington Monument "rod" is about to go up, complete with a countdown clock from Mission Control. In fact, there's no more famous an analog for the concept of "yesod" (Joseph, of mission and control), than the Washington Monument. Here it is, encapsulated in an Aish article from Jan 17, 2000 (the bold is my emphasis, italics are retained from the page):

As we have already seen, early on Joseph is linked to the fulfillment of Jacob's legacy.

These are the generations of Jacob, Joseph was seventeen years old ...[Genesis 37:2]

At the outset, the Torah connects Jacob with Joseph. Of all his sons specifically Joseph holds the key to not only Jacob's but the family's [m]ission. In this Torah portion, we will examine the implications of that mission from the mystical -- that is Kabbalistic -- standpoint. To do so, we must go back to the point where all it first began:


Joseph -- specifically in his relationship with the wife of Potiphar -- displays the ability to control his natural drives better than any one else in Scripture. Therefore, Joseph is often known as Yosef HaTzaddik. The Kabbalistic term associated with Joseph is Yesod, meaning "foundation," as in Tzaddik Yesod Olam, meaning "a good [a]nd just man is the foundation of the world." Alternatively, Joseph is the foundation of the Jewish people. Had Joseph been killed, or disappeared in the slavemarkets of Egypt, the foundation of the nation would have been missing as well.

Joseph From the Kabbalistic Perspective

George Washington is *the* Founding Father, known as the "Father of the Nation".


Transliterated (e.g. from English titles, games), "go" is spelled gimel-vav [גו], the same as in the transliteration of the names "Joe"[ג'ו], and "Jew" [ג'ו].
The gerash (the apostrophe-like mark) denotes the "juh" consonant sound/pronunciation that is foreign to Hebrew.

The initials of George Washington, which are also the first two letters of his name, are also these same letters [ג'ו].

Go/GW/Jew/Joe, all the same: gimel vav

Some years back I noticed an oddity in the translations having to do with the words come and go in this verse:

1 Sam 9.9. Formerly in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, thus he spoke, Come, and let us go to the seer; for he who is now called a Prophet was formerly called a Seer:

Went, and Come, let us GO repeat the same verb lalechet, the verb to go, instead of using the usual verb for arrival - lavo - "come". Then it continues with a little history "sidetrack" about the words prophet and seer. People might skip right past that, however...

The etymologies for novi (prophet) aren't definitive.

Klein's entry is useful...

נָבִיא m.n. prophet. [Prob. derived from base נבא (= to call, proclaim); accordingly the orig. meaning of נָבִיא prob. was ‘the man who calls or proclaims’...

But it doesn't explain the reason for the switch from the word see-er. This extra information was dropped into the verse about go-ing in order to inquire of God, verses running with the popular consensus. The verse is all about GO GO GO.

Back to actual verb "to come" (lavo), it turns out that the word "prophet" [נָבִיא] is also the same as the verb "we will bring" [נָבִיא] from the hifil side of verb, lehavi.

The prophets were doing more than seeing, they were bringing. They brought messages, but there's also some do-ing (carrying) implied. Out of many [prophets of God], one [message].

In Judaism, no number represents the idea of arrival moreso than "50". Here's an article (book excerpt) from Saint Patrick's Day, Mar 17, 2013. There is so much in there it was hard to decide what to paste.

The 50 days of the Omer parallel the 50 Shaarei Binah.31 The word binah further relates to “binyan”, building.32 The count of the Omer toward Shavuot is the process of building where the Jew builds himself up from the lowly level of an animal up to the spiritual heights of a Godly being.33 It is his bid to traverse the 50 gateways of Divine wisdom. He endeavors to transcend the natural and to touch the supernatural realm where he will gain a clearer perception of God.

The highest level humanly possible is 49 gates; it is God Who enables a person to make the final leap from 49 to 50. The human being who passed through the full 49 gates was Moshe.34 However, the final 50th gate still lay beyond his grasp. The secret of this ultimate step would lie within the secret nature of Yovel.35 – yovel: year 50


In one respect, the 50th is the uncountable number. The Omer period lasts for 50 days – yet only 49 are to be counted. The counting of 49 automatically leads to the arrival of the 50th. This elevated state was reached at Sinai. It truly surpassed everything that came before it.50 It was on the 50th day, Shavuot, that the union between Israel and God, like a marriage, was solemnized.51

With this act the Jewish nation supernaturally transcended worldly existence to become one with God.52 Israel achieved this unity when they arrived at Sinai to encamp in a unified state: like a single person with a single heart.53 The names of the 12 Tribes of Israel, which were engraved upon the Stones worn by the Kohen Gadol, have a total of 50 letters,54 merged as one entity with their Creator.

Who Knows 50?

Jew/Joe/GW/Go, all the same. All Americans, with the same initials as their spiritual father George Washington. Adam was the first man on earth, the first farmer. George is the Greek name meaning "farmer." Down to earth.

America has been the place of 50 [states] since August 21, 1959 when the state of Aloha (Shalom) joined in, transcending land boundaries. The Apollo astronauts went through "customs" upon their first arrival back to land, in HI ("Hi!" = aloha, shalom).


Americans are known as the "Can Do" people. Nothing exemplifies the "Can Do" spirit more than the nation putting its "all" together to send men to the moon.

President Nixon, calling the Moon:

And for people all over the world, I am sure they too join with Americans in recognizing what an immense feat this is. Because of what you have done, the heavens have become a part of man's world. And as you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility, it inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to Earth. For one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this Earth are truly one: one in their pride in what you have done, and one in our prayers that you will return safely to Earth.

"Can" (luchal, the verb "to prevail") is why Jacob was named Israel, named by some "mystery man" who didn't leave his name (but traditionally held to be the sar - prince - of Esav, the rogue brother with whom Jacob was about to reunite):

Gen 32.29. And he said, Your name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel; for as a prince you have power with God and with men, and have prevailed:

To say [that a man] "can do" is yachol laasot (masc. sing., or yecholim laasot pl.). Regardless of gender or number, the initial letters do not change. It's a combination of the verb "can" and the infinitive verb "to do" (from which Esav is named).

Can + Do = Jacob + Esav

Like with the name George Washington, his initial letters do not change. The "Can Do" man is the "yachol laasot" man:

יכול לעשות

IL (Israel)

Besides, "Can Do" is a multi-layer pun on the Kan Tzippor*, a very special bird's nest. Kan (Can) + Tzippor (Do, because the letters spelling "do" - dalet vav - can also be pronounced as "dove", which is the particular type of bird that is the tzippor).

Columbia is the personification of America. Columbia means "dove".

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Like the dove in Genesis 1:2

*Parshas Balak and Moshiach

The counting of 49 automatically leads to the arrival of the 50th.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Just what kind of "first words" were those coming from the Moon, where the twelve "Can Do" men went?

America is the nation and people whom the entire planet counts on to save the world. It's the simple meaning.

If anyone is still reading and considering that perhaps what "everyone knows" is not quite what has been taught and assumed (thanks to the dead consensus paradigms of Egypt from which it will take a miracle to escape, ascend), the beginning of ACTS is where two men in white asked the men of Galilee why on earth they were gazing up into heaven, because:

"this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

That's not a reversal, it's just what it says. Don't blame me when it turns out that God the Master Comedian trolled everybody with the Christmas in July theme. Jesus? What's the gag? He's not God. With the keyboard set to type in Hebrew, type in jesus (je sus):

חק דוד

The law of David

(have mercy, keep an open mind)


1 Sam 9.9. Formerly in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, thus he spoke, Come, and let us go to the seer; for he who is now called a Prophet was formerly called a Seer:

It's easy to remember where the man with the double Galilee name (the "father of observational astronomy") was born, because it's the place famous for the leaning cylinder that is directed up toward heaven.

Go, let us go to the one who sees. He's looking toward the Moon. But in the fullness of time, the visionaries are called prophets. They *bring* along a little something for every man. "A gift for him.". 'Tis the season.

Acts 2:1-2 And when the day of Pentecost (the day of 50) was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth:
2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep; And a wind from God moved upon the face of the waters:
3. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light:

Who knows 50? It's the number for all [כל]. "All 50" is redundant. Out of many (starting with the 13 colonies), one (echad, 13).

1. And Jacob called to his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days:2. Gather yourselves together, and hear, you sons of Jacob; and listen to Israel your father:

"Father of the nation" [אבי האומה] = 70. One soul, one name: GW, Jew, Joe, the Can-Do people who "go" beyond. George Washington, the humble gentleman farmer revolutionary to emulate, gets the top billing on that Hebrew wikipedia page.

"In God We Trust"

It's the national motto. Same as the Patriarchs, David, all the greats.

Who came up with the acronym name NASA, anyway? First it's a pun on the Hebrew word for lifting up, like when Rebecca lifted up her eyes and saw Isaac, she flew off of her camel.

It also sounds like na'ase, "we will do".

Hebrews. The people named for going beyond. Isaac had two boys, and in Isaac was Abraham's seed to be called. Can + Do. Even the Hebrew abbreviation for the United States (ארה"ב) = Isaac.

Why was Rachel (the quintessential mother of ALL Israel) crying along the side of the road? Because her children were not...

not what?

... asking for directions for one thing. Same as always, families go on trips to unfamiliar places, and the men would rather get lost instead of asking for directions because they know everything. Fodder for comedians. It all depends on the mother to ask for directions. How else is anyone going to get anywhere, much less find his way back. Visions of crying children in crowded, noisy department stores, lost and frightened and inconsolable without their mothers. Asking directions is to inquire of the Lord as it were:

Gen 25
21. And Isaac prayed to the Lord for his wife, because she was barren; and the Lord granted his prayer, and Rebekah his wife conceived:
22. And the children struggled together inside her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the Lord:

The elder will serve (or assist) the younger:

Can + Do

Rebecca is an interesting name. It means to round up cattle. Huh? Maybe it should be about herding cats. Lasso sounds like la'asot, "to do", but everyone recognizes the face of Jessie from Woody's round up. Jessie is the sweet, down-to-earth gal who just wanted to be loved forever. She had become pretty jaded.

It's time for Woody's round up, what Ezekiel wrote in that very link. Let earth receive her king.

Eh, it all condenses down to my tagline.

Sorry for any typos.

15 posted on 07/15/2019 1:31:51 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word. Goy to the World!)
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To: Phinneous; All
good = tov = 17, which is the running time of the story.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Testing Prophecy

Jeremiah makes a fundamental distinction between good news and bad. It is easy to prophesy disaster. If the prophecy comes true, then you have spoken the truth. If it does not, then you can say: G‑d relented and forgave. A negative prophecy cannot be refuted – but a positive one can. If the good foreseen comes to pass, then the prophecy is true. If it does not, then you cannot say, ‘G‑d changed His mind’ because G‑d does not retract from a promise He has made of good, or peace, or return.

It is therefore only when the prophet offers a positive vision that he can be tested. That is why Jonah was wrong to believe he had failed when his negative prophecy – the destruction of Nineveh – failed to come true.


The real test of prophecy is not bad news but good . Calamity, catastrophe, disaster prove nothing. Anyone can foretell these things without risking his reputation or authority. It is only by the realization of a positive vision that prophecy is put to the test. So it was with Israel’s prophets. They were realists, not optimists. They warned of the dangers that lay ahead. But they were also, without exception, agents of hope. They could see beyond the catastrophe to the consolation. That is the test of a true prophet.

Testing Prophecy

Not prophecy when it's sitting in plain sight and has already happened at least in great part, even through toy stories:

Woody's ultimate Roundup: when the snazzy modern astronaut toy and the simple coyboy sheriff toy from the Old West work and play together (become one) to dispatch the Stinky Petes who hate joy, playtime and children.

"Can Do!" It's the Spirit of Revelation, the Spirit of America.

The Spirit of the Revolution is the Spirit of '76, the Spirit of "the dove" (ha-yonah, 76).

Woody + Buzz, Can + DO, Jacob + Esav

Pslam 133

1. A Song of Maalot of David; Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity:
2. It is like the precious [good] ointment upon the head, that runs down upon the beard, Aaron's beard, that runs down to the hem of his garments:
3. Like the dew of Hermon descending upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life for evermore:

Eze 37.24. And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd; they shall also follow my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them:

Everyone to the Sunnyside, the side of hope! It's not the toy prison. It's a big open field full of sunshine and love.

16 posted on 07/15/2019 6:42:46 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word. Goy to the World!)
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To: Phinneous; All
If people would only relax and enjoy the light show on the sunny side the world would be a different place because it would be full of joy and hope. Life from the dead. People would *want* to be involved.

Sunnyside as the place of hope:

The place for children called Sunnyside (right from the Hebrew wiki page on Toy Story 3) is spelled as it sounds:


205, which is 41 x 5.

The important data point is that 205 is also the year 2205. The millenium is written as the letter bet, thus the year 2205 is "in 205":


"In 205": 2205 was the year of the wresting match when Israel first appeared within the timeline of human history.

ברה is "in Re", meaning in the musical note that is known as the "drop of golden sun", the second note named D.

D is famous for being the sunshine vitamin.

ברה = 207 = ohr

It's too easy! Follow the re of light.

From the link in my post directly above about testing prophets:

G-d does not retract from a promise He has made of good, or peace, or return.


word-forming element meaning "back to the original place; again, anew, once more," also with a sense of "undoing," c. 1200, from Old French and directly from Latin re- "again, back, anew, against,"...

renaissance: a revival of or renewed interest in something. [e.g. Apollo 11, sending a man to the Moon]

from French renaissance, from re- ‘back, again’ + naissance ‘birth’ (from Latin nascentia, from nasci ‘be born’).
synonyms: revival, renewal, resurrection, reawakening, re-emergence, reappearance, resurgence, rejuvenation, regeneration, rebirth, new birth, new dawn, new beginning; rarerenascence, recrudescence, rejuvenescence

David *is* the image of the Renaissance!

Song 6
9. My dove, my perfect one, is only one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice [
ברה] one of her that bore her; The maidens saw her, and called her happy; the queens and the concubines praised her:
10. Who is she that looks forth like the dawn, beautiful like the moon, bright [
ברה] like the sun, and awesome like an army with banners:

Keep on the Sunnyside. It's the Way of the Patriarchs. "In God We Trust."

17 posted on 07/15/2019 8:09:22 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The pun is mightier than the s-word. Goy to the World!)
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