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Obama: Excusing the Inexcusable
Constitution Club ^ | 03-19-08 | Dave the Infidel Sage

Posted on 03/20/2008 9:31:42 PM PDT by TheConservativeCitizen

As the race and religion debate continues to swirl around him, Senator Barack Obama is having trouble keeping his story straight. His close relationship with his self-described spiritual advisor, Jeremiah Wright, has become a lightning rod for criticism and condemnation by people across the political spectrum. His association with the David Duke of the black religious community is causing Obama to attempt to excuse the inexcusable and justify the unjustifiable while contradicting himself in the process.

On My Faith and My Church

“The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign. I made it clear at the time that I strongly condemned his comments. But because Rev. Wright was on the verge of retirement, and because of my strong links to the Trinity faith community, where I married my wife and where my daughters were baptized, I did not think it appropriate to leave the church.” - - Barack Obama 03-14-08

I promptly labeled this the “ignorant boob” defense. The “I didn’t know nothin’ “argument lasted about four days to be followed by the “everyone’s racist, throw Grandma under the bus, I knew about it all along but that’s ok” defense...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Editorial; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 2008; nobama; obama; race; wright

1 posted on 03/20/2008 9:31:43 PM PDT by TheConservativeCitizen
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To: TheConservativeCitizen

I have an excuse!
2 posted on 03/20/2008 9:36:16 PM PDT by Paleo Conservative
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To: Paleo Conservative
I have an excuse

You are excused - from public office - forever.

3 posted on 03/20/2008 9:43:14 PM PDT by maine-iac7 (",,,but you can't fool all of the people all the time" LINCOLN)
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To: TheConservativeCitizen

The problem for Obama is that he and his media minions and supporters can spin, obfuscate and intimidate everyone in sight to their hearts content, but they cannot railroad the voter in the privacy of the voting booth.

4 posted on 03/20/2008 9:43:19 PM PDT by sinanju
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To: maine-iac7

Let’s get a petition started for him to be removed from the senate.

5 posted on 03/20/2008 9:48:28 PM PDT by lookout88 (Combat search and rescue officer's dad.)
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To: Paleo Conservative

Kenya believe this guy?

6 posted on 03/20/2008 9:50:17 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: lookout88; All

Democrats Who Will Not Vote For Obama

The petition

We, the Democrats of the USA, refuse to vote for Barack Obama, if he is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, because of the mainstream medias’ failure to make public the following failures and inconsistencies of Barack Obama.

The media portrays him as some sort of messiah/Jesus Christ figure who is going to rescue us by a wave of his hand, a John F. Kennedy re-incarnated, a perfect, squeaky clean candidate, who has never done a thing wrong in his entire life. Anyone who says a minor thing against him, even if it is self-admitted, is called a racist. The mainstream media will not cover ANY story that portrays Obama in a negative light, (most notably MSNBC on-airs) while having a field day, 24/7, on Hillary Clinton. Not only Hillary Clinton, but her husband, her daughter, her past, her present, her campaign, her campaign staff, her husband’s administration and any story that portrays her in any possible negative light. Even something as remote as saying that Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer’s failings could effect her presidential bid, as it will ‘remind people too much of her husband’.

-He falsely accused the Clinton campaign, specifically President Bill Clinton, of race baiting. When it was the Obama campaign, specifically himself, his wife and Oprah Winfrey who started the race baiting. It continues to this day with people like Jesse Jackson Jr. threatening violence and rioting if he does not receive the nomination. His wife has said publicly she doesn’t think she could support Senator Clinton, Obama himself has said his supporters would not support Senator Clinton, his wife has said ‘black people should wake up’, she wanted to ‘rip Bill Clinton’s eyes out’and Oprah has opined to Southern crowds in a suddenly heavy Southern accent all about Dr. King’ dream, which had nothing to do with electing a black man president of the United States. THIS is playing the race card.

-Since the Democratic Party cannot seem to run it’s own agenda correctly, we have open primaries across the country. It is now a known fact that Republicans have crossed over in record numbers to vote for Obama to ‘keep the Clintons out of the White House’. The blame for this lies squarely on the shoulders of Howard Dean and the DNC. Hillary Clinton has received most of the votes of the Democrats, while Obama receives the thumbs up from most of the Republicans.

-Many things in his books, ‘Dreams Of My Father’, and ‘The Audacity of Hope’, are simply not true. His ‘career’ is sketchy to say the least, including making sure he ran un-opposed in races to his suspect meteoric rise in Illinois. He rams NAFTA down Hillary Clinton’s throat, when in fact he voted to EXPAND NAFTA. He claims his association with indicted criminal Tony Rezko was simply a friendship, when we all know now it was much, much more. His refusal to distance himself from Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who has endorsed him. Obama ‘distances’ himself, but continues to call him MINISTER Farrakhan, and refuses to denounce his racism and militant anti-Semitism.

-He has absolutely no experience to be Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States and President of the United States. He has less experience than Bush; and look how that turned out.

-Obama is a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Many have descibed this church in terms of ‘separatist’, ‘in some cases, even drawing comparisons to a cult’, ‘scary doctrine’, ‘something that you’d see in more like a cult or an Aryan Brethren Church or something like that.’ The pastor or ex-pastor (depends on who you listen to) Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright is an interesting character, who holds bizarre, racial and anti-semitic views. The church’s mantra and belief system is :

‘We are a congregation which is unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian,’ says the Trinity United Church of Christ’s website in Chicago.

‘We are an African people and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.’

The church has a ‘non-negotiable commitment to Africa,’ according to its website, and its pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. subscribes to what is called the Black Value System.

While the Black Value System includes such items as commitment to God, education, and self-discipline, it refers to ‘our racist competitive society’ and includes the disavowal of the pursuit of ‘middle-classness’ and a pledge of allegiance to ‘all black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System.’ It defines ‘middle-classness’ as a way for American society to ‘snare’ blacks rather than ‘killing them off directly’ or ‘placing them in concentration camps,’ just as the country structures ‘an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.’

Obama says he found religion and Jesus Christ through Wright, whom he met in the mid-1980s. He has been attending Wrights’ church regularly since 1988.

There are many many other reasons which would fill volumes, but space does not allow. We feel these are the most important issues, or until more of the onion is peeled. Please join us in signing this petition (and please feel free to add your own reasons) which will be sent to Howard Dean and the DNC to make them fully aware of the what the Democrats of the United States feel about the 2008 election process and the shocking, disgraceful and negative way Hillary Clinton has been treated while the DNC stands mutely by.

8 posted on 03/20/2008 9:54:51 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
Americans whites need to get a clue. The appeasement will never be enough. What the radical Blacks want is for whites to be oppressed like the black community was. I guess if radical Islam takes over and whites are oppressed then maybe it will be enough. Only white oppression, like black oppression, will show whites what it was truly like for blacks 100+ years ago.
9 posted on 03/20/2008 9:57:50 PM PDT by originalbuckeye
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To: TheConservativeCitizen

Racism for Fun and Profit - a new book by Barak Obama

10 posted on 03/20/2008 9:58:21 PM PDT by Army Air Corps (Four fried chickens and a coke)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
...some sort of messiah/Jesus Christ figure who is going to rescue us by a wave of his hand...

He turns water into Kool-Aid. And the Dims drink deep of it.

11 posted on 03/20/2008 10:01:41 PM PDT by Poincare (Hope is nostalgia for the future.)
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
That little ignorant loud-mouthed bigot Jeremiah Wright was pummelling Sean Hannity on his show about whether Sean had read any of James Cone's work last week.

Jeremiah Wright credits James Cone as being a founder of "Black Theology" which Wright says forms the very foundational beliefs of Barack Obama's Church:

Obama's Pastor: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Friday, March 02, 2007
HANNITY: OK, this is the same church. You do have the Web site, right, where it says commitment to the black community, commitment to the black...

WRIGHT: The black value system, which was developed by the congregation, by laypersons of the congregation, 26 years ago, very similar to the gospel (INAUDIBLE) developed by laypersons in Nicaragua during the whole liberation theology movement, 26, 28, 30 years ago, yes.

HANNITY: All right, but we're not dealing with — this is on the Web site today. Let me just inform our audience, and I want you to respond, if you can.

It says, "Commitment to God." By the way, I'm with you, and I hope you'll pray for me, Reverend. Commitment to the black community, commitment to the black family, adherence to the black work ethic. It goes on, pledge, you know, acquired skills available to the black community, strengthening and supporting black institutions, pledging allegiance to all black leadership who have embraced the black value system, personal commitment to the embracement of the black value system.

Now, Reverend, if every time we said black, if there was a church and those words were white, wouldn't we call that church racist?

WRIGHT: No, we would call it Christianity. We've been saying that since there was a white Christianity; we've been saying that ever since white Christians took part in the slave trade; we've been saying that ever since they had churches in slave castles.

We don't have to say the word "white." We just have to live in white America, the United States of white America. That's not the issue; you're missing the issue.

As I was trying to say to you, liberation theology — and I thought Eric Rush has studied at a theological seminary that was conservative — I've come to find out he doesn't know anything more about theology than I know about brain surgery.

HANNITY: So here's my point to you, though.

WRIGHT: No, let me finish. No, here's my point to you.

HANNITY: I'm waiting.

WRIGHT: If you're not going to talk about theology in context, if you're not going to talk about liberation theology that came out of the ‘60s, (INAUDIBLE) black liberation theology, that started with Jim Cone in 1968, and the writings of Cone, and the writings of Dwight Hopkins, and the writings of womanist theologians, and Asian theologians, and Hispanic theologians...

HANNITY: Reverend, I've got to get this in.

WRIGHT: Then you can talk about the black value system.


HANNITY: I'm going to tell you this. Listen...

WRIGHT: Do you know liberation theology, sir? Do you know liberation theology?

HANNITY: I studied theology; I went to a seminary. And I studied Latin.

WRIGHT: Do you know black liberation theology?

HANNITY: I'm very aware of what you're calling black liberation, but let me get my question out.


WRIGHT: I said, do you know black theology?

HANNITY: Reverend, I'm going to give you a chance to answer my question.

WRIGHT: How many of Cone's books have you read? How many of Cone's book have you read?

HANNITY: Reverend, Reverend?


WRIGHT: How many books of Cone's have you read?

HANNITY: I'm going to ask you this question...

WRIGHT: How many books of Dwight Hopkins have you read?

HANNITY: You're very angry and defensive. I'm just trying to ask a question here.


WRIGHT: You haven't answered — you haven't answered my question.

HANNITY: And it seems to be, when you say the black community, black family, black work ethic, black community...


WRIGHT: It seems arrogant, ignorant...


WRIGHT: I'm asking you...


WRIGHT: ... how many books of Dwight Hopkins have you read?

HANNITY: Sir, I'm going to say this whether you like it or not. I'm going to get my words in, and I'm going to tell you right now... HANNITY: As a Christian, sir, I think, as a Christian, you should not separate by race in this day and age. And that's why a lot of people are going to look at that and say, "We're all supposed to be united under Christ, aren't we?"

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Dr. Wright, it's Alan Colmes. First of all, I think Barack Obama put it correctly to the "Chicago Tribune" when he said that he'd be puzzled that the conservatives would object or quibble with the bulk of a document — which is your church's document — that espouses profoundly conservative values of self-reliance and self-help. That's what you're talking about on your Web site, self-reliance and self-help for the committee that your church serves. I don't see what the problem should be with that.

WRIGHT: That comes out of the perspective of liberation theology and black liberation theology. And I keep asking him, how many books of Cone's has he read? How many books of Dwight Hopkins? How many liberation theologians does he know? .

Get this people - for 20 YEARS Obama was an active member and close associate of this "Black Theology" Church founded on the ideas of James Cone - founded on THESE ideas:

And here's even more goodness and love from the Founder of Obama's "Black Theology" Religion, James Cone:

THAT is the foundational doctrine of Obama's "Black Theology" Church that he just couldn't leave to find a more rational and less hate-based theology to raise his children under.

Obama is a very quiet - yet very devoted adherent and follower of the most vile, bigotted hate-spewing radical racist GARBAGE of the lowest possible level.

This guy needs to be exposed for what he and his wife really are.

For their whole adult life they've done nothing but surround themselves with Radicals and Marxists who openly express HATED of America and who openly espouse the most vile and blatant HATRED of Whites right down to the very essence of their Church's founding principles.

12 posted on 03/20/2008 10:04:08 PM PDT by The_Macallan
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To: lookout88; All

Here you go:

Senator Barack Obama must drop-out of race

The petition

We, the undersigned feel that Senator Barack Obama’s close ties and unwillingness to dis-own his racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, disqualifies him as a candidate for the presidency. We feel that Senator Obama must drop out of the race for the democratic party nomination and use the next four years to reconcile himself with the white community that he seeks to lead.

13 posted on 03/20/2008 10:06:48 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
The church's current so-called preacher was patting rev. Wright on the back and wildly cheering when the racist comments were made. Yet Obama didn't quit that church???
14 posted on 03/20/2008 10:11:36 PM PDT by boycott
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
The church's current so-called preacher was patting rev. Wright on the back and wildly cheering when the racist comments were made. Yet Obama didn't quit that church???
15 posted on 03/20/2008 10:12:12 PM PDT by boycott
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To: The_Macallan

Ken Blackwell was on Beck’s show tonight and was referring to this “liberation theology”.
I find it disturbing that this “theology” is right underneath our noses yet I’ll bet most of us have never heard of it.

16 posted on 03/20/2008 10:14:18 PM PDT by bonfire
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To: bonfire
Yeah that whole thing galls me. Here is the deal. As a white mother of two who has done all I can to teach my children to judge others ONLY by the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin, I now find out that a large part of black America HATES me. The sad thing about Wright and others like him is that they have become the very thing that say they are fighting against.

BTW, I LOVE Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele. They both ROCK!!!!

17 posted on 03/20/2008 10:24:58 PM PDT by Anti-Hillary (Lest anyone forgot, WE ARE AT WAR!!!!! NOW IS NOT THE TIME IN HISTORY TO TEACH THE PARTY A LESSON!!)
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To: littlehouse36

I am sure that you meant no offense, but especially given that tomorrow is Good Friday, I find your post in very poor taste.

18 posted on 03/20/2008 10:26:57 PM PDT by Anti-Hillary (Lest anyone forgot, WE ARE AT WAR!!!!! NOW IS NOT THE TIME IN HISTORY TO TEACH THE PARTY A LESSON!!)
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To: The_Macallan

Terrific post, and you have an awesome FReeper profile page.

I’ll be sharing some of what you offer with a few close ones.

19 posted on 03/20/2008 10:40:10 PM PDT by Radix (Sarcasm? Yeah we got that too!)
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To: Anti-Hillary

Totally agree. Turning their children into hate mongers. Hasn’t worked out too well for them if you look at criminal statistics, has it?

20 posted on 03/20/2008 10:40:29 PM PDT by bonfire
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
I wonder if Obama has not already won....

He has a "rightous black anger" issue built around a sainted pastor with all the liberal credentials a demogogue can amass.
He has the formerly revered Clintons, or the evil Bushes, thumbing through his travel history.
He has the democrat party conspiring against his nomination,
the media and internet are already talking about the '68 convention.
And, finally, McCain at least claims to be a a republican.

Are we really, I mean really, looking forward to this election cycle?

21 posted on 03/20/2008 10:46:23 PM PDT by norton
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To: bonfire

Yeah, it appears that the anger from the black community is fueled by the rantings of their pastors. It is such a waste. That bitterness and anger can be likened to rocking in a rocking chair; It gives you something to do but it will get you nowhere. The wound only heals if you apply the balm of forgiveness and don’t keep picking at the scab.

22 posted on 03/20/2008 10:52:46 PM PDT by Anti-Hillary (Lest anyone forgot, WE ARE AT WAR!!!!! NOW IS NOT THE TIME IN HISTORY TO TEACH THE PARTY A LESSON!!)
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To: lookout88

I agree. You can remove anyone. No matter what they say. I am not voting for one incumbent in the State of Texas.

23 posted on 03/20/2008 11:39:52 PM PDT by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote.)
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To: Army Air Corps
The church has a ‘non-negotiable commitment to Africa,’ according to its website

If the church has such a deep commitment to Africa, a non-negotiable commitment, I could make a suggestion about a course of action, but it would be considered racist, so I won't.

24 posted on 03/21/2008 3:52:33 AM PDT by Hardastarboard ( is an internet hate site.)
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
Hey, the guy is running as a "Reform Democrat from Chicago." If you are buying that one, you don't know anything about Chicago politics.

On the other hand, only one known associate of Barack Obama has been indicted, so his record is comparatively clean.

Of course, that could be because Patrick Fitzgerald spent so much time indicting Scooter Libby for lying about a crime that was not committed, that he hasn't had time to nab any more Chicago locals.

25 posted on 03/21/2008 3:58:41 AM PDT by Bernard (If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember exactly what you said.)
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To: TheConservativeCitizen

He was caught hating Whitey. If this racist is elected, America will need a collective head examination.

26 posted on 03/21/2008 4:11:18 AM PDT by Leftism is Mentally Deranged
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To: TheConservativeCitizen

“It increasingly appears that mere eloquence may be all it takes for one to find one’s way to the white house.”

Americans were stupid enough to let Billy Boy (the former Mr. No-Pants President) razzle dazzle them TWICE, so why not give BHO a chance!

27 posted on 03/21/2008 5:21:01 AM PDT by SMARTY ('At some point you get tired of swatting flies, and you have to go for the manure heap' Gen. LeMay)
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To: TheConservativeCitizen
Obama managed I think - to reassure the Left. They're supporting him not because of his views but because of his mythical presence in the campaign. I don't think he won over any one else in the country.

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus

28 posted on 03/21/2008 11:35:28 AM PDT by goldstategop (In Memory Of A Dearly Beloved Friend Who Lives In My Heart Forever)
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