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Breitbart ^ | September 6, 2012 | Cardinal Dolan

Posted on 09/06/2012 9:50:03 PM PDT by D-fendr

Cardinal Dolan gave a fiercely pro-life prayer to the Democratic Convention after President Obama's nomination speech.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Current Events; Moral Issues; Religion & Politics
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Video at link...
1 posted on 09/06/2012 9:50:07 PM PDT by D-fendr
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To: D-fendr

That was awesome. Upstaged the speech.

Note also religious freedom - direct swipe at ObamaCare’s assault on Christians.

2 posted on 09/06/2012 9:52:08 PM PDT by TigerClaws
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To: D-fendr

FNC carried it. Thank You Cardinal Dolan!

3 posted on 09/06/2012 9:52:18 PM PDT by defconw (IT'S ON NOW! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012)
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To: D-fendr


4 posted on 09/06/2012 9:53:32 PM PDT by Batman11 (We came for the chicken sandwiches and a Sweet Tea Party broke out!)
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To: D-fendr

Any scripts yet?

5 posted on 09/06/2012 9:54:00 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: D-fendr

People were upset that NBC cut off his Benediction..what a shock, NBC are nothing but abortion lovers, they must have hated hearing a pro life benediction

6 posted on 09/06/2012 9:54:41 PM PDT by Sarah Barracuda
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To: D-fendr

Well played Cardinal.

7 posted on 09/06/2012 9:56:21 PM PDT by oldernittany
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To: Salvation

Dolan brings pro-life message to DNC convention

8 posted on 09/06/2012 9:58:43 PM PDT by D-fendr (Deus non alligatur sacramentis sed nos alligamur.)
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To: defconw

God Bless Cardinal Dolan! Those disgusting libs are cussing him out on twitter. I just keep saying to myself, just two more months, just two more months and we can take this country back from these vermin

9 posted on 09/06/2012 10:00:22 PM PDT by Sarah Barracuda
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To: D-fendr

That prayer was at odds with the entire convention.

10 posted on 09/06/2012 10:00:37 PM PDT by stevem
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To: D-fendr

That’s a transcript of his remarks from the Republican National Convention.

11 posted on 09/06/2012 10:03:01 PM PDT by BillyBoy ( Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: D-fendr

Cardinal Timothy Dolan delivered the benediction at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte on Thursday night and inserted heavy pro-life messaging as well as the fact that government "serves its citizens rather than itself" into his remarks: (bolding is mine)

A Prayer for Our Country at the Republican National Convention

With firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, let us pray.

Almighty God, father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, we beg your continued blessings on this sanctuary of freedom, and on all of those who proudly call America home.

We ask your benediction upon those yet to be born, and on those who are about to see you at the end of this life.

Bless those families whose ancestors arrived on these shores generations ago, as well as those families that have come recently, to build a better future while weaving their lives into the rich tapestry of America.

We lift up to your loving care those afflicted by the recent storms and drought and fire.

We ask for the grace to stand in solidarity with all those who suffer. May we strive to include your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free in the production and prosperity of a people so richly blessed.

Oh God of wisdom, justice, and might! We ask your guidance for those who govern us, and on those who would govern us: the president and vice-president, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and on all those who seek to serve the common good by seeking public office, especially Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan. Make them all worthy to serve you by serving our country. And help them remember that the only just government is the government that serves its citizens rather than itself.

Almighty God who gives us the sacred and inalienable gift of life, we thank you as well for the singular gift of liberty. Renew in all of our people a respect for religious freedom in full, that first, most cherished freedom.

Make us truly free by tethering freedom to truth and ordering freedom to goodness. Help us live our freedom in faith, hope and love, prudently and with justice, courageously and in a spirit of moderation.

Enkindle in our hearts a new sense of responsibility for freedom’s cause and make us ever grateful for all those who for more than two centuries have given their lives in freedom’s defense. We commend their noble souls to your eternal care as even now we beg your mighty hand upon our beloved men and women in uniform.

May we know the truth of your creation, respecting the laws of nature and nature’s God and not seek to replace it with idols of our own making.

Give us the good sense not to cast aside the boundaries of righteous living you first inscribed on our hearts even before inscribing them on tablets of stone.

May you mend our every flaw, confirming our soul in self-control, our liberty in law.

We pray for all those who seek honest labor, as we thank you for the spirit of generosity to those in need with which you so richly blessed this nation.

We beseech your blessing on all who depart from here this evening and on all those in every land who seek to conduct their lives in freedom.

Most of all, Almighty God, we thank you for the great gift of our beloved country. For we are indeed one nation under God, and in God we trust. Dear God, bless America, you who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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12 posted on 09/06/2012 10:06:34 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: D-fendr

When Cardinal Dolan mentioned praying for Romney and Ryan, I loved the face of the delegate who realized a moment later that Romney and Ryan had just gotten prayed for.

13 posted on 09/06/2012 10:07:32 PM PDT by married21 (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)
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To: D-fendr
What an inspiring benediction by a courageous man!

If you've read the following on another thread, please skip, but we should remind all we come in contact with of the facts surrounding our founding principles, and these quotations deserve wide circulation in this critical moment in our history.

One wonders who is better qualified to understand the Constitution's position on matters relating to religious expressions in publicly supported facilities -- the Founders themselves or today's politicians, judges, pressure groups, and media spokesmen?

Example: Geo. Washington, First Inaugural, April 30, 1789:

". . . it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act my fervent supplication to that Almighty Being who rules over the universe, who presides in the councils of nations, and whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that His benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the people of the United States a government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes. . . ."

Thanksgiving Proclamation, October 3, 1789: "Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly implore His protection and favor. . . ."

Thomas Jefferson, Second Inaugural:

"I shall need the favor of that Being in whose hands we are, Who led our forefathers, as Israel of old, from their native land, and planted them in a country flowing with all the necessaries and comforts of life; Who has covered our infancy with His providence, and our riper years with His wisdom and power; and to whose goodness I ask you to join with me in supplication, that He will so enlighten the minds of your servants, guide their councils, and prosper their measures, that whatsoever they do shall result in your good, and shall secure to you peace, friendship, and approbation of all nations."

In 1815, "We are not in a world ungoverned by the laws and the power of a Superior Agent. Our efforts are in His hand, and directed by it; and He will give them their effect in His own time."

Jefferson letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, November 2, 1822, "In our village of Charlottesville, there is a good degree of religion, with a small spice only of fanaticism. We have four sects, but without either church or meeting-house. The courthouse is the common temple, one Sunday in the month to each. Here, Episcopalian and Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist, meet together, join in hymning their Maker, listen with attention and devotion to each others' preachers, and all mix in society with perfect harmony. In our university you know there is no Professorship of Divinity. A handle (point) has been made of this, to disseminate an idea that this is an institution, not merely of no religion, but against all religion. Occasion was taken at the last meeting of the visitors, to bring forward an idea that might silence this calumny (malicious false charge). . . . In our annual report to the legislature, after stating the constitution reasons against a public establishment of any religious instruction, we suggest the expediency of encouraging the different religious sects to establish, each for itself, a professorship of their own tenets, on the confines of the university, so near as that their students may attend the lectures there, and have the free use of our library, and every other accommodation we can give them; preserving, however, their independence of us and of each other. . . and by bringing the sects together, and mixing them with the mass of other students, we shall soften their asperities, liberalize and neutralize their prejudices, and make the general religion a religion of peace, reason, and morality."

John Adams, 1789, soon after becoming Vice President: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

The Continental Congress, in 1777, assigned a special committee to consider the shortage of Bibles. The Committee report read: ". . . that the use of the Bible is so universal and its importance so great. . .the Committee recommend that Congress will order the Committee of Congress to import 20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or elsewhere, into the different parts of the States of the Union. Whereupon it was resolved accordingly to direct said Committee to import 20,000 copies of the Bible."

Of more interest, however, is the fact that in 1782 another need arose, and the U. S. Congress approved the first American printing of what is now known as the "Bible of the Revolution."

Prayers were offered in publicly-owned and operated facilities (including publicly-owned and operated schools) for the most of the first 150-200 years of our nation's history. Only in recent decades have those who would control the minds of citizens attached a truly mythical significance to Jefferson's unfortunate phrasing in his letter to the Danbury Baptists--phrasing clearly intended to signify a wall that protected religious freedom from government interference, not the other way around. Jefferson's life, expressed in both his official and unofficial acts, testifies to a vastly different view than that imposed by today's mind controllers who would, in all likelihood, ban his "village of Charlottesville" from allowing church services in the courthouse, and who certainly would not approve of President Jefferson's practice of attending worship service in the U. S. Capitol Building.

The prolific writings of the Founders and early Presidents, as well as signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, contain scores of assertions which defy today's claims that government has been delegated the right to exclude religious belief and practice from the public square. Such claims are nothing but the most cowardly brand of censorship.

As late as the mid-20th Century, an American hero, defender and lover of the nation's liberty, General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower, on signing law for inclusion of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, on June 14, 1954, stated: "From this day forward, the millions of our school children will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural school house, the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty."

Almost a century before him, Abraham Lincoln asserted: "It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God and to recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."

1) "Is our nation better or worse off since the courts and the pressure groups have redefined the Constitution's First Amendment protections and the Founders' oft-stated insistence on a prohibition of government interference in matters of religion (that so-called Jeffersonian 'wall of separation')?"

2) "As citizens, do we possess more liberty or less liberty as a result of their (pressure groups and courts) imposition of censorship of religious expression from the public square over the past few decades?"

Ready internet access to the writings and speeches of the founding generation make ignorance of their principles of liberty inexcusable. Liberty for future generations--the liberty inherited by us as an undeserved gift from our wise ancestors of the 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries, may depend on our willingness to confront these questions and to search out constitutional answers for ourselves from the original sources.

14 posted on 09/06/2012 10:07:53 PM PDT by loveliberty2
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To: Sarah Barracuda

Two more months till the election, but assuming Obama loses, the following 2+ months after that will be among the most treacherous in the history of the Republic.

15 posted on 09/06/2012 10:10:24 PM PDT by EDINVA
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True. A lot of mischief can happen between Nov. 6, 2012, and 12 noon on Jan. 20, 2013.

16 posted on 09/06/2012 10:14:34 PM PDT by Dilbert San Diego
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To: D-fendr

Almighty God in Heaven get’s the last word in at the DNC convention. Listen to this good Cardinal’s benediction and marvel...then spread the word.

What a powerful prayer and message to thos epeople and all of us.

Many of the delegates were could see it in their faces. t appeared sopme had turned theior back on the good man...but he delivered the message just the same, blessing the unborn to be welcomed into this world, and even blessing Governor Ropmney and Paul Ryan!

17 posted on 09/06/2012 10:17:06 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free, never has been, never will be (
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To: BillyBoy

Two different conventions...two different ideologies.

A great invocation.

And for those in attendance whose heads exploded...I guess they might want to put some ice on that.

18 posted on 09/06/2012 10:19:48 PM PDT by berdie
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To: Salvation

That is the Republican convention speech. Watch him leading the Dems in prayer for the unborn here

19 posted on 09/06/2012 10:20:40 PM PDT by Dan Zachary
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To: D-fendr

Maybe half had their heads bowed.

20 posted on 09/06/2012 10:22:06 PM PDT by gotribe
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