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Those Seeking a “Liberal” Education Often Receive A “Radical” One Instead
The Washington Dispatch ^ | Apr 13, 2003 | Thomas D. Segel

Posted on 04/14/2003 6:42:53 AM PDT by Remedy

It took less than sixty years for the followers of John Dewey to change the American education system from being academically oriented to one which was driven by installing a social agenda.

Starting as the head of the University of Chicago Education Department, Dewey introduced Laboratory Schools, which soon
Spread across the United States. With every element of these "special" schools seeped in topics driven by the Dewey spirit of Socialism, they grew and mutated until today all of education is infected with educators who champion the extreme left.

This was very observable in the anti war movement of the Vietnam era, the environmental movement of the 80s and 90s, and the globalization demonstrations of recent years. Now familiar faces and new converts are found deep within the "Hate America – Hate Bush" anti war protests seen around the United States. America’s children are being exposed to the political agendas of radical faculty members and the student organizations these same teachers created in the images of their questionable causes. The result of this combined war on young minds can be seen in the streets, where the majority of protesters are from the ranks of high school and college campuses.

They have been led to the streets by the likes of Semi Al-Arian, a professor at the University of South Florida. Though recently dropped from the faculty, following his arrest for being the North American leader of the terrorist group Islamic Jhad, Al-Arian still had years in the classroom to indoctrinate his students.

We have academic leaders such as Michael Rothchild, Dean of Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, who said on the university website, "There is a terrible and understandable desire to find and punish whoever was responsible for this (the terror attacks of 9-11) But, as we think about it, it’s very important for Americans to think about our own history, what we did in World War II to Japanese citizens…"

There is even the California Federation of Teachers who penned a state resolution which states, "Whereas the United States and Britain have been bombing Iraq on a virtually continuous basis since the end of the Gulf War, and…Whereas, the Bush administration is seeking a pretext to overthrow the government of a sovereign nation, in violation of international law…"

There are those who use the media to vent their hatred. Over at Brown University there is a professor by the name of George Borts who wrote in the Daily Herald, "If people have some patriotic fervor, they are all going to have to work for the CIA, slitting throats in dark alleys." Or the University of New Mexico professor Richard Berthold who wrote in the Daily Lobo "Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon would get my vote." And we can’t ignore professor David P. Barash of the University of Washington, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal," many people consider the United States to be a terrorist state."

Some even go to issuing news releases in the names of their institutions. Hugh Gusterson, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology sent out an MIT News Release, which read in part "Imagine the real suffering and grief of people in other countries. The best way to begin war on terrorism might be to look in the mirror."

Christopher Phelps, an Ohio State University, " I am wary of wars framed for freedom, which in general have produced the exact opposite effect…During the cold War the Communist menace became the basis for hysterical attacks on civil liberties."

It seems to matter not what the topic is. In the minds of these radical faculty members and student or teacher organizations…if it involves the United States government, it must be evil.

There are those like the Columbia University professor Nicholas DeGenova and his widely publicized remark about wishing a "Million Mogadishus" on our armed forces.

There are teachers such as Rosalyn Kahn, with adjunct faculty positions at Citrus College, Los Angeles City College and Pasadena City College. Many will remember her as the person who violated her student’s free speech rights when she ordered them to write anti war letters to President Bush and penalized those who refused to participate.

All of these individuals have engaged in hate filled rhetoric against the United States, our form of government, and our President. They are also strongly linked to those protest organizers, which are openly communist or socialist. Check the records of the "Hate America" crowd and primary organizer, the Stalinist Workers World Party. See who helped in forming marches for International ANSWER, a WWP front group…or NION (Not In My Name), which is another of the WWP cover organizations. You will find these faculty and education members spread throughout those memberships. Along with those already mentioned, other protest endorsers and signers include these radical educators: Haunaani-Kay Trask of the University of Hawaii; Blasé Bonpane of Los Angeles Harbor College; Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law; Rodolfo Rosaales of the University of Texas – San Antonio; William Daum of City University of New York and Ronald Loeffler of Carlton College.

You will also see strong anti American involvement from Kevin Lourie of Brown University; Norman Lowrey of Drew University, Catherine Lutz of the University of North Carolina; Charles Kurzman of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Peter Kuznick of American University in Washington D.C.

There is Robert Jensen of University of Texas, Chalmers Johnson of Yale; Bill Israel of the University of Massachusetts; Frank Stahl of the University of Oregon; Howard Zinn of Boston University; Susan Willis of Duke; Olga Winbush of Pacific Oaks College and John J. Oliver of MIT.

We can’t forget to mention Larry R. Semark of New Mexico University; Hemendra Shah of San Jose State; John Milbank of Duke; Maalaquias Montoya of University of California-Davis; Adam Goldstein of University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dorothy Fardan of Bowie State College; Jonathan Farley of Vanderbilt and Barbara Foley of Rutgers University.

Finally the recorded names reveal Eric Foner of Columbia; student organizer Lisa Mann of Wake Forest and Adtian Bankhead who is no longer affiliated with a university but is still a student activist.

It takes little viewing to see most of our major institutions have been infected with the hate virus and there are names upon names upon names of mind bending teachers which have still not been made part of the public record.

These are the people that accepted the trust of caring for the minds of children parents have offered our schools and universities to educate. These radicals have violated that trust and are true testimony to the degradation of our educational system.

Thomas D. Segel, a retired Marine journalist, served 26 years in a variety of assignments, including the war in Korea and two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is a twice-wounded former combat correspondent who holds eight personal decorations for valor and meritorious service. Winner of the Thomas Jefferson Award for journalistic excellence, he is also author of several books, including "Men in Space", which was placed on both the national high school and junior high school library lists. He is a past National President of the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association. Readers may contact Segel at

TOPICS: Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: dewey; education; highereducation; nea; schools
Senate Panel Hears that Ignorance of U.S. History Poses Major Security Threat

He said only three colleges in the United States require a course on the Constitution in order to graduate -- and those are the three major military academies (the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs).

Poll confirms Ivy League liberal tilt More than 80 percent of Ivy League professors who voted in 2000 picked Democrat Al Gore and just 9 percent voted for Republican George W. Bush, according to a new survey.

The poll by Luntz Research Companies also found that only 3 percent of the professors describe themselves as Republicans and that Bill Clinton was the Ivy League faculty's pick for best president of the past 40 years.

Forty percent of the professors support slavery reparations for blacks, compared with 11 percent of the general public.

The Welch Report Joe Waldron, executive director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), raised questions about the "research" used to reach that conclusion.

"This ruling even relies on material from Michael Bellesiles, the anti-gun historian whose research has been so discredited that he was forced to resign from Emory University," Waldron noted.

The first footnote in the opinion references Bellesiles' book "Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture," which argued that Americans possessed few firearms prior to the Civil War, and those that existed were under strict government control. An independent panel of academic investigators found contained "prima facie evidence of scholarly misconduct." Bellesiles resigned his position at the university, allegedly to avoid being fired.

Who Will Defend American Values? Eighty-four percent of college students today do not believe that Western culture is superior to Arab culture according to a newly released poll funded by Americans for Victory Over Terrorism (a project by and former Secretary of Education William Bennett.

Considered by Empower America to be "the single most extensive survey of college students' attitudes about terrorism, the Middle East and the Bush administration this year," the poll reveals that high percentages of college students quite simply lack any pride in their country.

According to the poll, 70 percent of American college students would not serve in the armed forces if sent abroad, while 48 percent openly declared that they would evade a draft.

Rather than holding terrorists solely responsible for their actions on September 11, college students partially blamed the U.S. government for the attacks, as 57 percent of college students stated that United States policies are "at least somewhat responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks."


America's Moral Decline From a Traditional Jewish Perspective

The 1741 sermon by famous clergyman Jonathan Edwards of New England created a sensation throughout the American colonies. It describes the terrible fate that awaits those sinners who persistently ignore the Creator's Biblical commandments.

Americans knew exactly what Edwards was talking about, because the Bible was the most widely-distributed book available and most Americans knew how to read.

Americans believed in the Creator, believed in the sanctity of the family, and severely punished adultery and homosexuality (Sodomy).

Horace Mann, whom they set up as the head of the Massachusetts State Board of Education, revolutionized American schooling by importing Prussian methods of secular public education to Massachusetts, starting the movement for mixed-sex education (coeducation), and establishing teacher colleges to place the teaching profession under his control.

They installed Charles Eliot as President of Harvard College, America's leading Protestant institution of higher education. Eliot immediately changed the charter of the Divinity School from Calvinist to non-sectarian.

He appointed Christopher Langdell as Dean of the Law School, and Langdell proceeded to change the basis of the study of law from the "natural law" method, based on religious principles, to "case law", based on empiricist, materialist ideas.

The Potato Famine in Ireland forced huge numbers of Irish Catholics to emigrate to the United States. The Irish promptly challenged the Protestant hegemony in the government and the schools. They dominated the big-city political machines, exemplified by Tammany Hall.

This two-pronged attack from the rich merchants and the Irish Catholics defeated the Calvinists, and the secularists rushed into the vacuum.

In the early Twentieth Century, Columbia University Professor John Dewey and his disciples completed the job of secularizing American education.

AOBS - Product Review - McGuffey's Eclectic Readers were used widely in America until just after World War I. During this time, John Dewey, head of the Teachers College at Columbia University from 1904 to 1930, and his disciples began an all-out assault on traditional American education. Dewey was a humanist, a socialist, a statist, and an atheist who believed that "the State can do no wrong, for right is determined by what the State does." He looked with contempt at the 19th-century American educational system, because it stressed traditional values such as patriotism and reverence to God. Dewey believed that a public school should be "more than a school." He argued that the public education system should become "the new secular State established church." He viewed the public school as the vehicle of social salvation. Toward this end, Dewey wrote that "the teacher is always the prophet of the true God, and the usherer in of the true kingdom of God." The purpose of public education in the Deweyist scheme was to create a new faith, a new socialist man, a member in a single one-world family.

John Dewey, Father of Modern Education is recognized as the Father of modern education. The N.E.A. gave him high recognition for his works. All he did was made possible by the theory of evolution being so strongly accepted after the writings of Charles Darwin. John Dewey wrote a theory of education and democracy that was based on evolution.

The education theories of Dewey would not have been so acceptable to people had it not been for the previous acceptance of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.That theory was widely received around the world. Evolution praises change and declares the highest good is a positive change. Darwin's theory helped strengthen the ideas of relativism and positivism which had been around for ages but were reinforced by John Dewey.

John Dewey developed ideas of evolutionary democracy and evolutionary education and evolutionary law.

The "Public Schools Do Not Promote Religion" Myth The Supreme Court identified secular humanism as a religion in Torcaso v. Watkins, 367 U S 488 (1961). The Secular Humanists also state that they are a religion:

. . .the AHA [American Humanist Association] accredits ministers and counselors who can conduct weddings and funerals, develops Humanist literature, proselytizes (only those in agreement with the doctrines are eligible to join) and raises money as a tax-exempt 'religious' organization. . . . . Paul Kurtz, drafter of Humanist Manifesto II and leading Humanist spokesman admits, "There are no Humanist membership organizations that are non-religious in legal status." (Robert K. Skolrood, "Evangelism in the Classroom-Humanist Style," Kappa Delta Pi Record. P O Box A, West Lafayette, IN 47906, Winter 1988, pp. 46-48).

John Dewey, an atheist, was the chief writer of the 1933 Humanist Manifesto I. In 1932, he was elected honorary president of the National Education Association. Dewey's "progressive" education was a reaction to the disciplined teaching of basic subjects and established rules (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th ed., s.v. "Dewey, John").

The Dangan - John Taylor GattoIn the first decades of the twentieth century, a small group of soon-to-be-famous academics, symbolically led by John Dewey and Edward Thorndike of Columbia Teachers College, Ellwood P. Cubberley of Stanford, G. Stanley Hall of Clark, and an ambitious handful of others, energized and financed by major corporate and financial allies like Morgan, Astor, Whitney, Carnegie, and Rockefeller, decided to bend government schooling to the service of business and the political state-as it had been done a century before in Prussia.

The entire academic community here and abroad had been Darwinized and Galtonized by this time and to this contingent school seemed an instrument for managing evolutionary destiny. In Thorndike's memorable words, conditions for controlled selective breeding had to be set up before the new American industrial proletariat "took things into their own hands."

Humanistic Psychology and Education

There are four major streams of influence on what I grew up calling humanistic education. . . . Today these influences remain. They are (1) Abe Maslow's work with self-actualization and hierarchy of needs; (2) Carl Rogers's work with non-directive classrooms based on his model of psychotherapy; (3) the work of Lewis Rath and his students--Sidney Simon, Howard Kirshenbaum, Merrill Harmon--called values clarification; (4) the work of Lawrence Kohlberg.
All of these men independently attribute their fundamental insight to John Dewey. In 1934 John Dewey wrote a book called The Common Faith. John Dewey wanted a religion which could be held in common by everybody in America, and, in order for that to happen, it had to be a religion which excluded God. He called it religious humanism--that was Dewey's term for it, not my term.
Carl Rogers and Abe Maslow admitted to being religious humanists. Carl was from a fundamentalist, Protestant home; Abe was reared in a Jewish home, a somewhat observant home. Both of them got the religion of Dewey. Rogers was a student at Columbia when Dewey was in his Senate seat in the twenties, and Maslow was a doctoral fellow in the next decade. Maslow said in his journals, of the churchgoers, "They're not religious enough for me." And Rogers said to Richard Evans, "I'm too religious to be religious." What these men meant was, "I'm more religious than you are if you affirm a creed and if you go to church. I'm so religious I don't go to church."

Dr. Coulson went on to state that there is a fundamental incompatibility between Christianity and these programs. The two belief systems begin with different views of man and God.



1 posted on 04/14/2003 6:42:53 AM PDT by Remedy
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To: Remedy
2 posted on 04/14/2003 6:44:21 AM PDT by tuna_battle_slight_return
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3 posted on 04/14/2003 6:45:44 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: Remedy
Bill Clinton was the Ivy League faculty's pick for best president of the past 40 years.

That about sums it up.

4 posted on 04/14/2003 6:48:24 AM PDT by TruthShallSetYouFree
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To: Remedy
Check out:

Scroll down left the side of the page to "Battlefield" quotes to see what public education is really all about.

5 posted on 04/14/2003 6:48:30 AM PDT by ladylib
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To: ladylib

Dear Representative Gray,

As a concerned parent, I am writing to encourage withdraw of support for values based initiatives like Character Education and diversity/multiculturalism objectives. Simply put, these avenues are being used to bring psychotherapy into schools on a large scale. Programs are employed that use the "change process" to break down kids, with the intention of putting them back together in a new form. The invasive exercises used can induce extreme emotional stress, "unfreeze" a participant's stable equilibrium, and lead to personality collapse. [1]

The Intellectual Errors and Political Dangers of Multiculturalism

6 posted on 04/14/2003 6:56:05 AM PDT by Remedy
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To: Remedy
The article below is indicative as to why Kentucky has the largest number of students leaving the public schools for private schools and homeschooling:

Apparently, besides offering a poor academic education, many of these schools are now vocational schools training students for local workforce needs jobs. Parents and students don't want this.

I understand that public education was put into place to train a compliant, passive workforce. It's more apparent than ever that today's public schools plan on doing just that with the institution of School-to-Work programs.
7 posted on 04/14/2003 7:01:23 AM PDT by ladylib
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To: ladylib
The Orwellian implications of today's college orientation:

This is going on in today's colleges and universities. Parents are paying good money to have their kids brainwashed.

32 posted on 02/15/2003 4:01 PM EST by ladylib

8 posted on 04/14/2003 7:11:29 AM PDT by Remedy
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To: Remedy
There are some that would argue that home-schooling is radical!
9 posted on 04/14/2003 7:46:49 AM PDT by stuartcr
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To: stuartcr
Volume 10 Number 26 Bauman: Home Schooling in the United States Home schoolers are not especially likely to be young or old. They are about as likely to be of one sex or the other, with perhaps a slightly greater percentage female. In some ways, however, home-schoolers do stand out. Home schooled children are more likely to be non-Hispanic White, they are likely to live in households headed by a married couple with moderate to high levels of education and income. They are more likely to live in households with three or more children and they are likely to live in a household with an adult not in the labor force.
10 posted on 04/14/2003 7:54:47 AM PDT by Remedy
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11 posted on 04/14/2003 8:09:42 AM PDT by LouD
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To: LouD
bump your bump for later
12 posted on 04/14/2003 8:52:15 AM PDT by LiteKeeper
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To: stuartcr
Yeah, the NEA. Indoctrinating kids about homosexuality isn't, but home schooling is.
13 posted on 04/15/2003 4:55:18 AM PDT by ladylib
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To: ladylib
To some people, that is correct.
14 posted on 04/15/2003 5:20:52 AM PDT by stuartcr
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