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What Israel has done (barf alert)
mediamonitors ^ | APRIL 2002 | edward said

Posted on 04/20/2002 7:50:47 AM PDT by dennisw


Ed Said throwing rocks at IDF
Few years ago


What Israel has done

by Edward Said


Despite Israel's effort to restrict coverage of its extraordinarily destructive invasion of the West Bank's Palestinian towns and refugee camps, information and images have nevertheless seeped through. The Internet has provided hundreds of verbal as well as pictorial eyewitness reports, as has Arab and European TV coverage, most of it unavailable or blocked or spun out of existence from the mainstream US media. That evidence provides stunning proof of what Israel's campaign has actually (has always) been about: the irreversible conquest of Palestinian land and society. The official line (which the US, along with nearly every American media commentator has basically supported) is that Israel has been defending itself by retaliating for the suicide bombings that have undermined its security and even threatened its existence. That claim has gained the status of an absolute truth moderated neither by what Israel has done nor by what in fact has been done to it.

Plucking out the terrorist network, destroying the terrorist infrastructure, attacking terrorist nests (note the total dehumanisation involved in every one of these phrases): the words are repeated so often and so unthinkingly that they have therefore given Israel the right to do what it has wanted to do, which in effect is to destroy Palestinian civil life with as much damage, as much sheer wanton destruction, killing, humiliation, vandalism, purposeless but overwhelming technological violence as possible. No other state on earth could have done what Israel has done with as much approbation and support as the US has given it. None has been more intransigent and destructive, less out of touch with its own realities, than Israel.

There are signs, however, that the amazing, not to say grotesque, nature of these claims (its "fight for existence") is slowly being eroded by the harsh and nearly unimaginable devastation wrought by the Jewish state and its homicidal prime minister, Ariel Sharon. Take this front-page report, "Attacks Turn Palestinian Plans Into Bent Metal and Piles of Dust" by the New York Times's Serge Schmemann (no Palestinian propagandist) on 11 April: "There is no way to assess the full extent of the damage to the cities and towns -- Ramallah, Bethlehem, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Nablus, and Jenin -- while they remain under a tight siege, with patrols and snipers firing in the streets. But it is safe to say that the infrastructure of life itself and of any future Palestinian state -- roads, schools, electricity pylons, water pipes, telephone lines -- has been devastated." By what inhuman calculus did Israel's army, using 50 tanks, 250 missile strikes a day, and dozens of F-16 sorties, besiege Jenin's refugee camp for over a week, a one square kilometre patch of shacks housing 15,000 refugees and a few dozen men armed with automatic rifles and with no defences whatever, no leaders, no missiles, no tanks, nothing, and call it a response to terrorist violence and the threat to Israel's survival? There are reported to be hundreds buried in the rubble Israeli bulldozers are now trying to heap over the camp's ruins.

Are Palestinian civilians, men, women, children, no more than rats or cockroaches that can be killed and attacked in the thousands without so much as a word of compassion or in their defence? And what about the capture of thousands of Palestinian men who have been taken off by Israeli soldiers without a trace, the destitution and homelessness of so many ordinary people trying to survive in the ruins created by Israeli bulldozers all over the West Bank, the siege that has now gone on for months and months, the cutting off of electricity and water in all Palestinian towns, the long days of total curfew, the shortage of food and medicine, the wounded who have bled to death, the systematic attacks on ambulances and aid workers that even the mild-mannered Kofi Annan has decried as outrageous? Those actions will not be pushed so easily into the memory hole. Its friends must ask Israel how its suicidal policies can possibly gain it peace, acceptance and security.

A monstrous transformation of an entire people by the most formidable and feared propaganda machine in the world into little more than "militants" and "terrorists" has allowed not just Israel's military but its fleet of writers and defenders to efface a terrible history of suffering and abuse in order to destroy the civil existence of the Palestinian people with impunity. Gone from public memory are the destruction of Palestinian society in 1948 and the creation of a dispossessed people; the conquest of the West Bank and Gaza and their military occupation since 1967; the invasion of 1982 with its 17,500 Lebanese and Palestinian dead and the Sabra and Shatila massacres; the continuous assault on Palestinian schools, refugee camps, hospitals, civil installations of every kind. What anti-terrorist purpose is served by destroying the building and then removing the records of the Ministry of Education, the Ramallah Municipality, the Central Bureau of Statistics, various institutes specialising in civil rights, health and economic development, hospitals, radio and television stations? Is it not clear that Sharon is bent not only on "breaking" the Palestinians, but on trying to eliminate them as a people with national institutions?

In such a context of disparity and asymmetrical power, it seems deranged to keep asking the Palestinians, who have neither army, nor air force, nor tanks, nor defences of any kind, nor functioning leadership, to "renounce" violence, and to require no comparable limitation on Israel's actions. Even the matter of suicide bombers, which I have always opposed, cannot be examined from a view point that permits a hidden racist standard to value Israeli lives over the many more Palestinian lives that have been lost, maimed, distorted and foreshortened by long- standing Israeli military occupation, and the systematic barbarity openly used by Sharon against Palestinians from the beginning of his career in the 1950s until now.

There can be no conceivable peace, in my opinion, that does not tackle the real issue: Israel's utter refusal to accept the sovereign existence of a Palestinian people that is entitled to rights over what Sharon and most of the people supporting him consider exclusively to be the land of Greater Israel, i.e. the West Bank and Gaza. A profile of Sharon in the 6-7 April issue of the Financial Times concluded with this extremely telling extract from his autobiography, which the FT prefaced with "he has written with pride of his parents' belief that Jews and Arabs could live side by side." Then the relevant quote from Sharon's book: "But they believed without question that only they had rights over the land. And no one was going to force them out, regardless of terror or anything else. When the land belongs to you physically... that is when you have power, not just physical power but spiritual power."

In l988, the PLO made the concession that the partition of historical Palestine into two states would be acceptable. This was reaffirmed on numerous occasions and certainly again in the Oslo documents. But only the Palestinians explicitly recognised the notion of partition. Israel never has. This is why there are now over 170 settlements on Palestinian lands, why a 300-mile network of roads connecting them to each other and totally impeding Palestinian movement exists (according to Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition, it has cost $3 billion and has been funded by the US), why no Israeli prime minister, from Rabin on, has ever conceded any real Palestinian sovereignty to the Palestinians, and why of course the settlements have increased on an annual basis. The merest glance at a recent map of the territories reveals what Israel has been doing throughout the peace process, and what the consequent geographical discontinuity and shrinkage in Palestinian life has been. In effect, then, Israel considers itself and the Jewish people to own the land of Israel in its entirety: there are land ownership laws in Israel itself guaranteeing this, but on the West Bank and Gaza the network of settlements, roads, and no concessions whatever on sovereign land rights to the Palestinians serve the same function.

What boggles the mind is that no official -- US, Palestinian, Arab, UN, European, or anyone else -- has challenged Israel on this point, which has been threaded through all of the Oslo documents, procedures and agreements. That is why, of course, after nearly 10 years of "peace negotiations," Israel still controls the West Bank and Gaza. They are more directly controlled (owned?) by over 1,000 Israeli tanks and thousands of soldiers today, but the underlying principle is the same. No Israeli leader (and certainly not Sharon and his Land of Israel supporters who are the majority in his government) has either officially recognised the occupied territories as occupied territories or gone on to recognise that Palestinians could or might theoretically have sovereign rights -- that is, without Israeli control over borders, water, air, security on what most of the world considers Palestinian land. So to speak about the "vision" of a Palestinian state, as has become fashionable, is mere vision alas, unless the question of land ownership and sovereignty is openly and officially conceded by the Israeli government. No Israeli government ever has made this concession and, if I am right, none will in the near future. It needs to be remembered that Israel is the only state in the world today that has never had internationally declared borders; the only state not the state of its citizens but of the whole Jewish people; the only state where over 90 per cent of the land is held in trust for the exclusive use of the Jewish people. That it is also the only state in the world never to have recognised any of the main provisions of international law (as argued recently in these pages by Richard Falk) suggests the depth and structural knottiness of the absolute rejectionism that Palestinians have had to face.

This is why I have been sceptical about discussions and meetings about peace, which is a lovely word but in the present context simply means that Palestinians will have to stop resisting Israeli control over their land. It is among the many deficiencies of Arafat's terrible leadership (to say nothing of the even more lamentable Arab leaders in general) that he never made the decade-long Oslo negotiations focus on land ownership, and thus never put the onus on Israel to declare itself constitutively willing to give up title to Palestinian land; nor did he ever ask that Israel be required to deal with any of its responsibility for the sufferings of his people. Now I worry that he may simply be trying to save himself again, whereas what we really need are international monitors to protect us, as well as elections to assure a real political future for the Palestinian people.

The profound question facing Israel and its people is this: is it willing juridically to assume the rights and obligations of being a country like any other, and forswear the kind of impossible land ownership assertions for which Sharon and his parents and his soldiers have been fighting since day one? In 1948 Palestinians lost 78 per cent of Palestine. In 1967 they lost the last 22 per cent, both times to Israel. Now the international community must lay upon Israel the obligation to accept the principle of real, as opposed to fictional, partition, and to accept the principle of limiting Israel's untenable extra-territorial claims, those absurd Biblically-based pretensions, and laws that have so far allowed it to override another people completely. Why is that kind of fundamentalism tolerated unquestioningly? But so far all we hear is that Palestinians must give up violence and condemn terror. Is nothing substantive ever demanded of Israel? Can it go on doing what it has without a thought for the consequences? That is the real question of its existence: whether it can exist as a state like all others, or must always be above the constraints and duties of all other states in the world today. The record is not reassuring.


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1 posted on 04/20/2002 7:50:47 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: monkeyshine, ipaq2000, Lent, veronica, Sabramerican, beowolf, Nachum, BenF, angelo, boston_libert
From a leftist website I presume! World famous liar Eddie Said puts his two cents worth in!

PINGING!   ) ) ) )  

If you want on or off me Israel/MidEast/Islamic Jihad ping list please let me know.  Via Freepmail is best way.............


2 posted on 04/20/2002 7:52:47 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: dennisw
Considering Edward Said was caught lying in his autobiography lol I don't take much of what he says seriously. Nor do most other folks.
3 posted on 04/20/2002 7:55:02 AM PDT by vance
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To: dennisw
"few dozen men armed with automatic rifles and with no defences whatever"

I just sent this traitor a plexiglass belly button, so he can look in the mirror and see what a mongoloid looks like. If they have "no defences whatever", he should get some courage and go in an ask them to lay down their "automatic rifles" for the sake of world peace.

4 posted on 04/20/2002 7:56:59 AM PDT by HadEnough
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To: dennisw
Are Palestinian civilians, men, women, children, no more than rats or cockroaches that can be killed and attacked in the thousands without so much as a word of compassion or in their defence?

It's a little difficult to have any sympathy anymore for Palestinian men, women, and children now that they have turned themselves into human bombs. They think it's heroic to explode as long as they kill some Jews in the process. So how do they expect us to cry for them when they explode without others being killed?

5 posted on 04/20/2002 8:03:08 AM PDT by FITZ
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Amazing to see a warrior culture complaining about being treated like rats or cockroaches. Throwing themselves on the sympathies of the leftist world media so they conduct war via lies, propaganda and suicide bomber instead of direct combat with IDF.....
6 posted on 04/20/2002 8:13:17 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: dennisw
LOL! The rocking throwing fiction writer posing for his "pain identification" photo-op.
7 posted on 04/20/2002 8:29:58 AM PDT by Lent
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Guess some people haven't gotten it figured out yet.....act like a cockroach, get treated like a cockroach.
8 posted on 04/20/2002 8:32:28 AM PDT by OldFriend
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To: RCW2001;Justin Raimondo;massadvj;LarryLied;Tarakotchi
The Internet has provided hundreds of verbal as well as pictorial eyewitness reports, as has Arab and European TV coverage, most of it unavailable or blocked or spun out of existence from the mainstream US media.

So this is why there have been so many attacks on the freedom of the internet. Some fear the free exchange of ideas and information. Think of average folks at home relying on Rather and the others for their "news" they would think there is only the AIPAC side. However...
Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again

9 posted on 04/20/2002 8:37:32 AM PDT by luvzhottea
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To: dennisw
Are Palestinian civilians, men, women, children, no more than rats or cockroaches that can be killed and attacked in the thousands without so much as a word of compassion or in their defence?

Rats almost wiped out civilization a few times, didn't they. They have caused famines and pestilence. Reminds me of the RATS in this country.

10 posted on 04/20/2002 8:41:38 AM PDT by gitmo
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To: dennisw
I guess a few Nazi's were missed when WWII ended.
11 posted on 04/20/2002 8:43:01 AM PDT by IonInsights
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To: dennisw;all
Here's my file on the varmint:

Jeff Jacoby: The Lies of Edward Said
Jeff Jacoby. The Lies of Edward Said. | October
2, 2000 get a printer-friendly version of this article. ...
Description: Article by Jeff Jacoby criticizing the Palestinian intellectual for fabricating his life story.

Edward Said
... Nation; Peace and Its Discontents, a review by Matthew Dalek for Salon; The Edward
Said Archive, includes a few other articles by Said and links to other online ...

Ross Douthat on peaceniks on National Review Online
... to two words: blame Israel. Writing in the UK's Guardian, the ever-reliable Edward
Said remarks that Arab hatred of the USA is eminently understandable, given ...

CAMERA Update -- Edward Said's Documented Deceptions
Edward Said's Documented Deceptions. Public Station WNET Airs
Anti-Israel Documentary In Search of Palestine. ...

Edward Said: Professor of Terror
Edward Said: Professor of Terror. Regarding
Edward Said Click here to continue.

12 posted on 04/20/2002 8:44:50 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: dennisw
The left made big hay for years of how it was the right that supposedly killed the Jews. But any look at history will show that the German Jews were hated because they were more successful than other peoples.

when a group of successful, mostly white, mostly Europeans, goes up against a bunch of mostly brown, third world, malcontented failures it's an easy guess who the Marxists will stick up for.

The mask is off. It was the left and class envy then that killed the German Jews, and it is the left and class envy on behalf of Arab malcontents that is keeping that same hatred alive today.

13 posted on 04/20/2002 9:20:09 AM PDT by liberalism=failure
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To: dennisw
Put in any "journalist" and all you have is another coward showing sympathy for murderers and thugs....they do not have a case left to support their propaganda which has time and time again proven to be more of the same lies.

Arafart should he held accountable as the terrorist he is. I do not see Jews strapping bombs to little kids and sending them into Arab cities.

Rats and roaches are pests, you just have to know how to get rid of the problem effectively, which hopefully will be permanent.

14 posted on 04/20/2002 9:22:01 AM PDT by RasterMaster
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To: backhoe
When I surf around from one cable station to another, all I see and hear are laundered and smooth-shaven Palestinian spokesmen lamenting Israel this and Israel that.

If the Palestinian people had competant leadership, they might have acquired statehood and begun to copy Israel's successful experiment in the desert.

Alas, neither their political system nor their religious fanaticsm has released the death grip on the people.

If I had been Arafat, I would have accepted the Clinton plan and then lobbied the world for billions in aid and gotten it. I would have begun constructing casinos to compete with Las Vegas for the oil-rich arab millionaire business and appeasing jet-setters from Europe.

In five years they would make me king of Palestine.

But Arafat is a butcher and a demon and only has brought death, destruction and misery to his pathetic people.

15 posted on 04/20/2002 9:25:05 AM PDT by CROSSHIGHWAYMAN
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To: dennisw
Not so much a leftist site as a doctrinaire pro-Pali site. For example check out this page on Media Monitors' site:
16 posted on 04/20/2002 9:27:29 AM PDT by Truthfairy
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I've known Arafat was a bloody-handed terrorist for years & years-

-here's a sample of his "works"--

Covering for Arafat the Killer
... it reached Khartoum, Cleo Noel and George Curtis Moore, our ambassador and charge
d'affaires, were murdered point blank by Black September, Arafat's hit men. ... - 6k - Cached -

... PLO out after a bloody clash in what is known as Black September. Arafat moves his
headquarters to southern Lebanon, from where the PLO is strategically poised ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

... in the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum. They were killed by Black September, Arafat's gunmen,
after President Nixon refused to release Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

USCFL - Frequently Asked Questions
... to move against King Hussein. That bloody day was known as Black September. Arafat
fled to the unsuspecting and friendly arms of the Lebanese people. Lebanon ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages

November 6, 2001
... from their own Arab brethren. Do you remember the consequences of "Black September",
Arafat's failed attempt to seize power from Jordan's King Hussein in 1970 ... - 78k - Cached - Similar pages

17 posted on 04/20/2002 9:33:07 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: dennisw
Not so much a leftist site as a doctrinaire pro-Pali site.

For example, check out this Media Monitors' page.

18 posted on 04/20/2002 9:40:16 AM PDT by Truthfairy
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To: dennisw
A friend of Fisk?
19 posted on 04/20/2002 11:15:20 AM PDT by knighthawk
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To: dennisw
This tool left out enough facts to make his case. He did not state that the Arabs attacked first in 48 and so many other times. He also has a lot of unsubstanciated rumor and accusation in here. The real reason for leftist hatred of Israel is not justice or fairness or even love of the Palestinian people, it is the veil of anti-Semitism that they as lefties do not want to abmit. How can you be a good liberal and hate jews. Only the mean right wingers are bigots after all. I do think that there are some out there who feel that the Arabs are in the right and buy into the whole palestinian side of things but I do feel that there is a whole lot of rabid jew hating going on in the world. Europe has always persecuted the Jews and now they have a shield for their anti- semitism. The left always cloaks their intentions. There is also the fact that the cowardly Euro lefties are overrun by Muslims now and they do not want any of their precious architecture blown to pieces.
20 posted on 04/20/2002 1:02:13 PM PDT by satchmodog9
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