Since May 12, 2004

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Greetings from a relocated BUCKEYE. That's "The OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY" for those of you friends in Ann Arbor (we're friends ONLY here).

I term myself a Constitutional Moralist. In a nutshell, I believe this country was started by incrediblly brave people, who had the courage of their convictions to lay it ALL on the line. Whatever we have done from that day forward can only hope to match it in scope and valor. Those days forever will remain the benchmark. Those men and women came together for a greater purpose than themselves, and consumated a guiding document that will NEVER be surpassed by mortals on the face of this Earth.

Granted it took many attempts to "get it right" with respect to the intent of their famous words. But today, as a nation, we are pretty close to their concept. Save for the socialist tendancies, which can be slowly weeded out from the body, we will remain the beacon of hope for all the world.

MORALITY needs to reaffirm the CONSTITUTION, and return our hearts and minds to following our great BUILDERS of this NATION.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Pretty darn straight forward and common-sensically unambiguous, if you ask me.