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Islamic Radicals On Campus: On 150 American campuses, the Islamic jihad has an organization ^ | Wednesday, April 23, 2003 | By Erick Stakelbeck

Posted on 04/23/2003 12:19:03 AM PDT by JohnHuang2

Islamic Radicals On Campus
By Erick Stakelbeck | April 23, 2003

The Constitution of the Muslim Student's Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA) states that the organization’s major purpose is "to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims in the United States and Canada so as to enable them to practice Islam as a complete way of life." The truth, however, is something far less benign.

Although it presents itself as a benevolent, faith-based campus organization, the MSA in reality serves as a North American base for Saudi-funded Islamic extremism. Created in 1963 (the University of Illinois hosted the first chapter) by the Saudi government, the MSA uses blatant anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli propaganda in its quest to mold Muslims on American college campuses into steadfast supporters of the Islamic terrorist cause. Whether playing a prominent role in the current anti-war protests, providing funding for terrorist organizations like Hamas, encouraging divestment from Israel, or defending convicted cop-killers like Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly known as H. Rap Brown), the MSA promotes violent nihilism and a fundamentalist Islamic dogma that is incompatible with the American way of life.

Despite its hard-line, Wahhabi Muslim politics, the Northern Virginia-based organization has managed to establish a foothold in over 150 colleges across the continent, from densely populated areas like New York, California and Texas to sleepy locales like Maine, Idaho, and Saskatchewan. The MSA is broken into five zones (East Zone U.S., Central Zone U.S., West Zone U.S., East Zone Canada and West Zone Canada) that encompass virtually every inch of North America. So what are the young Muslims in this far-reaching and self-described "patriotic" group, under the acquiescent eyes of college administrators nationwide, up to? Consider this firsthand account, filed by Aaron Klein for, of an MSA meeting he attended recently at tiny Queensborough Community College in Queens, New York. Writes Klein:

"The event featured a speech about Iraq by two American-based leaders of Al-Muhajiroun, a well-known Islamic fundamentalist organization that supports the ideology of Osama bin Laden, and whose worldwide leader, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed, has long been suspected of ties with al-Qaida."

Klein goes on to describe the shocking vitriol of the event’s two featured speakers, "Yousef" and "Faheed":

"[Yousef] argued that President Bush is starting a ‘Christian crusade to rid the world of Islam.’ He said that war with Iraq will cause a major humanitarian crisis in which American soldiers ‘starve, rape and murder our brothers and sisters’ and that something must be done if that happens. ‘Because there is no way to justify this war,’ Yousef said, ‘we must find a solution.’"

Enter Brother Faheed.

"Faheed," Klein writes. "Immediately declared that there is an outright conspiracy against Islam by Christians and Jews, and that as Muslims, ‘we must not recognize any government authority, or any authority at all besides Allah.’"

And the rhetoric only got worse.

"We are not Americans!" [Faheed] shouted. "We are Muslims! [The U.S.] is going to deport and attack us! It is us vs. them! Truth against falsehood! The colonizers and masters against the oppressed, and we will burn down the master’s house…we reject the U.N., reject America, reject all law and order. Don’t lobby Congress or protest because we don’t recognize Congress! The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!"

Mind you, this speech took place in America. During a time of war. If that doesn’t serve as a wake-up call to opponents of Ashcroft justice, perhaps Faheed’s closing flourish will:

"The so-called terrorists are the only people who truly fear Allah. We must join these organizations. They are the only worthy causes, and the mighty superpower only fears them…[the U.S.] is not strong. Vietnam, they lost. Somalia, they ran away from. America hasn’t won anything since World War II. We can defeat America…Eventually there will be a Muslim in the White House dictating the laws of the Shariah."

This apocalyptic outburst brings to mind three urgent questions: 1) Are F.B.I. agents in the Queens area on vacation? 2) When is our government going to get serious about immigration reform and severely restrict the influx of Middle Eastern Arabs, even if it means earning the dreaded tag of "racial profilers"? 3) Most importantly, how in the name of Mohammed Atta has an organization like the MSA managed not only to exist, but thrive right here in the United States? The answer is that all roads lead back to Riyadh and the group’s Saudi benefactors. In a comprehensive essay for the Center for Security Policy entitled "The Missing Link in the War on Terror: Confronting Saudi Subversion," Alex Alexiev describes the disturbing paternal role played by Saudi Arabia in the MSA and several other Wahhabist front groups scattered throughout North America:

"The Saudi state religion, Wahhabist Islam, would have been of no geopolitical consequence had it remained tucked in a corner of the Arabian desert," Alexiev writes. "The Saudis over the years set up a number of large front organizations, such as the World Muslim League, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, the Al Haramain Foundation, and a great number of Islamic ‘charities.’ While invariably claiming that they were private, all of these groups were tightly controlled and financed by the Saudi government and the Wahhabi clergy, and—more often than not—run by [Saudi] government officials…In the U.S. and Canada, an estimated 80 percent of all Islamic establishments are said to be supported financially by the Saudis. The majority of Muslim Student Associations at U.S. colleges are dominated by Islamist and anti-American agendas, as are most of the numerous Islamic centers and schools financed by the Saudis."

Alexiev continues:

"According to official Saudi information, Saudi funds have been used to build and maintain over 1,500 mosques, 210 Islamic centers, and dozens of academies and schools in non-Muslim countries since the 1970s. A huge new printing complex in Medina churned out free copies of Wahhabi propaganda by the millions, and tens of thousands of Muslims were invited on all-expenses-paid indoctrination visits. Saudi aid to Muslims in other countries comes with strings attached, and most of the recipient institutions end up promoting Islamic fundamentalism."

Perhaps the most glaring example of Saudi influence in American universities is The Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Arab and Islamic Studies Program at the University of California-Berkeley. This $5 million endowment, "generously" donated by the Saudi royal family each year since 1998, funds a significant portion of UC Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies’ programs in the form of scholarships, professorships, research grants and even construction of new quarters on campus (all bearing the name of Saudi Crown Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud). Considering this pervasive Wahhabi influence, it comes as no surprise that UC Berkeley is home to one of the more radical MSA chapters in the United States. To see Saudi Arabia, a country that was home to fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers, play such an integral role at one of America’s most highly-regarded universities is almost too incredible to believe. But according to Alexiev, such seamless infiltration is all part of the Saudis’ master plan.

"This is the largest worldwide propaganda campaign ever mounted," he explains. "Official Saudi sources indicate that between 1975 and 1987, Riyadh's ‘overseas development aid’ averaged $4 billion per year, and there is evidence that this level was maintained in the 1990s. While some of this aid did go to legitimate development-assistance activities, Saudi data show that at least half ($50 billion over two and a half decades) and perhaps as much as two-thirds financed strictly ‘Islamic activities.’ Compared to these numbers, the massive Soviet external-propaganda budget (estimated at $1 billion annually) at the peak of Moscow's power looks modest indeed."

The Saudis’ goal here is simple—worldwide Wahhabism. And in the MSA, a group that disingenuously portrays its members as moderate, tolerant victims of racial and religious bias, they’ve created the perfect mainstream front for their militant Islamist agenda. Witness this sanitized version of the MSA’s birth and subsequent growth from the organization’s official website,

"It was in January 1963 that some of the most respected personalities in the Islamic movement came together at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and formed the MSA of the United States and Canada. Over seventy people from across the country, including Ahmad Sakr, Mahdi Bhadori, Ahmad Totonji, Ilyas Ba-Yunus, and others, then all students, met in what would be the first of a number of historic gatherings to discuss the state of Muslims in North America…In 1983, MSA National gave birth to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), to be the umbrella of Islamic organizations that sprang from MSA in North America."

This statement neglects to mention that MSA co-founder Ahmad Sakr was also an original member of the World Council of Mosques, whose headquarters is in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The Council is affiliated with the Muslim World League (MWL), which was created by the Saudi government in 1962. As for Sakr’s fellow MSA founding member, Ahmad Totonji, he’s served as Vice-President of the Saudi-funded International Institute for Islamic Thought and is also closely linked to the notorious SAAR Foundation (created by Suleiman Abdul Al-Aziz al-Rajhi, a scion of one of the richest Saudi families). Both of these Northern Virginia based organizations were raided by federal agents in December 2001 under suspicion that they were supporting Islamic terrorist groups. Totonji, in turn, was named a defendant in a $1 trillion lawsuit filed by more than 600 relatives of people who died in the 9/11 attacks. Totonji and his co-defendants were labeled "enablers of terrorism" in the suit, which also states, "the financial resources and support networks of these defendants—charities, banks and individual financiers—are what allowed the Sept. 11, 2001 to occur."

As you can see, the MSA’s founding fathers don’t exactly recall Washington and Jefferson. And the MSA’s sister organization and offshoot, ISNA, is hardly a beacon of American freedom and democracy itself. Like the MSA, ISNA vehemently opposed the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and talks openly about the destruction of Israel. ISNA’s staunch, anti-American stance is epitomized by its President, Muslim cleric Muzammil Siddiqui, who somehow was selected to represent the Muslim community at the President's National Day of Prayer after 9/11. According to Assist News Service’s Tim Timmons, some of Siddiqui’s past comments include:

—On Muslims in the U.S military: "Islam will not allow a Muslim to be drafted by non-Muslims to defend concepts, ideologies and values other than those of Islam. A Muslim shall defend non-Muslim lands not by bullets, chemical rockets or nuclear warheads."

—On jihad and martyrdom: "Those who die on the part of justice are alive, and their place is with the Lord, and they receive the highest position, because this is the highest honor."

—On the future of Israel: "I can see there is already some impact of jihad in Afghanistan, in the Intifada movement in Palestine…We will be celebrating, in sha'allah, the coming victory of Islam in Palestine. We will be celebrating, in sha'allah, the coming of Jerusalem and the whole land of Palestine in sha'allah, and the establishment of the Islamic state throughout that area."

—On U.S support of Israel: "We want the U.S. government to stop feeding the Israeli war machinery. Because if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come."

—On eventually establishing an Islamic government in the U.S.: "I believe that as Muslims we should participate in the [American] system to safeguard our interests and try to bring gradual change...We must not forget that Allah's rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction."

Despite its President’s trumpeting of what is clearly a revolutionary message, ISNA’s annual convention has become the largest single Islamic gathering in the Western world, bringing together over 25,000 Muslims every year. The MSA, unsurprisingly, maintains continuous affiliation with its craven creation, even holding its Annual Continental Conference alongside ISNA’s. The partnership with ISNA is merely one of many unholy alliances that the MSA has cultivated to further its Wahhabist mission in North America. There are also MSA links to the aforementioned SAAR Foundation and World Muslim League, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY, whose U.S. operation was headed by one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers), the Benevolence International Foundation, the Global Relief Foundation, the Holy Land Relief and Development Foundation, and many others.

Over the past two years, all of these organizations have been either raided, closed down or had their assets frozen by federal agents for receiving Saudi funds and shamelessly supporting terrorist activities. The Holy Land, Benevolence International and Global Relief Foundations, all recipients of MSA funds, provided significant aid to Al-Queda and Hamas terrorists. The evidence provided by federal agents in these cases was irrefutable. Yet the MSA, along with nine other Muslim organizations, issued a joint statement in December 2001 asking President Bush to reconsider the government’s freeze on the Holy Land Foundation. Even worse, in an interview with Associated Press writer Don Thompson, MSA national president Atlaf Husain called the federal probes "hype that any group raising money for Muslims is funneling money to terrorists," and said the MSA had no plans to stop raising money for groups unless federal authorities cracked down.

"We are as American as anyone else," said Husain. "Why should we be the ones looking for all these so-called 'sleeper cells' or whatever? There are oversight authorities who should be following these dollars to the end."

Husain later claimed he was quoted out of context. But a 2002 article in Al-Talib, the official MSA newsmagazine at the University of California-Los Angeles, treated the demise of the Holy Land Foundation and the other terrorist fronts as a death in the family:

"Immediately after the closures, the Muslim American community was stunned. How three of the nation’s largest Muslim charities could be made inoperable at the peak of the giving season of Ramadan seemed unbelievable."

What would be even more unbelievable, if not for the source, is the MSA’s unwavering support of a convicted cop-killer. Known as H. Rap Brown during his past life as a Black Panther Party extremist in the 1970’s, Imam Jamil Al-Amin is presently serving a life sentence for the murder of Atlanta police officer Ricky Kinchen. In March, 2000, Kinchen and his partner went to an Atlanta grocery store owned by Al-Amin to arrest him for theft. Al-Amin reacted by shooting both police officers with an assault rifle. As Kinchen lie bleeding on the ground, Al-Amin produced a 9 mm handgun and shot him three times, murdering the 35-year-old officer in cold blood. What was the MSA’s reaction in the wake of this heinous crime?

"Today the Muslim presence in America can begin to rally behind one of it’s own," said MSA national president Atlaf Husain in a 2000 issue of Al-Talib. "Each of us needs to show our unwavering support for [Al-Amin], his family, and his community because Imam Jamil is not the only one on trial. The Muslim presence in America is on trial."

The MSA is actually a member of the National Support Committee for Imam Jamil Al-Amin, an organization who, despite rock-solid evidence of Al-Amin’s guilt, released a statement after his 2002 conviction saying, "We do not believe the facts warranted a guilty verdict against Imam Jamil. His defense team offered credible evidence indicating that he was not the person who shot the deputies. We believe Imam Jamil will be exonerated on appeal."

The MSA maintains a tribute to Al-Amin on the homepage of its website and continues to insist on his innocence. Another MSA cause celebre is Sami Al-Arian, the former University of South Florida professor arrested last month for his role in directing the U.S. operations of the militant terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Al-Arian’s indictment accused him, along with seven other men, of operating a criminal racketeering enterprise supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad and also with conspiracy to kill and maim people abroad, extortion, visa fraud, perjury and a litany of additional charges. The University of South Florida MSA held a press conference following Al-Arian’s arrest that included the following statement:

"We come before you today on behalf of the Muslim Student Association at USF as well as the National Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada to express our shock, deep concern, and plea for justice regarding the recent arrests of two USF Professors, Dr. Sami Al-Arian and Sameeh Hammoudeh…We are concerned that the USF Professors were arrested for their political views."

As evidenced by this laughable defense, the MSA is in a state of perpetual denial regarding crimes committed by Muslims. Its 2001 announcement condemning the 9/11 attacks included the memorable assertion, "In light of the Bush administration’s casting blame for the attack on Osama Bin Laden, MSA National recognizes that Muslim students on college and university campuses will be subject to backlash." Osama bin Laden? A terrorist? It couldn’t be. Not a Muslim (especially not a fellow Wahhabi Muslim like bin Laden). Humorous as it may sound, this was the MSA’s initial public reaction to the events of 9/11.

The limits of the MSA’s blind devotion to heinous Islamic criminals will be further tested when the case of Asan Akbar, the black Muslim Army sergeant who killed two and wounded 14 of his fellow U.S. soldiers when he hurled a grenade into a tent in Kuwait during the Iraq War, comes to trial. Akbar grew up attending a Saudi-funded mosque in South Central Los Angeles. He later moved on to the University of California-Davis, where he spent much of his time at the Davis Islamic Center, home to (surprise) the UC-Davis chapter of the MSA. When Akbar, found cowering in a tent after his despicable act, wailed, "You guys are coming into our countries and you're going to rape our women and kill our children," he summarized the MSA’s feelings on the current Iraq War in a nutshell.

Any student who submits to the will of the MSA must be a Muslim first and an American second (if not third). There are no exceptions. The MSA’s allegiance lies not with the hated United States government that it hopes to topple but with Islam, as evidenced by the group’s 1998 statement against then-President Bill Clinton’s bombing of Iraq:

"No Muslim-American should sleep at night knowing that this very country we call home is engaging in the wanton destruction of the home of our innocent brothers and sisters in Iraq. Tonight more than ever the Muslims of Iraq need our prayers."

MSA national president Atlaf Husain went even further regarding the recent U.S war in Afghanistan, as the 2002 article "Enemies Within, Part II" by Gerald Atkinson of showed:

"'Most Muslim students hold widespread grievances about America's role in the Middle East conflict, its sanctions against Iraq and the stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia," [Husain] says. Mr. Husain insists that this does not mean such students feel any less patriotic about being Americans, but he concedes he would not be willing to fight against other Muslims. 'Not under these circumstances and not for this war,' says Mr. Hassain [sic]."

With the MSA comprising such a formidable Fifth Column against American interests, it was only a matter of time before it caught the attention of other radical U.S. and Israel-hating groups. Consequently, the peace marches and anti-war protests that have taken place in American cities over the past year-and-a-half have been a coming out party of sorts for the MSA, as it has taken an active role in both the organization and shrill tenor of these dubious affairs. In forming partnerships with communists, homosexuals, environmentalists and feminists, the MSA has compromised some of its most cherished Wahhabist beliefs. But co-existing with infidels is apparently just fine with the MSA, as long as said infidels share the group’s burning commitment to bring the "Great Satan" to its knees.

Keeping this in mind, the MSA presently serves on the Steering Committee of International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), the Stalinist front group and anti-war mainstay that gained infamy a few months ago when its ties to the North Korean Workers World Party were revealed in the conservative media. ANSWER has since been dismissed by most, including some anti-war Leftists, as little more than fanatical communist kooks. The MSA, however, continues to serve on the ANSWER Steering Committee alongside far-Left fixtures like the Free Palestine Alliance, Nicaragua Network, Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Mexico Solidarity Network, and the Korea Truth Commission (which considers Kim Jong Il’s North Korea a socialist utopia). From this Steering Committee post, the MSA has helped engineer several large anti-war protests, including the February 15, March 15 and April 12 International ANSWER marches on Washington. The three overlying messages during these events were: 1) George W. Bush is Hitler reincarnate 2) The U.S. is an imperialist, racist, capitalist pariah 3) No blood for oil!

For a dose of some typical International ANSWER poison, take into account this rant by the MSA’s Lina Hashem at the March 15 rally in Washington:

"The true patriots are those who are out here today, rallying against this unjust, unprovoked war…President Bush, you cannot justify your war for oil! President Bush, it is un-patriotic of you to propose a war against a country that has already been devastated by over 12 years of sanctions! President Bush, you cannot justify defying the UN…As a woman of color, I am also painfully aware of the fact that many of our brothers and sisters of color, those who are disproportionately represented in the armed forces and on the frontlines, will unfortunately be shedding their blood and the blood of others in a war that is not of their choosing…No blood for oil! No war on Iraq!"

Then there are ANSWER’s press releases, which contain phrases like, "This horrific unprovoked attack on Iraq must be understood as one of the extreme terrorist acts of modern times", "the murderous Bush Administration is hell bent on world domination" and "This planned ‘endless war’ is a class war waged by the U.S. government on behalf of corporate and banking elites."

You’d be hard-pressed to find an organization more virulently Leftist and anti-American than ANSWER, but in the form of the National Youth and Students Peace Coalition (NYSPC), the MSA just may have struck paydirt. The MSA belongs to the NYSPC along with a diverse crew of revolutionaries, among them the Young Communist League, Young Democratic Socialists, Young Peoples’ Socialist League, United Students Against Sweatshops, Campus Greens, Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations, and the Black Radical Congress.

"[The MSA] are very active," said NYSPC spokesman Andy Burns in the March 5, 2003 Washington Times. "The way the student peace movement has worked since September 11 is we've formed coalitions on most campuses. The [MSA] is usually, if not most of the time, active because [Muslims] are a target population."

For a supposed victim, the MSA sure comes off like an aggressor. According to the same Times article:

"At the University of Michigan, the MSA joined forces with the student group Antiwar Action…But during an organizing meeting for Antiwar Action in November, some students with the MSA were criticized by the Michigan Daily, a college newspaper, for "injecting anti-Israel sentiment" into the gathering. In October, a conference co-sponsored by the University of Michigan's MSA called for the United States to end its government aid to Israel."

Much to the MSA’s delight, the hard Left faction with whom it is now aligned is just as obsessively anti-Semitic as the MSA. At the National Student Conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement at UC Berkeley in February, 2002 the MSA—which helped organize the event—joined groups such as Left Turn, A Jewish Voice for Peace, and Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism in demanding that universities divest their holdings in companies that do business with Israel. This call for divestment from Israel, spearheaded by the MSA, is catching on with other campus groups across the United States, specifically UC Berkeley’s Students for Justice in Palestine (whose leader, the socialist demagogue Snehal Svengali, has publicly spoken out against Israel’s right to exist). To this end, nearly 60 students met during the MSA National annual convention last May in Washington D.C. to discuss divestment strategies and encourage the U.S to stop tax aid to Israel.

It’s no wonder the MSA’s official website features a tribute to Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old radical from Evergreen University, an Olympia, Washington school so far Left that it recently featured convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal as its commencement speaker (via tape). Corrie was accidentally killed in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah when, acting as a human shield, she fell in front of an Israeli Army bulldozer. Corrie, who publicly burned an American flag just prior to her death, was in Gaza on behalf of the International Solidarity Campaign, a Jenin-based group known for sponsoring Palestinian terrorism. She was warned repeatedly by Israeli soldiers to keep a safe distance from the bulldozer, which was trying to cover tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza. In the eyes of the MSA, however, Corrie died a martyr. Such is life in the twisted world of Wahhabi Islam.

True to its Saudi roots, the MSA is involved in so many nefarious campus activities that they are almost too numerous to list. Here are some of the organization’s more notable transgressions, beginning with what is perhaps the most maniacal of all MSA chapters, the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA):

—On October 22, 2000, an anti-Israel protest co-sponsored by former UCLA MSA president Ahmed Shama took place at the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles. At the rally, which quickly degenerated into a vicious anti-Semitic circus, Shama led an unruly mob in shouts of "Victory to Islam! Death to the Jews!"

"We are not simply anarchists," Shama said. "Our solution is the establishment of justice by Islamic means. That is the only solution to this Israeli apartheid."

Shama capped his speech by burning an Israeli flag while an overjoyed crowd chanted, "Khalibar, Khalibar, O Jews, the army of Mohammed is coming for you," and "Death to Israel, victory to Islam!"

Another of the rally’s speakers, MSA West president Sohail Shakr, outdid even Shama by saying,

"The biggest impediment to peace [in the Middle East] has been the existence of the Zionist state of Israel…If we really want true peace then we must see that it goes with the elimination of the Zionist entity in the middle of the Muslim world."

—At the 2001 MSA West conference, hosted by UCLA, one of the confirmed speakers was Shiite cleric Imam Muhammed al-Asi, whose comments in a 2001 speech at the University of California-Irvine included:

"You have the Jews who are blind and deaf and dumb, who cannot see the same forms of racism, of discrimination, of oppression that is institutionalized and implemented by one of their own; and that is Israel…Where is the courageous Jew who can come out and say Israel is as fascist as the most fascist of Europe? Israel is as racist as apartheid could ever be…you can take a Jew out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the Jew."

—UCLA MSA’s Al-Talib newsmagazine, the chapter’s main mouthpiece, is a virtual hotbed of anti-American and pro-terrorist propaganda. Funded by the tuition money of UCLA students, this Wahhabist rag has sponsored two benefits for aforementioned cop-killer Imam Jamil Al-Amin. At one of these benefits, a Washington, D.C. imam named Abdul-Alim Musa declared:

"When you fight [the U.S.], you are fighting someone that is superior in criminality and Nazism…the American criminalizer is the most skillful oppressor the world has ever known…They beat the British at everything, isn’t that right? They are a better colonizer, a better murderer, a better killer, a better liar, a better thief, a better infiltrator than old British."

—Prior to 9/11, Al-Talib, which in the past has referred to Osama bin Laden as a "prominent Muslim activist," featured a cover story on bin Laden titled, "The Spirit of Jihad." The editorial read in part:

"When we hear someone refer to the great mujahideen Osama Bin-Laden as a ‘terrorist’ we should defend our brother and refer to him as a freedom fighter; someone who has forsaken wealth and power to fight in Allah’s cause and speak out against oppressors."

—The November, 2001 edition of Al-Talib, featured three full-page color advertisements soliciting donations for the Holy Land, Global Relief and Benevolence International foundations. This came just one month prior to these groups being shut down by federal agents for funding Al-Quida and Hamas terrorists.

"If it goes to families of those who have died in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I don't see anything wrong with that," argued Al-Talib publisher Mohammad Mertaban after the foundations had been disbanded. "I don't understand how people can label Palestinians terrorists."

Feel free to provide a punchline to that last comment.

—A recent Al-Talib editorial, "Then They Came For Us," reflected the MSA’s growing affiliation with the political Left when it lamented,

"First, it was the indigenous Americans. They were forced off their own land in an unimaginable genocide, their way of life altered forever. Then came the turn of the African Americans. Forced into slavery, they became part of an enduring cycle of social oppression, which continues to this day. The Japanese became the target of choice during World War II. Their internment was merely another log in the burning fire of racial discrimination practiced by the government. As thousands of Muslims sit behind bars without due process, we come to the painful realization that now, it’s the Muslims’ turn…The reality of today is that Big Brother, cloaked as Uncle Sam, is watching, whether we like it or not."

—UCLA is by no means the only American campus rife with MSA rabble-rousing. Take UC Berkeley, the Saudi royal family’s favorite university. As far back as 1995, the UC Berkeley MSA sponsored a rally in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. During the event, students carried a sign depicting an Israeli flag with a swastika through the middle and pledged to serve as future suicide bombers. A Jewish observer was subsequently spit on by one of the demonstrators.

—Earlier this April, federal agents raided the homes of some of Arizona State University’s leading MSA members, including the chapter’s president and vice-president, under suspicion of the group’s terrorist links. Although the agents didn’t find any weapons, they did confiscate computers and several floppy disks. The raid included agents from the F.B.I and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well immigration authorities, all acting on solid leads. But Atlaf Husain, MSA national president, was beside himself, saying the students "were humiliated by being handcuffed outside their apartment for 45 minutes, and then by being questioned separately."

—Ohio State University's MSA produces and distributes MSA-NEWS, which has included news releases from groups such as the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, which is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, and the Islamic Salvation Front, an Islamist political party banned in Algeria. According to a December 20, 2001 Associated Press story,

"During last year’s Ramadan fast, MSA-NEWS urged campus groups to purchase a videotape called "The Martyrs of Bosnia" and show it to Muslim-only gatherings. The video was sold by London-based Azzam Productions, which featured articles on its Web site like "Taliban: Allah's Blessing on Afghanistan," and solicited funds there for the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan. The site, and a related German site, were shut down by the British and German governments as part of their Sept. 11 response."

—In the December 6, 2002 issue of the Yale Herald, Saqqib Bhatti, who identifies himself with the Yale MSA, wrote,

"More often than not, the mainstream American media define the Palestinian struggle as inherently terroristic…There is an increasing tendency among Zionists to claim that Muslims and Arabs are rarely subject to the kind of discrimination and harassment from which it now believes itself to be suffering….Zionism is itself a racist ideology."

—The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor hosted the Second National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement in October, 2002. The MSA was one of the main organizers of this event, which called for divestment from Israel and featured Palestinian Islamic Jihad mastermind Sami Al-Arian, the now-incarcerated ex-University of South Florida professor mentioned earlier in this article, as a speaker.

—The MSA has even managed to find trouble in some of the more serene areas of the Untied States. Last summer, the FBI began investigating charitable donations by the MSA at the University of Idaho and at Washington State University for links to international terrorism. The omni-present Holy Land Foundation was mentioned as part of the investigation.

Created and funded by the Saudis but bred in the vast expanse of North America, the MSA has engaged in every form of anti-Western behavior imaginable. Whether marching side-by-side with communists in protest of the U.S. government, supporting convicted murderers, preaching "Death to Israel", funding terrorist activities or worshiping at the feet of Osama bin Laden, the MSA National and its many campus chapters pose an imminent threat not only to the schools they inhabit, but the United States in general. With the war on terrorism escalating at home and abroad, one can only hope that this volatile organization is exposed for what it truly is—the sworn enemy of the United States, conducting a jihad right here in our own backyard.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

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It will only become more shrill from them. As the Left's collapse as a political movement/ideology proceeds, the influence of their politically correct doctrine will wane.

When that happens, we will have a free hand in dealing with these Wahabbist fanatics - by any means necessary.

Forget Syria and North Korea. Saudi Arabia needs to be dealt with - as harshly and with as little remorse or mercy as we showed to Hitler and Tojo.

4 posted on 04/23/2003 12:05:23 PM PDT by FierceDraka ("I am not a number - I am a FREE MAN!")
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To: JohnHuang2
5 posted on 04/23/2003 11:33:04 PM PDT by Texas_Jarhead
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To: JohnHuang2
"[Yousef] said that war with Iraq will cause a major humanitarian crisis in which American soldiers ‘starve, rape and murder our brothers and sisters’

hmmm... sounds like the words of the US soldier who attacked and killed his fellow soldiers before the war began. I guess he had been listening to Yousef.

6 posted on 04/24/2003 4:11:07 PM PDT by hotpotato
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To: JohnHuang2; SJackson; dennisw
Thank you JohnHuang2!

What they're saying about "Onward Muslim Soldiers" - An expose of militant Islam.

The FREEPERS Guide To Islamic Terror Websites - CYBERTERRORISM (And It's Sponsors)

7 posted on 01/05/2004 11:57:54 AM PST by Happy2BMe (2004 - Who WILL the TERRORISTS vote for? - - Not George W. Bush, THAT'S for sure!)
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