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I checked both FreeRepublic searches and it never came up.

And it looks lakie barely anyone saw your thread.

And unfortunately now hardly anyone will still ever see this list if it gets pulled.

5 posted on 01/08/2002 8:19:37 AM PST by t-shirt
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To: ASTM366; goodieD;nothingnew;copycat;chainsaw;cdwright; doosee;Diddle E. Squat;Plummz;tomakaze...
6 posted on 01/08/2002 8:30:39 AM PST by t-shirt
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To: t-shirt
Long . . . justice bump

"23. Officially: The department has steadfastly insisted that no police bullet hit any Columbine victim and this conclusion is beyond the slightest doubt.

Families' contention: Battan told victim Corey DePooter's mother that the bullet found in his backpack was the same bullet that had penetrated his arm. But this bullet was never tested against Harris' or Klebold's weapons. The bullet was tested only against four of the ten police weapons that were fired. The sheriff's department knew this bullet was not fired by Harris or Klebold (perhaps because it is the wrong caliber).

News' findings: Sheriff's officials stated unequivically that no victims were hit by police bullets. However, testing of the bullet found in DePooter's backpack was incomplete.

The sheriff's final report states, "There were no injuries or deaths as a result of shots fired by law enforcement officers." It also notes that 12 officers fired their weapons.

Patricia DePooter said that she was told the bullet that hit her son's arm lodged in a notebook in his backpack. However, she believes it was not Battan, but a victims advocate who gave her the information.

A ballistics report showed that the bullet was tested against only four of the police weapons. This testing was not done until more than a year after the shooting. So there is no way to definitely conclude whose gun fired the bullet. "

Finish the tests!!! Indiscriminate spraying of lead to save their own need close with the perpatrators has got to stop. Thats what they get paid a much higher wage than our soldiers to do. If not; then stay away and let us arm and defend.

At least Patty and her family were left with this small comfort which I posted on my families web site with added stuff;

Why don't you post a copy of that article on the family page in files or History? We need to keep it where we can read it next year and in the years after.

I was in Springfield Colo. last night(May 9,2000) stopped to eat supper at the Crossroads Truck Stop and as per my family picked up some reading material to pass the time. This was the lead editorial in the May 8th 2000 edition of the Denver Post. I had to stop eating for a while to clear some emotions. I thought you all would like to know this tribute has taken place.

the article;

"Semper Fidelis, Corey

May 8 - Corey DePooter deserved to become a United States Marine. He deserved to grow up, too. But he never got the chance to do either: He was one of the kids murdered in the Columbine library.

Yet DePooter's brave acts that terrible day exemplified the best that the U.S. Marine Corps represents.

The 17-year-old had gone to the library to study during his lunch break, a remarkable act of self-discipline. When the shooting started, DePooter stayed calm and soothed other terrified students, displaying extraordinary coolness under fire.

Most courageous of all, young DePooter then used his own body to shield two other students from the barrage of bullets. That's how he died: protecting his friends. On the battlefield, a warrior who sacrifices himself for his comrades is called a hero. In certain cases, such valor merits the hallowed Medal of Honor, the highest commendation the United States bestows.

But DePooter wasn't in battle, just at school, when all that he loved - the family he brought so much joy, his enchantment with fly fishing - was stolen from him. He never got his opportunity to join America's elite military service.

The Marines, however, have embraced him. In a rare move, the corps on Wednesday made DePooter an honorary Marine. The unusual recognition is fitting.

DePooter's study of the history of the Marines surely had taught him that the corps values loyalty, courage and personal honor. No one can say whether those studies, and his longstanding ambition to become a Marine, already had led him to internalize the high standards that the corps expounds. Doubtless, though, DePooter's bravery under fire was as much as the Marines could have demanded from one of their own.

The Marine Corps' hymn says the streets of Heaven are guarded by United States Marines. Perhaps Corey Depooter is there, finally clothed in his longed-for dress blues. "


(Wiping the tears from my eyes) That story is a wonderful tribute to Corey and his family. It makes you want to stand up and salute the Marines. I want to shake the hand of the person who wrote the story. I know that nothing will erase the memory of that terrible day and the pain of any family's loss. Such a nice tribute makes you proud of Corey and his family.

When I saw the picture of Patty wearing Corey's fishing vest at his funeral I could not control my tears. There was a little fly stuck in the front. A fly that he had hoped to use. A special fly that perhaps he had tied or knew just where the big fish lay who wanted such a treat. The hopes and dreams of many kids and their families died that day at Columbine. None of those youths will ever seek a quest, fulfill a dream or know the love that should have been their destiny. We all mourn those unfulfilled dreams.

I knew when I saw Patty's picture that I wanted to carry replica of "Corey's fly" or a similar one on my fly vest. No one knew what the name of that fly was. No one remembered what it looked like. The picture is pretty small but it looked like a streamer or a Salmon Fly imitation.

I finally realized that it really doesn't matter what that particular fly was. Any fly that I like and carry in Corey's memory will do just fine. I thought was that If Corey never got to go fishing with me, I could at least take his fly to some places that he would have liked to visit. I hope to pause one day on some river bank, watching the water curl around the boulders and bouncing over the riffles, if it is a place beautiful enough, if it is a place peaceful enough, it the sun is warm and the day feels right I will tie on the fly that I carry for Corey. I will think again about being young and about being so full of dreams. I will think about the friends who used to share those dreams. I will think about a Mother's love and a Grandma's grief. I would hope to hook a fish for Corey. Then I would carefully and gently release the fish in tribute and as a salute to Corey and his family's love.

(my brother)

11 posted on 01/08/2002 9:32:35 AM PST by Dust in the Wind
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