Since Jun 15, 2006

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There was a time when people stood up against evil men. When the murderers were hung in town square for every one to see. A time when a man was either for this country or not. When Pearl harbor was attacked, we responded with nuclear force and the situation was solved. When the nazi's were doing their genocide tour, the world stood up together and crushed them. There was a time when the word Community, meant somthing. Human trash like MS13 parade up and down your streets, threatining your children and you stand idol. Teenagers beeing mutilated with machettes, police officers being assasinated. Fogrein terrorists murdering by the thousands. And what do americans complain about the most? Gas prices. What do the focus on? American Idol. I am ashamed to live under the same flag as these so-called Americans. I long for the day when the average american has a back bone and does somthing about it. I long for the day that the average american decides to quit depending an incapable (or unwilling) government to act. YOU, my fellow americans are the ones who are going to have to do somthing about it. The United States is THE LARGEST consumer of cocaine in the world. Our government beat the Nazi's....but it cant beat a drug dealer? Do you realy believe that you and the government have the same goal on that subject? The most powerful nation to ever exist, and we cant beat a street gang? This is a load of crap and it is not the america that they advertise. You know what I think. I think its time for EVERY american to man up. Every one has alot of hard talk, but no follow through. The average american is scared. The average american is too affraid of true sacrafice. Too affraid to give what it will take to get this country back on track. And most hide behind the excuse that, our ancestors made those sacrafices so we wouldnt have to. Well, ya know what, the corruption, hate, tyrrany and the totolitarianism is back. Now what.What will we do? Sit around, point fingers and stick peices of paper in a box to pitt against each other to see who has the right to make the next lame attempt. Yeah, I can see our modern society doing that, before standing up for itself. I believe in what america used to be, what it once was, and what it still could be.....but what it is......what we have let it become, is not looking too pretty. YOU decide whether or not MS 13 will strike fear into your community! You decide whether or not that dope dealer will stand on YOUR street corner! YOU decide what happens to those who terrorize your community! YOU are america. You are free. Act like it. You are now free to go back to watching the simple life.