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***Wake Up America: You're Fighting For Your Very Existance: Don't Become Just A Memory***
Stardate: 0210.18

Posted on 10/18/2002 6:05:36 PM PDT by The Wizard

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To: hole_n_one
Brian "no brains" Williams knows why Jeb couldn't attend his daughters court case: all the asshole reporters who follow him around and try to play gotcha all day would attack his daughter, (and I'm sure it's this bullchit press corps and the public life her father has that has exacerbated her problems) yet this little prick says why didn't he go in a shaking his head manner

They're all on the way out, soon Fox will be the only one left.

21 posted on 10/18/2002 6:49:59 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: repub32
thank you....I was really coming undone tonight, you know the feeling, lock and load and show me an democrat
22 posted on 10/18/2002 6:50:55 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: John Lenin
Thank God I'm not alone......If it weren't for I'm sure I would have been a headline by now
23 posted on 10/18/2002 6:52:46 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: deport
I mean any MORE honest judges
24 posted on 10/18/2002 6:53:34 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: repub32
If not faith, we'd have nothing....the democrats have managed to make our children stupid, the mob has hooked them on drugs, the democrats have sold our defenses to the enemies and the asshole Carter gave the Chi-comms a missile platform in Panama
25 posted on 10/18/2002 6:56:52 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: The Wizard
Well said. I, too, share your fear and concerns. I live in Maryland which has had a corrupt governor for two terms. No morals, either, I might add. He had an affair with his assistant, divorced his (republican) wife, married and had a baby (baby was on the way before wedding). Anyway, he has run the surplus in the ground, we are so in debt, the Lt. Governor is running (you know, that Kennedy Townsend woman?) and she will probably win. (God help our State). I am as sick as you are.
26 posted on 10/18/2002 6:56:56 PM PDT by biss5577
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To: The Wizard
I couldn't agree more. Thank you for posting your thoughts.
27 posted on 10/18/2002 6:57:40 PM PDT by Iowa Granny
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To: John Lenin
Might not be a bad idea. Might be a hoot, really. Part of me can't wait.


28 posted on 10/18/2002 7:00:03 PM PDT by Thumper1960
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To: biss5577
May the Good Lord be with America
29 posted on 10/18/2002 7:00:52 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: Iowa Granny
It has helped me tonight to know I'm not alone....thank you all
30 posted on 10/18/2002 7:01:43 PM PDT by The Wizard
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To: The Wizard
Unlock and load ... unlock your car and load up voters, take them to the poll and vote in record numbers, for anyone but democrats. This is war, and we the people MUST fight with our votes. We must show the world the freely cast vote (as opposed to the forced vote in Iraq) by the awakened people who've the might to crush the enemy and disarm the survivors! Frankly, the terrorists know that a record turnout that defeats democrats will be ominous for them, so I fear they will seek to strike terror on election day. The terrorists don't need to lay waste this land, only negate our resolve and our unity. The despotic democrats do that better than terorrists, so the murderers need only defeat our resolve to change our own political landscape, coupled with voluntary reduction in our consumer driven economy.
31 posted on 10/18/2002 7:03:18 PM PDT by MHGinTN
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To: Thumper1960
Part of me can't wait.

I hear ya, if they hate us that much that they would like to see everone die, maybe they should be the ones who make the sacrifice to the liberal gods.
32 posted on 10/18/2002 7:03:20 PM PDT by John Lenin
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To: Jaidyn
"Hope for America, as far as I'm concerned is in the voting booths and finding good candidates to vote for. Those in Congress who are representing us, are putting themselves first and have fallen prey to pc. They need to go and be replaced by those who say what they mean and mean what they say."

This is why I'm so impressed by Tom Tancredo, he is not PC his is for the citizens of this country. He realizes what is being tossed away hand over fist by socialists. I can't wait until he is President.

33 posted on 10/18/2002 7:10:42 PM PDT by MissAmericanPie
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To: The Wizard
You indeed do sound this time as if you've had it. I reached my zenith of outrage 5 years ago. And it actually brought a calm over me, to this day. Its true, I do occasionally march around the house in my tinfoil hat yelling obsenities at the TV occasionally but thats really my own fault for turning the &^$%^& thi5n6g o6n. Sorry...

I like to think of the good things, the honest God given things like a clean brook or stream, the mountains all around me (I moved to Alaska). The sounds of the birds and rustle of the leaves and all that, cause it sure is purty up here. Then up jumps the thought of some damn thread I read or partipated in on FR. Like Vince Foster getting offed and the overt way that was all handled. And I get pissed off all over again.

The TRUTH just won't stay hidden. It just bubbles up like, well, BUBBLES(lol). Thats the only thing keeping me going as far as hope for this contry is concerned. It looks bleak to me, believe me. But the simple TRUTH has this damned way to so persistent. I make an attempt to do things one on one with my pitiful brain friends. SHOCK is the answer, they need to be shocked. Releasing just little facts like, Did you know Hillary Clinton was called "Hillery the RED" in college. Stuff so rich free and abundant Free republic is earth shaking to the polically brain dead. Bottom line I hope is the TRUTH rises like a bubble and I'm here to help it alone if I can........

***---------------------------------------------------- is a weath of info as you already know.

34 posted on 10/18/2002 7:11:53 PM PDT by hosepipe
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To: The Wizard
I started to become interested in politics the day I turned the radio dial to the Rush Limbaugh Program 6/94.

I was a registered democrat until 3/93 but didn't have to have a lot of political savvy to proudly cast my vote to elect Presidents Reagan and Bush I and voted for Bush I again in 1992. Just knew instinctively these men were men of sterling honor and would faithfully follow the oath of their office.

The insertion of the Clintons into the national political scene truly left me no doubt as to where the democrat party was headed and it was way off course from the direction I was moving.

All I know is that the Dysfunctional Clintonized Psychotic Wing of the Democrat Party combined with the Ultra-Elitist Liberal Wing, The Euro & Commie Sympathizer Wing, and the Way Far Out Left Environazi Wing appear to put their trust in the iron fist rule of a communist and/or brutal thug despotic dictator than our President George W. Bush, a man of firm and solid character and fine lover of freedom and the American tradition.

Only fools and ignorant idiots would follow the perilous path that the current democrat leadership have frivolously and merrilly shoved the unaware onto.

My hopes are with you, that the American people will take their blinders off enough to vote with their minds and evaluate the severity and enormousness of the risk our country is in that is coming from the "evil doers" and cast their vote for the political party that will endeavor to the best of their abilities to secure our nation to protect us and our glorious Liberty.

I'm thinking based on the behavior of these factions in the democrat party, their main concern is securing their power, rather than securing ours.

35 posted on 10/18/2002 7:14:13 PM PDT by harpo11
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To: The Wizard
If The GOP doesn't take back the senate America will be lost......

When the GOP does take back the Senate and I believe they will, America will not regain what was lost to the eight long years of treasonous perverted psychotic Clinton administration.

America lost it's greatness when the PEOPLE put that scumbag in office. Not once, but Twice. It was the end result of a sickness that has infected our country.

The GOP is too corrupt to regain what was lost. They are not nearly as corrupt as the Dems, but they are corrupt.

You can't put flour back in the bag after it has spilled

America will regain it's greatness when we have the courage to call what is good, good and what is evil, evil. and take control of our government again

36 posted on 10/18/2002 7:19:11 PM PDT by JZoback
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It is all well and even good to speak of our frustrations, but what are we going to DO about it? Are we going to just type angry fed up words on the internet?

~OR~ Will you show up at a rally,.. send out e-mails. Talk to people you know (*instead of following the old addage of never talking religion or politics at dinner parties or gatherings.)

I see thousands of pacisfists rallying,.. where are those who support this President? Our cause?

Just wondering outloud. I feel the same frustration, and yes, we do talk to people *(even if they are uncomfortable about it..and they are) and we have gone to rallies in the past,..and will go to them in the future (health willing)

If every person who replies at a FR post got out there,..and really made themselves visible... it would start something tangible. Just MHO

FRegards, Vets
37 posted on 10/18/2002 7:20:34 PM PDT by Vets_Husband_and_Wife
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To: The Wizard
You are not alone. I have been completely disgusted and depressed. I watch shows like Crossfire etc. and see the audience like sheep clapping for the Democrats and for West Wing!!!Life is not a TV show people. We are slowly losing our country. Let's honor the memory of all the brave young men who fought for our freedom and protection of others.
Protect our borders. 9/11 would not have happened IMHO if
the evil doers had not obtained visas.
38 posted on 10/18/2002 7:51:55 PM PDT by 2rightsleftcoast
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To: repub32
Just be ready, bro. No, you're not crazy and you're not the only one. Our nation is already dead, and before we can salvage any part of what it once was, we're gonna have to walk a very long, dangerous and painful road. If we can ever salvage any of it, that it.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!

39 posted on 10/18/2002 8:03:03 PM PDT by wku man
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To: The Wizard
I have reached the end....

Sounds like you've gone off the deep end. :) Take a walk, hug your child, look at the stars. Get some perspective. Your'e losing it.

40 posted on 10/18/2002 8:05:58 PM PDT by Dave S
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