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A little info about me.

I am a 60 year old permanently disabled veteran. I don’t get out much and I am basically a shutin. I have begged for help with my PTSD at the VA but I know now that God will do the healing.

I use the VA as little as possible and prefer to use outside doctors and pay for my medicines. I am on oxygen twenty-four hours a day and have more ailments than care to discuss. The doctors just can’t explain why I have so many problems. The VA does not carry half the drugs I use. When it comes to pain pills for the shrapnel fragmentation wounds and my back they just refuse to give them out. I am sure it is because the drugs are abused, but without oxycontin I could not take the pain. I also take oxycodone for pain. I don’t want you to think that I am without arms and legs and that I need sympathy. I still have a piece of shrapnel in my rib but my back was seriously hurt when I jumped from helicopter without benefit of a parachute. It was a hot LZ.

I have a precious wife of thirty-six years who has been in the fire with my PTSD. She has stayed with me while I have seen other vets lose their wives. She has prayed for me everyday with the belief that God would heal me. I believe with all my heart that God is starting to do a miracle in my life. I won’t bore you to death with all the facts. I will just say that I could be the one they wrote the book on.

I have three very precious children who love their dad and tell him so all the time. One boy two girls. They have been through h—l with me but their love has conquered any and all bad memories they have.

I have three grandchildren, one of which is adopted. My adopted grandbaby is of mixed race. I taught my children from the beging to love all people, especially those who are loved the least, and they do. This precious baby was going to be aborted, but God made a way for us to get him. My oldest daughter is going to adopt a little girl next year and we have already chosen a mixed race child. I really don’t understand people who hate babies of mixed race.

I’ll close this out by saying thanks to all here at free republic and a special thanks to Mr. Robinson for allowing me to post here.

One last thing. If anyone responds to me in the future and I don’t get back to them right away, please be patient. It took me over an hour and a half a type this response. The meds really slow me down.

God bless you all.