20mm lib babies in city dumps
Since Oct 19, 2004

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God fearing classicly educated intellectual who spent spare time in high school doing statistical anlysis of presidential elections. Have been on the floor of six National Republican Conventions, chairman of thirty conservative/Republican organizations and managed campaigns for state assembly, state senate, congress, and a number of positions in national races. As early as 1964 as Youth For Goldwater Los Angeles County chairman I built an organization of 2000 students from 72 campuses entirely from scratch that personally reached over 60,000 voters every weekend.

I enjoy dating, crossword puzzles, live philharmonic music, live theater, movies, travel, the beauty of nature and occasionally cast pearls of wisdom to the public. Daily musts are Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh.

Am a direct descendent of John Jay ... writer of federalist papers (on which our government is based), First Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, negotiator of the treaty ending Revolutionary War ("Jay Treaty"), Secretary of Foreigh Affairs (at the time more important than the President) and almost as an afterthought, Governor of New York ... Jay didn't find out he had been nominated and elected governor until he stepped off the boat from Europe. He served even though he never sought the office. He held more positions and had more responsibilities than any other founding father. He ought to be on one of our currency notes. He was a chess and tennis champion. My great great great great great grandfather is my ideal and model of a perfect citizen. His marble bust (by Horatio Greenough) is in my home.